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Ball Family

Sylvia Ball commented (Jun 28th 2013)…

For me the history about the Ball family was fascinating – even though the mysterious death of one of my great great aunts at the tender age of 13 made sad reading. What makes your site such a huge success is the anecdotal nature of the text which brings history alive. 

Admin replied (Jul 1st 2013)…

Sylvia, thanks so much for your positive and encouraging remarks.
I suspect that the relative you allude to might be Fanny Mary Ball, first daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ann, of Ball’s Yard, off South Street.
If you look on the website of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society and navigate to the section named ‘South Street changes’ you will find that the second photo there, dated 1912, shows the entrance to Ball’s Yard, to the right of which is the old post office.

Sylvia replied (Jul 2nd 2013)…

Thanks for the guidance to that page. I am also distantly related to the more illustrious William Ball of William Ball & Sons of Ilkeston through the common ancestry of Francis Ball and Mary Sudbury. My father also had the family name of William Ball, as did his father and grandfather. My branch of the Ball family settled in Newton-le-Willows – the first railway town, and then later Birkenhead. They were steam engine makers and then bike makers, and did quite well. Fanny Mary Ball is a much removed first cousin – not aunt – my mistake! – there are so many Balls all sharing similar family names. Fertility was clearly not a problem for them.