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Henshaw (York) families

Billy Boy commented (Dec 21st 2013)…

Ref. Puzzle alert! Joseph & Sarah York (nee Riley).
Don’t know what happened to Joseph after late 1860s.
Anyway found Sarah was my 1st cousins 3 times removed, through Joseph Cockayne and Ruth Musson.
So thought I would do a little digging and think you may find this ………………..
Seems Sarah York never divorced or remarried after her husband Joseph disappeared in 1860s
Looks like she lived her life after 1871 as Sarah Henshaw until her death in 1905 when the truth is revealed.

1881 Census: 50 Park St. Lenton Nottingham
John Henshaw Head 37 Cotmanhay – Labourer In Skin Yd.
Sarah Henshaw Wife 39 Ilkeston
Nelly Henshaw Dau. 16 Ilkeston
Stephen Henshaw Son 8 Lenton Nottm.
Annie Wright Lodg. 17 Ilkeston Silk Winder

1891 Census: Lenton Nottingham
John Henshaw Head 46 Cotmanhay
Sarha Henshaw Wife 49 Ilkeston Derbys.
Stephen Henshaw Son18 Lenton Nottm.
Ethel Beardsley G.Dau.4 Basford Nottm.
Emely Ward Boarder 69 Notts

1901 Census: Calverton Notts.
John Henshaw Head 56 Cotmanhay – Publican
Sarah Henshaw Wife 59 Ilkeston Derbys.
Stephen Henshaw Son 28 Lenton Nottm. – Publican
Mary Henshaw Dau in Law 29 London
Ethel Beardsley G.Dau.14 Basford Nottm. – Factory Girl Hosiery
Harry Parker G.Son 6 Lenton Nottm.

1911 Census: 37 St Paul Street, Radford,Nottingham
John Henshaw Head 66 Wid. Ilkeston, Cotmanhay
Stephen Henshaw Son 38 Lenton Nottm. Hotel Assistant (General)
Mary Ann Henshaw D in L 49 London (39)
William Harry Parker Nephew 16 Lenton Nottm. Toy Makers Apprentice
(By mistake John records (9) children born only 1 living, (deleted by recorder)

Sarah had died in 1905, truth at last?
Deaths Dec 1905 (Free BMD)
YORK ! Sarah 63 Nottingham 7b 195

If Sarah had 9 children, I think we know only of these ……………………

Births Mar or Dec Q 1858 Riley Harriet – Basford
Riley Harriet Bap. 1858 Ilkeston
Married: Frederick Beardsley of Babbinton in 1878, 4 children (Ethel with G.Mother in Calverton 1901)
We now have another husband gone missing, Frederick from abt.1887 (talk he is in Pennsylvania)

Births Dec Q 1861 York Lucy – Basford 7b 95
York Lucy Bap.1861 Ilkeston
Married: Frank Cave of Nottingham in 1881, 7 children.

Births Sep Q 1865 Riley Ellen – Basford 7b 91 (Nelley) ? Took the Henshaw name on 1881 census, no trace from then.

Births Mar 1871 Q York or Riley John – Basford. Think he died Ilkeston 1881.
York John Bap. 1870 Ilkeston ? Parish Burials: York John b.1871 bur.1891Ilkeston

Births Mar 1873 Q Henshaw Stephen – Radford 7b 196
Married: Mary Ann White of London in 1896 (1911 living Radford, Nottm. no children)

Dave, feel sure your records will make some sense of all this.

Admin replied (Dec 25th 2013)…

Great work again Billy Boy…… another one bites the dust.
I have now incorporated your work into the site at ‘House of York’ off the east side of South Street, and have added speculation on who ‘John Henshaw’ might be.

Anita Furlong commented (Feb 23rd 2014)…

Re. Henshaw mystery alert..
Unable to say who James Henshaw is with son Robert but my great grandfather was Robert Henshaw married to Catherine Bostock, their son Robert Henshaw was married to Mary Ann Straw nee Bell. (who was previously married to George Straw) Mary Ann’ s father I believe was William Bell junior of the Travellers Rest . Mary Ann and Robert and some or maybe all their children were living in Nottingham road in 1924

Admin replied (Feb 25th 2014)…

Thanks for this comment. It has got me looking again at these Henshaws and Bells and I have added a bit more detail at the Travellers’Rest and at the ‘Mystery Henshaws’, some of which conflicts with what you write.
You might let me know what you think.

Anita replied (Feb 25th 2014)…

Yes my grandfather Robert married Mary Ann in 1914, I think Mary Ann’s daughter Catherine married Fred Hallam also in 1914. My father was Robert Henshaw 1912 I know he had a brother/stepbrother? Jack who was a good few years older than my father, and the rest of his siblings were girls.

Admin replied (Feb 28th 2014)…

The stepbrother/half-brother may have been John Straw, the son on George and Mary Ann, born over 25 years before your father?

Anita replied (Mar 3rd 2014)…

Yes this could quite well be my dad’s brother.

Anita again (Jun 25th 2014)…

Following a little more research and the discovery of some old photos, I believe now that my dads half brother was John Straw born 1895 to Mary Ann and George Straw.

Dave replied (Jun 28th 2014)…

Thanks for this … if there is any of these photos related to the ‘Mystery Henshaws’ or George and Mary Ann that you want to share, please feel free.

I believe that Mary Ann died on Sept 30th 1927 at 322 Nottingham Rd, aged 53. Her second husband Robert Henshaw died in 1935 at 22 Thompson Rd, Smethick, aged 60(?)
They are buried together in Park Cemetery, in grave number 855 .. I don’t know if there a gravestone still survives, but it is located close to the cemetery path which runs opposite Hilly Holies, on the west side, about mid-way along that path.

Mick Henshaw asked (Nov 25th 2015) …

As a descendent of Samuel Henshaw and Fanny Sisson (mar 1824), I was interested to see that you have noted that Samuel was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smith) mar 1787. Do you have a source for this information?

Dave relied (Nov 25th 2015) …

I think you are referring to my notes on the Henshaws accompanying the census transcriptions. The notes next to Samuel are in parenthesis, indicating that they are a suggestion based on the available evidence (not much of it)
Following Samuel (or what appears to be him) around Ilkeston via the census, he seems to be estranged from his wife Fanny after the birth of 3 children and their baptisms in 1837. Fanny died in 1867, aged 67 when according to her death details, Samuel was still alive.
Samuel was a framework knitter/stockinger by trade and I believe he appears on the Ilkeston census up to 1881, usually as a lodger or alone but never with Fanny. I lose track of him after 1881 but he may have died in 1885/6. As usual the evidence shows some variety in age but it appears that he was born about 1800.
His locations on each of the censuses (if it is him) don’t give much of a clue as to who he is except perhaps the 1841 census when he is with others of the Henshaw clan … his brother?
The suggestion about Samuel’s parentage is therefore just that … a suggestion, based around baptisms and census entries. Hopefully someone from the numerous Ilkeston Henshaws can add further detail ??

Richard Henshaw asked (Nov 23rd 2016) …

In the grand tour a JAMES SMITH is reported to have died as a result of a brawl in 1841. JAMES was my 3 x great grandfather and is buried in the church yard. One of his daughters, ALICE, married ELIJAH HENSHAW.
The wife of JAMES was ELIZABETH RICE but I cannot find her birth or who her father was.
I hope you can help with this gap in my family history.
ELIJAH and ALICE had 3 sons WILLIAM after ELIJAH’s father, JAMES after ALICE’s father and
RICHARD. I am the 4th RICHARD in a direct line to this RICHARD.

Dave replied (Nov 25th 2016) …

Most of the information I am including into this email you probably already know. Hopefully it will also set the identity of Elizabeth Rice into some context, and hopefully others might chip in.

James Smith, cordwainer, married Elizabeth Rice at St Mary’s in Nov 1812.
James died in 1841, aged 49. At that time they were living in Chapel Street.
Elizabeth continued to live in the same street as a widow for the rest of her life, and died on December 16th 1872, aged 80.
Although registered death ages at this time are not to be relied upon to be totally accurate, other evidence … especially her ages recorded on the censuses … all point to her being born about 1792.

Now the Rices and the ‘cordwaining’ Smiths both had a long and abiding relationship with Chapel Street … as indeed did Elijah Henshaw (who lived there with his wife Alice) and who died there in 1882. In fact Chapel St was sometime referred to as ‘Rices Lane’ because there were so many of that clan born or living there in the 1850’s and 1860’s. This would suggest that Elizabeth was one of them.

If you look at the 1841 Census you will see that of these Chapel Street Rices the oldest ones were Richard and Martha (nee Chadwick). They married on Oct 17th 1791. Now I think I can identify seven of their children from the baptisms at St Mary’s Church … the first one being Joseph Chadwick Rice in April 1794. There is no baptised daughter Elizabeth however but you might note a gap between the date of their marriage and the baptism of this ‘first’ child.

Richard Rice died on Oct 4th 1852, aged 83 and fortunately left quite an extensive will, dated January 7th 1847 … in it he mentions his wife Martha (who was to die on Dec 31st 1857, aged 89), sons Joseph, Samuel, James, Richard (all of whom were baptised at St Marys) and John (whose baptism I haven’t found), daughter Sarah (who is described as the wife of William Potter), daughter Martha (described as the wife of John Beardsley) and finally daughter ‘Elizabeth Smith, widow’.

Looking for an Elizabeth Rice who married a ‘Smith’, whose husband died before 1847, and who was still alive as a widow in 1847, I can only find one …the one you are asking about…. who would fit neatly into the gap between the marriage date and the baptism dates.

Other circumstantial evidence concerns the proximity of the Smiths and Rices on the census?