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Who do you think they are ?

As the letters appeared in the Ilkeston Pioneer of 1891 -1892, clues to the identity of the writers (and persons mentioned within them) also appeared ….


Enquirer was the first to post a letter in our ‘Old Ilson Quiz’ section and he gives us some clues, in his first letter, of his identity.

He has been away from Ilkeston ‘for many years’ but his (maternal) grandparents were born in Hunger-hill and his mother was also born there … all three are dead by 1891.

In his second letter he makes clear that he himself was not born in Hunger-hill, and that he now lives 8o miles from the town, in a seaport on the east coast of England. From the names of his school mates, he would appear to have been born in the early 1830’s ?


Kensington offers the first reply to Enquirer.

He was born in Kensington district.


O.P.Q. is mentioned by Kensington as being the master of an Academy perhaps within sight of the South Street Wesleyan Chapel, and there at the time that the chapel was built (1845).


Not a lot to go on so far, but any idea who they were ??