Armstrong/Clemerson/Daykin families

John Daykin commented (Oct 18th 2013)…

I have found your website to be the greatest source of information on my family history in the ten years I have spent researching our ancestry – thank you very much. I have only one problem that I have yet to find any positive answer to and that is regarding Joseph and Catherine Dakin’s (nee Meakin) parentage, as I believe that “Jos and Cath” are the parents of Samuel Daykin who married Sarah Birch in 1804.
I have Joseph Dakin’s parents being George and Elizabeth Dakin (nee Straw) and Catherine’s being Samuel and Katherine Meakin (nee Beardsley). How, or where can I find confirmation of this query????

Admin replied (Oct 19th 2013)…

I’m pleased that you are finding some use from this site and hope that you will continue to do so.
Joseph Dakin/Daykin married Catherine Meakin in 1763 at St Mary’s Church in Ilkeston, and all their children were baptised at that church, Samuel being the last (?) one, in 1784.
Subsequent to that last date there was a burial of Joseph Daykin at St. Mary’s in 1817, when he was aged 76. This would put his birth around 1740/41 and so would link to him possibly being the son of George and Elizabeth (nee Straw), baptised in 1741 at St. Mary’s as you suggest.
Catherine Daykin might be a little more involved.
There was a burial of Catherine Daykin (nee Meakin) at St. Mary’s in January 1821, aged 79 … thus suggesting a birth year around 1742 ( allowing for the unreliability of burial ages!).
Katherine Meakin, daughter of Thomas and Hannah of Hucknall, was baptised at St. Mary’s in 1742.
Also a Catherine Meakin was baptised at All Saints Church in Kirk Hallam, in 1737, daughter of Samuel and Catherine (formerly Beardsley)…. the latter were married in Kirk Hallam in 1731 when Catherine/Katherine ‘Beardsly’ was described as a widow.
She may have been the widow of William Beardsley and if so, there is a marriage of William Beardsley of Kirk Hallam, aged,23, to Catherine Osbourne of Wollaton, aged 25, at Radford, Nottingham in Sep. 1721. They subsequently had several children, baptised at Kirk Hallam between then and 1730 when there is a burial of William Beardsley at Kirk Hallam.
A lot of ‘mays’ and ‘could be’s’ here.

Samuel Daykin, son of Joseph and Catherine, was baptised in 1784 and a Samuel Daykin married Sarah Birch in Nov 1804.
On the 1841 Census she is living with her daughter and her brother-in-law (?) Benjamin Hollingsworth who had married Elizabeth Birch in Jan 1811. Elizabeth died in 1815, aged 35 and was (possibly) baptised as Betty Birch at Kirk Hallam, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (nee Beardsley). Their daughter Sarah Birch was baptised in 1782 and on the 1841 census she is aged 55.(rounded down).
I am tying myself in knots here so I think I’ll pause.

Jane Gott nee Armstrong commented (Nov 10th 2013)…

I found your information about my Gt Gt Grandparents William and Harriett Armstrong very informative thank you.
I knew that Harriett nee Clemerson committed suicide as I have her death certificate but didn’t know the reason. Also I had no idea they had other children other than Arthur Ernest, Harriett and herbert who I think may be the William Herbert mentioned.

John Daykin commented (Nov 13th 2013)…

I have just read the reply from Jane Gott on your page regarding the Armstrongs, and realised that the lady she refers to, Harriett Armstrong (nee Clemerson) is my G.G.Grandmother Anne Daykin (nee Clemerson’s) sister who lived next door to them – a fact I learned from your “Grand Tour” of Ilkeston.

Jane Gott commented (Nov 18th 2013)…

William Armstrong and Harriett nee Clemerson
After reading the information I found on your website I sent for the death certificates of their children who died.
Frank Thomas 18th May 1868 aged 11 months Died of Whooping Cough
Eliza Harriett 12th December1868 aged 4 and half years Died of Cerebral Congestion. This term
was used a lot in general and possibly she was having fits.
Henry Frank 30th September 1869 aged 14 weeks Died of Tabes Mesenterica. This was TB of the Abdomen caused by drinking infected milk.
William Herbert 20th January 1870 aged 11 Died of Typhus.
The final straw for Harriett I suspect.
On Harriett’s death certificate it states that the Coroner’s inquest was held on 9 March 1870.
Have you any idea where a copy will be held? and will it show any more information that you have shown?
William remarried as you said Elizabeth Snelson and had another Son Frederick William Snelson Armstrong.
My Gt Grandfather was Arthur Ernest Arnest Armstrong.

Admin replied (Nov 18th 2013)…

Thank you for that information.
The inquest you refer to was held at the King’s Head Inn in the Market Place, Ilkeston on Monday March 7th 1870. I doubt that there will be an existing record of it but you might start at the National Archives ( › Records )
There is an account of it in the local Ilkeston press, and also in the Derby Mercury of March 9th 1870 (page 8) which is online.