Bostock family

Kenneth Bostock commented (Aug 1st 2014)…

I’ve only looked at the marriages at St Mary’s but there were a lot of Bostocks that came up. Three Bostock brothers; Herbert, Ezekiel and Arthur (sons of John and Ann), emigrated to America in the 1880s. They settled in a small coal mining town of Roslyn, Washington located in the Cascade Mountain range and worked in the Northern Pacific RR coal mines.

All three brothers are buried in a family plot in the Foresters section of the Roslyn Cemetery. I’m the great grandson of Arthur Bostock.

Anita replied (Aug 5th 2014)…

Hi Kenneth, Thanks for your reply. It was pure chance that I discovered the Bostock name in my family. I discovered it from a site called” Ennever”where there is quite a lot of information about Bostocks , I’m sure you will find that fascinating too

Brian Bostock asked (Jun 1st & 2nd 2016) …

My roots belong to the Bostock family.  I have a Bostock (grandfather or great grandfather I believe) at 49 Chaucer Street but cannot find any other information regarding who lived there. I loved the story about “Jonathan Trot Bostock” I wonder if he was one of my Bostocks.

Birth of my father George Edward Bostock 22 Feb 1921 residing at 49 Chaucer Street, Ilkeston.
Father (my grandfather) W. E. Bostock and mother (my grandmother) Maud Rebecca Bostock (Isaac)
I also have a copy of my father and mother’s wed cert (1945) with W. E. now living at 17 Park Drive, Ilkeston.
So these are 100% correct.
Now the problem is after searching I cannot find any information on W. E.’s relatives that are 100%.
There are lots of Bostocks in that area but I can’t confirm a direct connection. I tried looking for people at Chaucer Street but as yet I am blank.
So at this moment I am in a rut at which relatives are mine and W. E. (Sons, daughters, mother, father) Anything that can get me moving would be much appreciated.

Dave replied (Jun 2nd 2016) …

I know what you mean about the Bostocks in Ilkeston !!

I have found George Edward living at 17 Park Drive, Ilkeston in 1939.
With him is father William Edward, a factory stoker, and his wife Maud Rebecca.
Looking at this source, William Edward was born on Dec 23rd 1882 and Maud Rebecca on Oct 24 1889.

There was only one William Edward Bostock whose birth was registered in Ilkeston in 1882 (as well as one William Henry Bostock who was the illegitimate son of Sarah Ann Bostock of Brussels Terrace, so we will discount him)
It should be fairly straightforward to get the birth certificate of this William Edward and see who his parents were, etc
However that of course costs money !!

Looking on the Ilkeston census of 1891 for William Edward Bostock gives only one possible result … a William Bostock living in Slade Street, aged 8, the son of widower William Bostock, a coalminer (I shouldn’t worry too much about the fact that the lad is not referred to as ‘William Edward’ .. it was common for some families to omit second given names).
Tracing the widower William back, we can find that his wife was Maria (nee Cook) who died in 1888. The family are on the 1881 census and they married at Cotmanhay in 1872.
It is only possible that this son is the W.E.Bostock you are looking for however.

I know that some researchers enjoy their own investigating so I won’t delve too deeply for you, but I am only too ready to share what I know with you, if you find more difficulty.
One thing puzzles me however … I have found William and Maud Bostock on the 1911 census, living at 158 Station Rd, Ilkeston, he being a stoker. The census says that they had been married one year. I believe that shortly after this they had a son, Charles William Hill Bostock, born on Jan 12th 1912. However I can’t find their marriage on any site … I have found a marriage of Maud Rebecca Isaac to Claudius Hill in 1908 and he is living in Nottingham on the 1911 census without his wife. ??

Brian replied (Jun 3rd 2016) …

In truth I was leaning towards the Maria Cook way too but have no 100% guarantee they are connected.
As for obtaining the Birth cert for William, I would normally agree however it’s a little more complicated as I live in Thailand. I will try to get this but have no idea how long it will take or if I can do it.
Regarding your comment about digging too far, Be my guest, as you seem more capable. However I don’t want to burden you too much so I will do what I can.

As for Maud and Claudius, food for thought there. Some hanky panky going on? I have the birth cert for George Edward and it states W E was a boiler stoker at Chaucer Street in 1921 so this leads me to think it is the right path.

I shall continue with this intriguing chapter.
So again thank you so much and please dig at your own conveyance if you so wish.

Sandra Ibbotson wrote (Jun 13th 2017) …

I am researching a tree for a friend and I have just established that Emma Bostock and Thomas Davis married at Bath Street Methodist church in 1870 (source findmypast).
What I would really like to know is who Emma’s father was. As I am struggling to find any further information about her prior to her marriage. According to census returns she was born in Mosbrough.

Dave replied (Jun 13th 2017) …

Thomas and Emma were married at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on South* Street on June 6th 1870.
My viewing of the census (1871-1911) shows that Emma was born in Ilkeston … I believe she was the daughter of John and Christiana (nee Hart) and born on May 19th 1848.
She appears in Ilkeston on the 1851 and 1861 censuses as Emma Bostock.
(If you probe the children of Thomas and Emma, especially their daughter Ada, born on June 30th 1881, you might find a connection to the Johnsons of Ilkeston)