Haseldine family

Helen Phillips wrote (Dec 14 2017) …

I have been searching the 1841 census for the Hasledine family in Ilkeston on Ancestry and Find My Past to no avail. However, 2 minutes on Old Ilkeston and I found them living in Bath Street. Thank you so much.
You also give information as to Elizabeth Hasledine nee Blackshaw and her mother and father’s names. Is it ok for me to ask how this was possible with such little information given on the 1841 census? Am I missing something on your website?

Dave replied (Dec 15th 2017) …

As you write, this Haseldine family appears at Bath Street on the 1841 census (which is notoriously vague).
So the best bet is to see if you can find them on the 1851 census and fortunately there they are, at Walsall, with an Ilkeston connection … son Samuel, born in Ilkeston about 1826 … and his baptism appears at St Mary’s Church, Sep 23rd 1826.
Father Richard was born at West Hallam about 1805 .. and there is a baptism of Richard Haseldine at St Wilfrid’s Church, West Hallam, dated Nov 17th 1805, son of Joseph and Mary.
So then you look for a marriage of Richard and Elizabeth around or before 1826 and there is one at St Mary’s Church, Ilkeston, dated Nov 21st 1824.
The bride is Elizabeth Blackshaw, who was born about 1805 in Chaddesden near Derby (according to the 1851 census) … she could have been a widow at the time of her marriage to Richard but looking at these dates the odds are that she was a spinster.
There is a baptism of Elizabeth Blackshaw at Chaddesden on May 26th 1806, daughter of Samuel and Mary. These parents had other children dating from 1800 to 1813 (baptised at Chaddesden) and so looking for a suitable marriage around 1800 … there is one at Chaddesden for Samuel Blackshaw and Mary Elliott on Jun 3rd 1799.
The 1861 census shows the family still at Walsall, and confirms the places of birth and approximate birth dates … and shows an increasing family.
You could argue that this is all circumstantial !!
So, in short, the 1841 census does give little information but it is a starting point.

Helen replied (Dec 15th 2017) …

You have confirmed everything for me and also started me thinking as to how I can get further details of the marriage of Richard and Elizabeth and the baptism of their son Samuel. Do you know how I can obtain photocopies of the actual parish registers – do I need to go to the Records Office in Matlock.
I know Ancestry have just released some of the Derbyshire parish records on line – it is truly wonderful to see the actual registers with all the handwriting of the participants. However, I couldn’t find anything for the Haseldines in Ilkeston.

Dave replied (Dec 15th 2017) …

If ‘Ancestry’ cannot help, you may have to visit the Records Office. To avoid the travel you might email them to see if the staff there could copy the record you want, giving precise details.