Hatton/Orme families

Karie wrote (Aug 12th 2014)…

My lot came from Awsworth to Ilkeston. Problem though..saw a marriage of a Martha Hatton to William Orme. Traced her back. An Esther Hatton married a William Orme. She was baptized as Martha Hatton . If this is the one…she was born 11 sep 1825. She married Orme in Manchester Reg District in 1850 according to Free BMD and died in 1854 in Salford District which is in Manchester…I think.
So many of mine from 1600s on from this place. Moved as the jobs opened up. Thank you for this site. My fam Hatton, Beardsley, Henshaw etc etc.
Got almost bowed by a bus in Ilkeston (American) saved by a lady who pulled me back. LOL!!!

Dave replied (Aug 13th 2014)…

I’m afraid I can’t help you with William Orme and Esther/Martha Hatton .. I think I see the marriage you refer to and I think that the couple appear on the 1851 Census, at Manchester (but both born in Lancashire?)

Curiously there is an Awsworth-born Martha Hatton who married John Orme of Little Hallam, Ilkeston, in 1856. She was the daughter of collier William and he was the son of framework knitter Nathan and his second wife Ann (nee Hardy).

I can’t see any relationship between the Orme pairs though.

Take care!!!