Hobson/Hodgkinson families

Martyn Taylor commented (Sep 12th 2014)…

In her letters cited in Old Ilkeston, Adeline Wells surmises that Paul Hodgkinson (1823-1889), who took over Matthew Hobson’s shop in the Market Place, may have been related to Matthew Hobson senior’s wife, Millicent Hodgkinson (1786-1825). He was indeed. Millicent’s brother John (1782-1856) was Paul’s father. I have researched the Hodgkinsons extensively, my mother being one of their descendants.

Dave Johnson replied (Sep 13th 2014)…

Thanks for this comment.
Perhaps it isn’t clear from the format of the page which you refer to, but the supposition that Paul Hodgkinson and Millicent Hodgkinson were related is not from Adeline’s letters but is mine, though I have, as yet no evidence for this.
I was wondering if your research of this family could provide further detail and some source/evidence?