Hollingworth family

Simon Hollingworth (ex Dale Abbey, Breadsall, West Hallam, Spondon, Ockbrook, Stapleford, ex Hollingworth, Co Cheshire.) commented (Aug 17th, 2016) …

I am member of the Hollingworth family of Dale Abbey.
My line has been closely connected to the Daykin family for a number of centuries in villages such as Spondon, West Hallam etc.
My family originally came from Cheshire, where they are related to the parent branch of the Bostocks of all people.
I am a keen historian and have much of my family’s history back to 1145. A considerable amount of research has been gathered for this part of Derbyshire as well. Happy to share any of our family records with you.

Dave replied (Aug 17th 2016) …

Thank you for the contact and the offer to share your research.
I would certainly welcome any contributions which might add to the site and help others in their own research.
As you will have noted from the name and the home page,’Old Ilkeston’ tries to concentrate on Ilkeston events/people/places related to the nineteenth century … although it is impossible not to ‘stray’ beyond those parameters.

It seems that you must have a great wealth of information … if you wish to send any of it through to me, it might be best to start with that time-frame in mind (if possible) and to concentrate on the area around Ilkeston (Dale Abbey/West Hallam/Kirk Hallam/Stapleford/ etc) though I don’t want to restrict you too much.

Simon added (Aug 31st 2016) …

My Daykin connections include the following:
William Hollingworth, Gent, a draper of Nottingham, originally from West Hallam who married Bridget Daykin in 1640.
Mary Hollingworth of Spondon, who married, George Daykin, Gent the son of Richard Dakin Circa 1640s
Thomas Hollingworth of Alton Hill estate at Ashover who was a supposed kinsman to George Daykin, Gent of Stubbing Edge circa 1650
All three of these Hollingworth lines originally came out of West Hallam, and 100 years earlier from Stapleford, and prior to 1550, Hollingworth Hall at Hollingworth in Cheshire.

Hopefully this is of interest to you.