Mitchell family

Rose commented (Aug 26th 2014)…

I am researching the Mitchells (my husband’s line) and have traced the family back to Ilkeston. his maternal Grandmother was Somerset born and bred and very proud of it, she had no idea of the origins of the family. He is a GGG Grandson of Abraham Mitchell through his son Isaac.
I am trying to discover what the link between Ilkeston and Oakhill where Isaac settled. We visited the school a couple of summers ago and also the war graves of Percy Mitchell, Isaac’s son who was killed in WW1, there is no know grave for Arnold Mitchell who was also killed. The info about Isaac and his teaching career was wonderful to read. We haven’t as yet been able to track down a grave for Isaac, seeing as he was an important figure in the community of Oakhill we were surprised not to find him there but wondered if he was buried back in Ilkeston, would you know or be able to help with query this I wonder?.
We will be making a trip in the next day or two to have a look at the research library and wander around the town looking for family street so the site has been great in preparing for that.

Dave replied (Aug 27th 2014)…

Thanks for the comments and for sharing your information.
As far as your query about Isaac, I have no record of his burial in Ilkeston.
FreeBMD show his death in Shepton Mallet District in late 1899 so I guess he would have been buried at home (Oakhill?)
Not much help I’m afraid (in fact no help!!), but if you have any other questions please feel free to explore them via the site … who knows, you may have a bit more luck!!

Rose commented (Aug 27th 2014)…

Thanks Dave,  yes I have quite a bit on Isaac but no record of a burial in Somerset!
I wondered if he had been buried ‘at home’ as his daughter was.
I’m intrigued as to why Isaac may have moved from Ilkeston to Oakhill and wonder if the Church was the connection there perhaps, with him being a teacher at the British School?
I saw on the site the info about Isaac and him being the founder of Oakhill cricket club etc and the gift of sovereigns and wondered what the source was for that info, are you able to identify this for me? I did find today the details of the inquest into Abraham Mitchells death which was very poignant to read. Staff at the library were really helpful I have to say!

Dave replied (Aug 29th 2014)…

Although I have no record of Isaac’s burial in Ilkeston, I refer only to my own personal records.
This is not to state that Isaac was not buried in Ilkeston.
I could speculate on the connection between Oakhill and Ilkeston… but it would only be speculation. I feel that you are right to suspect the British School as the common point of reference. There may be an article in a local Oakhill (Bath? Bristol?) newspaper of the time about Isaac’s arrival at the school there.
My source for the info about Isaac and the Oakhill cricket club?…The Ilkeston Pioneer of Oct 4th 1877 .. there is an article headed “Presentation to an Ilkestonian” I have tried to send you a copy of it off-line.
The same newspaper printed details of Isaac’s 20 years of service at the school in January 1878. I don’t have copy of this … just notes that I made from the original.
If you have anything you would like to share, please feel free to do so.