Moore family

Pamela McKirdy wrote (Feb 27th 2017) …

I am interested in a Joseph Moore born about 1820, son of William Moore and Ruth Davis of Shipley. Joseph was transported to Tasmania in 1845.
I would like to know what became of him, because he could be the same person as my husband’s ancestor who lived in Hobart, Tasmania in the 1850s.
The Tasmanian Archives have his convict records which list his age (born around 1822) and say he was from Shipley Wood, Nottinghamshire. One of the documents lists his brothers and sisters: Jeremiah, John; Mary, Martha, Sarah, Margaret, Fanny, so I’m confident he is a brother in the family of William and Ruth. His occupation was “collier” but I think that was the work he was doing in Tasmania. He was transported on the Ratcliffe 1845 ex London.  One of his tattoos said “SIHB” (I have no idea what that might stand for), and his crime was desertion from 32 Regt 5 ….(hard to read!).,338,311,F,52

I would really like him to be my husband’s ancestor Joseph Moore born 1819-1821 in England and living in Hobart from at least the mid-1850s, but so far I can find nothing that might connect the two men, apart from their ages and that they were both Methodist. Joseph the Convict was a tall man for his time and Joseph the Tasmanian’s son was also tall.  Unfortunately the Tasmanian marriage and death certs don’t list parents.
If anybody can help I would be very grateful.