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Adcock Dalby House Jack Lee's Yard Samuel Smith Bank
Aked Dame schools Jones Sanders
Albion Place 1 Davies Jonty Trot Scattergood 1
Albion Place 2 Dawson Junction Scattergood 2
Aldred 1 Daykin Kelly Scattergood 3
Aldred 2 Daykin family Kester Harrison School Board
Aldred 3 Daykin's Row King's Head 1 School teachers
Aldred 4 Derbyshire King's Head 2 Schools
Aldred 5 Disease Knighton Sewage
Aldred 6 Doctors Lally Shakspeare
Allcock Dodd Laudanum Shaw 1
Alms Houses Doxey Lee 1 Shaw 2
Anchor Inn 1 Dupe Lee 2 Shaw 3
Anchor Inn 2 Durham Ox Liberal Club Shaw 4
Anchor Row Eaton Lighting 1 Shaw 5
Anthony Ebbern Lighting 2 Shaw 6
Argyle Ebenezer Chapel Local Board Sir John Warren
Armstrong Ebsworth London House Skevington
Askew Education Lowe 1 Small
Attenborough 1 England Lowe 2 Smith (Stanton Road)
Attenborough 2 Evans 1 Lowe 3 Smith murder
Attenborough 3 Evans 2 Lowe 4 Smith the draper
Back Lane Evans 3 Lower Market Place Smith's Cottages
Bailey 1 Extension Street Machin South Street
Bailey 2 Eyre Manor House Sowray
Baker Eyre (Vicar) Market Inn Spencer
Ball 1 Farmer Market Place 1801 Spring Cottage beerhouse
Ball 2 Farnsworth Market Place 1851 St Mary's Church
Ball 3 Fiddler Joss Marshall 1 Stanton Road
Ball's Yard Finch Marshall 2 Stanton Road Cemetery
Baptist Chapel Fire Brigade Marshall 3 Station Road
Baptist Chapel graveyard Fish Martin Straw
Barker 1 Fletcher 1 Mason 1 Straw (Extension Street)
Barker 2 Fletcher 2 Mason 2 Straw (Nottingham Road)
Barker 3 Fletcher 3 Mather Straw (Stanton Road)
Bartlam Flinders 1 McKenna Straw (Workhouse Hill)
Bath Street Flinders 2 Meadows Straw's Bridge
Baths Flinders' Row Meakin Sudbury 1
Beardsley (Bath Street) Flint 1 Mee Sudbury 2
Beardsley 1 Flint 2 Mellor Sudbury 3
Beardsley 2 Flint 3 Merry Sudbury 4
Beaumont Flower Pot Miner's Arms Sudbury 5
Bell Football Mitchell 1 Sudbury 6
Bell-ringers Foster Mitchell 2 Sugg
Belper Street Fox 1 Moon Sunday schools
Beniston Fox 2 Moore Tapley
Beniston family Fretwell Moss Tarlton
Bennett Fritchley 1 Mundy Arms Tatham 1
Birch 1 Fritchley 2 Nag's Head Tatham 2
Birch 2 Frost Nag's Head landlords Taylor 1
Birch family Frost family Neal Taylor 2
Bonfire night Gallimore 1 Needlemakers' Arms Thompson
Bonsall Gallimore 2 New Inn Three Horse Shoes
Bostock 1 Garrett New Street Tilson 1
Bostock 2 Gas Company Noon 1 Tilson 2
Bostock 3 Gas Works Noon 2 Tilson 3
Bostock's Row Gilbert Place Norman Toll Bar
Boughey Gladstone Inn Norman's premises Tomlinson 1
Bradley Gladstone Street Oakwell Colliery Tomlinson 2
Bramley Goddard 1 Oakwell Farm Tooth
Brand Goddard 2 Oakwell Fields Toplis 1
Brass Band Goddard 3 Oddfellows Toplis 2
Brentnall 1 Goddard 4 Old Harrow Inn Toplis 3
Brentnall 2 Goddard 5 Old Park Town Council
Brett Granby Schools Osborne Town Hall
Bridge House Green 1 Oxford Street Travellers' Rest Inn
Briggs Green 2 Padman Trueman 1
Brigham Gregory 1 Paxton Trueman 2
Bright Terrace Gregory 2 Pickburn Trueman's Court
Brown 1 Gregory 3 Pigsty Park Tunnicliffe
Brown 2 Gregory 4 Platts Turner
Brunswick Hotel Grimley Pleasant Place Turton 1
Brussels Terrace Hallam 1 Police station Turton 2
Bryan Hallam 2 Politics Twells
Building Society Harrison 1 Pollard Unitarian Chapel
Bull's Head Inn Harrison 2 Poole Upper Market Place
Bunting Harrison 3 Poplar Inn Volunteer Movement
Burgin Harrison 4 Post Office 1 Wade 1
Burgin-Richardson Harrison 5 Post Office 2 Wade 2
Burgin's Row Harrison 6 Potter 1 Wakefield
Burgin's Yard Harvey Potter 2 Wakefield's Yard
Burr Lane Havelock Inn Potter 3 Walker 1
Burrows 1 Hawkins Pottery Walker 2
Burrows 2 Hawley Potts 1 Walker 3
Burrows 3 Haynes Potts 2 Walls
Butt Henshaw Pressland 1 Wardle
Butter Market Henshaw (Bath Street) Pressland 2 Warner 1
Calladine Hickman Primitive Methodist Chapel Warner 2
Campbell 1 Higgett family Prince of Wales (Bath Street) Warren
Campbell 2 Higgitt 1 Prince of Wales (South Street) Wass
Candle making Higgitt 2 Pritchett Water supply
Carnill High Street Pulcifer Waters
Carrier (East Street) Highway Board Purcell Waterworks
Carrier (Enoch) Hinds Queen Street Wathey
Carrier (High Street) Hithersay 1 Queen's Head Inn Watson
Carrier (New Street) Hithersay 2 Railway stations Weaver Row
Carrier (Stanton Road) Hithersay 3 Railways Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1
Carrier assistants Hives Raynes 1 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 2
Carrier draper Hobson Raynes 2 Wesleyan Methodist Church (Bath Street)
Carrier property Hodgett Raynes 3 Wesleyan Sunday schoolrooms
Carthy Hodgkinson Regent Street West
Cartwright Hollis Religious census 1882 West Street
Catholic Church Holy Trinity Church Rice 1 Wheatley's Yard
Catholic Priests Holy Trinity Mission Rice 2 Wheatley
Chadwick 1 Hooley Rice 3 Wheeldon
Chadwick 2 Horridge Richards White Cow
Chadwick 3 Horsburgh Richardson 1 White Lion Inn
Chain Row Horse and Groom Inn Richardson 2 White's Yard
Chapel Street Horsley 1 Riley (Bath Street) Whitehead
Chester Horsley 2 Riley (New Street) Whysall
Childs Housing Riley 1 Wide Yard
Church Mutual Improvement Society Howard Riley 2 Wigley
Clarkson Hunger Hill Roads Wilkinson 1
Clay Hunt Robey Wilkinson 2
Club Row Hutchinson Robinson 1 Wilson 1
Cocker Ilkeston Charities Robinson 2 Wilson 2
Columbine Ilkeston chemists Rope Walk Wine Vaults
Cope 1 Ilkeston General Cemetery Rose 1 Wombell
Cope 2 Ilkeston Leader Rose 2 Wombell scandel
Cope 3 Ilkeston Mechanics' Institute Rutland Arms Wood 1
Cotmanhay Lodge Ilkeston News Wood 2
Cottage hospital Ilkeston Pioneer Woodruffe
Court Incorporation Wooley
Cresswell Independent Chapel Woolliscroft
Cricket Independent Chapel ministers Workhouse
Cricket Ground Irish residents Workhouse Hill
Cricket Ground chapel Ironmonger Wragg
Crooks Wright


Supplementary Index (May 31st  2022)

Adams  Adlington  Adoption  Adsetts  Albert Street  Aldred 7  Aldred 8  Andrew  Argile  Attenborough 4
Bacon  Ball 1  Ball 2  Ball 3  Ballooning  Beardsley 3  Beardsley 4  Beardsley 5  Beauty Spot  Beighton  Beniston  Beniston Place  Bethel Street  Birch 3  Blake Street  Blaxall Report 1881  Blood  Boam  Bonsall 1  Bonsall 2  Bostock 4  Bostock 5  Bourne  Brealey 1  Brealey 2  Brewer  Brewin  Brickmakers  Bridge Inn  Buchanan Report 1870  Burials  Burr Lane
Canal Side  Canal Street  Cantilupe  Carr Street  Cartwright 2  Cemetery  Chapel Street Lower  Charities  Chaucer Street Schools  Children’s Charter  Cholera  Church Army  Clarence Street  Clark  Coat of Arms  Coffee House 1  Coffee House 2  Colliers’ Cemetery  Commercial Hotel  Conservative Miners’ Union  Cordon  Coronation 1911  Corporation Street 1  Corporation Street 2    Cotmanhay  Craddock  Cricketers’ Arms  Critchley 1  Critchley 2  Cromwell Buildings  Crown Inn
Dale Abbey 1 Dale Abbey 2  Daykin 2  Derby Arms  Derbyshire  Duro
Eaton 2  Ebbern 1  Ebbern 2  Ellis  Erewash Hotel  Eubule Evans 1  Eubule Evans 2  Evans 4  Eyre 2
Felkin  First Avenue  Flamstead Road  Fleming  Fletcher 4  Fletcher 5  Fogg  Foster  Fox  Frame-working  Fritchley 3  Fullwood
Gaffney  Gallows Inn  Gallows Inn Close  Gibson   Gilbert   Gilchrist Lectures 1887  Gillam  Glossop  Goddard 6  Gordon Street  Grady  Green 3  Greenhough  Gregory  Grove Terrace
Hardy   Harrison 7  Harrison 8  Hallam 3  Haslam 1  Haslam 2  Hayes  Haywood  Henshaw 1  Henshaw 2  Henshaw 3  Henshaw 4  Henshaw 5  Henshaw 6  Henson  Holbrook  Hollingworth  Holmes  Home Reading Movement  Horridge 2   Horse Races  Horton  Hospital  Howe  Hudson 1  Hudson 2  Hunt 2  Hutchinson
Ilkeston Cotton Mill  Ilkeston Gallows  Ilkeston Mayors 1  Ilkeston Mayors 2  Ilkeston M.P.  Indian Rebellion
Jack the Ripper  Jackson  Jackson Avenue  John Street  Johnson 1  Johnson 2  Johnson 3  Johnson 4  Johnson 5  Jonty Dido  Journeyman  Jubilee 1  Jubilee 2
Kilford  Kilham  King Street  Knighton 2 Knighton 3
Lally 1   Lally 2   Lebeter  Liberal Club 2  Library  Lissett 1  Lissett 2  Local Board Map
Magic Lantern  Malt Making  Maltby  Mangle  Manners  Manor Ground  Marples  Martin 2  Meer  Mellor 2  Mill Street   Mitchell 3  Moxon
New Connexion  New Inn 2  Night Soil
Paling  Park Avenue  Park Cemetery  Park Road  Parkin 1  Parkin 2  Pepper 1  Pepper 2  Photographs  Pledge Street  Pollard 2  Pollard 3  Potter 4  Pratt  Providence Place  Public Baths 1  Public Baths 2
Quinn  Quiz
Railway Hotel  Revill 1  Revill 2  Rice 4  Richards  Riley  Robinson 3  Robinson 4  Rose 3  Rose 4  Rowley  Rupert Street   Rutland Cottage Inn  Rutland Cricket Club
Salvation Army  Savage  Scale & Salter  School photos 1  School photos 2  Scott  Second Avenue   Severn  Severn’s Yard  Shaw 7  Shaw 8   Shaw 9  Sheldon  Shipstone Street   Siddons  Sisson’s Yard  Skeavington  Smallpox  Smedley  Smith  Smith’s Bank 1  Smith’s Bank 2  South Street 2  Spencer 2  Spouge  Spowage 1  Spowage 2  Spring Grove Terrace  St John Church  Stackyard  Stirland  Stocks  Sudbury 7  Sudbury 8  Sweep’s Yard  Swimming Baths
Temperance  Temperance Hall  Temperance Hotel  Third Avenue  Thompson 2  Thompson 3  Thurman  Tomasin  Town Clock 1  Town Clock 2  Town Council 2  Town Station  Trueman 3
Wade 3  Washing  Water Fountain  Watkinson  Watson 2  Weaver Pool 1  Weaver Pool 2  Webster  Wheeldon 2  Whitehead 2  Whitt’s Yard  Widdowson  Wilson 3  Wilson 4  Winfield  Wood  Wood Street  Wright
York 2


Site Guide

The Grand Tour around Ilkeston …. based on the recollections of Adeline Wells which appeared in a series of letters written to the Ilkeston Advertiser in the 1930’s, describing her life in Ilkeston in the 1850’s onwards.

The route of the tour begins at the bottom of Bath Street  (roughly where Heanor Road and Bath Street meet) and proceeds along its east side towards the Market Place exploring, in sequence, streets off our left such as Station Road, Chapel Street, East Street, Burr Lane and Albion Place.
After a rest in the Market Place and a stroll into Pimlico we set off along the west side of South Street, walking towards Derby Road, with a detour into Queen Street and its environs.
At the southern end of South Street we will then explore Derby Road, the Stanton Road area, Nottingham Road, Market Street and then the White Lion area before resuming along the east side of South Street, with a walk up Weaver Row, before returning into the Market Place.
A stroll down the west side of Bath Street, taking in Mount Street and Club Row, will return us to our departure point where we will finally contemplate a few areas beyond Bath Street.

For those of you not familiar with the streets of Ilkeston, the above remarks must be very confusing. The sketch maps above and below — not drawn to scale — hopefully shows the relative positions of these streets and features.

Adeline’s articles the collection written to the Advertiser in the 1930’s


Statistics of Victorian Ilkeston which may be of particular interest to family historians. 

These include …
Census details for 1841, 1851 and 1861.

Baptisms and births recordedminthe Registers of …

……  the Presbyterian/Unitarian Chapel at the Old Meeting House in Anchor Row, in the registers of the Independent Chapel in Pimlico,

….  the Baptist Chapel in South Street,

….  the Ilkeston Circuit of the Wesleyan Chapel,

…. the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Ilkeston and Shipley

and Extracts from the Registers of Wesleyan Methodist Chapels at Nottingham, where they relate to Ilkeston

Civil Registration Births in Ilkeston from 1837 to 1901

Marriages at St. Mary’s Church, 1837-1881, and at Christ Church, Cotmanhay, 1848-1881

Deaths and burials, 1837-1881, and Burials at Stanton Road Cemetery, 1864-1881. Also a short selection of Memorial Cards, 1891-1931


Ilkeston Family Histories

Some Family histories several of which have been composed by other contributors …. Beardsley, Columbine, Dawson, Daykin, Hallam, Haslam, Haywood, Henshaw, Hollingworth, Ebbern, Johnson, Paling, Richards, Wilson.   and others


Miscellaneous Old Ilson Topics

A section of Old Ilson Relics, inspired by Andrew Knighton and his extensive collection of memorabilia connected with Ilkeston, including …..  The Knighton family 

Religion … and Death

Travel, Trade and Business


School Days … this is an ‘add-on’ page and includes contributions from several people, including Andrew

Dave Ball’s family album

The 1911 Coronation

The Estate of Samuel Riley (1815-1876)

Post-war Jackson Avenue

An Old Ilson Blog (a diary of events) 1851 onwards;

an Old Ilson Quiz on the 1840’s and 1850’s;

A summary section of the Comments made to the site

Help, I need somebody … a place where anyone can post their Victorian Ilkeston problems

Finally …. Latest updates (self explanatory ?)