Register of Grants of Burial 1864-1901

This is a register identifying those persons who, between March 1864 and March 1901, paid to reserve a burial plot at the General Cemetery.
A form was completed for each reservation. Below is an example .. the first one in the Register.
Some of the forms — indicated with an asterisk * — were not completely filled in.
The notes are mine.



Name Plot number(s) and class Cost Date Notes
Thomas Shaw 6/2nd class £3-3s Mar 6th 1864 for wife Ann
Messrs Isaiah Cleminson of Bishop Auckland and Thomas Brentnall of ….. 5 and 7/1st class £10-10s Mar 6th 1864 for Hannah Cleminson, w of Isaiah and Hannah Brentnall, mother of Thomas
Joseph Carrier of Ilkeston 110/1st class £5-5s Jan 20th 1865 for brother Samuel
William Ball of Ilkeston 37/1st class £5-5s May 5th 1865 for parents Francis and Mary
William Sudbury of Ilkeston 11/2nd class £3-3s Nov 6th 1865 for father Francis
Thomas Wass of Ilkeston 9/1st class £5-5s Mar 28th 1866 for son John
Matthew Hobson of Ilkeston 131 and 136/2nd class £6-6s Jun 4th 1866 for wife Hannah
(Thomas?) Doxey of Ilkeston 4/2nd class £3-3s Sep 20th 1866 for wife Elizabeth
John Taylor of the Manor House, Ilkeston 89 and 94/2nd class £6-6s Jun 17th 1867 for son John
Rev John Bonser of Ilkeston 113/2nd class £3-3s Mar 29th 1869 for wife Elizabeth Septima
Joseph Siddon of Ilkeston 308/2nd class £3-3s 1869 for son William
William Harrison of Ilkeston 50A/2nd class £3-3s Jan 17th 1870 for himself
Charles Woolliscroft of Ilkeston 210/2nd class £3-3s Apr 2nd 1872 for son Charles
Ann Chadwick of Ilkeston 6/2nd class £3-3s Dec 26th 1872 for husband James
Mrs Annie Hallam of Sandiacre Fields, guardian to Hannah Mary Clayworth 88/2nd class £3-3s May 12th 1873
John Clayworth of Little Hallam 95/2nd class £3-3s May 12th 1873
Robert Wigley of Ilkeston 21/2nd class £3-3s Aug 11th 1873 for son John
George Swanwick of Nottingham 267/2nd class £3-3s Oct 1873 for son John
John Bailey of Ilkeston 7/2nd class £3-3s Aug 13th 1874 for father Gilbert
Elijah Trueman of Little Eaton 102/2nd £3-3s Aug 21st 1874 for wife Elizabeth Septima
Catherine Smith 101 Sep 23rd 1874 for husband William *
Margaret Ann Brealy of Ilkeston 24 and 26/2nd class £6-6s Dec 14th 1874 for nephew John Alfred Brealy
S Beardsley of Ilkeston 10 Apr 22nd 1875 for daughter Hannah Maria *
Amos Tatham Mar 25th 1876 for daughter Eliza *
J Ball Mar 27th 1876 for himself *
B Howard Apr 10th 1876 for wife Harriett *
Ann Elliott of Ilkeston 45/2nd class £3-3s May 25th 1876 for husband Thomas
Ruth Wigley of Ilkeston, widow 29/1st class £5-5s Nov 13th 1876 for husband Jedediah
Edmund Tatham of Ilkeston 44/2nd class £3-3s Nov 17th 1876 for wife Lavinia
Alex'r Barker Feb 18th 1877 for son George *
Rebecca Thorley of Ilkeston 155/2nd class £3-3s May 29th 1877 for husband George
John Taylor of the Manor House, Ilkeston 103 and 108/2nd class £6-6s Jun 11th 1877 no interment
Paul Hodgkinson of Ilkeston 277 and 284/2nd class £6-6s Aug 12th 1878 for daughter Sarah
Charles Woolliscroft of Ilkeston 197/2nd class £3-3s Jan 1st 1880 for mather Sarah (who died in 1878)
Jane Carrier, widow of the late Joseph Carrier of Ilkeston 97/1st class £5-5s Jan 1st 1880 for husband Joseph who died in 1879
Benjamin Tatham 196/2nd class £3-3s Mar 14th 1879 for father Benjamin *
Francis Pickering 48/2nd class £3-3s Nov 13th? 1879 *
John Trueman of Ilkeston 183/2nd class £3-3s Aug 25th 1880 for daughter Sarah Ann
Ezekiel Phillips 29/1st class £2-10s May 26th 1880 for father John *
Fanny Thurman, widow of the late Abbot Thurman of Ilkeston 13/1st class £5-5s Feb 19th 1881 for husband Abbot
Mrs William Hunt of Ilkeston 126/2nd class £3-3s Jun 9th 1881 for husband William
Ellen Tatham widow of the late Herbert Tatham of Ilkeston 27/1st class £5-5s Nov 27th 1882 for husband Herbert
Elijah Higgitt of Ilkeston, draper etc 235/2nd class £3-3s May 25th 1885 for wife Elizabeth
Thomas Blood of Ilkeston, draper 327/2nd class £3-3s Jan 10th 1887
Elizabeth Smith, widow of the later William Smith draper of Ilkeston 233/2nd class £3-3s Feb 27th 1888 for husband William
William Shakspeare of Ilkeston, journalist 243/2nd class £3-3s Jan 16th 1889 for wife Sarah Emily
Sarah Ann Evans of Ilkeston, grocer 295/2nd class £3-3s Aug 16th 1889 for son Frank
Francis Goddard of Ilkeston, joiner and builder 69/1st class £5-5s Oct 27th 1890 for father James
Sarah Hodgkinson widow of the late Paul Hodgkinson of Ilkeston 269/2nd class £3-3s Feb 5th 1894
Aaron Aldred of Ilkeston, gentleman 124/1st class £5-5s Feb 5th 1894 for wife Catherine who died in 1893
Thomas Meakin of Ilkeston, glazier 585/2nd class £3-3s Feb 5th 1894 for wife Charlotte who died in 1892
James Henry Goring of Hallam Fields 395/2nd class £3-3s Mar 7th 1895 for wife Mary who died in 1894
Samuel Wood of Gregory St, Ilkeston, baker 122/2nd class £4-4s Mar 9th 1897
Thomas Grainger of Hallam Fields 390/2nd class £3-3s Mar 9th 1897
John Ralph Melland Thompson of Ilkeston, gentleman 263/2nd class £3-3s May 1st 1899
Anne Keren Manners of Ilkeston, widow 28/1st class £5-5s Mar 18th 1901
Jane Barber of Ilkeston, widow 161/1st class £5-5s Mar 18th 1901 for husband Thomas