Severn family

Alan Smith commented (Apr 28th and 30th 2014)…

What a fantastic resource for me in helping put the pieces to my family history jigsaw together. 

I’m looking for John Severn, born Ilkeston 1816 of William and Phoebe, I know (from this website) that his first wife and his son both died in January 1841, but I’m wondering if this may have affected him in some way for I cannot find hide nor hair of him on the 41 census. His 2 year old daughter is living with his Step brother Thomas and their mother Phoebe Bennett formerly Severn (she’d remarried), but as to John’s whereabouts I’ve no idea.

Dave alias Admin replied (Apr 30th 2014)…

John Severn married his second wife Mary Robinson on Sep 21 1847 at Radford St Peter Church.
They then lived at Moors Bridge Lane/Derby Road in Ilkeston where John worked as a wheelwright/joiner, as his father and brother.
They can be found on the 1851/61/71/81 census there.
John died on Oct 24 1884 at 47 Derby Road, aged 68.
Before her marriage Mary Robinson had two illegitimate children .. only one survived. He was John, born in March 1846.
Mary was the daughter of shoemaker and Chelsea Pensioner Benjamin and Hannah (nee Smith).

All this needs checking of course.
I can’t help with the 1841 Census location of John I’m afraid.

Alan commented (Apr 30th 2014)…

Thanks for that. How did you find their marriage?… especially in Radford! Do you know Mary’s other child’s name and date/year of birth? I didn’t know John (1846) was illegitimate. Lots me me to look at, many thanks.

Dave replied (May 2nd 2014)…

I can’t recall what led me to the marriage … but here is my transcription of the details.

It took place on September 21st 1847 at Radford St Peter.
John Severn, full age, widower, wheelwright, Radford, father William, wheelwright.
Mary Robinson, full age, spinster, Radford, father Benjamin, shoemaker.
Both signed.
The witnesses, Oliver Richards and Millicent Richards both made a mark.

Mary’s first illegitimate child was an unnamed girl, born in June 1844, but died, still unnamed, shortly after.
John Robinson was born in March 1846, but thereafter appears as Severn or Severns. He was baptised as John Severn in December 1848 when his birth date was given as March 28th 1846. This would suggest that John Severn senior was his father.

After their marriage John senior and Mary had other children while living in Little Hallam. If you get a birth certificate of one of them it should confirm that Mary’s maiden name was Robinson.

Alan commented (May 3rd 2014)…

Many thanks for that Dave. All I’ve got to do now is to reason out why they married in Radford, if I find anything out I’ll let you know. Once again, many thanks for your help.

Neil commented (May 16th 2014)…

I have similar query. my antecedents John Platts b1824 Ilkeston married Rebecca Cowlishaw b 1824 West Hallam both found in 1841 Ilkeston census but married in Radford by 1851 they were in Clay Cross. Why marry in Radford?.

Dave replied (May 19th 2014)…

I can’t comment on this marriage specifically and I’m not sure that you would be able to establish definitively why it took place at Radford.
What I can say is that it was not uncommon at this time for people living in Ilkeston to marry at any of the churches at Radford… I have a list of over 100 marriages of Ilkestonians marrying there. And there were many other marriages at other Nottingham churches.. St Mary’s, At Ann’s, St Luke’s, St Matthew’s, etc etc.
There were close social, economic/employment links between Ilkeston and Radford during this period and Ilkeston couples who married at the latter place often continued to live in their home town after marriage.

Perhaps someone else might comment on your specific antecedents?

Jaguar commented (May 21sr 2014)…

I have an interest in the surname Lebeter / Leadbeater / Lebiter / Lebeater etc and all other variants used by this family in Ilkeston, and I have spent many hours transcribing details of this family from Old Ilkeston Newspapers, and Parish Registers of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, Census etc.

Covering the period of 1837 – 1881 which is used by this website, the following people from Ilkeston where at least one of the parties is connected to my own research married at Radford St Peters Church :-

PR 14350 27th September 1840 – 21st July 1844
Page 8 Sch No 15 21st October 1840 JOHN LEDBETER (Lebeter ?) to MARY BURDETT
Page 114 Sch No 228 4th September 1842 WILLIAM SMITH to HANNAH BACROFT (Beecroft ?)
Page 117 Sch No 233 26th September 1842 WILLIAM BAILEY to SARAH LEBETER

PR 14351 21st July 1844 – 8th April 1849
Page 134 Sch No 268 4th October 1846 JOSEPH LEIBETER (Lebeter ?) to MATILDA SWAIN

PR 14352 9th April 1849 – 22nd September 1853
Page 16 Sch No 31 21st July 1849 JOHN LEBETER to LYDIA DODD

PR 14354 1858 – 1863
Page 162 Sch No 323 5th October 1861 PAUL LEBETER to HARRIET BROWN