Smallwood family

Paula Jackson commented (Oct 11th 2013)…

I have been tracing my Smallwood family tree, and have strayed into every Smallwood I can find in Notts, Derbys and Leics. I was amazed to find Sarah Barker (Smallwood) alias Lee. Sarah is someone I have been looking for so it is great to find her. I do have John and Catherine Taylor on a tree, with a Sarah baptised at St Marys 14/2/1802, but wonder if you have any evidence that the two Sarahs are one and the same. Do you have the names of the witnesses at her wedding. John and Catherine had 3 other children – Henry, Selina and Walter, perhaps they were the witnesses.

Admin replied (Oct 14th 2013)…

You know more about your Smallwoods than I, and I fear that I can add little of help.
So forgive my repeating anything you undoubtedly already know.
John Smallwood married Catherine Taylor at St Nicholas Church in Nottingham, Nov 16 1795.
Their daughter Sarah was baptised at St Mary’s Church in Nottingham, Feb 14 1802.
John Barker married Sarah Smallwood at St Mary’s Church in Ilkeston, Apr 27 1830.
I’m afraid I don’t know the names of the marriage witnesses… one of them was usually (but not always) the Parish Clerk who was William Tunnicliffe at that time.
Just before her marriage Sarah had an illegitimate son, John, who died aged 2 months and was buried at St. Mary’s Church in April 1830.
Her husband John was born in Trowell, the son of Alexander Mellor Barker and Elizabeth (nee Potter). In all Trade Directories he is described as a Tallow Chandler and later beerseller of Ilkeston Common. He latterly resided at the Bridge Inn on Awsworth Road in Ilkeston and is referenced several times on the site.
John and Sarah Barker had several children and at their birth Sarah’s ‘maiden’ name is often referred to as ‘Lee’. Now if you know why she is ‘nee Smallwood alias Lee’ then this may give you a clue as to her parents and help establish if your two Sarahs are the same person.
Sarah died on Sept 1, 1869, aged 65.
Her husband John died on Feb 8 1888, aged 84.
They are buried together in the extension graveyard of St. Mary’s Church in Ilkeston and I believe that their gravestone still exists.