Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1875

From 1874 burials

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Address Paid for by Cost Number/type of plot Notes
503 Sun, Jan 3rd, 3.30pm Lucy Hallam 20 Little Hallam the husband John Hallam £2 8s 1st class nee Boughtflower, d of Edwin and Margaret (nee Parker), w of John Hallam
504 Sun, Jan 3rd, 2pm Isaac Meer 39 Derby Rd the widow Mrs Meer 8s 3rd class s of Isaac and Mary (nee Riley), hus of Sarah (nee Wardle)
505 Tues, Jan 12th, 4pm Samuel Rollinson 2 Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class
506 Sat, Jan 16th Benjamin Flinders not stated Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class aged 1 month, s of Samuel and Eliza (nee Spencer)
507 Sun, Jan 24th, 3pm Thomas Ward 1y 4m Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class
508 Feb 3rd, 4pm James Thompson 8m Ilkeston father 5s 3rd class
509 Feb 3rd, 4pm Ellen E Riley 9m Ilkeston father 5s 3rd class Ellen Elizabeth Riley
510 Fri, Feb 5th, 4pm Thomas R Waterfield 11 Ilkeston not stated 8s 3rd class Thomas Robert Waterfield, (s of William and Sarah (nee Ward))
511 Thurs, Feb 11th, 4pm William Gallimore 89 Ilkeston (died at Mickleover Asylum) not stated 3rd class 8s s of John and Hannah, wid of Elizabeth (nee Salt), wid of Jane (formerly Seal nee Kerry)
512 Mon, Feb 22nd, 4pm Thomas Tilson 59 Pimlico widow £1-3s 2nd class s of John and Hannah (nee Bamford), wid of Mabel (nee Stanley), hus of Sarah (nee Turton)
513 Mon, Feb 24th, 4pm Joseph Wilkinson 2y 9m Little Hallam his father 10s 3rd class s of William and Miriam (nee Wheatley)
514 Tues, Mar 2nd, 4pm John Meadows 59 Ilkeston John Childs 8s 3rd class wid of Rebecca (nee Daykin), hus of Mary (nee Stenson)
515 Sun, Mar 7th Mary Parker not stated Ilkeston friends 13s 3rd class age=72?
516 Sat, Mar 13th, 3pm Hannah Howard 66 Ilkeston William Howard £1-8s 2nd class nee Powell, w of William Howard
517 Wed, Mar 24th, 2pm Ellen Smith 7w Brussels Terrace John Smith 5s 3rd class d of John and Hannah (nee Robinson)
518 Thurs, Mar 25th, 4pm Alice Davis 13m New England not stated 5s 3rd class
519 Sun, Mar 28th, 4pm Joseph Meer 7 Ilkeston not stated 8s 3rd class s of William and Mary (nee Harrison)
520 Thurs, Apr 1st, 4pm Samuel Pynegar 57 Stanton Rd not stated 13s 3rd class s of Samuel and Mary (nee Brentnall), hus of Alice (nee Cartwright)
521 Thurs, Apr 1st, 4pm Ada E Hopkins 3w Ilkeston father 5s 3rd class Ada Emma Hopkins
522 Mon, Apr 5th, 5pm Samuel Toplis 18 not stated not stated 13s 3rd class s of Robert and Martha (nee Chandler)
523 Wed, Apr 7th, 4pm Catherine Lally 15 not stated father 13s 3rd class d of Thomas and Bridget
524 Sun, Apr 11th, 4.30pm John Orme 55 Ilkeston son George Hatton £1-3s 2nd class s of Nathan and Ann (nee Hardy), (step) s=George Hatton alias Orme
525 Wed, Apr 21st, 4pm Francis Ebern 9m Bath St not stated 10s 3rd class s of Thomas and Mary (nee Birch)
526 Sun, Apr 25th Hannah Maria Beardsley 14« Ilkeston the father S Beardsley £3-18s-8d 2nd class d of Solomon and Matilda Potter (nee Sudbury)
527 Sun, Apr 25th, 3.30pm Isaac Aldred 40 Lee's Yard Aaron Aldred 8s 3rd class s of Samuel and Lucy (nee Scattergood), hus of Hannah (nee Barker), bro=Aaron
528 Sun, Apr 25th, 2.30pm Mary Ann Shaw 72 Park Rd son Frederick Shaw 13s 3rd class nee Mather, d of George and Hannah (nee Hirst), wid of William, s=Frederick
529 Fri, Apr 30th, 4.15pm John Hallam 15 Kensington Enoch Hallam 8s 3rd class s of Enoch and Eve (nee Riley)
530 Thurs, May 6th, 4pm Maria Aram 7m Ilkeston father G Aram 5s 3rd class d of George and Betsy Daykin (nee Carrier)
531 Sun, May 16th, 4pm Alice Blakely 41 Derby Rd the husband Robert Blakely 8s 3rd class
532 Thurs, May 27th, 4.30pm William Trueman 13 Chapel St, Ilkeston Thomas Flinders (g-father) £1-3s 2nd class aka William Flinders
533 Fri, May 8th, 5pm John Waterfield 18m not stated father 5s 3rd class
534 Thurs, Jun 4th, 5pm William Aldred 1y 2m Bath St Mrs Aldred 5s 3rd class s of Isaac and Hannah (nee Barker)
535 Tues(sic), Jun 7th, 3pm Samuel Taylor (the Derbyshire Giant) 59 Manchester (native of Little Hallam) Mr Stocks £1-3s 2nd class notes on page; Derbyshire Giant. Died at Royal Hospital, Manchester, Thurs, Jun 3rd 1875
536 Sun(sic), Jun 5th, 4pm Hannah Daykin 52 North St Charles Daykin £1-8s 2nd class nee Smith, d of William George and Betty (nee Potter), w of Charles Banner Daykin
537 Sun(sic), Jun 5th, 4pm Ada Mary Daykin 1y 8m Ilkeston not stated 10s 3rd class
538 Sun(sic), Jun 5th, 4pm Mary Beardsley 70 Cotmanhay W Beardsley £1-3s 2nd class nee Tabra/Taberrer, d of Elizabeth, w of William Beardsley
539 Tues, Jun 22nd, 5pm Ellen Homer 12 Ilkeston mother 5s 3rd class
540 Sun, Jul 11th, 4pm Ann Garrity not stated Ilkeston not stated 8s 3rd class
541 Tues, Jul 13th, 4pm George Herbert Chatterton 4 Pimlico father Thomas Chatterton 5s 3rd class
542 Wed, Jul 15th (sic), 5pm Joseph A Spowage 1y 11m Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class Joseph Aaron Spowage, s of Aaron and Eiza Woodhall (nee Williams)
543 Sun, Jul 25th, 4pm John Henry Wright 9m Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class s of Luke and Sarah Ann (nee Hatton)
544 Tues, Jul 27th, 4pm Samuel Barnes 5w Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class s of Samuel and Marina (nee Cockayne)
545 Sun, Aug 1st, 4pm Thomas Clifford 57 Ilkeston not stated 8s No 374/3rd class
546 Fri, Aug 27th Samuel Attenbro 1 Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class
547 Fri, Sep 10th, 2.30pm Francis Edgar Stafford 2m not stated father Mr Stafford 10s 3rd class
548 Thurs, Sep 9th, 5pm Mary Sully 5m not stated father 5s 3rd class aka Mary Scully
549 Wed, Sep 15th Samuel Wood 2m Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class
550 Fri, Sep 24th, 3pm Thomas Stafford 6w New England Charles Stafford 5s No 542/3rd class
551 Thurs, Sep 23rd James Brentnall 57 Ilkeston not stated £1-3s 2nd class s of John and Hannah (nee Hickton), hus of Elizabeth (nee Bostock)
552 Sun, Oct 3rd, 3pm Sarah Ratcliffe 20 Kensington not stated 13s 3rd class
553 Fri, Oct 1st, 4pm Catherine Cartwright 74 Stanton Rd son 10s 3rd class nee Swanwick, dau of George and Martha (nee Scrimshaw), wid of Robert
554 Tues, Oct 12th, 4pm Ann Stanley 5m South St William Stanley 10s 3rd class (of William and Elizabeth (nee Bestwick))
555 Tues, Oct 26th, 4pm Patrick Quinton 28 Ilkeston paid at time 8s No 567/3rd class
556 Tues, Nov 16th, 2.30pm Kezia Crockett 27 Chapel Place William N Crockett £1-3s 2nd class nee Stocks, d of William and Keziah (nee Stcoks), w of William Norris Crickett
557 Mon, Nov 21st (sic), 4pm Ann Brooks 33 Ilkeston W Brooks (husband) £1-3s 2nd class nee Smith, illeg d of Hannah, wid of Ephraim Sisson, w of William Brooks
558 Sun, Nov 28th Polly Baguley 1y 9m Ilkeston not stated 10s 3rd class d of Edwin and Mary (nee Hall)
559 Wed, Dec 1st, 2.15pm Joseph Butler 81 Ilkeston Elizabeth Trueman (daughter) 13s 3rd class s of Timothy and Ellen (nee Belfield), wid of Mary?, wid of Mary (formerly Burrows, nee Housley), d=Elizabeth (wid of Elijah Trueman)
560 Mon, Dec 6th, 3pm Mary Louisa Oakes 4m North St not stated 5s 3rd class (Herbert Oakes crossed through in column 3)
561 Error made — entry cancelled Ilkeston
562 Wed, Dec 15th, 3.30pm John Pollard 61 Kensington widow Ann Pollard 13s 3rd class hus of Ann (nee Denham)
563 Sun, Dec 19th, 4pm Walter Potter 9 Ilkeston father, Potter 13s 2nd class s of Thomas Potter alias Hufton and Elizabeth (nee Woodward)
564 Tues, Dec 21st, 4pm William Hogg 32 South St the widow Anne Hogg £1-3s 2nd class s of Joseph and Mary (nee Whitton), hus of Annie (nee Hackett)
565 Wed, Dec 22nd, 3pm Mary Whitehead 52 Kensington Thomas Whitehead £1-3s 2nd class nee Matthews, d of John and Elizabeth (nee Sheldon?), w of Thomas Whitehead

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