The Frosts and the 1851 census (by Alan Smith)

The 1851 census finds the Frost family still living in the Hunger Hill area of Ilkeston, but at least – compared to the 1841 census – we’re now able to add a little bit more to hitherto unknown facts regarding the family, such as place of birth and relationship to the head of the household.

Although the writing on the census image below is very faint, Thomas is aged 41, still employed as an “Ag Lab”, and born in Little Hallam.  Mary is aged 49, born in Ilkeston, William is 20, Ironstone labourer, Charles is 20, also an Ironstone labourer, Mary is 16 and is employed on ‘House Work’, being born in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, Thomas is 13, employed as “Ag ab”, also born in Kimberley, and lastly we see Ely (Eli) aged 9, he was born once the family were back in Ilkeston from their stay in Kimberley.

Speaking of Kimberley, it is unknown as to the exact duration of their time there, but we know that Mary and Thomas being approximately born five years apart (see page 2); so they lived in Kimberley for at least five years.

1851 census

1852 It is in this year that things change for the Frost family, for in the 4th Quarter of this year; Mary… Thomas’s wife of twenty two years; passes away, she would have been 50 years old.