Who do you think they are ? 1


grandparents lived at Hunger Hill

Mother born at Hunger Hill

All dead

Lived at Kensington

Now lives at seaport on east coast, 80 miles away

Born in mid 1830’s


Born in Kensington

Born in mid 1830’s

John Cartwright

Moved to Ilkeston aged 6y 11 months

Father a miller

Went to British School

lived near Hobson’s orchard


Name Fletcher

father Wesleyan local preacher

William Strangeway

Bath Street

In Jan 1892 he wrote ‘Mr Vickerstaff was assistant overseer at the time; the Rev. T (W?) Lovejoy presided over an academy in a room, since pulled down, behind Mr. J. L. Moss’s shop. These, with Mr. Ryder, master of the National School; John, noe Rev. John Richardson, Vicar of West Hamm, and the present writer formed a Mutual Improvement Society in 1849-1851, and many pleasant and profitableĀ meetings were held.

I fancy I knew ‘Bath Street‘ well when he was a pupil teacher. I may again be in error, but I have the impression that early in the fifties he removed Stapleford way, and that for some years his name figured in the matches played by the Stapleford St. Helen’s Cricket Club (John Cartwright)