Wilson/Wilton/Fritchley families

Helen Russell commented (Dec 7th 2013)…

I am trying to gather as much information of the Wilton-Wilsons, Wilton place.
Information seems scarce and all I can really find are snippets. (father to Joseph, not sure if there where brothers or sisters) if there is any connection to a Elijah Wilton, Pennsylvania and the house on Wilton place used as Dames school which has ‘the ferns’ inscribed on the wall (now flats).
Any info anyone can offer will be gratefully welcomed.

and again (Dec 10th 2013)…

I forgot to mention the plaque on the building which simply says ‘The Ferns’ is dated 1893. Again any reference on this seems non existent. 

Admin replied (Dec 14th 2013)…

William Wilson and Ann Whitworth married on Nov 5th 1756 at Trowell Parish Church… both were living at Cossall at the time.
Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1757 and married John Fritchley of Cossall in 1776.
Their son Joseph the Elder was born in 1761 and baptised at Trowell Parish Church. He was the father of William Wilton Wilson/Wilson Wilton.
The latter married Ann ?? of Bottesford and their son Joseph was born about 1818 in London.
Son Joseph the Younger married in 1840 at St Mary’s Church, Ilkeston, to Mary Hallsworth, daughter of Cotmanhay framework knitter Joseph and Phobe (nee Allen).

There is an article on Wilton Place in the Ilkeston Family History Society Newsletter of November 1972 (Number 43) which you may have seen … there is a copy in the Ilkeston Reference Library. The information for the article is taken from mortgage deeds for a property in Wilton Place once held by the Johnson family.
It describes how Gadsby Croft just south of Wilton Place was allotted to Joseph Wilson (the Elder) of Cossall at its enclosure in 1798. (New Street later known as Station Road was built through the area of Gadsby Croft which straddled both sides of that street).
When his mother Ann (nee Whitworth) died Joseph took over her house and land in Ilkeston on the north side of Gadsby Croft, where Wilton Place was later laid out.
The article states that Joseph died at North Carr, Misterton, on January 28th 1834 and the premises then passed to his son William who died in August 1849 (as William Wilson Wilton).
The land then was in the hands of William’s children Joseph the Younger and Mary.
Joseph died in Wilton Place in March 1868 (as Joseph Wilson Wilton).
His sister Mary had lived in Little Steeping, Lincolnshire, and married there (as Mary Wilson) to cottager William Dales in 1846.

In 1854 Henry Carrier purchased a factory/lacemaker’s workshop from joiner Joseph Wilton/Wilson the Younger which had been erected in Gadsby’s Croft,…. this was later to be the site of Johnson’s ironmonger’s shop in Station Road.

I know this still leaves a lot of unanswered questions which you raised .. I will continue to work on them, but if you have any extra information, please feel free to contribute.

Helen replied (Dec 18th 2013)…

I will also continue searching with this new information you have found and post any results.
Totally ended up down the wrong road as I have just spent days with a Joseph wilton R.A of london 1722.. It seems nothing to do with our Wilton/Wilsons but was very interesting anyway lol. Thank you dragging me back onto to the right path..Im all excited again now as to where it will lead :-)


Patricia commented (Dec 30th 2013)…

My G G Grandfather was Richard Newton aka Fritchley, born 1/5/1813 in the parish of St Mary, Nottingham to Ann Newton. He was the illegitimate son of Richard Fritchley (1779-1859), farmer of Cossall Marsh, who was the second child and eldest son of John Fritchley and Elizabeth (nee Wilson) of Cossall Marsh. Richard Newton was born between the death of Richard Fritchley’s first wife Mary Gadsby in 1810 and his second marriage to Jane Attenborough in 1818. In 1835 Richard Newton Fritchley was convicted of stealing a shirt and transported to Australia.

Admin replied (Jan 1st 2014)…

Patricia, The clarification helps.
I hope you can find your way through the somewhat convoluted relationships between the Wilsons, Fritchleys and Gadsbys of Cossall/Leicester and later Ilkeston.
In the latter town they seem to coalesce around Gadsby Croft, between Wilton Street and Station Road … when the Mason family joins in just to make things more difficult.