Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1864

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Paid for by Address Cost Number/type of plot Notes
1 Wed, Jan 6th, pm Mrs Shaw (wife) [47] Thomas Shaw Ilkeston £4-4s-2d No 6, 2nd class (plot 5 reserved) Ann Shaw nee Corbett, d of William and Mary (nee Stanton), w of Thomas Shaw
2 Jan 18th and 30th Hannah Cleminson and Hannah Brentnall 48? 80 John Childs Bath St £14-0s-8d Nos 5 and 7, 1st class Sister-in-law and mother-in-law of John Childs
3 Jan 22nd Joseph Taylor William Taylor Cossall Common 8s No 21, 3rd class
4 Feb 5th Mrs Shaw 8s No 22, 3rd class Incomplete entry, made in error? Duplication of No 1?
5 Feb 5th Ann Blakes 30 Mr Blakes Ilkeston 8s No 20, 3rd class d of Richard and Sarah (nee Meakin)
6 Sun, Feb 28th, 4pm Henry Martin Orchard [38] Mrs Orchard Ilkeston 16s No 27, 3rd class (plot 28 reserved for 7 years) w=Sarah Orchard
7 Tues, Mar 22nd, 2.15pm Betty Carrier [84] Joseph Carrier Bath St 13s No 358, 3rd class nee George, wid of Anchor Carrier
8 Good Fri, Mar 25th, 3pm Alfred Sudbury [64] Mr & Mrs Sudbury (Sol Beardsley) Market Place £2-0s-6d No 9, 2nd class uncle of Matilda Potter Sudbury, w of Solomon Beardsley
9 Thurs, Mar 31st, 4pm Elizabeth Beardsley [21] William Bostock Pimlico 8s No 16, 3rd class nee Bostock, w of William Beardsley, d of William and Sarah (nee Henshaw)
10 Sun, Apr 3rd, 3.30pm Paul Cresswell [1] Paul Cresswell Extension St 13s No 662, 2nd class
11 Sun, Apr 10th, 3pm Sarah Oldham 37 John Chadwick Bath St 13s No 359, 3rd class nee Chadwick, w of Thomas Oldham, d of Samuel and Ann (nee Noon), bro=John Chadwick
12 Sun, Apr 17th, 4pm Edwin Skinner 5 James Skinner Park Rd 8s No 21, 3rd class s of Samuel James and Frances (nee Daykin)
13 Sun, Apr 17th, 3.30pm John Calladine 76 Thomas Calladine Bath St 13s No 386, 3rd class
14 Sun, Apr 24th, 3.30pm Sarah Ann Bostock [24w] Elizabeth Bostock The Common 6s No 341, 3rd class d of Henry and Elizabeth (nee Lebeter)
15 Fri, Jun 10th, 3pm Christopher Harrison 80 Messrs Garrett and Tantum, executors Chilwell and Arnold £1-18 2nd class
16 Thurs, Jun 16th, 4pm Jane Mason 19 Joseph Mason South St 8s No 340, 3rd class d of Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Smith)
17 Mon, Aug 15th, 3pm Ellen Florence Sugg 6m Mr Sugg Ilkeston £1-3s No 224, 2nd class d of Hubert Henri and Ellen (late Mudford, nee Howe)
18 Wed, Aug 17th Martha Beardsley [47] Edwin Beardsley Ilkeston 8s No 337, 3rd class nee Smith, w of Edwin Beardsley, d of William and Ann (nee Leggitt)
19 Thurs, Aug 18th, 2pm Benjamin Ball [3m] Thomas Ball Ilkeston 8s No 336, 3rd class s of Thomas and Sarah Ann (nee Tatham)
20 Thurs, Sep 19th, 3pm Ann Carrier [28] Henry Carrier New St 8s No 333, 3rd class d of Henry and Rebecca (nee Hart)
21 Sun, Oct 30th, 4pm Maria Bircumshaw [9] Henry Bircumshaw Little Hallam 13s No 389, 3rd class d of Henry Kelly Bircumshaw and Amy (nee Derbyshire)
22 Mon, Oct 31st, 3pm Hannah Mellor 55 John Mellor Market Place £1-3s No 5, 2nd class d of William and Rhoda (nee Palmer), bro=John
23 Mon, Nov 14th, 3.30pm Israel Cordon 47 Mrs Cordon Ilkeston 8s No 332, 3rd class s of William and Dorothy (nee Waplington)
24 Tues, Dec 19th, 3.30pm Mrs Flint [55] W Sudbury Market Place 13s No 1, 3rd class Ann Flint, nee Ford, w of George Flint, d of William and Jane (nee Brooks)

Burials 1865