Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1865

Burials 1864

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Paid for by Address Cost Number/type of plot Notes
25 Thurs, Jan 19th, 2.30pm Catherine Wright 6 Henry Wright Regent St 8s No 336, 3rd class
26 Sun, Jan 22nd, 2pm Samuel Carrier [46] Joseph Carrier Bath St £7-15s-8d No 110, 1st class s of Henry and Elizabeth (nee Smith), bro=Joseph
27 Sun, Feb 5th, 3.30pm Robert Warren 6m Robert Warren Park Rd 11s No 6, 3rd class s of Robert and Hannah (nee Harrison)
28 Fri, Mar 3rd, 2.30pm Ann Higgitt (formerly Chadwick) [67] John Chadwick Bath St 13s No 360, 3rd class nee Noon, d of Samuel and Ann (nee Beardsley), wid of Samuel Chadwick, w of Henry Higgitt, s=John Chadwick
29 Thurs, Mar 16th, 4pm Alfred Ward 20 Mrs Ward South St 8s No 329, 3rd class
30 Sun, Mar 19th, 4pm Henry Bircumshaw 60 Mrs Bircumshaw Little Hallam 13s No 414, 3rd class aka Henry Kelly Bircumshaw, s of Samuel and Mary (nee Kelly), hus of Amy (nee Derbyshire)
31 Thurs, Mar 23rd, 4pm William Green of Ilkeston 53 Frederick Green Long Eaton 8s No 328, 3rd class aka William Castleton, hus of Ann (nee Grimley), illeg s/step-s=Frederick Green alias Grimley
32 Sun, Mar 26th, 3.30pm Sarah Blake of Ilkeston 60 Richard Blake Ilkeston 13s No 23, 3rd class nee Meakin, d of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Trueman), w of Richard Blake
33 Sun, Apr 2nd, pm Aaron Aldred 2 Joseph Aldred Bath St 8s No 325, 3rd class s of Joseph Peter and Mary Ann (nee Reynolds)
34 Mon, Apr 24th, 3.30pm Zachariah Dakin of Normanton, Yorkshire 4 Catherine Richards Nottingham Rd 8s No 325, 3rd class illeg s of Julietta Daykin, grandnephew of Catherine Richards (nee Daykin, w of Thomas Richards)
35 Sun, May 7th, 3pm Jabez Columbine 20m John Columbine Bath St 13s No 7, 3rd class s of John and Elizabeth (nee Wells)
36 May 5th Francis Ball and Mary Ball [72 & 82] William Ball Ilkeston £10-6s-8d No 37, 1st class re-interment, removed from Independent Chapel Yard in Pimlico, s=William Ball
37 Tues, May 16th, 4pm George Aram of Ilkeston 17m George Carrier Stanton Rd 13s No 12, 3rd class s of George and Betsy (nee Carrier), g-f=George Carrier
38 Thurs(sic) May 30th, 3pm Hannah Elizabeth Carnill 29 Mr Carnill Bath St 13 No 13, 3rd class nee Thornely, d of William and Mary, w of Joseph Carnill
39 Wed, May 31st, 3.30pm Harry Mason [10m] Mrs Mason Bath St 13s No 17, 3rd class s of Moses and Mary Ann (nee Wilcoxson)
40 Thurs, Jun 1st, 4pm Eliza Potter 9m Thomas Potter Park Rd 8s No 324, 3rd class [d of Thomas and Eliza (nee Crooks)?]
41 Sun, Jun 4th, 4pm Ann Barton of Sheffield (25) Mr Barton Sheffield 13s No 25, 3rd class nee Ball,d of William and Matilda,w of David Barton
42 Sun, Jun 11th, 3.30pm Martha Ann Green 18w Mrs William Green South St 8s No 324, 3rd class d of William and Eliza (nee Skevington)
43 Thurs, Jun 15th, 4.30pm Joseph Smedley 66 Mrs Smedley Nottingham Rd 8s No 321, 3rd class hus of Millicent (nee Daykin)
44 Sun, Jul 16th, 3.30pm Eliza Ann Woodruffe John Woodruffe Mount St 8s No 320, 3rd class d of John and Ann (nee Fox)
45 Sun, Jul 30th, 4pm Ruth Bryan 10m Joseph Bryan Kensington 6s No 320, 3rd class d of Joseph and Emma (nee Cockayne)
46 Fri, Aug 18th, 4pm William Straw [70] Mrs Straw Stanton Rd 13s No 120, 3rd class hus of Catherine (nee White), s of Philip and Sarah (nee Bussforth)
47 Tues, Aug 22nd, 3pm David Arthur Carnill [1] Mr Carnill Bath St 13s No 18, 3rd class [s of Joseph and Hannah Elizabeth (nee Thornely)?]
48 Sun, Aug 27th, 3pm William Gaskill Bunting 7m Mr Bunting Market Place 13s No 3, 3rd class s of George and Mary Ann Gaskill (nee Doxey)
49 Tues, Sep 5th, 4.30pm Joseph Allen Cope Joseph Cope Nottingham Rd 8s No 317, 3rd class s of Joseph and Ann (nee Meakin)
50 Sun, Sep 17th, 3pm Mary Smith [72] Thomas Smith Park Rd 8s No 316, 3rd class wid of Thomas Smith, s=Thomas Smith
51 Thurs, Sep 21st, 4.30pm Elizabeth Goddard [14] Ann Goddard Burr Lane 8s No 313, 3rd class aka Elizabeth Smith, illeg d of Samuel Goddard and Ann Smith
52 Fri, Sep 22, 3.30pm Mary Wilkinson 38 Mr W Wilkinson Ilkeston £1 3s No 1, 2nd class nee Jennison, d of Christopher and Elizabeth (nee Mills), w of Joseph Wilkinson
53 Mon, Oct 23rd, 4pm Matthew Shaw 69? Matthew Shaw Crichley St 8s No 312, 3rd class hus of Fanny (nee Smith), s=Matthew Shaw
54 Tues, Nov 7th, 4pm Francis Sudbury 67 William Sudbury Market Place £3-18-8d No 12, 2nd class s of William and Sarah (nee Thompson), hus of Ann (nee Mather), s=William Sudbury
55 Tues, Dec 5th, 4.30pm George Taylor 46 Mrs Taylor Slade St 13s No 2, 3rd class hus of Elizabeth (nee Parkin)
56 Thurs, Dec 28th, 3.30pm Charles Chadwick 57 Mrs Chadwick Bath St 8s No 4, 3rd class s of Charles and Mary (nee Richards), hus of Mary (nee Hives)

Burials 1866