End of the road

After the Three Horse Shoes, next a cottage occupied by a widow.

Gap alert ! Who was the widow ?

Moons and Noons

“A yard was next with a large old house in it. Here lived Noons.
They left Ilkeston, and went to America.”

The 1851 and 1861 censuses show a family of ‘Moons’ at this point in Moors Bridge Lane.
It consists of Denby-born blacksmith John, son of John and Frances (nee Stevens), wife Martha (nee Inger) whom he had married in 1845, daughter of  Heanor miner Solomon and Martha (nee Davis), and children.
This is probably the ‘Noons’ referred to by Adeline. These Moons left Ilkeston after 1865 and by 1870 appear at Northville, LaSalle County, Illinois, where John was still a blacksmith.

Close by is also a family of  ‘Noons’ — cottager Robert, wife Hannah (nee Pollard), the sister of brazier Patrick Pollard of the Market Place, and their children.
They show briefly in Moors Bridge Lane on the 1851 census but then moved into the Gallows Inn area of Nottingham Road. The family remained in that area until Robert died there in 1895.
There was no move to America for this family.

Is Adeline mixing up her Moons and Noons?


“The last building in Derby Road was  Job Derbyshire’s butcher’s shop.”

 We shall meet up with Job just round the corner, in Stanton Road.