Hawkins family

S Hawkins commented (Jun 2nd 2014)…

This is the info that my mother’s cousin gathered and shared with us. My mom remembers her aunts and uncles listed here. My grfather worked on the railroad here in Ont. If this info is inaccurate I would welcome any corrections. Thank-you for this website, to see family history is amazing. My sister has been to England and discovered we may have had ancestors who worked in the Tower.(don’t know who they were, yet)
Isaac Joseph Hawkins- b:07 mar 1865,Ilkeston. d:Burlington Ont. Can./ Kate Wilkinson (b:approx.1859 Ilkeston.d:Approx 1896 Ilkeston) (married approx, 1895, Ilkeston)
Daugh. Catherine Hawkins b: 1896 Ilkeston,(married 1922) to Patrick O’keefe.Brooklyn NY
Catherine had one son. Partick Wm. O’keefe b: 1924 NY

Isaac (married 08/oct/1898, Church of St. Wilfred in West Hallam,Derbyshire ) Fanny Harwood-b:21/jan/1865 Lambeth,Surry,d: 16/oct 1925 North Bay Ont.
Dau: Mae Isobel Hawkins b: 30/july/1899 Ilkeston. d: 28/mar/1971 Paris Ont.
Son: John(Jack) Smith Hawkins b: 16/apr/1901 Toronto Ont. d: 10/oct/1949 North Bay Ont.
Son: Joseph Charles Hawkins b: 28/oct/1902 Pembroke Ont. d: 11/sept/1987 North Bay Ont
Dau: Lilly Hawkins d:18/mar/1904 Pembroke Ont. d: 20/aug/1982 North Bay Ont.
Son: Charles Smith Hawkins b:06/may1906 Pembroke Ont. d: 16/july/1984 St. Catherines Ont. (my grandfather)
Dau: Rose Isobel Hawkins b: 17/oct/1910 North Bay Ont. d:31/dec/2001 British Columbia Can.

Dave replied (Jun 4th 2014)…

Thank you for this contribution and extension to the Hawkins clan.
I have included it in the section on William Hawkins, under the heading of ‘The Hawkins in Ontario’ and have made a few of my own comments where my information differs from yours.
See what you think.

Lynne Warren (Rigley) wrote (Sep 28th 2018) …

I’ve just read with great interest the article on William Hawkins and the Rutland Iron Foundry. William was my grandfather’s grandfather, and although I’ve not had great success in finding anything out about the Foundry on the internet, I was inspired to look this evening after visiting the Erewash Museum today. I went to see the photograph of William Hawkins (while visiting Ilkeston), but unfortunately it is currently in storage. Your article has so much information in one place, and that was wonderful to see!

By a strange coincidence, I am from Ontario where some of the other Hawkins descendants were born, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to connect us? S Hawkins is a great grandchild of William and Ann, and their first child Eliza was my great grandmother. It would be wonderful to share information and make a family connection. (I have seen a copy of William’s will, and he died in 1919.)

Dave replied (Sep 28th 2018) …

I am pleased to see that you found this site of some use Lynne. Sadly I have lost the email address of ‘S Hawkins’ .. I would gladly have tried to put you in contact.
I will of course post your comment and hope that some contact follows … with any ‘Hawkins’ connection.

P.S. If you have any further detail on William’s death or on his will, please do feel free to share it