Ilkeston births and baptisms

Many years ago I made transcriptions from the births and baptism records of several nonconformist chapels in Ilkeston, records which were held at the Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock.

Since that time and on several occasions I have been able to revisit these registers, to update my work and check my transcriptions.

I now include some of that work on the site. More will follow as the updating continues

I appreciate that the date parameters of several of these registers fall outside those that I originally set for the rest of the site. My argument (and excuse !!) is that some of the births are of children who later appear as adults in Adeline’s description of Ilkeston.

I do add the usual warning that the transcriptions have been made by me and so may be subject to errors. I leave it at that!

The Registers of the Presbyterian/Unitarian Chapel at the Old Meeting House in Anchor Row  (M696)

Baptisms in this register cover the period 1735 to 1783, 1790, and then a few (mainly of the Taylor family) from 1796 to 1820.

There are entries from many places including Ilkeston, Little Hallam, Kirk Hallam, Shipley Wood, Mapperley, Cossall, Bilborough, Sandiacre, Borrowash, Kimberley, Nottingham, and further afield.

I have included the entries — in alphabetical order of surname — much as they appear in the original, with no attempt to alter the spelling of the names of people and places.

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The Registers of the Independent Chapel in Pimlico   (M691, M692, M695)

The baptisms cover the periods 1771, 1773 to 1837 (the commencement of Civil Registration)

Again there are entries for families living in many places, especially in the early period though Ilkeston families dominate in the nineteenth century entries.

The baptisms are presented in surname alphabetical rather than chronological order. I thought this might be more useful but please let me know if you prefer a different arrangement.

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The Registers of the Baptist Chapel in South Street.   (M694  M695)

These registers include one birth from 1777 and the rest within the period 1792-1835.

The birth and registration dates are both listed for most of the children, with the name of the mother’s father appearing in the later entries.

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The Registers of the Ilkeston Circuit of the Wesleyan Chapel.   (M694 … RG4/941)

This covers baptisms at the Ilkeston Circuit of the Wesleyan Chapel from 1809 (when the Cicuit began) until 1837 (the introduction of Civil Registration in England and Wales).

There are a couple of baptisms pre-1809 which appeared in the register of the Wesleyan Chapel at Halifax Place in Nottingham (when Ilkeston was part of the Nottingham Circuit) and were later re-recorded in this register.

I have standardised the spelling of Ilkeston and Cotmanhay ….. otherwise I have tried to follow the original spelling of people, places and trades as they appeared in the register. I have spotted some obvious mistakes which are indicated thus … (sic). I believe that there are several other errors but I leave them for you to find !!

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The Registers of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Ilkeston and Shipley.  (M690 RG 4/331 and M696 RG 4/2529)

The baptisms in these registers date from 1823, the year of the foundation of Slade Chapel in Chapel Street, (according to the 1846 Bagshaw Directory), although there is one ‘rogue’ baptism for 1759.

Birth dates are earlier, starting at 1803 (Samuel Wright) although I believe this is a mistake .. the ‘correct’ year should be 1833.

Again the transcriptions end at the end of June 1837.

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Extracts from the Registers of Wesleyan Methodist Chapels at Nottingham

The extracts are of the baptisms of children of Ilkeston residents, up to 1837.

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