Sources etc.

Sources, references, abbreviations, further information and reading, and all that sort of stuff.

  • Bath Street… Reminiscences of Old Bath Street (printed in the Ilkeston Pioneer 1892) and a 40 Years’ Resident…….How Ilkeston has changed since 1860 (Ilkeston Pioneer 1900).
    The content of these two sources suggest that they were written by the same author.
  • Frank E. Blasdale… The Story of Ilkeston Rutland Cricket Club 1829-1979 (1979)
  • Frank Burrows …. The Locality we live in; Sketches of its History.
    These articles in the Ilkeston Pioneer of 1907 were collected together into a pamphlet called ‘The Locality We Live In’.
  • John Cartwright…Ilkeston Fifty years ago (a series of letters to the Ilkeston Pioneer in 1891-1893).
    Born in Eastwood in 1834, John lived in Ilkeston from 1841 until March 1853, when he left for Derby.
    He was joined in his reminiscences by other writers …..’Enquirer’ who started the series, ‘Kensington’, Bath  Street’, William Strangeway, ‘a Native’, ‘Pilgrim’, ‘An Old Scholar’, Philip Straw and ‘Bullock-edge Nook, whose name was taken from the site of the Ebenezer day school opened in 1853.
    All these writers were older than Adeline and were remembering some aspects of Ilkeston as they were before she was born.
  • William Warren Gayton (WWG)… extracts from his History of the Ilkeston Congregational Church, printed in the Ilkeston Advertiser throughout 1929.
  • Stephen Glover….The History of Ilkeston (1831)
  • Stephen Greasley ….. The Baptists of Derbyshire 1650-1914 (2007)
  • Cyril Hargreaves …. One Hundred Years of Queen Street: the growth of Baptist witness in Ilkeston. (1958)
  • Cyril Hargreaves 2 …. Ilkeston as a Borough. (1974)
  • RBH (Richard Benjamin Hithersay)…Ilkeston 50 to 60 years ago. Some personal reminiscences (Ilkeston Advertiser April 28th 1933).
  • IDLHS (Ilkeston and District Local History Society) Newsletters .. copies of which are held at Ilkeston Reference Library.
  • Sheila A. Mason … Nottingham Lace 1760’s – 1950’s. (1994)
  • George Moorley …. ‘Iron in the Blood, Spirit in the Heart: A History of Methodism’ (To celebrate the Centenary of Nottingham Road Methodist Church, Ilkeston 1883-1983). (1983)
  • An Old Resident… By-Gone Ilkeston (a series of articles in the Ilkeston Pioneer, 1917).
    Several clues in the articles lead to the (tentative) conclusion that the author was Edwin Trueman.
    He was also at one time the Rambler of the Ilkeston Pioneer.
    However, writing in the Pioneer of June 1881, editor John Wombell categorically denied that the ’Local Gossip’ column, which appeared in the newspaper, was written by Edwin Trueman. “Mr. Trueman is simply a compositor engaged in ordinary duties in the printing office, and as such he neither controls nor influences the opinions expressed in its editorial columns”.
  • Sheddie Kyme (John Neal)….Reminiscences of Ilkeston (a series of articles printed in the Ilkeston Pioneer, 1908).
    John was the son of stationary engine driver John and Ann (nee Farnsworth) and was born in Club Row in 1864. He left Ilkeston about 1883 for Newark and then Lincolnshire where he worked as a compositor.
  • Rodney F. Smith…A History of Hallcroft School (1971)
  • William Smith…..History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Ilkeston Circuit AD1809-1909 (1909) which concentrates on the ‘Old Wesleyans’ rather than on the ‘Wesleyan Reformers’ who seceded from the Wesleyan Conference and later helped to form the United Methodist Free Church.
  • Rowland C. Swift…..Lively People; Methodism in Nottingham 1740-1979 (1982)
  • Margery Tranter (Editor) in collaboration with David A. Barton and Paul S. Ell … The Derbyshire Returns to the 1851 Religious Census. (1995)
  • Jean Treacy…. Poor but willing folk: a brief history of the Catholic Church in Ilkeston 1858-1990 (1990)
  • Edwin Trueman……History of Ilkeston (1880)
  • Edwin Trueman 1…The New Borough of Ilkeston. A Portrait Gallery of Fifty of its Principal Inhabitants. (1887)
  • Edwin Trueman 2 … Borough of Ilkeston. A Portrait Gallery of Forty of its Principal Inhabitants. (1911)
  • Edwin Trueman 3 …..Ilkeston Cricketers of the Past (1881)
  • Edwin Trueman and R. Westland Marston….A History of Ilkeston (1899) .. its original price was two guineas.
  • Venerable Whitehead…Ilkeston as it was…Forty years ago (The Ilkeston Pioneer 1854) For a suggested identity see ‘What can we see?’
  • Edgar Waterhouse M.A.….. A series of articles entitled ‘Two Hundred Years Ago’ printed in the Ilkeston Pioneer, 1933 – 1934 and forming the basis of his book ‘Ilkeston 200 Years Ago’ (1951)

Stanton Road Cemetery (1999)…a pamphlet by the Ilkeston and District History Society
History of the Congregational Church, Ilkeston, Derbyshire; a Bi-Centenary Souvenir 1772-1972.
Maps of the area, especially the one produced by Charles Sherwood Newman for the Ilkeston Local Board in 1866.
A pamphlet entitled ‘Two Hundred Years of Baptist Witness In Ilkeston. 1785-1985’ by Albert Wilson and D.W.Hopkin?. (April 1985).

You will find frequent use of local newspapers as sources of information and it should always be remembered that their editors were partial and not unbiased, held particular religious and political beliefs, and often had an axe to grind or to embed between the shoulder blades of enemies.
These newspapers include …
 DM . The Derby Mercury.
 DT. . The Derbyshire Times.
 IA … The Ilkeston Advertiser (and Erewash Valley Weekly News).
 IL … The Ilkeston Leader and Erewash Valley Advertiser.
 IN … The Ilkeston News and South Derbyshire Advertiser.
 IP … The Ilkeston Pioneer and Erewash Valley Gazette.
 IT … The Ilkeston and Erewash Valley Telegraph (and Weekly Intelligencer).
 LC …The Leicester Chronicle.
 NEP..The Nottingham Evening Post.
 NG..  The Nottinghamshire Guardian and Midland Advertiser.
 NM.. The Northampton Mercury.
 NR..  The Nottingham Review.

General Trade Directories:
These usually contain information on the town, an alphabetical list of its principal residents, and a classified section on trades where people and firms are listed under occupational headings.
In chronological order …..                                                               
Pigot & Co’s Directory of Derbyshire (1828-29).
Stephen Glover …. The Directory of the County of Derby (1829).
Pigot & Co’s National Commercial Directory of Derbyshire (1835).
Pigot & Co’s National Commercial Directory of Derbyshire (1842).
Samuel Bagshaw…History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire (1846).
Slater’s Directory of Derbyshire (1850).
Post Office Directory of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. (Published by Kelly & Co. 1855).
Francis White…History, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Derby (1857).
Harrison, Harrod, & Co’s Directory and Gazetteer of Derbyshire (1860).
Francis White .. History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derby and Nottinghamshire (1865).
J.G.Harrod & Co. .. Postal and Commercial Directory of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Staffordshire (1870).
C.N.Wright’s Directory of South Derbyshire (1874).
Kelly’s Directory of Derbyshire (1881)

My thanks to …
Ed King and the Trustees of NEWSPLAN2000 for granting permission to reproduce images from the Ilkeston Pioneer and Ilkeston Advertiser microfilms.
Ruth Sharpe (Community, Learning & Information Librarian) for granting access to the photographs held at Ilkeston Reference Library and allowing me to reproduce them within this site.
All the staff at Ilkeston Reference Library for their patience, help and advice (and their work on the fantastic catalogue/index there).
Olivia Egan, formerly of the Erewash Museum, and other staff there.
Sheila Wood (and her website for supplying me with information on the Fletchers of Ilkeston.