Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1868

From Burials 1867

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Paid for by Address Cost Number/type of plot Notes
143 Thurs, Jan 2nd, 3pm Martha Straw 3y 9m Samuel Straw Ilkeston 10s 3rd class dau of Samuel and Ellen (nee Grimley)
144 Sun, Jan 5th, 3.30pm Michael Holloran 37 Joseph Shelton, John Lally Nottingham Rd 13s No 11, 3rd class
145 Tues, Jan 14th, 3.45pm William Kelly 13 William Kelly Club Row 8s No 249, 3rd class s of William and Mary (nee Shaw)
146 Tues, Jan 21st, 4pm Mary Elizabeth Garretty 7m James Garretty South St 5s No 252, 3rd class
147 Fri, Jan 26th, 4pm Hannah Beardsley 53 Enoch Beardsley The Common 13s 3rd class nee Straw, dau of Samuel and Sarah (nee Lebeter), wid of Enoch Beardsey, s=Enoch
148 Sun, Jan 26th, 3.30pm Catherine Willis 8m Mr Willis Ilkeston 10s 3rd class
149 Wed, Jan 29th, 4pm Mary Ann Keeling 2y 2m Mr Keeling Ilkeston 10s 3rd class dau of Stephen and Mary Ann (nee Aldred)
150 Mon, Feb 3rd, 5pm Matthew Donohoe ? not stated not stated 5s 3rd class (s of Thomas and Mary (nee Moran)?)
151 Wed, Feb 6th, 4pm William Tunnicliffe 24 James Tunnicliffe near Cricket Ground £1-3s No 57A, 2nd class s of James and Sarah (late Shaw, nee Bramley)
152 Tues, Feb 11th, 3pm Samuel Carrier 6 Joseph Carrier Bath St £1-10s Vault, No 110, 1st class s of Joseph and Jane (nee Attenborough)
153 Wed, Feb 11th, 4.30pm Hannah Peirce [50] Francis Peirce Baptist Chapel Yard 13s 3rd class aka Hannah Pearce, wid of James
154 Tues, Mar 3rd, 3pm John Smith, who died in the Basford Union 66 Mrs Bennett Wine Vaults, East St 13s 3rd class s of Samuel and Sarah (nee Dalley), wid of Elizabeth (nee Knowles), sis=Elizabeth (wid of William Bennett)
155 Wed, Mar 25th, 4pm Ann Toplis [72] not stated not stated 13s 3rd class nee Daykin, dau of George and Mary (nee Hackett), wid of George Toplis
156 Fri, Apr 17th, 5pm Sarah Maria Syson 4m Isaac Syson Primrose Hill, Cotmanhay 5s No 253, 3rd class
157 Wed, Apr 29th, 4.30pm Hugh Phillips 7w Ezekiel Hugh Phillips Mundy St 10s 3rd class s of Ezekiel Hugh and Harriet (nee Fulwood)
158 Wed, May 20th, 3.30pm Frank Thomas Armstrong [11m] Mr Armstrong South St 10s 3rd class s of William and Harriet (nee Clemerson)
159 Tues, Jun 23rd, 5pm Ann Siddons 58 J Siddons Nottingham Rd 13s 3rd class nee Rigley, dau of Thomas and Amy (nee Hallsworth), w of Joseph Siddons
160 Tues, Jun 23rd, 5pm Maria Wood 18 not stated not stated 13s 3rd class dau of Silas and Elizabeth (nee Richards)
161 Fri, Jun 26th, 5pm Mary Aldred 17 William? Aldred Bath St 8s No 261, 3rd class dau of James and Eliza (nee Thompson)
162 Sat, Jul 11th, 4.30pm James Goddard 91 Mr Goddard East St £1-3s No 20, 2nd class s of Jonathon and Mary (nee Richardson), wid of Sarah (nee Barker)
163 Sun, Jul 12th, 5pm John Parker 5m not stated not stated 5s No 253, 3rd class
164 Sun, Jul 26th, 3.30pm John Bennett ? John Bennett Crichley St 5s No 256, 3rd class (s of John and Jane (nee Packman))
165 Sun, Jul 26th, 4pm Eliza Walker 10m? not stated not stated 5s No 256, 3rd class
166 Sun, Aug 2nd, pm Ellen Anthony 9m Mr Anthony Albion Place 15s No 36, 3rd class dau of Thomas and Sarah Ann (nee Bailey)
167 Thurs, Aug 6th, ?pm Patrick McDonald 5m not stated not stated 5s No 343, 3rd class aka Patrick McDonough
168 Tues, Aug 25th, 4pm Thomas Boden 15 Thomas Boden Mountain Ash, Little Hallam 8s No 342, 3rd class
169 Sun, Aug 30th, 5pm Sarah Jarvis 1y 3m not stated not stated 5s No 343, 3rd class
170 Tues, Sep 1st, 4.30pm Agnes Roach 22 Thomas Roach Regent St 13s 3rd class
171 Sun, Sep 13th, 4pm William Bexon 38 ? West Hallam £1-3s 2nd class schoolmaster of Granby St.
172 Sun, Oct 11th, 2pm Mary E Hudson 5m Mr Hudson North St 5s No 359, 3rd class aka Mary Eloise Hudson, (of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Ashby))
173 Sun, Oct 11th, 3pm Rebecca Caswell 3m? Mr Caswell not stated 13s 2nd class
174 Tues, Oct 27th, 3pm Eliza Masterman 43 Mr Long Wilton Place £1-3s No 14, 2nd class nee Milsome, wid of Charles Masterman, sis= Elizabeth (wid of John Potter Atkins Long)
175 Wed, Nov 11th, 4pm Annie Ball of Ilkeston 11 not stated not stated 13s No 294, 3rd class d of William and Mary (nee Swan)
176 Thurs, Nov 26th, 4pm Thomas Potts 70 not stated not stated 8s No 338, 3rd class s of John and Elizabeth (nee Perkins), hus of Mary (nee Riley)
177 Wed(sic), Dec 11th, 4pm William Winfield 1 Ilkeston Common Richard Winfield 5s No 339, 3rd class s of Richard and Sarah (nee Riley)
178 Mon, Dec 14th, 4pm Charles Alexander Cordon 4m not stated not stated 10s 3rd class s of Alexander and Maria (nee Tatham)
179 Tues, Dec 15th, 3.30pm Eliza Harriet Armstrong Mr Armstrong South St 10s 3rd class dau of William and Harriet (nee Clemerson)
180 Xmas Day, Dec 25th, 2pm Katherine Sarah Beardsley 1y 8m Amos Beardsley Bath St 10s 3rd class dau of Amos and Sarah (nee Birch)

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