Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1867

From Burials 1866

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Paid for by Address Cost Number/type of plot Notes
101 Tues, Jan 8th, 4pm Mary Richards 44 Richard Richards North St 13s 3rd class nee Stapleton, (dau of George), w of Richard
102 Tues, Jan 8th, 4.30pm George Mather [60] W Sudbury Market Place 8s No 272, 3rd class s of George and Hannah (nee Hirst)
103 Sun, Feb 3rd, 4pm Isaac Knighton 4m No 265, 3rd class s of Isaac and Sarah (nee Robinson)
104 Fri, Feb 8th, 4pm George Richards 2y 5m 2w Samuel Richards Cotmanhay Rd 10s 3rd class s of Samuel and Martha (nee Mellor)
105 Sun, Feb 17th, 4pm Frederick Ball 10 Adolphus Ball South St 8s 3rd class s of Adolphus and Priscilla (nee Boam)
106 Tues, Feb 19th, 4pm Amelia Cripwell 5w Henry Cripwell Bath St 5s No 265, 3rd class dau of Henry and Alice (nee Smith)
107 Tues, Mar 5th, 4pm Mary Ball 29 William Ball (collier) Ilkeston 8s 3rd class nee Swan, w of William Ball
108 Wed, Mar 13th, 2pm William George Bunting 13m Mr Bunting Market Place and East St 15s No 3, 3rd class s of George and Mary Ann Gaskill (nee Doxey)
109 Sun, Mar 31st, 2.30pm Abraham Mitchell 64 Mrs Mitchell South St £1-3s 2nd class s of William and Sarah (nee Hously), hus of Ann (nee Campbell)
110 Thurs, Apr 4th, 4.30pm Wheatley Straw 6 Mr Straw New St 10s not stated s of Joseph and Caroline (nee Straw)
111 Fri, May 10th, 4.30pm William Bonsall 14 James Bonsall Queen St £1-3s No 16, 2nd class s of James and Sarah (nee Watts)
112 Wed, May 15th, 4pm Lucy Mary Stirland 17m Mr Stirland Cotmanhay 10s 3rd class dau of Herbert and Elizabeth (nee Beardsley)
113 Mon, May 20th, 5pm Samuel Shaw 70 Mr Smith Bath St 9s No 264, 3rd class
114 Sun, May 26th, 4pm Richard Smith 4w Mr Smith Park Rd 5s No 292, 3rd class s of William (and Mary Ann (nee Ironmonger))
115 Tues, Jun 4th, 5pm Joseph Smith 51 not stated Ilkeston 8s No 289, 3rd class (s of Joseph and Abigail (nee Hickton))
116 Thurs, Jun 13th, 4pm Mary Ironmonger 10w not stated Ilkeston 5s No 292, 3rd class dau of James and Ann (nee Eaton)
117 Tues, Jun 18th, 5pm Ellen Meer 25 Mr Meer Ilkeston 13s 3rd class nee Harrison, dau of Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Stables), w of John Meer
118 Thurs, Jun 20th, pm John Cocker Taylor 16 John Taylor The Manor House £1-4s-8d No 89, 2nd class s of John and Elizabeth (nee Frearson)
119 Wed, Jul 10th, 5pm Emma Maria Whitchurch 17 John Whitchurch Whiteheads Row 8s 3rd class dau of John and Eliza (nee Hallam)
120 Fri, Jul 26th, 4pm Elizabeth Vickerstaff 66 Mr Vickerstaff Ilkeston £1-18s 2nd class nee Mee, dau of Joseph and Elizabeth, w of Richard Vickerstaff
121 Sat, Aug 23rd, pm Frederick Aram 23 James Aram Park Rd £1-3s 2nd class s of James and Anne (nee Kirk), hus of Selina (nee Knighton)
122 Tues, Aug 27th, pm Juliana Lowe 19 Samuel Lowe South St £1-3s 2nd class dau of Samuel and Mary (nee Beardsley)
123 Wed, Sep 4th, 4.30pm Moses Bostock [6y 10m] John Bostock Grass Lane 5s No 288, 3rd class s of John and Ann (nee Sisson)
124 Sun, Sep 15th, 4pm Elizabeth Sisson 33 Thomas Sisson Grass Lane 13s 3rd class nee England, dau of William and Elizabeth (nee Waplington), w of Thomas Samuel Sisson
125 Tues, Sep 17th, 4pm James Henry Hallsworth 2m Mrs Hallsworth South St 5s No 288, 3rd class
126 Fri, Sep 27th, 5pm Hiram Blount 56 Mrs Blount Brussels Terrace 18s 3rd class s of Robert and Elizabeth (nee Skevington), hus of Ann (nee Barton)
127 Wed, Oct 16th Henry Straw 13 Joseph Straw Ilkeston 13s 3rd class s of Joseph and Caroline (nee Straw)
128 Thurs, Oct 17th, 4pm Eliza Saville [13m] Mrs Saville Little Hallam 5s No 285, 3rd class aka Eliza Grebby Saville or Savage, dau of John and Ann (nee Attenborough) (or illeg dau of Henry Grebby and Ann Saville (nee Attenborough))
129 Sun, Oct 27th, 3pm Ellen Issitt 37 William Issitt North St 8s No 284, 3rd class nee White, w of William Issitt
130 Sun, Nov 3rd, 4pm Mary Trueman 77 James Trueman South St 8s No 281, 3rd class nee Webster, of Joseph and Hannah (nee Stirland), wid of William Trueman, s=James Trueman
131 Thurs, Nov 14th, 4pm John Thompson 11m Mrs Richards Nottingham Rd 5s No 280, 3rd class
132 Sun, Nov 17th, pm George Riley 1y 4m not stated not stated 5s No 280, 3rd class s of William and Mary (nee Warren)
133 Tues, Nov 26th, 3pm Elizabeth Jane Moon 8m not stated not stated £1-3s No 13, 2nd class dau of George and Eliza Eleanor (nee Daykin)
134 Wed, Nov 27th, 4pm Julia Wardle 1y 9m Joseph Wardle Regent St 10s 3rd class aka Juliana Wardle, dau of Joseph and Mary (nee Bamford)
135 Sun, Dec 1st, 4.30pm Ann Beardsley [69] W Smith Bath St 8s No 277, 3rd class nee Smith, dau of William and Martha, wid of William Beardsley, bro=William Smith
136 Wed, Dec 4th, 4pm Lucy Aldred 64 Mr Roose not stated 8s No 276, 3rd class nee Scattergood, dau of John and Mary (nee Trueman), w of Samuel Aldred
137 Wed, Dec 18th, 3pm Samuel Hudson 2 not stated not stated 5s No 285, 3rd class s of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Ashby)
138 Dec 20th, 3.30pm Cecilia Kirk 9m Mrs Bramley Slade St 10s 3rd class aka Selecia Kirk, illeg dau of Elizabeth
139 Sun, Dec 22nd, 4pm Catherine Wain 20 Mrs Wain Brussels Terrace 8s No 273, 3rd class dau of Thomas and Mira (nee Beardsley)
140 Sun, Dec 22nd, 3pm George William Purcell 53 Mr Mason (for Mrs Purcell) not stated £1-8s 2nd class s of George William and Elizabeth (nee Foster), hus of Mary (nee Harrison)
141 Fri, Dec 27th, 3.30pm John Atkins Long 57 Mrs Long Wilton Place £1-3s No 11, 2nd class hus of Elizabeth Batt (nee Milsome)
142 Sun, Dec 29th, 3pm Rosa Turner [4m] Mr Turner South St 10s not stated dau of William Wright Turner and Ellen (nee Kirk)

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