Old Ilson Relics …. created by Andrew Knighton

This section has been inspired by Andrew Knighton and his extensive collection of memorabilia connected with Ilkeston. You could view it as an on-line museum of Old Ilson Relics … you wander from section to section as you wish. All the descriptions and explanations accompanying the exhibits are Andrew’s
It is in its infancy. Hopefully it will grow and develop.

I have been responsible for arranging the material, generally in a chronological sequence … if you don’t like it or can suggest improvements, please feel free to comment.
If you wish to add your own memorabilia, you are very welcome to do so.


Introduction. We start with a short description of the main contributor, Andrew Knighton

The Knighton family

Religion … and Death

Travel, Trade and Business


School Days … this is an ‘add-on’ page and includes contributions from several people, including Andrew

The 1911 Coronation

Post-war Jackson Avenue

Old Ison Quiz