Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1872

From 1871 burials

No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Address Paid for by Cost Number/type of plot Notes
334 Sun, Jan 14th, 4pm Charles Harrison 1 Ilkeston not stated 5s No 181, 3rd class s of John and Hannah (nee Saunders)
335 Tues, Jan 16th, 4pm James Hollis 42 Ilkeston not stated 14s No 655, 2nd class aka James Oldham Hollis, s of William and Sarah (nee Oldham), hus of Betsy (nee Solomon alias Charlesworth)
336 Sat, Jan 20th Jonathan Blood 5w Ilkeston father 5s No 149, 3rd class
337 Wed, Jan 24th, 4pm Ellen Anthony 11m Gallows Inn, Ilkeston the father 10s 3rd class dau of Thomas and Sarah Ann (nee Bailey)
338 Fri, Jan 26th, 4pm Elizabeth Beardsley 53 Cotmanhay Rd, Ilkeston husband Edward Beardsley 8s 3rd class nee Arnold, dau of Thomas and Sarah (nee Brentnall), w of Edward Beardsley
339 Fri, Feb 16th, 4pm Meynell Richards 9 nearly (8y 11m) Ilkeston the father S Richards, Cotmanhay Rd) 18s 3rd class s of Samuel and Martha (nee Mellor)
340 Sun, Feb 18th, 3.30pm Joseph P Aldred 9m North St the father, Joseph Aldred 10s 3rd class aka Joseph Peter Aldred, s of Joseph Peter and Mary Ann (nee Reynolds)
341 Mon, Mar 3rd, 3.30pm William Issitt 3 North St father W Issitt 10s 3rd class age should be 2, s of William and Mary (nee Brown)
342 Wed, Mar 27th, 5pm Thomas Ironmonger 2y 7m Ilkeston the father 5s No 244/ 3rd class should be Richard, s of Henry and Caroline Elizabeth (nee York)
343 Fri, Apr 4th Charles Woolliscroft 5 Ilkeston the father Charles Woolliscroft £3-18s-8d No 210/ 2nd class s of Charles and Amelia (nee Bamford)
344 Tues, Apr 9th, 4pm Annie Brown 18 Ilkeston the stepfather Mr Wright £1-3s 2nd class aka Annie Hawley Brown, dau of Samuel and Julia Emma (nee Hawley), step-f=John Clay Wright
345 Sun, Apr 21st Mary Ellen Smith 3m Bath St, Ilkeston parents 5s 3rd class dau of Thomas and Ann (nee Riley)
346 Sun, Apr 21st, 4pm Henry Flint 25 Ilkeston friends 8s 3rd class s of George and Ann (nee Ford)
347 Thurs, May 9th, 4pm William Amos Storey 1 Ilkeston Common David Storey (father) 5s No 180, 3rd class s of David and Fanny (nee Beardsley)
348 Thurs, May 9th, 4pm Joseph White 25 Ilkeston friends 8s No 217, 3rd class s of Alfred and Hannah (nee Fern), hus of Maria (nee Gunn)
349 Sun, May 12th, 4pm Joseph Barrows 5m Ilkeston the father 5s No 216. 3rd class
350 Wed, May 15th, 3pm Ada Constance Cordon 8m Ilkeston Isaac Cordon, the father £1-3s 2nd class dau of Isaac and Matilda Ann (nee Chadwick)
351 Mon, May 13th, 4pm Peter Lee 8 Ilkeston the father 8s No 180, 3rd class s of Joseph and Dorothy (nee Tatham)
352 Tues, May 14th, 5pm Anne Agnes Warren 1 Ilkeston Robert Warren (father) 5s No 153, 3rd class dau of Robert and Hannah (nee Harrison)
353 Sun, May 19th George Riley 61 Ilkeston not stated 8s No 148, 3rd class hus of Ann (nee Syson)
354 Fri, Jun 7th James Orchard 79 Little Hallam Mrs Orchard (widow) £1-8s 2nd class s of John and Elizabeth (nee Woolley), hus of Elizabeth (nee Whitby)
355 Tues, Jun 11th, 5pm Thomas Blake 10 Ilkeston the father 13s 3rd class s of John and Hannah (nee Choulerton)
356 Sat, Jun 15th, 5pm Lucy Ann Butt 6y 6m Ilkeston James Butt (father) 5s No 243, 3rd class dau of James and Ann (nee Bamford alias Mitchell)
357 Tues, Jun 25th, 5pm Emma Saxton 3y 3m Ilkeston father 5s No 123, 3rd class (dau of John and Mary Ann (nee Mee))
358 Fri, Jul 5th Sarah Wood 53 Ilkeston not stated 13s 3rd class w of John Wood
359 Wed, Jul 25th, 5pm William Attenborough 73 Ilkeston not stated 13s 3rd class s of Thomas and Hannah (nee Sills), wid of Sarah (nee Robinson)
360 Thurs, Aug 15th, 5pm Emily Flint 3m Ilkeston not stated 5s No 243, 3rd class
361 Fri, Aug 16th, 5pm Isaac Orme 12y 5m Ilkeston not stated 13s 3rd class s of John and Martha (nee Hatton)
362 Wed, Aug 21st, 5pm Jane Hollis 22y 11m Ilkeston the husband 13s 2nd class nee Trussell, dau of John and Jane Grace (nee Chambers), w of James Charlesworth Hollis
363 Thurs, Aug 29th, 5.30pm James Aram 58 Ilkeston Mrs Aram £1-8s 2nd class s of Joseph and Ann, hus of Anne (nee Kirk)
364 Wed, Oct 9th, 4.30pm Elizabeth Jane Hallam 6 Lower Granby St Herbert Hallam 10s 3rd class dau of Herbert and Maria (nee Carrington)
365 Thurs, Oct 24th, 5pm Mary Ann Barsby 5 Ilkeston not stated 13s 2nd class dau of Joseph and Sarah (nee Start)
366 Thurs, Nov 7th, 4pm Ann Pearson 71 South St, Ilkeston Mr Mitchell 8s 3rd class spinster, dau of George and Elizabeth (nee Beardsley)
367 Sun, Nov 10th, 1.30pm Sarah Elizabeth Gertrude Stafford 1y 2m Ilkeston Mr Stafford, the father 5s 3rd class dau of Francis and Sarah Hannah (nee Carthy)
368 Nov 11th, 4pm Samuel Straw 75 Straw's Bridge sons £1-3s 2nd class s of Samuel and Ann (nee Winfield), wid of Sarah (nee Rowland)
369 Sun, Nov 10th, 4pm Clara Barsby 1y 2w Ilkeston not stated 5s No 218, 3rd class aka Clara Start Barsby, dau of Joseph and Sarah (nee Start)
370 Sun, Nov 17th James Wilkinson 7y 6m Little Hallam parents 13s 3rd class s of Isaac and Elizabeth (nee Straw)
371 Wed, Nov 27th, 3pm Elizabeth Trueman 57 East St Mr Hunt £1-3s 2nd class aka Elizabeth Sales Trueman, w (estranged) of John Trueman, sis-in-l=Kezia Hunt (nee Trueman) (w of William Hunt)
372 Fri, Nov 29th, 5pm Ann Soar 14w Ilkeston not stated 5s 3rd class
373 Fri, Dec 6th Fanny Adams 13 Ilkeston friends 8s No 179, 3rd class
374 Sun, Dec 8th, 4pm Harriett Straw 14 Ilkeston father Jacob Straw 13s 3rd class dau of Jacob Kirkby Straw and Millicent Harriett (nee Cresswell)
375 Sat, Dec 14th, 4pm Sarah Bostock 13 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston John Bostock (father) (cooper) 8s No 211, 3rd class aka Sarah Ann Bostock, dau of John and Ann (nee Smedley)
376 Sun, Dec 22nd, 4pm James Holmes 39 Ilkeston not stated 13s 3rd class
377 Sun, Dec 29th, 3pm James Chadwick 69 Ilkeston the widow (Mrs Chadwick) £3-18s-8d No 6, 2nd class s of Charles and Mary (nee Richards), hus of Ann (nee Brentnall)

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