Albion Place

After the Balls……

And the Barkers.

Further on in Albion Place were two four-roomed cottages.
In the first lived Mr. and Mrs. Barker. Mrs. Barker had a Dame’s School.

The Barker parents were lace manufacturer Thomas and Mary (nee Mills) who was the daughter of William and Lucy Ann Paradise (nee Sargeant or Sargent). They were long-term residents of Albion Place and both died there, Thomas in 1870, and Mary in 1864.

They had at least six children, one of whom – Samuel Sargent Barker – is identified by Adeline.

  • In the second lived their son Sam, his wife two sons and one daughter.

Samuel Sargent Barker was this son. His wife since October 1844 was Hannah Crooks, daughter of Park Road framework knitter John and Sarah (nee Taylor).

The eldest son, Sam, became a Professor of Music, and lived at Sheffield.

Their son, Samuel James Barker was the ‘Professor of Music’ who left Ilkeston to settle in Bath, Somerset.

George took over Mr. Thomas Small’s drapery business in Bath Street.

Son, and draper, George Henry took over the Small drapery business at (then) 11 Bath Street in 1884 when still a bachelor. In 1890 he married Sarah Jane Belfield Clay who had divorced her first husband two years earlier. (We shall meet her again at the Mundy Arms, near the end of our journey. The Clay family were long-term occupants of that Inn.)

Mary, the daughter, died in girlhood.

There was a daughter Mary Ann but she married lace designer and draughtsman Alan Shepherd in August 1878 and continued to live in Albion Place – for many years at number 24.

Daughter Jane or Sarah Jane was perhaps the child who died ‘in girlhood’. She died in Albion Place in 1867, aged 14.

There were two other children. Eldest son Thomas left Ilkeston to work in the Nottingham lace trade.

Mystery alert!!
Their eldest child Lucy was born in 1844. What happened to her?

And Pritchetts.

There were two or three old cottages facing East, with gable up to the road, also three more cottages near Jack Lee’s Yard.
Mrs Pritchit and family lived in the end one.

There were several Pritchett families who made their home in Albion Place. I believe that they all were brothers — the sons of Sandiacre labourer John and Judith (nee Wheatley – one of the Dale Abbey Wheatleys).

These brothers were …..
Ironstone miner Thomas, wife Emma (nee Grose or Gorse), and children.
Labourer John and Eliza (nee Grundy), and their children.
Ironstone miner James and Mary (nee Large) and their family.

We now walk out of Albion Place and back into Burr Lane, and examine the cottages on the west side.