Dorothy Haywood

This was posted by Ilkeston Life on April 12th, 2018 (corrected version)

A well-known and respected Ilkeston lady has died following a short stay in hospital.
Dorothy Haywood was known to hundreds of local families because of her lifelong involvement with Chaucer Nursery, Infants and Junior Schools; also for her Sunday School and church work at St Andrews.
She was admitted to the Royal Derby Hospital after Easter and passed away five minutes to midnight (Wednesday 11.4.18) aged 81..
Friends at St Andrews and other churches have been left in shock. Dorothy was involved in many activities as an event organiser, worship leader and church contact.
Many tributes have been received on ‘Spotted Ilkeston town’ and ‘Ilson Bygones‘ from people who knew her, including the following:
“The loveliest, most gentle person anyone could know.”
“One of the best teachers ever.”
“The best teacher and friend. Always cared about all the children she taught.”
“I do not know a better lady in the world.”
“She is with her Saviour who she spent her life loving and serving.”
Details of Dorothy’s funeral will be posted when known.


Dave writes …. “In 2003, in pursuit of my family history, I visited Dorothy Haywood and her cousin at Dorothy’s home in Flamstead Road, Ilkeston. I recall that she wasn’t at all interested in family history, nor in the past in general; Dorothy’s main concern seemed to be to help other people in the present, to enable them to have a better future. However both she and her cousin were very gracious and generous with their time and helped me enormously. I visited the home on several occasions and each time they had more infomation and photos to help me. With this information and their words, I have put this section together.”


Dorothy’s story

I have lived all my life at 22 Flamstead Rd. As a child, when I was 5 years old, I went to Chaucer School, infants and junior, on Chaucer Street at that time. This was during the War (Dorothy Lavinia was born on October 15th 1936) but there wasn’t a lot of disruption … just the odd air-raid warning. What I do remember is going from the school down to the air-raid shelter on the recreation ground just behind my house (the Ashes, now called Chaucer Park, at the back of Dorothy’s house)…..for practice. I just remember those as happy times that my cousin Marie Elizabeth and I shared together. We did have to go into the shelters but especially at night, with a cushion.

After Chaucer School, I went to Hallcroft, about 1947. I left school aged 15.

Chaucer Schools

Hallcroft School


At first I worked at a Chemist shop for about 4 years. But then I saw a job advertised as a nursery nurse at Chaucer School …. that would be 1956. And so I worked for over 40 years at Chaucer Infants, as a nursery nurse, and loved every minute of it……. stayed there all my working life. I retired at 60, in 1996.
I worked in the nursery,…that was right down in what I called ‘the pit’, because you literally looked down to it, through the railings on Chaucer St. All the infants department was on this lower level but you got used to it. The Girls’and Boys’ schools were on a different level.


Dorothy’s family photo album

Dorothy takes a ride at the back of 22 Flamstead Road

Dorothy (left) and her cousin Marie Elizabeth Richards on Flamstead Road


The houses on the right are on Flamstead Road. Dorothy is standing on land opposite her house.(This land now has houses on it)

Dorothy and her father Jack (right) with cousin Marie Elizabeth Richards and her father John Richards


Dorothy with her mother and grandma (all on the left)



The bride was Audrey Jolly who was a second cousin to Dorothy. Behind Audrey is her brother David


Dorothy with cousin Marie Elizabeth, daughter of John Richards and Ethel (nee Figg), at 22 Flamstead Rd, Ilkeston, with the “Ashes” behind them (September 2003)


Dorothy’s artwork at the side of her row of terraced houses in Flamstead Road … you may be able to recognise who the initials represent ?


Flamstead Road where Dorothy lived all her life


Now more on Dorothy’s parents.