Enoch Carrier

Enoch Carrier lived in one of the houses. … close to Samuel Wood.

Enoch was the oldest surviving son of Henry and Rebecca whom we have just met and he was living with his parents in New Street when the Allen family of shoemaker Thomas and Barbara (nee Copeland) arrived in the street from Derby and with them was daughter Beatrice.

Enoch, the grocer’s assistant to Joseph Carrier of Bath Street, married Beatrice in June 1861, and established his own grocery and provisions business in Bath Street in the May of 1879, commencing with a capital of £80. His shop was at the corner of Chapel Street, at what was then 90 Bath Street, previously the premises of chemist William Fletcher.
By 1888 his grocery business was in financial difficulties, as was his partnership with his brothers, and the Official Receiver was called in,  (see below)

Enoch too was father to at least ten children.

Before his departure to the United States in 1888 he had a part in the family lace business, with his two brothers, Henry and George, trading as Henry Carrier and Co. (Another indication that he was he one of the three brethren?).

Enoch arrived in New York in January 1889 on the ‘Arizona’ with two sons, Frank and Lawrence. His wife Beatrice and five other children followed ten months later on the ‘Alaska‘. The family settled in Brooklyn, New York.

Beatrice died there on September 28th 1914.

We shall pause at this area of New Street and North Street to consider what Adeline has to write about the housing in Ilkeston.