Chain Row

Next (after the Wheeldon family) was Chain Row, with Evans, Baker, Potter and others.
I remember these cottages, having iron posts, and ornamental chains before their doors, but these got ill-treated, and they gradually disappeared.

Chain Row was a group of seven houses, erected in the 1830’s or 1840’s by William Beardsley, farmer and colliery agent of Shipley, on the site of a group of older buildings, on the north side of Derby Road, between South Street and Albert Street.
In 1860 they were sold to George Bunting, pork butcher of East Street.

The 1861 census shows them – in Moors Bridge Lane – occupied by the families of joiner John Severn, furnace labourer Joseph Brewin, coalminer Isaac Trueman, silk weaver Henry Hopkin, furnace labourer William Webb, Mary Bircumshaw, widow of Jabez, — with the one remaining house uninhabited.
Several of the same families were there ten years later.

Gap alert!  Evans, Baker, Potter and others? Who were they?

The houses were finally demolished in 1979.

And continuing down Derby Road and across what is now Albert Street to the house of Kester Harrison.