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Ruth Gawthorpe commented (Aug 9th 2014)…

Your site has been a great help in tracing more info about Marinah Ebbern nee Burgin Richardson. She married Francis Ebbern in 1835. He was a Coal Merchant from Coventry, whose family delivered coal by barge to the textiles industries all over the country. I think he must have stopped off one evening, gone to the pub and bumped into Marinah and fallen in lover – because her family ran the Boatswain according to your records. Where was the Boatswain pub? I would love to be able to place it.

Sadly Francis died in April 1856 and I think that his daughter Annie Rebekah was born on 6th July, 1856 – so they didn’t get to meet. That must have been a torrid time for Marinah. Francis Ebberns name lived on in our family though. I have a photo of Annie Rebecca somewhere and will try to find it for you. My Dad, Francis Ebbern Robinson, was her grandson and said she was formidable!

Dave replied (Aug 9th 2014)…

I am pleased to see that the site has been of some use to you … and thanks for the ‘Ebbern’ information. I have included it into the site at the Poplar Inn

The Boatswain appears in early nineteenth century trade directories occupied by William Burgin (1829) who died in 1830, then by his widow Elizabeth Burgin (-Richardson) in 1835, and then by their son James in 1841. I believe that around this time its name was changed to the Jolly Boatman (see Bagshaw’s Directory of 1846).

The address of the Inn appears in various sources as ‘The Potteries’ or ‘Canal Side’. It is shown on the 1881 Ordnance Survey map of Ilkeston on the west side of the Erewash Canal, a short distance to the south of Barker’s Bridge, where Awsworth Road crosses the canal.
If you look on Google Maps it was approximately at the east end of what is now Boatsman Close.

Post script added by Dave (March 26th 2021) …
The Victoria Inn was built 1884/85 adjacent to the Jolly Boatman on Awsworth Road … designed by architect John William Thompson of Derby for William Barton … the first landlord was Alf Whitchurch who then moved from the Jolly Boatman.
William Barton is described as being ‘of Ripley’ and I believe he was an engineer who commissioned the building of the Victoria. The builder was Mr Clowers of Ripley and the cost was £600.

Ruth Gawthorpe replied (Aug 30th 2014)…

Thanks for that Dave. Really helpful. Francis is buried in West Hallam church and his daughter, Elizabeth is next to him. West Hallam is where he farmed once he had sold his share in the canal transport business to his brother Tom. (I am not sure which farm.) I guess that it was this money that funded Francis buying property in Ilkeston (including the Poplar Inn), some of the property remained in the family until the 1960′s when my Grandad, Samuel Sydney died and my father and uncle sold it as it was in poor repair!

Ruth wrote (Sep 27th 2015) …

Just trying to find out more about the Robinsons.
My second great grandfather was William Halloway Robinson and I think that his father was Robert and his mother was Sarah Halloway.  I can’t seem to find much on either of them and I wondered if you could help please?
I’ve found a Sarah Halway who marries a Robert Robinson in Sutton in Ashfield.  I seem to recall that Dad had cousin there so I wonder if that is the family I am looking for. Seems to make sense as William and his wife Jane call their first child Robert. 

My strand of the Robinson family are scattered far and wide now across the world, from Windsor to New York and from Brighton to the Bahamas….and they love to hear about their ancestors in Ilkeston.

Dave replied (Sep 28th 2015) …

Like you I have found that marriage at Sutton in Ashfield (Apr 12th 1807) when Sarah’s address was given as Mansfield Woodhouse … I assume Robert was living at Sutton in Ashfield.
Looking on the 1841 census there is a Robert and Sarah Robinson at Mansfield, aged  55 and 60 respectively.
Robert is a needlemaker (a good tie in with William?)
Living with the couple is George Robinson, aged 80 … Robert’s dad? (an agricultural labourer) … there is a baptism of a Robert Robinson at Mansfield Parish Church on Sep 15th 1785, son of George and Mary.
I believe that Robert and Sarah had at least one other child, a son George (!!) baptised at Sutton in Ashfield in 1808.
William Hallaway Robinson lived most of his adult life in Ilkeston, working for most of that time as a needlemaker.
Robert jun was their oldest son (born in 1839, bap in 1840) but Emma was their oldest child.
She was born on Dec 27th 1838 and baptised as Emily on Jan 11th 1839 at St Mary’s Church in Ilkeston. She died on Jan 12th 1839 and was buried on Jan 14th…. a lot of detail for such a short life!!

In all I have found 8 children for William and Jane though very little detail for some of them.

Ruth replied (Sep 29th 2015) …

For the most part the Robinsons stayed locally in Nottm and Derby until the 1960’s when University called.  Now we don’t seem to be able to stop.  The Robinsons have gone global!  But we always were a commercial bunch at heart with our pubs and farms and needles.
My Sister, Faith (the Windsor arm) and I have always been fascinated by the story that Dad (Francis E Robinson – named after Francis Ebbern) told us about his Aunt Lily, who he said was a model. She sounded spirited and certainly led the Robinsons strategy of Going Global as I recall she lived in Eastbourne in the fifties. If you have any info on that line in the family it would be lovely to share that too.
What an interesting role you take in helping people to understand the mysteries of their past.  We can learn so much from history.

Dave replied (Sep 29th 2015) …
I fear I cannot help you with aunt Lily of Eastbourne … I assume she was Lily May Robinson who married Bernard Whitman Maltby in 1910 and occupied the Red House in Wharncliffe Rd, Ilkeston for a time … but beyond that , not a lot.
I have found an article from the magazine of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society, published many years ago … it was written by Paul Maltby Robinson (1909-1997), son of Francis George and Alice Mary (nee Maltby) (the oldest sister of Bernard Whitman Maltby) .. Paul would be your first cousin once removed?
It is mainly about his family life in Wharncliffe Rd and mentions The Red House as well as his own.
Post-script added by Dave (March 26th 2021)…
Lily May Robinson, born April 28th 1889, married Bernard Whitman Maltby in 1910 at Holy Trinity Church, Ilkeston.
They had at least seven children, Edward Robinson Maltby (born March 8th, 1930) being the youngest.
In 1939 the parents and some of these children were at Birdcroft, Little Hallam Lane in Ilkeston when Bernard was described as a “steam and tar boiler fireman”

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