Not got a clue ?? Page 1 Ebbern and Paling families

We start this section with photographs sent to the site by Pam Bates. I repeat that these are connected to the Ilkeston Ebbern and Paling families of the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries


The Ebbern and Paling Families

Firstly, a brief family history. (You can find more detail on Day 1 of School Days )

Born in West Hallam in 1846, Thomas Ebbern was, in later life, a butcher, trading in Bath Street until he retired to a farm in Cossall in 1899.
In March 1872 he had married Mary Birch and the couple had nine children, the youngest being Annie, born in 1892.
In 1915 Annie, then aged 22, married coal miner Arthur Edwin Paling, aged 29 … they had three surviving children, including twins Elsie and May, born in August 1916. Neither twin married, and lived part of their later life at Spring Lane, Ilkeston. Elsie died in 1996 and May in the following year. It was then that these family photos were passed to Pam by a family friend, Pam Bemrose.

Photo 1: Let’s start with a photo where Pam does have a (tentative) clue

perhaps Arthur Edwin Paling ?. only a suggestion !!

At the very top left on the reverse of the photo is written “A Paling (Dad)”/A.H. Taylor, Ltd. 262, Upper Parliament Street Liverpool, with a Branch at “Newcastle Chambers, Angel Row, Market Place, Nottingham”

In the early 1900’s the photographer A.H. Taylor had its main office at 262 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool (its General Manager being F. Barnes). At one time it had a separate branch at 53 St. James Place in Liverpool, and other branches at Barrow-in-Furness, Southport, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Warrington, South Shields. Leicester, Hull, Huddersfield, Oldham, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Bristol … and at Newcastle Chambers, Angel Row, Market Place, Nottingham.
The company appears in Gore’s Directory of Liverpool for 1909 and 1910.

So, looking at Photo 1, it shows a young man in his late twenties or early thirties ?? (What do you think ? I am pretty useless at this). Arthur Edwin was born in late 1885, dating this photo to 1905ish to 1920ish !

Photo 2a

As I hope you can see, this photo was taken by Gibson Brothers of King Street, Nottingham. There is an excellent website on Derbyshire Photographers, which also includes some in neighbouring Nottinghamshire, compiled by Brett Payne.  (Photographers and Photographic Studios in Derbyshire)
Within it, there is section on the Gibson family, photographers of Derby and Nottingham, who traded in the towns in the 1880s onwards, one of their trade addresses being King Street, Nottingham. However the family business name is usually shown as G.Gibson & Son(s) … Gervase (1839-1929) was the patriarch … and not as ‘Gibson Bros.’
The site gives much more detail on this family business, with examples of its work, which might help to date the above photo.


Photo 2b

Photo 2c

Both the two photos above were taken by ‘Fred Ash’. Are they of the same young woman shown in 2a ? Notice the pendant and brooch, and the different necklines of the blouse, which may help to date the photos.
Frederic Joseph Ash was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in 1860, the son of Nottingham-born photographer Edwin Ash (1834-1892) and Alice (Harrison).  By 1881 he was living with his widowed mother in Lancashire, working as a photographer and was still in the county in 1891. The 1901 and 1911 census returns show his residence at 22 Raikes Parade, Blackpool. However he appears to have had branches in several places. For example Slater’s Trade Directories of 1903, 1909 and 1911 show him trading at 40 King Street, Salford. He also had studios in Blackburn, Derby and Leigh, and by 1909 had a studio at 20 Long Row in Nottingham. He also had connections with several other towns, mostly in Lancashire.
Frederic Joseph died in 1929.

Photo 2d

Pam believes that this young violinist is the same person as in 2a/b/c.

Photo 2e

And do we see the same young woman in this group ? Wearing the same clothes as in 2cI can see no family characteristics within the faces or bearing of the group … What do you think ?

I suggest a date range of 1910-1920 for the photos numbered 2a-2d. Who will dare to disagree ?? !!

Photo 2f

Above is a group of wedding guests … and top left, is that the same young lady, wearing the same pendant ?
The main wedding party, including the bride and groom, is shown below.

Photo 2g

Photo 2h

Is this the bride and groom (and one other) in 2g ?


And finally in this section, is a photo of a young man which adjoins Photo 2c, suggesting a link between the two ?

Photo 2i

Pam has sent many other photos which I shall put gradually within this section … but you can share yours at any time.

We can move on to Page 2.