Stanton Road Cemetery burials 1866

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No. Date/time of burial Burial of Age Paid for by Address Cost Number/type of plot Notes
57 Tues, Feb 20th, 4pm Henry Mack Cope [5m] John Cope Kensington 5s No 317, 3rd class s of John and Hannah (nee Hart)
58 Wed, Mar 7th, 4pm Hannah Johnson 11m George Johnson Brussels Terrace 5s No 309, 3rd class d of George and Ruth (nee Trueman)
59 Sun, Mar 25th, 3pm Frederick German Cooke 10m Frederick Cooke Awsworth Rd 5s No 309, 3rd class s of Frederick and Mary (nee Hartshorn)
60 Sun, Mar 25th, 3.30pm Charlotte Lee [19] Reuben Lee Club Row 13s not stated nee Nadin/ illeg d of John Harley and Ann Nadin/ w of Reuben Lee
61 Mon, Mar 26th, 4.30pm Elizabeth Smith [21] John Smith Bath St £1-3s 2nd class w of John (nee Stocks mar 1865, d of William and Keziah (nee Stocks)?)
62 Good Fri, Mar 30th, 3pm John Wass 13 Thomas Wass Bath St £7-15-8d No 9, 1st class s of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Norman)
63 Tues, Apr 3rd, 3.45pm Ann Lebeter [52] Thomas Lebeter The Common £1-3s 2nd class nee Clifford, d of Robert and Martha (nee Atkin), w of Thomas Lebeter
64 Tues, Apr 17th, 4pm Thomas Dunn [31] Catherine Dunn Stanton Rd 13s No 9, 3rd class
65 Tues, Apr 17th, 4.30pm Martha Holden 46 Mr Holden Bath St 13s No 8, 3rd class nee Fletcher, w of Edward Holden
66 Tues, Apr 24, 4pm John Bamford 15 Matthew Bamford Derby Rd 5s-6d No 308, 3rd class (pauper) s of Matthew and Elizabeth (nee Henshaw)
67 Sun Apr 29th, 4pm William West 77 Mr Taylor Nottingham Rd 13s No 5, 3rd class s of Edward and Elizabeth (nee West), wid of Sarah (nee Penman), s-in-l=Joseph Taylor (hus of Grace Elizabeth West)
68 Sun, May 4th, 4pm Daniel Tilson 4y 2m Joseph Tilson North St 5s No 305, 3rd class s of Joseph and Ann (Longdon)
69 Tues, May 22nd, 2pm Elizabeth Ann Clifford 2m Mr Clifford Cotmanhay 5s No 305, 3rd class
70 Sun, May 27th, 4pm Herbert Beardsley 5 Edwin Beardsley The Slade 5s 3rd class s of Edwin and Martha (nee Smith)
71 Tues, May 29th, 3.30pm Henry Jones [3m?] Henry Jones New St 5s No 304, 3rd class
72 Thurs, May 31st, 4pm Bridget Whelan ? Martin Whelan Derby Rd 13s No 10, 3rd class
73 Sat, Jun 2nd, 5pm Joseph Ashley 9w Mrs Ashley Derby Rd 5s No 304, 3rd class (illeg s of Elizabeth Ashley)
74 Wed, Jun 6th, at night Mrs Hobson [57] Mr Hobson Ilkeston £7-11s-8d No 136 …. re-interment of Hannah Hobson (nee Taylor), (died Jun 13th 1862), w of Matthew
75 Sun, Jun 10th, pm Eliza Turner (his wife) 39 Mr Turner South St 13s No 190, 3rd class nee Killingley, d of Edward and Ann (nee Holmes), w of William Wright Turner
76 Sun, Jun 10th, 4pm Thomas Kelly (14w?) Mr Vickerstaff, Overseer of Ilkeston 5s 6d No 301, 3rd class
77 Thurs, Jul 5, 4.30pm Mary Mee (wife) 54 John Mee Queen St £1-3s 2nd class nee Birch, of Charles and Elizabeth (nee Buckley), w of John Parkinson Mee
78 Tues, Jul 31st, 5pm William Potter 73 Mrs Potter Queen St 13s 3rd class hus of Sarah Dane Potter (nee Rice)
79 Sun, Aug 12th, 4pm Michael Edwin Shaen 3y 3m Thomas Shaen South St 10s 3rd class aka Shean or Sheen, s of Thomas and Catherine (nee Lynch)
80 Mon, Aug 13th, 5pm Enoch Beardsley 51 Enoch Beardsley Duke St 13s 3rd class s of James and Susannah (nee Dilkes), hus of Hannah (nee Straw), s=Enoch Beardsley
81 Sun, Sep 9th, 4pm Matthew Godber 1y 4m Mrs Godber Ilkeston 10s 3rd class aka Arthur Matthew Godber, s of Edwin and Mary Ann (nee Trueman)
82 Tues, Sep 11th, 4pm Alfred Hallsworth 7m Mrs Hallsworth Crichley St 5s grave 301, 3rd class
83 Wed, Sep 19th, 2.30pm Laura Sugg 11m Mr Sugg Ilkeston £1-3s 2nd class dau of Hubert Henri and Ellen (late Mudford, nee Howe)
84 Fri, Sep 21st, 3pm Elizabeth Doxey 71 Mr Doxey Bath St £3-18s-8d No 4, 2nd class nee Gaskill, d of William and Sarah (nee Wood), w of Thomas Doxey
85 Sun, Sep 23rd, 4pm Matthew Shepherd [77] Mr Moss (executor to Mr S Ilkeston 13s No 30, 3rd class s of John and Sophia (nee Sanders or Saunders)
86 Sun, Sep 30, 3pm John Thomas Ball [11w] Mr Ball Ilkeston Primitive Methodist Chapel House 5s No 297, 3rd class s of William and Mary (nee Swan)
87 Wed, Oct 3rd, 4pm Lydia Taylor 12m …. Taylor Ilkeston 5s No 297, 3rd class aka Lydia Nall Taylor, dau of Henry and Fanny (nee Nall)
88 Sun, Oct 7th, 4pm Stella Raynes 1y 9m Mr Raynes Ilkeston 10s No 363, 3rd class dau of John and Ann (nee Scattergood)
89 Thurs, Oct 11th, 4pm Albert Ainsworth 2 Mrs Quarton for William Ainsworth North St 5s No 296, 3rd class
90 Tues, Oct 16th, 3.30pm Ann Mart 1y 9m (not stated) (not stated) 5s No 296, 3rd class
91 Sun, Oct 31st, 4pm Elijah Trueman 38 Mrs Trueman Kensington 13s 3rd class s of John and Sophia (nee Turner), hus of Elizabeth (nee Butler)
92 Tues, Oct 23rd, 4pm David Barber 1y 8m Albert Barber Oxford St 5s No 268, 3rd class s of Edward and Eliza (nee Cordon)
93 Sun, Oct 28, 3.30pm William Ironmonger [2m] Henry Ironmonger Ilkeston 10s 3rd class s of Henry and Caroline Elizabeth (nee York)
94 Sun, Nov 4th, 4pm William Toplis 22 Mrs Toplis Ilkeston 13s 3rd class illeg s of Mary Hackett Daykin Toplis (dec), g-m= Ann Toplis (nee Daykin, wid of George)
95 Thurs, Nov 13th, 3.30pm William Tilson Bestwick [8] Jeremiah Tilson Pimlico 8s 3rd class illeg s of William Jeremiah Bestwick and Sarah Ann Tilson
96 Sat, Nov 17th, 4pm Walter Beardsley 6m Joseph Beardsley Duke St 5s No 268, 3rd class s of Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Cartwright)
97 Tues, Nov 20th, 2pm Mary Hannah Hart [7m] Stephen Hart Crichley St 5s No 269, 3rd class dau of Stephen and Elizabeth (nee Pickering)
98 Tues, Nov 20th, 4pm Aaron Roose 14w Stephen Roose White's Yard, Bath St 5s No 269, 3rd class aka Aaron Rose, s of Stephen and Mary (nee Aldred)
99 Sun, Nov 25th, 4pm William Bestwick [28] William Mitchell Pimlico 13s 3rd class s of William and Elizabeth (Starbuck), hus of Eliza (nee Mitchell), f-in-l=William Mitchell
100 Fri, Dec 28th, 4pm George Youngman [54] Mrs Youngman South St 8s 3rd class (s of Bartholomew and Sarah (nee Moore)), hus of Hannah (nee English)

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