Latest updates 2024

March/April … I will be adding to, revising and correcting existing pages and material. Initially I am concentrating on the period 1800-1851. I will post the revised pages below

May 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

May 27th … research into the Norman family by Nigel Downes

May 21st … more on the children of John and Ruth Goddard

May 16th … more on the residents of Market and Extension Streets

April 30th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

April 29th … Amos Tatham and his Belper Street works

April 23rd … James Aldred of White’s Yard, errant husband and user of “bad houses”

April 22nd … New Street turns into Station Road

April 19th … whatever happened to George Mather, a puzzle presented by John Daniel

April 5th … the death of Sarah Blake, in a place where she should have felt safe

March 31stan updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

March 29th …more on the Wesleyan Split of the 1840s and 1850s

March 20th … more early history of  the Independent Chapel in Pimlico

March 15th … more cricket news

March 10th … Thomas Hives takes over at Ilkeston Baths

March 9th … the Independent Chapel

March 8th .. St Mary’s Church  and the Vestry

March 8th … the Gas Works

March 7th … British School


March 7th … Christ Church, Cotmanhay is open !!

February 29th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

February 27th … the birth of Cotmanhay Church

February 22nd … 1844: the birth of Bath Street British School

February 18th … the Bailey family of Ilkeston Common

February 17th … ‘Charley’ Chadwick, assistant overseer

February 16th … 1843: a fractious Vestry meeting has important financial implications

February 14th … 1843 and Phreno-magnetism comes to town

February 6th … 1880-1901: the Salvation Army in Ilkeston (courtesy of Jennifer Floyd)

February 1st … has the ‘Wade Gang‘ got away with murder ?

January 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

January 28th … more on the Blake Norman family of Dalby House

January 22nd … what’s in a name — like Evan’s Row ?

January 20th … John Whitehead, brother of Samuel, the hero of Waterloo

January 12th … more evidence on the origin of Chain Row

January 10th … James Straw of Stanton Road loses his oldest and youngest sons

January 7th … more on the early stages of Ilkeston Baths

January 6th … the Flinders family at the White Cow beerhouse

January 1st … more on Ilkeston Common, what, where, why ?