1845 Births

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Surname Other names Notes
ADCOCK Rosa of John and Ann (Bark)
ALDRED Elvina of Aaron and Maria (Potter)
ALDRED Henry of Thomas and Lucy (Burrows)
ALLCOCK Elizabeth of Samuel and Jane (Borebank)
ALLEN Dorothy
ALLEN Emma of Thomas and Emma
ALLEN Harriet of William and Dorothy
ALLEN Mary of Fletcher and Martha
ALLEN Mary Amelia
ALVEY Sarah Ann illegitimate/ of Joseph Alvey and Harriet Bonser
ARCHER Emma of George and Ann
ARGYLE Alfred Sheldon of John and Sarah
AUSTIN Elizabeth of John and Elizabeth (Wood)
AYRES Auburn of Jonathan and Emily (Hardy alias Blackburn)
BACON Joseph
BACON William of George and Phoebe
BAILEY Adeliza of Joseph and Sarah (Shaw)
BAKER Esther of Joseph and Kezia (Fretwell)
BAKER John of William and Ann (Heape)
BAKER Mary Ann of James and Ruth (Wright)
BALL Ebenezer of Alfred and Sarah (Bircumshaw)
BALL Ebenezer of William and Matilda (Fox)
BALL Job of Samuel and Ann (Wright)
BALL Unnamed daughter of Edwin and Sarah (Crich)
BALL Unnamed son of Thomas and Sophia (Elliott)
BAMFORD Hannah of Thomas and Ruth (Straw)
BAMFORD Solomon of John Longdon and Hannah (Richards)
BAMFORD William of William and Mary (Booth)
BANNER Julietta illegitimate/ of Jane Banner
BARKER Sarah of John and Sarah (Lee)
BARKER Thomas of Samuel Sargent and Hannah (Crooks)
BARKS Charles of John and Phoebe (Brown)
BEARDSLEY Amos of Amos and Ann (Hofton)
BEARDSLEY Catharine of John and Catherine (Skevington)
BEARDSLEY Elijah of Elijah and Esther (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Ezekiel of William and Mary (Tabra)
BEARDSLEY James of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Stevenson)
BEARDSLEY Sarah [of John Badder and Martha (Rice)]
BEARDSLEY Unnamed son of Francis and Mary (Goddard)
BEARDSLEY William of Richard and Hannah (Moult)
BEARDSLEY William of Henry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEDNALL Joseph of Joseph and Hannah (Daykin)
BENNIESTON Eliza of Benjamin and Ann (Lomax)
BERESFORD Elizabeth of Henry and Maria (King)
BERRY Mary of Daniel and Ann
BESTWICK Martha of John and Amy (King)
BIRCUMSHAW Isaac of Joseph and Sarah (Smedley)
BIRCUMSHAW William of Stephen and Mary (Walker)
BIRKS Rachel of George and Ann (Shaw)
BLAKE Sarah of Richard and Sarah (Meakin)
BLAKEMORE Ann of Samuel and Mary Ann (Platts)
BLOOR Hannah of David and Priscilla (Taylor)
BONSER Sarah Ann illegitimate/ of Joseph Alvey and Harriet Bonser
BOOTH George of Robert William and Elizabeth (Curtis)
BOOTH Philip of George and Phillis (Burrows)
BOOTH Thomas of Samuel and Ann
BOREBANKS Eliza of Isaac and Ann (Atkin)
BOSTOCK Eliza of Stephen and Mary (Johnson)
BOSTOCK Thomas of Thomas and Ann (Straw)
BOYER Ann aka Ann Byer/ of John and Elizabeth (Brentnall)
BRENTNALL Elizabeth of Joseph and Jane (Johnson)
BRENTNALL John of George and Mary (Clay)
BRENTNALL John of Edward and Charlotte (Copestake)
BROUGH Sarah Ann
BROWN Albert of Elias and Ann
BROWN Harriet of Thomas and Sarah (Kirk)
BROWN John twin/ of Joseph and Ann (Pollard)
BROWN Joseph twin/ of Joseph and Ann (Pollard)
BROWN Joseph
BROWN Mary Ann of Samuel and Catherine (Fletcher)
BROWN Mary Ann
BRYAN Hannah of George and Ann (Farnsworth)
BUCKLAND Hannah Sophia of Ralph and Elizabeth (Newton)
BURROWS Jane of Amos and Elizabeth (Garton)
BURROWS Selina Ann of Elijah and Sarah (Lacey alias Purdy)
BUTLER George of Joseph and Elizabeth
BUTLER Henry of William and Mary
BUXTON Fanny of John and Elizabeth (Hooley)
BUXTON William of Robert and Martha
CALERDINE Thomas Henry
CALLADINE Edward White [of William and Ann (Holmes)]
CARRINGTON Edwin [of William and Sarah (Brown)]
CARRINGTON Thirza of John and Hannah (Morris)
CHADWICK Unnamed son
CHAMBERS James of James and Sarah (Leadbetter)
CHAMBERS Sabina Mary of Thomas Mordecai Sherwin and Charlotte (Smith)
CHAPMAN Job of George and Ann (Stapleton)
CHISSELL Harriet of William and Mary
CLAY Henry of Thomas and Elizabeth (Clay)
CLAY Louisa aka Louisa Belfield Clay/ of Henry Lever and Eliza Ann (Belfield)
CLIFFORD Emma of Joseph and Mary (Hardy)
CLIFFORD Martha of William and Elizabeth (Siddons)
CLIFFORD Thomas of John and Elizabeth (Fretwell)
COCKAYNE Morina of William and Mary (Henshaw)
COPE Ellen of Joseph and Sarah (Teear)
CORDON Jane of Henry and Hannah (Bostock)
CRESSWELL John [of Paul and Mary (Holmes)]
CRESSWELL Unnamed daughter twin
CRESSWELL Unnamed daughter twin
CRIPWELL Isabella of William and Phillis (Burrows)
CROOKS Henry of Francis Thompson and Mary (Flint)
CROSS Edward of Edward and Mary (Barnes)
CULLIS Herbert of John and Mary Ann (Rowland)
DANE Mira aka Maria Dean/ of James and Eliza (Dilkes)
DAVIES Emily of James and Ann (Fretwell)
DAVIES James of James and Charlotte (Beardsley)
DAVIS Samuel
DAY William of Alexander and Lucy (Johnson)
DAYKIN Unnamed daughter of Godfrey and Mary (Beighton)
DOVE George of Thomas and Sarah
DURO Mary Ann of William and Lucretia (Rigley)
DUTTON Thomas of George and Mary Ann (Davis, formerly Simpson, late Williams)
ELEY Emily of William and Mary
ELEY Sarah of John and Ann (Lilly)
ELEY Sarah Belina of John and Mary
ELLIOTT Unnamed daughter
ELLIS Enoch of William and Harriet (Bamford)
EMMINSON Mary of Edward and Mary (Harriman)
EVANS Clara of George and Diana (Shaw)
EYRE Mary of John and Phoebe
FARNSWORTH Mary of William and Elizabeth
FARNSWORTH William of William and Sarah (Hutchinson)
FISHER Eliza of Job and Jane (late Eyley formerly Buxton)
FISHER Sarah of Thomas and Selina (Knighton)
FLETCHER Alfred of Edward and Martha (Allen)
FLETCHER Alfred of Matthew and Sarah (Knighton)
FLETCHER Alice of John and Eliza
FLETCHER Ann of John and Amy (Dan)
FLETCHER Betsey of Edward and Phoebe (Allen)
FLETCHER Hugh Erasmus of George and Maria (Moon)
FLETCHER John [of John and Sylvia (Daykin)]
FLETCHER William [of John and Mary]
FLINDERS Sarah Ann of John and Ann (Davy)
FLINT Samuel of James and Selina (Hart)
FLINT William of George and Anne (Ford)
FRANKS Elizabeth of William and Sarah (Stevenson)
FREEMAN Rebecca of John and Caroline (Hollingsworth)
FRETWELL Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Harriet Fretwell
FRETWELL Hannah of William and Ann (Smedley)
FRETWELL John of Abraham and Hannah (Davis)
FROST William of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hunt)
FULWOOD Harriet of Francis and Keziah (Beardsley)
GENT John William of Thomas and Mary Ann (Brassington)
GILBERT William illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Gilbert
GILBERT William of Thomas and Ann
GILLOTT Catharine of Edward and Charlotte
GILLOTT Samuel of Samuel and Lydia
GLOSSOP William Henry of John and Ellen (Staley)
GODDARD Isaac of John and Ruth (Brown)
GRAHAM Douglas Charles of Robert Charles and Mary (Morton)
GRANGER William of Jarvis and Elizabeth
GREBBY Henry of Henry and Rebecca (Stevens)
GREEN Ann of John and Ann (Bostock)
GRIMLEY Emma illegitimate/ of Ann Grimley
GROSE Mary of Thomas and Ann (Twighouse)
GRUNDY Daniel [of John and Amy]
HAMES Thomas Henry
HARDY Eliza of George and Harriet (Clay)
HARDY Louisa [of John and Martha]
HARDY Mary Ann of Robert and Fanny (Trueman)
HARDY Unnamed son of William and Ann (Trueman)
HARDY Unnamed son
HARRISON Christopher of Joseph and Phoebe (Burgin)
HARRISON Paul of Samuel and Eliza (Leadbetter)
HASLAM John [of Charles and Ann (Green)]
HATTON John [of Samuel and Sarah (Mitchell)]
HAWLEY William of William and Elizabeth (Greasley)
HAYES Joseph Gregory of Thomas and Mary Ann (Gregory)
HAYES Unnamed son of George and Charlotte (Morris)
HAYS Thomas illegitimate of (Thomas Leivers and) Ann Hays
HEATH Nicholas George of Joseph and Sarah
HENSHAW Ellen of John and Eliza (Barton)
HENSHAW Henry of William and Elizabeth (Cooper)
HENSHAW Isaac of Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
HENSHAW Jane illegitimate/ of Ann Henshaw (formerly Wheatley)
HENSHAW John of Stephen and Mary Ann (Aldred)
HENSHAW Robert of Samuel and Matilda (Barton)
HENSHAW Robert [of James and Mary (Rigley)]
HENSHAW Sarah of Samuel and Sarah (Smith)
HENSHAW Thomas of John and Jane (Trueman)
HENSON Charlotte of William and Elizabeth (Kitts)
HENSON Fanny of Charles and Sarah
HERNSHAW Charlotte
HIBBERT William of William and Hannah
HILL Joseph
HITHERSAY Emma of James and Ann (Bancroft)
HOFTON Mary of John and Charlotte (Hooley)
HOFTON William of Matthew and Emma (Burrows)
HOLMES Lydia of Ephraim and Ann (Pollard)
HOLMES Reuben of John and Mary
HOOLEY Elizabeth
HORRIDGE Ann of John and Mary (Pollard)
HOWITT Samuel of Edgar and Martha
HUNT Arthur Clark
HUNT Jonathan of Henry and Elizabeth (Buxton)
HUTCHINSON John illegitimate/ of John Hutchinson and Hannah Rigley
INGAR Alfred
JOHNSON Frederic of James and Jane (Brambleby/Bramley)
JOHNSON Unnamed son of Joseph and Hannah (Shaw)
KELLY Henry of William and Mary (Shaw)
KERRY Henry of Henry and Ellen
KING Catharine of John and Ann
KIRK Joseph of Benjamin and Martha (Cook)
KNIGHTON Catharine
KNIGHTON Ellen illegitimate/ of Samuel Knighton and Emma Noon
KNIGHTON Millicent
LACEY Elizabeth of William and Ann (Fisher)
LACEY George
LACEY Hiram John of Robert and Ann (Cope)
LACEY Joseph
LEBETER Mary of Aaron and Sarah (Bamford)
LEBETER Phoebe of Thomas and Ann (Clifford)
LIMB Joseph
LOWE Fanny of George and Mary (Chambers)
MARTIN Albert of Samuel and Martha
MARTIN Hannah of Christopher and Hannah (Burkin)
MASON Jane of Joseph and Elizabeth (Smith)
MEADOWS Hannah of John and Rebecca (Daykin)
MEAKIN Catharine of Timothy and Phoebe
MEAKIN John of John and Hannah (Meer)
MEAKIN Sarah Ann of Joseph and Ann (Gaskin)
MEAKIN William of Levi and Sarah (Smith)
MEE James of James and Sarah
MEE William of John and Martha
MITCHELL Charlotte
MITCHELL John of John and Charlotte (Rigley)
MOORE Eliza of Isaac and Ann
MOORE Mary of Jeremiah and Hannah (Knighton)
MOORE Unnamed son
MORLEY Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Mary Morley
MORLEY Herbert of Noah and Sarah (Bamford)
MORLEY Sarah Ann of Joseph and Mary Ann
MORRIS Hannah of William and Elizabeth (Bates)
MORRIS Thomas [of John and Maria (Meakin)]
MOSS Edwin of Samuel and Sophia
MUSSON Edward of Edward and Phoebe (Henshaw)
NADIN Joseph of Thomas and Charlotte (Bamford)
NASH Hannah of Samuel and Sarah (Daykin)
NAYLOR Susanna of William and Eliza
NEWTON Elizabeth Emma of Samuel and Martha (Rowland)
NEWTON Maria Elizabeth of John and Elizabeth
NEWTON Mary of Nathaniel and Jane (Winson)
NEWTON Sarah Ann of Charles and Ellen (Sills)
NOON Ellen illegitimate/ of Samuel Knighton and Emma Noon
NOON George of Robert and Lucy Mable (Sharp)
NOON Joseph of Richard and Mary (Davis)
OXLEY Joseph of Richard and Ellen (Wheatley)
PARKINS John of Benjamin and Mary
PARR Hannah of John and Martha (Thorpe)
PARSONS Samuel illegitimate/ of Mary Parsons
PAXTON Harriet of John and Hannah (Hofton)
PHILLIPS Herbert of John and Mary (Hutchinson)
PHIPPS John [of John and Mary (Attewell)]
POLLARD Herbert illegitimate/ of Charlotte Pollard
POLLARD James of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith)
POOLL Sarah Ann
POTTER John of George and Sarah (Sheldon)
POTTER Maria illegitimate/ of Eliza Potter (formerly Bancroft)
POWELL Harriet
PRINCE Samuel of Henry and Eliza (Musson)
PURDY Sarah of George and Fanny (Jackson)
RADFORD William of William and Mary (Hofton)
RAWSON Unnamed daughter twin/ of Joseph and Martha (Mart)
RAWSON Unnamed son twin/ of Joseph and Martha (Mart)
RAWSON William
REVILL Ann of Samuel and Ann (Steer)
RICE Mary Ann of James and Hannah (Baker)
RICHARDS John of Joseph and Sarah (Booth)
RIGLEY John illegitimate/ of John Hutchinson and Hannah Rigley
RILEY Hannah of Noah and Elizabeth (Shelton)
RILEY Sarah of Samuel and Ann (Simpson)
RILEY Sarah Ann of Jonathon and Elizabeth (Pollard)
ROBINSON Elizabeth of Benjamin and Hannah (Smith)
ROBINSON Jane twin/ of John and Eliza Ann (Hasledine)
ROBINSON Mary twin/ of John and Eliza Ann (Hasledine)
SAILSBURY Ann illegitimate/ of Henry Wilcockson and Sarah Sailsbury
SAWYER Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth Walker (Bennett)
SAXTON James of William and Hannah
SAXTON Mary [illegitimate/of Ann Saxton]
SEARSON Matilda of Joseph and Ann
SEVERN William of William and Mary (Shaw)
SHAW Harriet
SHAW Joseph of Henry and Esther (Kirk)
SHAW Reuben
SHAW Varrannah of Ralph and Jane (Skevington)
SHEPHARD Mary of John and Elizabeth (Guy)
SHORLEY Elizabeth [of William and Betsy]
SILVESTER John of John and Mirah (Ball)
SISON Elizabeth of Isaac and Maria (Keeling)
SISON Martha of Jesse and Jemima (Potter)
SISON Mary Ann of John and Martha (Haywood)
SISON Sarah of William Bower and Betsy (Eminson)
SKEAVINGTON George of William and Ruth (Blount)
SLATER Mary of Levi and Hannah (Ward)
SMEDLEY George of John and Maria (Shaw)
SMITH Elizabeth of John and Hannah (Leavers)
SMITH James of Joseph and Ann (Trueman)
SMITH Jane of Joseph and Charlotte Alice
SMITH John illegitimate/ of Sarah Smith (formerly Buss)
SMITH Joseph
SMITH Sarah of William and Ann (Slack)
SMITH Unnamed son
SMITH William of Robert and Eliza
SMITH William
SOARS Betsey of Thomas and Mary (Rowbottom)
SPEED Elizabeth of Amos and Fanny (Goddard)
STABLES Albert of Joseph and Hannah (Bramley)
STARBROOK Joseph of Isaac and Elizabeth (Richards)
STARBUCK Abraham of Abraham and Mary (Cox)
STARBUCK Sarah of William and Harriet (Booth)
STEVENS Elizabeth
STEVENSON George of William and Harriet (Cockayne)
STEVENSON Sarah of James and Ann (Riley)
STOCKS Felix Raynor of John and Emma (Raynor)
STONE Thomas
STRAW Hannah of Samuel and Ann (Bostock)
STRAW Herbert illegitimate/ of Hannah Straw (formerly Shaw)
STRAW Joseph of Thomas and Fanny (Johnson)
STRAW Michael of Michael and Dorothy (Rigley)
STRAW Thomas of Richard and Mary Ann (Curtis)
STRAW William Garner of William and Hannah (Shaw)
SUDBURY Ellen of Francis and Ann (Mather)
SWANN Emily of Isaac and Martha
SWANN Fanny of Joseph and Sarah
SWINDELL William of John and Maria (Hague)
TARLETON Joseph of Phillip and Henrietta (Stapleton)
TATHAM Isaac twin/ of Benjamin and Sarah (Hardy)
TATHAM Joseph twin/ of Benjamin and Sarah (Hardy)
TATHAM Sarah Ann
TATHAM Zechariah of Zechariah and Sarah (late Smith formerly Hunt)
TAYLOR Mary of John and Elizabeth (Frearson)
THORNHILL William of Samuel and Caroline (Davies)
THORP George of William and Elizabeth (Richardson)
THORPE Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Ann Thorpe
TILSON Eliza of Thomas and Mabel (Stanley)
TILSON John of Joseph and Ann (Longdon)
TILSON Thomas of John and Ann (Clower)
TOMLINSON Amy of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOWLE Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth
TRIECE Harriet of William and Ann (Holland)
TRUEMAN Sarah of Elijah and Hannah (Chambers)
TUNNICLIFFE Unnamed son of James and Sarah (Bramley)
TURTON Amos of George and Elizabeth (Stevens)
TURTON Edwin of Samuel and Ann (Fox)
TYLER John of John and Ann (Fisher)
WAIN Charlotte [of Thomas and Mira (late Rice formerly Beardsley)]
WALTERS George of James and Fanny (Wright)
WARRON Charlotte of Charles and Martha (Bloor)
WEBSTER Isaac of Samuel and Elizabeth (Duro)
WEBSTER Levi of John and Charlotte (Kirk)
WEBSTER William of Thomas and Elizabeth
WEST Francis of John and Ann (Beardsley)
WEST William of William and Ann
WHEATLEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Mary Wheatley
WHEATLEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Hannah Wheatley (and William Pepper)
WHITE Thomas of William and Hannah (Riley)
WHITEHEAD Isaac of John and Fanny (Slater)
WHITEHEAD Israel of Thomas and Mary (Matthews)
WHITEMAN Joseph of Thomas and Mary
WILCOCKSON Ann illegitimate/ of Henry Wilcockson and Sarah Sailsbury/Salsbury
WILKINSON Phoebe of William and Ann
WILLIAMSON Matthew William
WILSON Elizabeth Ann of Francis and Mary Ann (Street)
WILSON Unnamed son of Joseph and Mary (Hallsworth)
WINFIELD Elijah illegitimate/ of Emma Winfield
WINFIELD Lucy of George and Eliza (Knighton)
WINFIELD Samuel of William and Martha (Davies)
WINFIELD William of Richard and Maria (Henshaw)
WOODHOUSE Isaac of William and Julia (Calladine)
WRIGHT Eliza of William and Sarah
WRIGHT Joshua of John and Sarah (Smith)
WRIGHT Silvia of Joseph and Hannah (Aldred)
WRIGHT Unnamed son