1860 Births


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Surname Other names Notes
ADAMS Frances Phyllis of Walter and Ann (Halley)
ALDRED James of James and Eliza (Thompson)
ALDRED Peter of Edward and Martha (Rice)
ALDRED Robert illegitimate/ of Louisa Aldred
ALDRED Walter of Samuel and Ann (Whitehead)
ALLEN Ann of William and Emma
ALLEN Emily of Joseph and Betsy
ANDERSON Sarah Ann Margaret of John and Ann
ANTHONY Charlotte of Thomas and Sarah (Bailey)
ARAM James of George and Betsy Daykin (Carrier)
ARAM James
ARGILE Unnamed daughter of William and Catherine (Wallis)
ARGYLE Adelaide of John and Sarah
ARMSTRONG Florence of William and Harriet (Clemerson)
ASKEW Betsey
ATKIN Ann of George and Ruth (Bramley)
ATTENBOROUGH Thomas of William and Harriet (Skeavington)
AUSTIN Catharine of William and Hannah
BAILEY Ann Wade of Henry and Elizabeth (Ross)
BAILEY Susan Ball of Joseph and Susan (Ball)
BAILEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Mary Bailey
BAKER Ann of Charles and Ann
BAKER Lucy of Charles and Ann (Fletcher)
BAKER Maria of Thomas and Charlotte (Bradley formerly Simpson)
BAKER Selina Isabella of Thomas and Mary (Wright)
BAKER William of William and Sarah (West)
BALL Harry of Adolphus and Priscilla (Boam)
BALL Joseph of William and Mary (Swan)
BALL Samuel of Nathan Clarke and Eliza (Gillott)
BALL William of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Tatham)
BAMFORD Agnes [of Anthony and Elizabeth]
BANCROFT John of Thomas and Charlotte (Oldershaw)
BARKS Horatio Nelson of George and Millicent
BARKS Jane of Horatio Nelson and Fanny
BARTLAM Peter William
BARTON Elizabeth Ann illegitimate/ of Maria Barton
BEARDSLEY Alfred of Thomas and Harriet (Colman)
BEARDSLEY Arthur William of William and Eliza (Shaw)
BEARDSLEY Hannah Maria of Solomon and Matilda Potter (Sudbury)
BEARDSLEY James of Henry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed daughter of Frederick and Selina (Beard)
BEECH Elizabeth of James and Elizabeth
BEECH Emmeline
BENISTON William of John and Elizabeth (Hanson)
BERESFORD John Henry of Edward and Eliza
BERISFORD Thomas Austin of William and Hannah
BESTWICK Benjamin of Thomas and Sarah (Pollard)
BESTWICK Elizabeth of Francis and Elizabeth
BESTWICK Elizabeth
BESTWICK Isaac of Jeremiah and Sarah Ann (Tilson)
BESTWICK Mary Ann of William and Eliza (Mitchell)
BESTWICK Mary Ellen of William and Elizabeth
BESTWICK Samuel of Richard and Elizabeth (Gillott)
BESTWICK Thomas of William and Mary Ann (Farnsworth)
BIRCUMSHAW Henry of Stephen and Mary (Walker)
BIRCUMSHAW John of James and Hannah
BIRCUMSHAW Mary illegitimate/ of Rachel Bircumshaw
BIRCUMSHAW Sarah Ellen of William and Ann
BIRKS William
BLACKBURN Arthur of George and Louisa (Cope)
BLAKE Richard William of William and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
BLOUNT George William of Henry and Harriet (Keeling)
BLOUNT Mary illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Blount
BOAM Alice of William and Jane (Harvey)
BOAM Jane of Amos and Emily (Pares)
BONSER Olivia of Samuel and Martha (Fritchley)
BOOTH John of John and Emily
BOOTH Thomas of James and Mary
BOOTH William of John and Eliza Elizabeth (Barnes)
BOOTH William of Robert William and Elizabeth (Curtis)
BOSTOCK Albert of Joseph and Sarah (Starbuck)
BOSTOCK James Daykin illegitimate/ of Ellen Bostock
BOSTOCK Mary Elizabeth
BOSTOCK Moses of John and Ann (Sisson)
BOWLEY Charlotte Maria of Robert and Eliza (Starbuck)
BOYER Phoebe of John and Elizabeth (Brentnall)
BRADLEY Alexander of William and Harriet (Beard)
BRADLEY John Edward
BRAMLEY Sarah Jane of George and Hannah (Beardsley)
BRENTNALL Elizabeth of William and Mary (Chapman)
BRENTNALL Unnamed daughter of Herbert Thomas and Alice (Allen)
BREWER Joseph Swinburn of Joseph and Hannah
BREWIN Elizabeth of Joseph and Sarah (Stout)
BRIGGS Ann of James and Mary (Starbuck)
BRIGGS Sarah Ellen of Charles and Mary Ann (Walker)
BROOKES Ann Tovey of Thomas and Lydia (Tovey)
BROOKES William of William and Elizabeth (Bostock)
BROUGH Henry of Herbert and Maria
BROUGHTON Harriet of Joseph and Hannah (Clay alias Wright)
BROWN George Edwards of John and Ellen
BROWN Lavinia of Elias and Louisa
BROWN Sally of Josiah and Charlotte (Davis)
BROWN Thomas
BROWN Unnamed son of Job and Eliza
BROWN Walter of Alfred and Sarah Ann (Wood)
BRYAN John of Joseph and Emma (Cockayne)
BRYAN Joseph Watson of Walter and Mary Ann
BULLOCK Thomas of Joseph and Dorothy (Redgate)
BULLOCK William of Richard and Jane (Weston)
BURROWS Selina of Robert and Mary (Richards)
BUTLER Frederick of Timothy and Hannah (Crich)
BUTT Arthur of James and Ann (Bamford alias Mitchell)
BUXTON James of Robert and Martha
BUXTON Mary of Joseph and Mary Jane
BUXTON Richard
BUXTON William of Samuel and Emily (Sudbury)
CALLADINE Alan of George and Elizabeth (Turton)
CALLADINE Ann of Elijah and Harriet (Trueman)
CALLADINE Eliza of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CALLADINE Elizabeth of Isaac and Jane (Shaw)
CARMAN Eliza of James and Mary Ann (Moore)
CARNILL Joseph Henry of Joseph and Hannah (Thornely)
CARRIER Samuel (illegitimate?) of William and Charlotte (Blyth formerly Matthews)
CARRIER William Henry of Joseph and Jane (Attenborough)
CARRINGTON Thomas of Amos and Mary Ann (Mayor)
CASSY Patrick of Michael and Catherine (Saxton)
CHAMBERS Fanny of Alfred and Matilda (Meakin)
CHAMBERS William of Thomas Mordecai Sherwin and Charlotte (Smith)
CHAPMAN George of George and Angelina (Rice)
CHAPMAN Thomas of John and Elizabeth (Smith)
CHOLERTON Benjamin of Benjamin and Harriet (Foster)
CLARKE George William of Joseph and Mary
CLAY William of John and Ann
CLOWER Sally of Joseph and Alice (Knighton)
COCKAYNE Ann of William and Mary (Henshaw)
COCKERAM Martha Ann of William Holden and Hannah (Higgitt)
COLE Unnamed son of John Webb and Sarah Ann (Silvester)
COLUMBINE Rebecca of James and Sarah (Percival)
COOKE Harriet of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smith)
COOKSON Thomas of Joseph and Alice (Hilton)
COOPER John of William and Sarah (Thorpe)
COOPER John of John and Sarah Ann
COPE Eliza Ellen of Joseph and Ann (Meakin)
CORDON Alick of Henry and Hannah (Bostock)
COTTON Henry of Richard and Harriett
COWLISHAW George Aaron of Francis and Jane (Martin)
CRESSWELL Esther Ann of Joseph and Eliza Ann (Jackson)
CRESSWELL Hannah of Paul and Mary (Holmes)
CRICH Alicia Matilda aka Celcilia Matilda/ of John and Mary (Barratt)
CRICH Enoch of Adam and Maria (Webster)
CRICH Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Celetia Crich
CROOKS Ellen of John and Lydia (Potter)
DALE George Owsley of Jonathan and Henrietta
DANE James of James and Eliza (Dilks)
DAVIS Joseph of Isaac and Sarah (Trueman)
DAVIS Lavinia of Enoch and Millicent (Fretwell)
DAVIS Sarah Ann of John and Violet (Lacey)
DAWS John Isaac Bower illegitimate/ of Ann Dawes and John Bower
DAWSON Mary Ann of William and Bessey (Pearson)
DAY Mary Elizabeth of William and Mary (Clarke)
DAYKIN John of John and Jane (Riley)
DAYKIN Mary Elizabeth
DAYKIN Zechariah illegitimate/ of Julietta Daykin
DEAN Karen of George and Alice (Warren)
DERBYSHIRE Mary of Joseph and Elizabeth (Blount)
DERBYSHIRE Sam White of Job Nightingale Simpson and Mary (White)
DILKS William
DIXON Camilla Arabella of Richard and Sarah
DOAR Mary Ann of Samuel and Matilda (Potter)
DODSLEY David of William and Ann
DRAKE Mary Elizabeth
EARNSHAW Jane of Robert and Mary Ann (Pearce)
EARNSHAW Thomas of John and Harriet (Hodgkinson)
EATON Alfred of Jacob and Sarah (Farnsworth)
EBSWORTH Amy Constance of George Searle and Sarah Mary Ann (Cazalet)
ELEY Charles William
ELEY George Thomas of Joseph and Ann (Harrison)
ELLIOTT Arthur of Joseph and Elizabeth
ELLIS Ann of Isaac and Jane (Peet)
ELSE Sarah Ann of William and Emma
EVANS Joseph of Stephen and Hannah
FARMER Charlotte of John and Eliza (Spencer formerly Wright)
FARNSWORTH Eliza Mary illegitimate/ of Harriet Farnsworth
FARNSWORTH William of Isaac and Martha (White)
FEARN Sarah of William and Hannah (Hunt)
FISHER Eliza of Robert and Martha (Fisher)
FISHER Ezekiel of Mark and Hannah (Hardy)
FISHER Lethe Ann of John and Louisa
FISHER Mary Ann of George and Harriet (Orme)
FISHER Mary Jane of Isaac and Mary Rawdin (Brown)
FLETCHER Edward of John and Selina (Taylor)
FLETCHER Georgiana of Robert and Mary Ann (Pounder)
FLETCHER Juliana of Jasper and Mary Ann
FLETCHER Mary of Edward and Rachel (Valentine)
FLINDERS George Henry of Thomas and Lucy Adelaide (Aldred)
FLINT Samuel of William and Sarah
FLINT Sarah Ann of Frederick and Elizabeth (Knighton)
FOSTER Hannah Martha of Charles and Ann (Foster)
FOWKES Martha of William and Elizabeth (Limb)
FRETWELL Abraham of Abraham and Hannah (Davis)
FRETWELL Enoch of Isaac and Eliza (Limb)
FRETWELL Job of Isaac and Zillah Elizabeth (Smedley)
FRETWELL Maria of Henry and Mary Ann (Shaw)
FRETWELL Samuel of Samuel and Sarah (Stevenson)
FRETWELL Sarah Ann of Soloman and Ann (Oxley)
FRETWELL Thomas illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Fretwell (and Thomas Stevenson)
FRITCHLEY Ann Dodson of Frederick and Dorothy Rebecca (Soar)
FROGGOTT Thomas of John Froggott alias Wright and Catherine (Davis)
FULWOOD Melinda of Moses and Mary (Killer)
GASCOYNE Hephzibah aka Hephzibah Gaskin/ of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
GILLOTT Walter Isaac of Isaac and Emma
GODDARD Lavinia of Benjamin and Ann
GRAINGER John of John and Elizabeth
GRANGER Henry of Thomas and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
GREEN Ellen of Thomas and Ellen (Ridnell)
GREEN Sarah Elizabeth of William and Eliza (Cresswell formerly Skevington)
GREGORY Agnes Ruth of Thomas and Ruth (Knighton)
GREGORY Sarah Ann of George and Ann (Bamford)
GROSE Elizabeth aka Elizabeth Gorse/ of John and Elizabeth (Hind)
HALL John of William and Elizabeth
HALLAM Ruth of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLSWORTH Elizabeth twin/ illegitimate/ of Martha Hallsworth (formerly Carrier) (and William Beardsley)
HALLSWORTH Frederick of John and Dorothy (Crich)
HALLSWORTH Sarah Ann twin/ illegitimate/ of Martha Hallsworth (formerly Carrier) (and William Beardsley)
HAMES Unnamed daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Caler)
HARDY Elizabeth of Thomas and Elizabeth
HARDY George of Lot and Ann (Hobson)
HARDY Godfrey of Godfrey and Phoebe (Street)
HARDY Godfrey of Solomon and Lydia (Straw)
HARDY Joseph [of Silas and Elizabeth Hannah (Sheldon)]
HARDY Philip of Henry and Elizabeth (Barber)
HARDY William illegitimate/ of Ann Hardy
HARRIMAN Charlotte of John and Sarah (Wright)
HARRIMAN John Edward illegitimate/ of Sarah Ann Harriman
HARRISON George of Joseph and Eliza (Bostock)
HARRISON Joseph of Thomas and Sarah (Wheatley)
HARRISON Samuel of Edmund George and Martha (Riley)
HARVEY Mary of John and Mary (Tomlinson)
HASELDINE Eliza of Thomas and Eliza
HASELDINE Fanny Elizabeth
HATTER John of John and Ann (Daykin)
HAWLEY Ann of Joseph and Mary Ann (Wheeldon)
HAYES Mary Ann illegitimate/ of Ann Hayes and Thomas Leivers
HAZLEDINE Thomas illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Hazledine (and William Turton)
HEALD Elizabeth Emma of Thomas and Mary
HEATH Mary Jane of Herman and Hannah (Lowe)
HEMELY George of John and Hannah (Randall)
HEMINGWAY John Henry of John and Eliza (Morley)
HENSHAW Ann of John and Rebecca
HENSHAW Catharine of Samuel and Sarah (Smith)
HENSHAW Eliza illegitimate/ of Matilda Henshaw (and Henry Straw)
HENSHAW Eliza Sarah of John Stevens and Sarah (Walker)
HENSHAW Hannah of John and Eliza (Straw)
HENSHAW Lazarus of James and Mary (Barber)
HENSHAW Maria of John and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
HENSHAW Martha of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Ann (Charvil)
HENSHAW Mary of Henry and Ann (Wildey)
HENSHAW Sarah Ann illegitimate/ of Charlotte Henshaw
HENSHAW Selina of John and Sarah (Lacey)
HENSON Priscilla of John and Sarah (Morris)
HERROD Elizabeth Ellen of Joseph and Betsey (Hind)
HEWITT Catharine Elizabeth of James and Mary (Winfield)
HEWITT Sarah Ann of John and Rebecca (Bramley)
HITHERSAY Arthur William of William and Ann (Stevens)
HODGES Noah of George and Sarah (Plumb)
HOGG Joseph of Thomas and Julia
HOGG Lizzie Sarah
HOLMES Eliza of Samuel and Sarah
HOLMES Mary Ann of William and Martha (Beniston)
HOLROYD Ellen Mary of John and Ellen (Gordon)
HORRIDGE Martha of John and Mary (Pollard)
HORRIDGE Pamela of John and Mary Ann (Hardy)
HORSFIELD Joseph Dipledge of William and Mary
HOWITT Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Harriet Howitt
HUDSON Catharine Frances of John George and Catherine Mary (Kene/Keane)
HUDSON Sarah Ann of George and Alice (Moon)
HUFTON Thomas of Joseph and Elizabeth
HUNT Charles of Charles and Eliza
HUNT Nathaniel of William and Ann
HUNT Rhoda of Joseph and Martha (Wallis)
HUNT Unnamed son of Joseph and Eliza (Weston)
HUTCHINSON Arthur of Ebenezer Thomas and Ann (Tatham)
JACKSON Edward of James and Hannah (Sills)
JARVIS Mary Jane of Joseph and Betsey (Voss)
JERVIS Unnamed daughter of William and Ann (Smith)
JOHNSON Ann Eliza of David and Mary (Riley)
JOHNSON George of George and Mary (Davis)
JOHNSON Lucy of George and Hannah (Kerry)
JOHNSON Millicent of William and Millicent (Stirland)
JOHNSON Samuel of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mee)
JOHNSON Sarah Ann of Amos and Sarah Ann (Wardle)
KEIGHTLEY Sarah Jane of Amos and Sarah (Beighton)
KELLY Unnamed daughter of William and Mary (Shaw)
KING Willie
KIRK Elizabeth of Thomas and Ann (Rawson)
KIRK Frances of James and Mary Ann (Slack)
KIRK George Edward of Thomas and Eliza (Westby)
KNIGHT Thomas of George and Priscilla
KNIGHTON Alice of Frederick and Sarah (Evans)
KNIGHTON Ann Elizabeth of John and Hannah (Henstock)
KNIGHTON Douglas of Frederick and Emma (Meakin)
KNIGHTON Hannah of Joseph and Eliza (Hutchinson)
LACEY Amos of Amos and Mary (Bostock)
LACEY Edward illegitimate/ of Louisa Lacey
LACEY Elizabeth Ann illegitimate/ of Charlotte Lacey
LACEY Elizabeth Jane of Alfred and Mary (Astill)
LACEY Jane of Ishmael and Harriet (Cooper)
LACEY Marina of Enoch and Ann (Stanley)
LACEY William of William and Emma (Cope)
LAMB John of John and Ann (Wheatley)
LAMB William Joseph of John and Hannah (Willgoose/Wildgoose)
LANCASHIRE Samuel illegitimate/ of Mary Lancashire
LANE Ann of William and Hannah (Every)
LAWTON William Henry of Thomas and Hannah (Smedley)
LEBETER Mary of John and Ann (Slater)
LEBETER Phoebe Elizabeth of Samuel and Martha (Hawley)
LEBETER Sarah Ellen illegitimate/ of Mary Lebeter
LEBETER Simeon aka Samuel Lebeter/ of William and Eliza (Wardle)
LEES Sarah Elizabeth of William and Rebecca (Lees)
LIMB George Enoch of William and Charlotte (Johnson)
LIMB Maria of Joseph and Mary (Fisher)
LIMERICK Thomas of Thomas and Ellen (Corkran)
LINGARD George of George and Jane (Henshaw)
LOCKTON William Henry of Thomas and Harriet (Meakin)
LOMAS Sarah of Charles and Charlotte (Fletcher)
LOMAX Frederick of Thomas and Mary (Milner)
LOMAX Henry of Joseph Nobles and Elizabeth (Twelves)
LOMAX Phoebe of Henry and Martha (Earnshaw)
LOMAX Robert
LOWE Fanny Maria of Samuel and Mary (Beardsley)
LOWE Richard of Richard and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
LOWE Sarah of Joseph and Emily (Pitt)
MACHIN William of John and Myra (Riley)
MANN Thomas of James and Hannah (Lacey)
MARSHALL Elizabeth Emma
MARSHALL George Fluitt of Francis and Eliza (Savage)
MARSHALL Mary Ann of John and Emma (Tyler)
MARTIN Abel of John and Mary
MARTIN George of John and Ellen
MARTIN George of Samuel and Martha (Limb)
MARTIN Hannah of Joseph and Elizabeth
MARTIN Martha of Daniel and Amy (Fulwood)
MASON John Lings of Moses and Mary Ann (Wilcockson)
MATHER Herbert of Thomas and Elizabeth (Straw)
MATHEWS Elizabeth of Frederick and Elizabeth (West)
McDONALD Mary of James and Maria (Halloran)
McDONOUGH Mary Ann of Patrick and Mary (Linnane)
McNAMEE Bridget
MEAKIN Juliana of Levi and Sarah (Smith)
MEAKIN Martha Ann of Walter and Emma (Harrison alias Sulley)
MEAKIN Samuel of Thomas and Mary (Morris)
MEAKIN Samuel of John and Elizabeth (Smedley)
MEAKIN Sarah Jane [of Thomas and Charlotte (Straw)]
MEAKIN William of William and Martha (Granger)
MEE Agnes of James and Sarah
MEE Henry of Edwin and Eliza (Smedley)
MEEK Henry Arthur of Henry George and Ann Fanny
MEER George of Isaac and Sarah (Wardle)
MELLORS Elizabeth Ann of Thomas and Mary (Severn)
MIDDLETON John of Samuel and Ann (Slack)
MILLS William of Thomas and Eunice (Robinson)
MILWARD George William of Richard and Rebecca
MITCHELL Thomas Campbell of Frederick and Cassandra (Lee)
MOON George of William and Emma (Moon)
MOORE Catharine of William and Mary Ann (Capes)
MOORE Eliza of Thomas and Harriet (Boam)
MOORE Unnamed daughter of James and Sarah (Clifford)
MOORHOUSE Mary of Robert and Sarah (Chadwick)
MORLEY Hannah of John and Ellen (Horridge)
MORRIS Agnes of William and Mary (Rawson)
MORRIS Esther Ann of John and Esther (Eley)
MORTON Thomas of William and Elizabeth
MOSS Benjamin Elliott of Samuel and Sarah Alice
MOSS Unnamed daughter of John and Mary (Scattergood)
MUSGROVE John of John and Elizabeth
MUSSON Harriet of John and Ann
MUSSON Thomas of Edward and Lydia
NASH Jane of Joseph and Mary Ann (Syson)
NASH William
NEAL Ann Elizabeth of Matthew and Jemima (Hart)
NEAL Mary Ann of John and Jane (Wilkinson)
NEWTON Elizabeth Ann of William and Amy
NEWTON William of Hezekiah and Hannah
NOON John Robert of Joseph and Elizabeth (Clay)
NOON Mary of Richard and Mary (Davis)
NOON William of William and Mary (Syson)
OLDERSHAW William of William and Hannah (Martin)
ORME Isaac of John and Martha (Hatton)
ORME Sarah of George and Sarah (Wheatley)
ORME William Taylor of John and Lydia
ORRILL Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Hannah Orrill (formerly Attenborough)
OSBORNE Albert of Joseph and Ann
OSBORNE Isaiah of Joseph and Harriet
OXLEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Harriet Oxley
PALFRYMAN Isaac of William and Mary (Knighton)
PARKER George William of George and Ann (Stanesby)
PARKES Bernard of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
PARKIN William of Isaac and Priscilla (Bell)
PARKINS William of Charles and Charlotte (Johnson)
PARR Eliza Ann illegitimate/ of Emily Parr (and James Hawley)
PARTON Beziah of Beziah and Elizabeth (Dainty)
PAXTON Harriet illegitimate/ of Eliza Paxton
PEACE Henry of Samuel and Mary
PEARSON Phoebe of John and Mary (Henshaw)
PEARSON Thomas of John and Catherine (Newton)
PERKINS Joseph of John and Ann (Knighton)
PHEASANT Mary Maria of William and Mary Ann (Hood)
PHEASANT Thomas of Thomas and Elizabeth (Tomlinson)
PHILLIPS Elizabeth Ann of John and Jane (Robinson)
PHIPPS William of William and Sarah (Herring)
PICKERING Frances of Francis and Mary Ann (Howard)
PINEGAR Thomas of Thomas and Ellen
PLATTS Catharine
PLATTS Clara Augusta of James and Elizabeth (Johnson)
PLATTS Sarah of James and Hannah (Flinders)
POLLARD Herbert twin/ of James and Elizabeth (Robinson)
POLLARD Unnamed son twin/ of James and Elizabeth (Robinson)
POTTER Alfred Edward of Edward and Eliza
POUNDER Charlotte of Joseph and Ann (Eggleshaw)
POUNDER Flint of Charles and Sarah (Hunt)
POUNDER Harriet of William and Emma (Davis)
POYSER George of Thomas and Emma (Spencer)
PRINCE George of Samuel and Lucy
PRINCE Mary Ann of Walter and Isabella
PRINCE Sarah of Alfred and Ruth (Brown)
PRITCHETT Martha Ann of James and Mary (Large)
PUGH Priscilla of Maddock and Christiana (Wright)
PURDY Martha of William and Martha (Fulwood)
RATCLIFF Abel of Joseph and Elizabeth (Bradley)
RATCLIFF Elizabeth [of George and Priscilla (Street)]
RAWSON Agnes of Henry and Eliza
REDGATE William of William and Charlotte
RHODES Catharine of Benjamin and Hannah (Naylor)
RHODES Lilly Emma of George and Hester Ann (King)
RICE Hannah of Samuel and Mary (Shaw)
RICE Joseph of Joseph and Mary (Henshaw)
RICHARDS John of Samuel and Mary (Knighton)
RICHARDS Sarah of Samuel and Harriet (Chapman)
RICHARDSON Elizabeth Ann of Thomas and Elizabeth (Barker)
RICHARDSON Elizabeth Walker illegitimate/ of Mary Richardson
RICHARDSON Lizzie Mary Burgin of Robert and Julia (Brown)
RIGLEY Frederick illegitimate/ of Eliza Rigley
RILEY Alice of John and Catherine (Syson)
RILEY John Sisson
RILEY Samuel of George and Mary (Straw)
RILEY Unnamed daughter twin/ of Samuel and Sarah (Cockayne)
RILEY Unnamed son twin/ of Samuel and Sarah (Cockayne)
ROBINSON Henry John Curwen
ROBINSON Richard William of Thomas and Elizabeth (Parkin)
ROLLINSON Ann of Moses and Sarah (Straw)
ROWLAND William Henry of Edwin and Sarah
SAXTON Mary Ann of John and Eliza
SCATTERGOOD Elizabeth Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth (Chadwick)
SCATTERGOOD Louis of John and Ann (Bostock)
SCATTERGOOD Mary Ann illegitimate/ of Ann Scattergood
SCATTERGOOD Unnamed son of Samuel and Gertrude (Simpson)
SEVERN Alfred of William and Emma (Hallam)
SEVERN James of James and Betsey (Smith)
SEVERN Mary [aka Hannah Mary Severn/ of Joseph and Elizabeth (Walters)]
SEVERN William Henry of James and Mary (Sanderson)
SEVERNE Emily illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Severne
SHARPE Mary Rebecca [of Edward and Ann]
SHAW Emma of William and Eliza
SHAW George of Absalom and Ann (Winfield)
SHAW Isaac William of Samuel and Jane (Smith)
SHAW John Henry of John and Mira (Fisher)
SHAW Sarah Ann of James and Harriet (Cooper formerly Webster)
SHAW Thomas of Samuel and Mary
SHAW William of Reuben and Sarah Ann (Calladine)
SHEAN Mary of Thomas and Catherine (Lynch)
SHELDON William Thomas of William and Rosanna (Davis)
SHELTON George William of William and Sarah (Watson)
SHELTON Hannah of Stephen and Ann
SHELTON Joseph Allen of Joseph and Mary Ann (Riley)
SHENTON George of William and Elizabeth
SHEPHERD Alan of Samuel and Mary Ann (Bostock)
SIMMS Emma of Charles and Eliza (Trickey)
SINGLETON Martha Ann of Job and Susannah (Bamford)
SISSON Alan of Ephraim and Ann (Smith)
SISSON Ann of Aaron and Mary (Barker)
SISSON Kezia of Thomas and Elizabeth (England)
SISSON Mary of Henry and Elizabeth (Trueman)
SISSON Robert Silas illegitimate/ of Emma Sisson
SISSON Samuel of Moses and Alice (Stevenson)
SISSON Thomas of Samuel and Zilla (Turton)
SISSON Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Fanny Sisson (and Henry Bestwick)
SISSON Zitella aka Isabella Sisson/ of Thomas and Elizabeth (Stirland)
SKEAVINGTON John Knighton of Robert Knighton and Sarah Ann (Blount)
SKEAVINGTON Rowland Bakewell of James Drummond and Mary Ann (Straw)
SLEIGH Roger Parkin
SMALLWOOD John Littlewood of John and Martha
SMITH Arthur of Robert and Eliza
SMITH Eliza Carrier illegitimate/ of Alice Smith
SMITH Elizabeth of Henry and Hannah (Hibbert)
SMITH John of William and Hannah (Smith)
SMITH Margaret of Richard and Lucy (Liliman)
SMITH Maria of Samuel and Catherine (Fulwood)
SMITH Martha Jane of Christopher Lowe and Mary Ann (Whitehead)
SMITH Mary of George and Jane (Rice)
SMITH Mary [of William and Emma]
SMITH Samuel of Moses and Sarah (Smith)
SMITH Selina Ann of William and Ann
SMITH William of Abraham and Elizabeth (Thorp)
SPENCER William Bell of Hillary and Selina (Bell)
SPRAGG Sarah Elizabeth of Thomas and Ann (Trussell)
STAINES Sarah Jane of Harry and Elizabeth (Gale)
STAINSBY Unnamed son of Samuel and Fanny
STARBROOK Lydia Alice of John and Anne (Newton)
STARBUCK Jacob illegitimate/ of Sarah Starbuck
STEVENS Hannah Mary of John and Ann (Harvey)
STEVENSON Isaac of Joseph and Ann (Beardsley)
STEVENSON John of John and Jane
STIRLAND Hannah of Samuel and Elizabeth (Straw)
STIRLING Job of John and Rebecca (Pounder)
STOCKS Charles of James and Fanny (Hawley)
STORER George Samuel
STORER Unnamed son of John and Caroline (Slack)
STRAW Betsy of John and Betsy (Barber)
STRAW Catherine of William and Hannah (Shaw)
STRAW Elizabeth of Thomas and Jane (Sills)
STRAW Elizabeth of Vincent and Eliza (Crossley)
STRAW Evelina of Norman and Catherine (Goddard)
STRAW George of Charles and Eliza (Moon)
STRAW Philip of Henry and Hannah (Barker)
STRAW Robert of Samuel and Ann (Bostock)
STRAW Samuel of Samuel and Phoebe (Carrington)
STRAW William of Thomas and Hannah (Burrows)
STREET Albert of Enoch and Sarah Frances (Biggs)
STREET Julia Phyllis
STREET William of Samuel and Maria (White)
SUDBURY Elizabeth Ellen of Charles and Marina Burgin (Richardson)
SUGG Walter of Hubert Henri and Ellen (Mudford formerly Howe)
SULLIVAN James of John and Honora (Garrughty)
SWANN Frederick William of Joseph and Sarah (Fletcher)
SYSON Fanny of Abraham and Hannah (Farnsworth)
SYSON Sarah Ann of Robert and Lydia (Johnson)
TARLTON William Ellis of Joseph and Maria (Whitworth)
TATHAM Aaron of David and Hannah (Burrows)
TATHAM Elizabeth of John and Elizabeth (Caulton)
TATHAM George Gervase of Gervase and Charlotte (Toplis)
TAYLOR Martha of Reuben and Hannah (Moore)
THORLEY George of William and Martha (Tunnicliffe)
THORNHILL Henry of Thomas and Lucy (Clay)
THORNHILL James John of James and Priscilla (Holmes)
THORPE Thomas illegitimate/ of Sarah Thorpe
THORPE Unnamed son of James and Jane
THORPE Vincent illegitimate/ of Ann Thorpe
THURMAN James of Walter and Mary (Peet)
TILSON Ann Deborah of Samuel and Eliza (Hallam)
TIPPING Unnamed son of Francis and Mary
TOMLINSON Edith Ann of John and Rosetta (Gilbert)
TOOTH Mary of George and Emma Toogood (Radford)
TOPLIS John Swaine of John and Martha (Swaine)
TOPLIS Thomas Henry of John and Ruth Elizabeth (Youngman)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth of Isaac and Emma (Bostock)
TRUEMAN Henry of William Severn and Emily Thompson (Boam formerly Scattergood)
TRUEMAN Laura of Abraham and Laura (Smith)
TRUEMAN Mary Ann of John and Ann (Cope)
TRUEMAN Selina of Henry and Ann (Bostock)
TUCKWOOD Charlotte Ann of Benjamin and Jane
TUNNICLIFF Arthur of James and Emma (Hibbert)
TURNER Arthur of Edward and Mary (Fisher)
TURNER John Wright of William Wright and Eliza (Killingly)
UNDERWOOD Joanna of Joseph and Frances (Shaw)
WAKELIN Harriet of Daniel and Phoebe (Reeve)
WALKER Jeremiah of John and Mary Ann
WALKER Sarah Ann of Richard Joseph and Ann (Bullock)
WALL Eli James of Enoch and Harriett
WALTERS Charlotte of William and Eliza (Pollard)
WALTERS Mary aka Mary Waters/ of John and Elizabeth (Hudson)
WARDLE Elizabeth of William and Prudence (Booth)
WATSON George of George and Hannah (Davis)
WEBSTER Angelina illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Webster
WEBSTER Eliza of Henry and Mary (Waplinton)
WEBSTER George illegitimate/ of Eliza Webster
WEBSTER Lionel of William and Ann (Stones)
WEBSTER Sophia of Isaac and Eliza (Shaw)
WEBSTER William Henry of James and Ellen (Borebank)
WEST Henry of Thomas and Mary (Grose/Gorse)
WEST Henry of John and Matilda (Severn)
WESTON William of James and Hannah (Fritchley)
WHEATLEY Arthur of William and Emma (Stevenson)
WHEATLEY Ellen of John and Elizabeth (Sisson)
WHEATLEY Mary Ann of Charles and Ann (Hurst)
WHITACRE Fanny of George and Ann (Meakin)
WHITE Alan of James and Mary Ann (Burrows)
WHITE Eliza of Thomas and Mary (Morley)
WHITE Elizabeth of William and Fanny (Farnsworth)
WHITE George
WHITE Herbert of Henry and Rosetta (Foulds)
WHITE John of John and Mary Ann (Lacey)
WHITE John Thomas of George and Phoebe (Taylor)
WHITE Joseph Gregory
WHITE William Arthur of Joseph and Mary
WHITEMAN Lucy Hannah [illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Whiteman]
WHITEMAN Robert of George and Martha
WIDDOWSON Mary Hastings
WILCOX Kate Whitehouse of George Whitehouse and Louisa (Timings)
WILDEY Samuel of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Sisson)
WILKINSON Samuel of Joseph and Mary (Jennison)
WILLIAMSON Emma of William and Alice (Streets)
WILLIAMSON Priscilla illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Williamson
WILSON Charlotte Hannah of Jacob and Hannah (Sisson)
WINFIELD Ann of William and Elizabeth (Bostock)
WINFIELD George of John and Alice (Brentnall)
WINFIELD Lucy of Thomas and Hannah (Froggatt)
WINFIELD William of Christopher and Maria (Pollard)
WINFIELD William Henry of James and Mary (Sheldon)
WITHAM John of John and Ann (Thorpe)
WOOD Arthur of James and Ann
WOOLLEY Joseph of Thomas and Hannah
WRIGHT Charles of Charles and Elizabeth
WRIGHT George of Edward and Mary Ann (Clay)
WRIGHT James of William and Alice (Pollard)
WRIGHT Mary Ann of Lot and Mary
WRIGHT Unnamed son [of John and Hannah (Meakin)]
WRIGHT William of James and Eliza (Boam)
YOUNGMAN Eliza Jane of Benjamin George and Eliza (Jackson)