1861 Births


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Surname Other names Notes
ABBOTT Thomas Henry
ADAMS George Henry illegitimate/ of Phillis Adams
ADKIN Alice of William and Mary
ALLEN Fitz-Albert Revill of Fitz-George and Annie (Revill)
ALLEN George Edward of John and Anne
ALLSOPP William Henry of Walter and Ann (Hunt)
ANGEL Eliza of John and Susanna
ANKERS Betsey of Thomas and Eliza (Redfern)
ANNABLE Sarah of Samuel and Elizabeth
ARCHER Sarah Ann
ASHMORE Thomas William of Frederick and Sarah (Hallam)
ASKEW Arthur of James and Mary
ATTENBOROUGH Isaac of Isaac and Sarah (Beard)
ATTENBOROUGH Sally illegitimate/ of Anne Attenborough (and John Savile)
BACON Abraham of Isaac and Ann (Bates)
BAILEY Laura of Charles and Priscilla (Smith)
BAKER Eliza Mary of William and Hannah (Fox)
BAKER Mary Eliza
BALL Maria of George and Hannah (Woodroffe)
BAMFORD Emma [of Thomas and Ellen]
BAMFORD Harriet of Moses and Martha (Parker)
BAMFORD James Samuel illegitimate/ of Diana Bamford
BANNER Isabella of John and Harriet (Davis)
BARBER Edny Ann of Thomas and Jane (White)
BARBER Jane of Joseph and Mary (Burton)
BARKER Ellen Maria of William and Angelina (Aldred)
BARKER Emanuel of Emanual and Hannah (Brown)
BARKER Frederick George of Joseph and Martha (Hunt)
BARKER Maria of George and Caroline (Beardsley)
BARNES William [of William and Mary]
BARTON Enoch of Joseph and Louisa (Cook)
BAUSOR Henry of John and Sarah (Ellis)
BEARDOW Frank Brown of Thomas and Caroline (Brown)
BEARDSLEY Amos of Mark and Catherine (Phillips)
BEARDSLEY Ann Ellen of Afred and Elizabeth (Grant)
BEARDSLEY Caroline of Godfrey and Elizabeth (Lee)
BEARDSLEY Charlotte of Elijah and Sarah (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Hannah of Solomon and Hannah (Bostock)
BEARDSLEY Herbert of Edwin and Martha (Smith)
BEARDSLEY Isaac of Elijah and Esther (Straw)
BEARDSLEY James Noble of James and Martha (Brookhouse)
BEARDSLEY Mark of Frederick and Charlotte (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Mary Ann of John and Ann (Bostock)
BEARDSLEY Sarah of Enoch and Elizabeth (Severn)
BEARDSLEY Sarah Jane of Edmund and Mary (Scattergood)
BEARDSLEY Solomon of James and Ruth (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Walter of Isaac and Julia (Davis)
BEARDSLEY William of Charles and Ann (Pickburn)
BEARDSLEY William Henry of William and Hannah Amelia (Webster)
BEECROFT Mary of Joseph and Louisa (Bamford)
BEECROFT Samuel of John and Mary
BEER Grace
BEIGHTON Angelina of Charles and Ruth (Tunnicliffe)
BEIGHTON William of William and Elizabeth (Wheeldon formerly Bramley)
BELL William [of Richard and Sarah (Parker)]
BENISTON Elizabeth of William and Eliza (Chambers)
BENNER Unnamed son of Wright and Selina (Meakin)
BENNETT Hannah Elizabeth of Ralph and Martha (Cook)
BERESFORD Elizabeth Matilda of Joseph and Emma
BERESFORD Harriet of Edward and Eliza
BESTWICK Elizabeth of John and Phoebe (Earnshaw)
BIRCUMSHAW Walter illegitimate/ of Anne Bircumshaw
BIRD William John of William and Sarah (Wilson)
BLAKE Elizabeth of George and Sarah (Manners)
BLOUNT George of Robert and Jane (Shardlow)
BLOUNT Samuel illegitimate/ of Ann Blount
BOAM Thomas Herbert of Cornelius and Sarah (Cross)
BONSER Jane of Thomas and Millicent (Plumb)
BONSER Thomas illegitimate/ of Harriet Bonser
BOOTH Betsey of Amos and Mary Ann (Hopkins)
BOOTH George of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth (Crich)
BOOTH Henry of John and Dorothy (Cotterill)
BOSTOCK James of Paul and Louisa (Padley)
BOSTOCK John of Thomas and Eliza (Calladine)
BOSTOCK Mary Annie of William and Mary (Rudd)
BOSTOCK Rachel Ellen of John and Selina (Rigley)
BOSTOCK Rebecca of John and Christiana (Hart)
BOSTOCK Sarah Ann of John and Ann (Smedley)
BOSTOCK Unnamed daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Lebeter)
BOSTOCK Wheatley of John and Catherine (Calladine)
BOWES John Gething
BRADLEY Betsey of Henry and Fanny (Fearn)
BRADLEY Mary Elizabeth of William and Harriet (Beard)
BRAMLEY William of Thomas and Sarah (Holmes)
BRENTNALL Alice of Paul and Catherine (Davis)
BRENTNALL Annie Mary of Henry and Ann (Davis)
BREWIN John of Francis and Sarah
BRIERLEY James of James and Emma
BRIGGS William of William and Mary (Barlow)
BROUGH James Henry of George Ephraim and Ellen (Beardsley)
BROUGHTON Mary Ann of William and Elizabeth
BROWN Charles of Luke and Avice (Watkinson)
BROWN Eliza of Job and Eliza
BROWN Elizabeth of Elias and Sarah (Daykin)
BROWN Elizabeth of Henry and Elizabeth
BROWN Ellen of Edwin and Esther (Horridge)
BROWN Gilbert Allen of Rawdin and Ellen (Ellis)
BROWN Hannah
BROWN William of Amos and Sarah
BROWNLOW Arthur William of Joseph and Ruth Hannah
BRUTON Rose Helen of William and Mary (Stanesby)
BRYAN James William Needham
BUCKNALL Samuel of Thomas and Eliza (Richards)
BURROWS Unnamed son of Pharoah and Ann (Meakin)
BUTLER Albert of Thomas and Caroline (Sisson)
BUXTON Mary of German and Betsey (Webster)
CALEY Michael of James and Ellen (Fitzgerald)
CALLADINE George of George and Mary (Wheatley)
CALLADINE Sarah of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CARNILL Frederick Thomas of Joseph and Hannah/Ann Elzabeth (Thornely)
CARR Joseph of Joseph and Mary (Henshaw)
CARRIER Joseph of Joseph and Jane (Attenborough)
CARRIER Unnamed daughter of Enoch and Beatrice (Allen)
CARRINGTON Emily of Edward and Phoebe
CARRINGTON Moses of Matthew and Grace (Hunt)
CHAMBERS Adam of Adam and Jane
CHAPMAN Harriet of Job and Mary
CLAY Emily Agnes of Samuel and Elizabeth
CLAY Harriet of Joseph and Jane (Knighton)
CLAY alias WRIGHT Mary of John and Julia (Brown formerly Hawley)
CLIFFORD Hannah of Levi and Eliza (Whitehead)
CLIFFORD William of Robert and Martha (Severn)
COCKAYNE Ruth of Joseph and Harriet (Throop)
COLUMBINE Martin Webster of John and Elizabeth (Wells)
COOK Hannah
COOK Joseph illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Cook
COOPER Elizabeth of William and Eliza (Derbyshire)
COOPER Joseph of William and Emma
COPESTICK Louisa of William and Elizabeth (Wheeldon)
CORDON Harriet of Timothy and Harriet (Hardy)
CRESSWELL Harriet Alice of Thomas and Emma (Meakin)
CRIPWELL Harriet of William and Phillis (Burrows)
CROOKS Edwin Bednall illegitimate/ of Rachel Crooks
DAUBNER John of Richard and Mary (Turpin)
DAVIS Betsy Agnes of John and Elizabeth (Limb)
DAVIS James of Solomon and Dorothy (Johnson)
DAVIS John of George and Mary (Johnson)
DAVIS Sarah Ann of Alexander and Sarah (Robinson)
DAVIS Unnamed daughter of John and Mary Ann (Crich)
DAWS William of William and Emma
DAWSON Ann of William and Bessey (Pearson)
DAYKIN Lavinia of Alfred and Mary (Moon formerly Manners)
DAYKIN Richard illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Daykin (formerly Simmonds)
DERBYSHIRE Henry illegitimate/ of Maria Derbyshire
DERBYSHIRE John Simpson of Job Nightingale and Mary (White)
DERBYSHIRE Violet of Patrick and Elizabeth (Beck)
DIXON Robert Smith illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Dixon (and Frederick Smith)
DRAPER Mary Jane of Frederick and Eliza
DRIVER Thomas of William and Juliana (Rice)
DURO Ezekiel of William and Mary (Cobley)
EATON Eliza Ann of Edmund and Ann (Winfield)
EATON Jane of Elijah and Ann (Burrows)
EATON Martha of William and Eleanor/Ellen (Fretwell)
ELEY Edward of Isaac and Harriet (Bradley)
ELEY William
ELLIOTT Unnamed son of Thomas and Mary
ELLIS Mary of Moses and Mary (Parsons)
EVANS Ann Maria of George and Jane (Bennett)
EYRE Annie illegitimate/ of Emma Eyre
EYRE Daniel Inman of Samuel and Phoebe
EYRE Elizabeth of John and Phoebe
FAHEY John of James and Hannah (O'Brian)
FARNSWORTH William illegitimate/ of Martha (Farnsworth)
FEARN Ruth of George and Elizabeth (Bamford)
FISHER Uriah Bennett
FISHER William illegitimate/ of Thirza Fisher
FLETCHER Alfred of John and Bessy (Fletcher)
FLETCHER Arthur of William and Eliza
FLETCHER John Keyworth of John and Mary (Earnshaw)
FLETCHER Tom Walter of Samuel and Judith (Beardsley)
FLINT Martha of Joseph and Lucy (Buxton)
FREEMAN Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Ann Freeman
FRETWELL Ann of Benjamin and Ann (Langsdale)
FRETWELL Catharine of Abraham and Hannah (Davis)
FRETWELL Henry of James and Charlotte (Eaton)
FRETWELL Joseph of Enos and Alice (Gamble)
FRETWELL Mary Ann of William and Elizabeth (Roome)
FRETWELL Rachel of George and Elizabeth (Pickard)
FROGGOTT Amy of John and Elizabeth (Lomax)
FROST Rebecca illegitimate/ of Rebecca Frost
FROST Thomas illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Frost
FROST Thomas of Thomas Carrier and Hannah (Herring)
FULLWOOD Sarah Ann of Henry and Ann (Fletcher)
FULWOOD Cornelius
FULWOOD Moses of Moses and Ann (Lacey)
FULWOOD Thomas Birley illegitimate/ of Thomas Birley and Jane Ann Fulwood
GARTON Susan of Joseph and Maria (Hood)
GEE Thomas illegitimate/ of Dorothy Gee
GILBERT Charlotte of Samuel and Charlotte (Grimley)
GILLOTT Charles Edward
GILLOTT Enoch of Enoch and Mary
GILLOTT Esther Ann of Thomas and Jane
GODDARD Francis of William and Maria (Ball)
GODDARD George of Thomas and Ann (Tunnicliff)
GOULDER Ellen of Samuel and Mary (Moult)
GREGORY George Edward
GREGORY William of Enos and Eliza (Winfield)
GRIMLEY William of John and Mira (Trueman)
GRUNDY Betsy of Thomas and Harriet
HAGERTY Ellen of Patrick and Harriet (Seward)
HALL William of John and Fanny
HALLAM Edwin twin/ of Joseph and Eliza (Adams)
HALLAM Eliza of John and Ellen (Bostock)
HALLAM Elizabeth of George and Ann (Clarke)
HALLAM John of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLAM Mary twin/ of Joseph and Eliza (Adams)
HALLAM William Richard [of William and Sarah (Whitt)]
HAMES Alice Maria of Joseph and Hannah (Caler)
HARDY Elizabeth
HARDY George
HARDY Joseph of Thomas and Ann (Baker)
HARDY Mary Ann of Solomon and Lydia (Straw)
HARDY William of Alfred and Mary Ann (Street)
HART John of Matthew and Selina (Eaton)
HASELDINE William of Charles and Alice (Jackson)
HAYWOOD William of Charles and Hephzibah (Horridge)
HAYWOOD William Henry
HEAZLEWOOD Albert of Edwin and Catherine (Webster)
HEMSLEY Maria of John and Ann/Hannah
HENSHAW Alfred of Jonathan and Jane (Fulwood)
HENSHAW Arthur of Thomas and Hannah
HENSHAW Elizabeth of Herbert and Eliza (Sisson)
HENSHAW Sarah Ann of Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
HENSHAW Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Eliza Henshaw
HENSON Ann of Herbert and Mary (Stapleton)
HENSON William of William and Mary Ann (Lebeter)
HERON Elizabeth Ann of Ebenezer Sloane and Elizabeth (Ayrton)
HEWITT Elizabeth
HICKING Georgiana Amelia of James and Emma
HILL William Henry [of John and Mary (Gillott)]
HOCKLEY Eliza Mary of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Bradley)
HOFTON Ann of James and Elizabeth (Attenborough)
HOFTON Mary Ann of Samuel and Sarah (Bircumshaw)
HOGG Lewis of Richard and Sarah
HOGG Mary of William and Charlotte (Heath)
HOLDEN William Frederick illegitimate/ of Eliza Holden
HOLLAND Henry of Luke and Elizabeth (Hickling)
HOLMES Joseph of John and Ann (Thompson)
HOLMES Maria of Samuel and Sarah
HOLMES Mary Elizabeth
HOLMES Unnamed daughter of John and Sarah
HOOTON Lucy of James and Emma (Morton)
HOPKIN Harriet
HORSLEY Robert Enoch of William and Sarah (Fletcher)
HORSLEY Unnamed daughter of Enoch and Mary
HOUSLEY Henry of Edward and Millicent (Earnshaw)
HOWITT Joseph [of Joseph and Sarah]
HUNT Edwin Bednall of John and Sarah (Littlewood)
HUNT Herbert
HUNT Maria of John and Mary (Henshaw)
HUTCHINSON John of Job and Elizabeth (Hornbuckle)
HUTCHINSON William illegitimate/ of Ann Hutchinson
JACKSON Ellen of Herbert and Amy (Lilly)
JARVIS Hannah Mary of William and Elizabeth (Smith)
JOHNSON Ezekiel of David and Mary (Riley)
JOHNSON George Henry of Joseph and Mary Ann (Moore)
JOHNSON Lovely Alice of Enoch and Avice (Fisher)
JOHNSON Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mee)/ not a twin
JOHNSON Unnamed son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mee)/ not a twin
JOHNSON William of Thomas and Jemima (Inger)
JONES Hannah
KEELING Elizabeth of Stephen and Mary Ann (Aldred)
KELLY Hezekiah of William and Mary (Shaw)
KERRY Elizabeth
KERRY John of Thomas and Phoebe
KNIGHTON Ezekiel Edward illegitimate/ of Melissa Ann Knighton
KNIGHTON Maria of John and Hannah (Hemstock)
KNIGHTON Mary Alice of Henry and Susanna (Blount)
KNIGHTON Mary Ann of John and Sally (Wright)
KNIGHTON Sarah of Josiah and Eliza (Hutchinson)
LACEY Elizabeth of John and Catherine (Baker)
LACEY Samuel of William and Ruth (Straw)
LACEY William illegitimate/ of Mary Lacey
LANE Samuel Henry illegitimate/ of Susanna Lane (and Phillip Chell Booth)
LEBETER Aaron of Richard and Eliza (Hart)
LEBETER Edwin of James and Emma (Osborne)
LEBETER Elizabeth Ann of John and Ann (Slater)
LEBETER John of David and Mary (Straw)
LEBETER John of Samuel and Martha (Hawley)
LEBETER Mary Ellen of John and Lydia (Dodd)
LEE Elizabeth of William and Hannah (Webster)
LEVERS Hannah [of Herbert and Ellen (Walker)]
LILLY Henry of Thomas and Hannah
LIMB Charlotte of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LOMAS John of Thomas and Hannah (Hockley)
LONGDON Ann of Jonathan and Ann (White)
LONGDON Unnamed son of Benjamin and Ruth (Trueman)
LOWE John of Henry and Anne (Wood)
LOWE Mary of Charles and Ann (Daykin)
LYNAM James of James and Mary Ann (Handford)
MANNERS Mary Elizabeth of William and Ellen (Palfreyman)
MANNERS Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Harriet Manners
MARONY James of Maurice and Jane (Canny)
MARSHALL Catharine Sarah of Woolstan and Ann (Barker)
MARSHALL Henry of Robert and Abigail
MARSHALL Sarah Ann of Robert and Annie (Bentley)
MARSON Lucy Ann of Thomas and Ann (Noon)
MARTIN Mary Elizabeth
MARTIN Samuel of Thomas and Sarah (Storer)
MARTIN Sarah Ann of Isaac and Sarah (Evans)
MASON Ellen of William and Jane
MATTHEWS William of Thomas and Sarah (Knighton)
MEADOWS Mary Ann of John and Mary (Hardy formerly Freeman)
MEAKIN Edward of Edward and Jane (Saxton)
MEAKIN Emily [of Thomas and Catherine]
MEAKIN Frederick of William Henry and Sarah (Toulson)
MEAKIN Hannah of John and Hannah (Meer)
MEAKIN Walter of John and Elizabeth (Gillott)
MEER John of William and Mary (Harrison)
MEER William of John and Ellen (Harrison)
MELLOR Wright of John and Caroline (Meakin)
MERRY Annie Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth Hannah (Sudbury)
MITCHELL Catharine of James and Catherine (Davis)
MITCHELL Noah Isaiah of Henry and Elizabeth (Dixon)
MOON Herbert of Herbert and Elizabeth (Shaw)
MOORE Ellen of James and Sarah Ann (Clifford)
MOORE Elvina
MOORE Isaac of John and Sarah
MORLEY Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Jane Morley
MORLEY Jane Elizabeth of Moses and Catherine (Frost)
MORLEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Morley
MORTON Richard of John and Charlotte (Clarke)
MOSLEY Major Albert of William and Eliza (Haslam)
MOSS Joseph of John and Mary (Scattergood)
MOULT John of William and Catherine (Lowe)
MOUSLEY Mary Jane of Joseph and Phoebe (Johnson)
MULLEN Squire of John and Louisa
NAYLOR Arthur Andrew of Henry and Ruth Phoebe
NEAL Allen of Isaac and Ann Elizabeth (Goddard)
NEAL Elizabeth of John and Ann (Farnsworth)
NEAL Samuel of James and Catherine (Daykin)
NEALE John of Joseph and Phoebe (Wilson)
NEWBOLD Jane of William and Ann (Thorley)
NEWTON Eliza of John and Martha
NEWTON Thomas James
NOON Christopher [of John and Fanny]
NOON George
NORMAN Arthur of George Blake and Sarah (Potter)
OLDERSHAW Annie Georgiana of William and Hannah (Martin)
OLDERSHAW Thomas William of George and Mary
OSCROFT Henry of Henry and Hannah (Cooper)
PALING Ann Elizabeth
PALING Harry of Samuel and Ann (Beardsley)
PALMER Mary Ellen of Thomas and Sarah
PARKER Thomas of John and Jane (Crofts)
PARKIN Martha Ann of Thomas and Mary (Horsley)
PARKIN William of Isaac and Eliza
PERKINS William George [of Joseph and Ellen]
PINEGAR Bessey of William and Elizabeth
PINEGAR Phoebe of John and Phoebe
PLATTS Kate Elizabeth of James and Elizabeth
POLLARD Alice of Patrick and Sarah (Harrison)
POLLARD Mary Ann of Edwin and Sarah Ann
POLLARD Thomas Alan of Thomas and Martha (Sisson)
POTTER Anne of John and Ann (Potter)
POTTER Beatrice Alberta
POTTER James of Thomas and Eliza (Crooks)
POTTER Sarah of Thomas and Jane (Rigley)
POTTS Elizabeth [of Joseph and Eliza (Hallam)]
PRINCE Henry Kelsall of William and Sarah Ann Kenyon (Mather)
PUGH Sarah of Maddock and Christiana (Wright)
QUIN James of Thomas and Margaret (Marony)
QUIN Mary of Michael and Catherine (Dillan)
RATCLIFF Allen of William and Martha (Allen)
RATCLIFF Elizabeth [illegitimate/ of Ann Ratcliff]
RATCLIFF Thomas James
RAYNES Alfred Ernest of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wild)
RAYNES Emily of Walter and Ann
RAYNOR Samuel of John and Sarah
REDGATE William of Thomas and Mary Ann
REEVE John of William and Charlotte (Bostock)
REVILL George of James and Esther
REYNOLDS Emma Adela of John and Ann (Sisson)
RICE Hannah of Joseph and Catherine (Lee)
RICHARDS James of Samuel and Harriet (Chapman)
RICHARDS John of Samuel and Martha (Mellor)
RICHARDS Joseph of Joseph and Sarah (Booth)
RIGLEY Catharine of Samuel and Sarah (Frost)
RIGLEY Elijah of William and Elizabeth (Calladine)
RIGLEY Emma of John and Betsy (Smith formerly Straw)
RIGLEY George Henry
RIGLEY Ruth of George and Sarah Ann (Stokes)
RIGLEY Unnamed son of George and Ann (Pollard)
RILEY Charles of George and Mary (Straw)
RILEY George of James and Charlotte (Hart)
RILEY Woolstan Charles of Charles William and Emma (Davis)
ROLLINSON Thomas of William and Clara (Wood)
ROWLAND Margaret Ann
SANSOM Mary Elizabeth of George and Ann (Harrison)
SAXTON William of Abraham and Emma
SAXTON William
SCATTERGOOD Alfred of Samuel and Gertrude (Simpson)
SCATTERGOOD Arthur Lewis illegitimate/ of Clara Scattergood (and Lewis Calladine)
SCATTERGOOD Frederick Thomas of Joseph and Elizabeth (Chadwick)
SCATTERGOOD Jane of Thomas and Jane (Stenson)
SCATTERGOOD Unnamed daughter twin/ of James and Tamar (Dodd)
SCATTERGOOD Unnamed daughter twin/ of James and Tamar (Dodd)
SEARSON Samuel of Thomas and Sarah
SELLERS Kate Sarah [of William and Mary Jane (Rhodes)]
SEVERN Ann of John and Jane (Bloor)
SEVERN Elizabeth of William and Lucy (Barber)
SEVERN Fanny of William and Alice (Smedley)
SEVERN Thomas of Jonathan and Ann (Purse)
SEVERN Thomas Sills of Charles Sills and Elizabeth (Savage)
SHARLEY George of Charles and Ruth
SHAW Amos of Amos and Eliza (Trueman)
SHAW Edmund of Edmund and Eliza (Trueman)
SHAW Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Emma Shaw
SHAW Ellen of George and Sarah (Holmes)
SHAW John of Reuben and Ann (Carrier)
SHAW Louis of Louis and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
SHAW William Edwin of Frederick and Matilda (Hawley)
SHELTON Elizabeth Ann of William and Sarah (Gadd)
SHELTON John of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHELTON Stephen of Stephen and Anne (Herod)
SHEMWELL William Frederick of John Stevenson and Emma (Lovatt formerly Hodgkinson)
SHOOTER Arthur of Charles Lee and Sarah (Lacey)
SHREWSBURY Henry of John and Catherine
SILLS Elizabeth of Thomas and Elizabeth (White)
SILLS William Tomlinson of Thomas and Martha (Tomlinson)
SIMPSON Ann of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SINGLETON Mary of Jonathan and Sarah
SISSON Alice Amelia of John and Ada (Hallsworth)
SISSON James of William and Elizabeth (Smith)
SISSON John Henry of Samuel and Eliza (Cook)
SISSON Mary Louisa illegitimate/ of Harriet Sisson
SISSON Zitella of William and Jane (Webster)
SKINNER Unnamed son of Samuel James and Fanny (Daykin)
SMALLWOOD William Russell of Joseph and Ann
SMEDLEY Henry of William and Harriet (Scattergood)
SMEDLEY John of John and Hannah (Hardy)
SMITH Elizabeth of William and Betsey (Lee)
SMITH Fanny Lovicy of James and Betsey (Lacey)
SMITH Joseph of John and Eliza (Farnsworth)
SMITH Phineas Mundy of William and Millicent (Baker)
SMITH Sarah of John and Hannah (Robinson)
SMITH Sarah Ann of Herbert and Selina (Riley)
SMITH William of Samuel and Mary (Winfield)
SNEAP Martha of Thomas and Mary (Frost)
SOWTER Unnamed daughter of William and Caroline
SPENCER Catharine of Amos and Ann (Chadwick)
SPOUGE George William of John and Mary (Derry)
STANESBY John Richard of Thomas and Martha Susanna (Jennings)
STAPLETON Charles John of James and Frances (Derbyshire)
STAPLETON Frances Sarah of John and Emma (England)
STARBUCK Elizabeth of Daniel and Sarah (Chapman)
STARBUCK Mary illegitimate/ of Sarah Starbuck
STARBUCK Mary Ann of Samuel and Ruth (Clifford)
STENSON Fanny of Joseph and Jane (Lowndes)
STERLAND Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Hannah Sterland
STEVENS Amy Gertrude of John Wilson and Ann Catherine (Lucas)
STEVENSON Joseph of William and Jane (Morley)
STEVENSON Kezia illegitimate/ of Sarah Stevenson
STEVENSON Martha Ann of William and Eliza (Ball)
STEVENSON William of Joseph and Mary Ann (Scattergood)
STEWART James of James and Ruth
STIRLAND Henry of Daniel and Millicent (Baker)
STIRLAND John Henry of Joseph and Ann (Hart)
STIRLAND John William of John and Martha (Longdon)
STRAW Ann twin/ of Jacob and Millicent (Cresswell)
STRAW Charles of William and Ann (Davis)
STRAW Elizabeth of Henry and Martha (Priestley)
STRAW Harriet of William and Eliza Wilson (Ellis)
STRAW Henry illegitimate/ of Maria Straw
STRAW Lewis twin/ of Jacob and Millicent (Cresswell)
STRAW Maria of Vincent and Eliza (Crossley)
STRAW Matthew of Robert and Elizabeth (Woodward)
STRAW Ruth of Wheatley and Mary (Rigley)
STRAW Samuel of Charles and Charlotte (Stevenson)
STRAW Selina of William and Mary (Trueman)
STRAW Unnamed daughter of Samuel and Ann (Lees)
STRAW Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Hannah Straw
STRAW Wheatley of Joseph and Caroline (Straw)
STRAW William illegitimate/ of Hannah Straw
STREET Arthur of William and Ann (Knighton)
STREET James of James and Catherine (Daykin)
SUDBURY Harry Marcus of William and Mary (Gamble)
SULLIVAN John of John and Ann (Gerraty)
SUTTON Harriet of David and Mary Ann
SWANN Richard of Frederick and Ann
SWANWICK Albert Edward of Thomas and Emma (Scarborough)
TATHAM Aaron of Elijah and Ann (Clark)
TATHAM Eliza Ann of Herbert and Martha (Bamford)
TAYLOR Agnes of Henry and Eliza (Pynegar)
TAYLOR Joseph Henry of William and Eliza (Parkin)
THOMPSON Charles of Charles and Sarah (Fish)
THOMPSON Elizabeth of John and Sarah
THORLEY William James of James and Ellen (Drury)
THORNHILL John illegitimate/ of Fanny Thornhill
THORNHILL Matilda of Samuel and Mary
THORNHILL William of Richard and Hannah (Parker)
THORP Richard of William and Sarah (Woolley)
THORPE Augustus Henry of James and Jane
TILSON Adeline of Samuel and Eliza (Hallam)
TOMLINSON Joseph of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOOTH Frank of George and Emma Toogood (Radford)
TOPLISS Arthur of George and Sarah (Potts)
TRUEMAN Isaac John illegitimate/ of Mary Trueman
TRUEMAN Samuel of William and Priscilla (Richards)
TRUEMAN Samuel of James and Esther (Lowe)
TRUEMAN Sarah Ann of James and Ann (Marriott)
TRUEMAN Walter of William and Sophia (Buxton)
TURGOOSE Birkett of Birkett and Elizabeth
TURNER Mary Emma of William Wright and Eliza (Killingley)
TURNER William
TURTON Samuel of George and Elizabeth (Stevens)
TWELLS William of William and Mary (Malin)
VARLEY Eliza of Isaiah and Mary
VICKERS Mary Elizabeth
WALKER Catharine of Thomas and Bridget (Finn)
WALKER Joseph of John and Catherine
WALKER William Charles of Phillip Burton and Elizabeth (Wayne)
WARD Samuel of John and Alice (Noon formerly Booth)
WARREN Martha of Robert and Hannah (Harrison)
WATKINSON Charles of Robert and Susanna
WATSON Annie of William and Eliza (Booth)
WATSON Gertrude of Charles and Ann
WATSON Stephen of Joseph and Sarah (Fulwood)
WEBSTER Ann Maria of Barnabas and Rebecca (Stanley)
WEST Mary of John and Ann (Beardsley)
WEST Matilda of William and Catherine
WEST William
WHALLEY Harriet of George and Margaret
WHEATLEY Albert of Charles and Ann (Hurst)
WHEATLEY Benjamin of John and Caroline (Bostock)
WHEATLEY John of John Wilson and Elizabeth (Sisson)
WHEELDON Lucy Sargeant of Amos and Sarah (Sanders)
WHEELDON Mary of Samuel and Harriet (Cook)
WHITE Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Phoebe White
WHITE Ellen of William and Abigail (Smith)
WHITE Mary Amelia of Thomas and Maria (Sudbury)
WHITEHEAD Adeline of Samuel Charles and Mary Ann (Brackenbury)
WHITEHEAD William of Richard and Eliza (Hofton)
WHITEHOUSE Fanny Laura of John and Harriet (Goodchild)
WHITEMAN Thomas of Thomas and Mary
WIGLEY Arthur of Kendrick and Elizabeth (Long)
WILCOX Norman Newsom
WILD William Henry
WILKINSON Fanny of James and Martha (Buxton)
WILKINSON Sarah Ann [of John and Sarah]
WILLIAMSON Ellen of Samuel and Elizabeth (Foss)
WINFIELD George of George and Eliza (Knighton)
WINFIELD Hannah of James and Mary (Sheldon)
WINFIELD John of Thomas and Selina (Robinson) (previously unnamed)
WINFIELD Unnamed son of Thomas and Selina (Robinson) (later John)
WOOD John William
WOODROFFE Mary Hannah of John and Ann (Fox)
WOODS John of Dennis and Margaret (McDonald)
WOODWARD Edna Ann of William and Eliza (White)
WOOLLISCROFT Sarah of William and Sarah (Stanesby)
WRAGG Ann of George and Mary (Musson)
WRIGHT Annie of George and Elizabeth
WRIGHT Eliza of Joseph and Elizabeth (Scattergood)
WRIGHT John of John and Ellen (Smith)
WRIGHT John William
WRIGHT Joseph of John and Selina (Skevington)
WRIGHT Mary of John and Caroline
WRIGHT Samuel Henry of Samuel and Elizabeth (Cutts)
WRIGHT Sarah of Thomas and Ann (Bostock)
WRIGHT William of David and Eliza (Phillips)
WRIGHT William of Edward and Mary Ann (Clay)
YORK Lucy of Joseph and Sarah (Riley)
YOUNGMAN Walter Charles of Benjamin and Eliza (Jackson)