1856 Births

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Surname Other names Notes
ABBOTT Sarah of William and Catherine (Musson)
ALDRED Amy of Richard and Sarah (Cowlishaw)
ALLEN Frederick Beard
ALLEN Isaiah
ALLEN Richard of Joseph and Betsy (Taylor)
ALLEN Thomas
ALLEN Unnamed daughter of Edward and Hannah
ALLEN Unnamed daughter of Joseph and Mary
ALLEN William of Isaac and Catherine
ARGILE Unnamed son of William and Catherine (Wallis)
ARGYLE Eleanor of John and Sarah
ASKEW Ann twin/ of James and Mary
ASKEW Elizabeth twin/ of James and Mary
ATKIN Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Ann Atkin
ATTENBOROUGH Unnamed son of Thomas and Mary (Sisson)
AUSTIN Ann Elizabeth of William and Hannah
BAILEY Georgiana of Joseph and Sarah (Shaw)
BAILEY Hezekiah William
BAILEY Lydia of James and Hannah (Houson/Howson)
BAKER Annie Ellen of John and Elizabeth
BAKER Arthur of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
BAKER Edward of William and Sarah (West alias Harrison)
BAKER John of Charles and Ann
BAMFORD Elizabeth
BAMFORD Georgiana of Thomas and Ruth (Straw)
BARNES Elizabeth of John and Ann (Ellis)
BARTON Eliza of Solomon and Maria (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Frederick of William and Eliza (Shaw)
BEARDSLEY George of Alfred and Elizabeth (Grant)
BEARDSLEY James of Henry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEARDSLEY John of Solomon and Eliza (Mellor)
BEARDSLEY Joseph of Edmund and Mary (Scattergood)
BEARDSLEY Juliana of Enoch and Elizabeth (Severn)
BEARDSLEY Maria of Edwin and Martha (Smith)
BEARDSLEY Mary Louisa of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cartwright)
BEARDSLEY Sarah Ann of Elijah and Sarah (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Susanna [of Enoch and Hannah (Straw)]
BEECROFT Charles of John and Mary
BEER John of Henry and Dorothy (Aldred)
BELTON Mary Jane
BENNETT Maria of William and Maria (Smith)
BENNETT Sarah of Joseph and Sarah (Riley)
BERESFORD Elizabeth of Edward and Hannah
BERESFORD Jane Wilson illegitimate/ of Susan Beresford
BERESFORD John of Joseph and Emma
BESTWICK Sally [of Francis and Elizabeth]
BESTWICK Thomas of Thomas and Elizabeth Clay (Wright)
BESTWICK Unnamed daughter of John and Phoebe (Earnshaw)
BESTWICK Unnamed son of John and Fanny
BIRCUMSHAW Robert of Joseph and Sarah (Smedley)
BIRCUMSHAW Unnamed son of Stephen and Mary (Walker)
BIRKS Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Mary Birks
BIRLEY Ann of George and Maria (Hill)
BLAKE Robert of John and Hannah (Choulerton)
BLYTH William illegitimate/ of Charlotte Blyth (formerly Matthews) (and William Carrier)
BOAM Arthur of Henry Joseph and Hannah (Bestwick)
BOOTH Charles Edward of John Bedridge and Emily (Butler)
BOOTH James Frederick [of James and Mary]
BOOTH John William
BOOTH William Henry
BOSTOCK Ann of Thomas and Eliza (Calladine)
BOSTOCK Arthur Gratton of Joseph and Sarah (Starbuck)
BOSTOCK George William of Thomas and Mary (Henshaw)
BOSTOCK John of William and Hannah (Rolleston)
BOSTOCK Sarah illegitimate/ of Caroline Bostock
BOSTOCK Sarah Ann illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Bostock (and Samuel Tomlinson)
BOSTOCK Thomas of John and Ann (Smedley)
BOSTOCK Uriah of John and Catherine (Calladine)
BOSWELL Ada of Theophilus and Elizabeth (Freeman)
BRADLEY Alexander of Thomas and Emma (Lindley)
BRADLEY Emma of William and Harriet (Beard)
BRAMLEY Ann of George and Hannah (Beardsley)
BRAMLEY John of James and Sarah (Baker)
BRAMLEY Richard William illegitimate/ of Rebecca Bramley
BRENTNALL Thomas Henry of William and Mary (Chapman)
BRIGGS Joseph Henry of Joseph and Mary
BRIGGS Mary of James and Mary (Starbuck)
BROCKLEHURST Phoebe of John and Caroline (Fletcher)
BROUGH Charlotte of George and Sarah
BROUGH John of George and Fanny
BROUGHTON James of Joseph and Hannah (Wright alias Clay)
BROWN Hannah of Edwin and Esther (Horridge)
BROWN Jane of William and Mary Ann (Allen)
BROWN Jane [of William and Mary Ann]
BROWN Joseph [of Elias and Louisa]
BROWN Mary Ann [of John and Ellen/Helen]
BROWN Sarah [of Amos and Sarah]
BROWN Walter Absalom [of Samuel and Catherine]
BROWN William Rawden of John and Ann (Bostock)
BROWNLOW Martha Hannah of Joseph and Ruth Hannah
BULLOCK Joseph of Richard and Jane (Weston)
BURFORD Elizabeth of Thomas and Ann (Pepper)
BUTLER Annie of Edward and Harriet (Parker)
BUTT Martha Julia of James and Ann (Bamford)
BUXTON Enos of Robert and Martha
BUXTON Peter of John and Elizabeth (Hooley)
BUXTON Richard of William and Elizabeth (Tatham)
BUXTON William George illegitimate/ of Hannah Buxton
CALERDINE William Arthur
CALEY William
CALLADINE Alfred of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CALLADINE Ann of George and Mary (Wheatley)
CALNAN Martin of Martin and Mary (Tymon formerly Welsh)
CARMONT John of David and Elizabeth (Sisson)
CARNALL George of Francis and Maria (Edwards)
CHAMBERS Unnamed son of John and Ann
CHAMBERS Walter Edward of Thomas and Ann (Bilbrough)
CHAPMAN Mary of Job and Mary
CLARKE Joseph of John and Charlotte (Bateman)
CLAY Ann Belfield of Henry and Ann (Belfield)
CLAY Samuel illegitimate/ of Lucy Clay
CLAYWORTH Annie Mary of William and Hannah
COOK Hannah of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smith)
COOK Mary Ann aka Mary Ann Smith/ of James and Betsy (Smedley alias Lacey)
COOK Unnamed son of John and Ann (Oldham)
COOKE Mary Stella of Robert Drake and Seletia Houldsworth (Bowman)
COOPER Harriet
COPE Sarah Ann of Joseph and Ann (Meaking)
COPE Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Ann Cope
COWLEY Jesse John of Jesse J and Sophia
CRESSWELL Harriet Alice of Thomas and Emma (Meakin)
CRESSWELL Jane Eliza of Paul and Mary (Holmes)
CRICH Joseph of Adam and Maria (Webster)
CROOKS Emma of John and Lydia (Potter)
CROSS Ruth of Edward and Mary (Barnes)
DALY Catharine of John and Mary (Meara)
DANE Susanna of James and Eliza (Dilkes)
DAVIES Joseph [aka Joseph Davis/of James and Ann (Robinson)]
DAY John
DAYKIN Herbert of Joseph and Mary
DAYKIN Mary of Alfred and Mary (Moon formerly Manners)
DEAN Martha Alice of George and Alice (Warren)
DICKEN Unnamed son of William and Jane Lucy
DISNEY Eli of Samuel and Mary (Daykin)
DIXON Elizabeth of Henry and Eliza (Harrison)
DIXON Joseph
DODD Catharine of James and Zillah (Phillips)
DRIVER Joseph of William and Juliana (Rice)
DURO Martha of William and Lucretia (Rigley)
EATON Henry Edward
EBSWORTH Emmeline Cazalet of George Searle and Sarah Mary Ann (Cazalet)
EGGLESTON Julia Matilda of John Gibson and Julia (Simpson)
ELEY George of John and Ann
ELEY Thomas
ELEY Thomas Joseph of Joseph and Betsy (Carrington)
ELEY William of Isaac and Harriet (Bradley)
ELLIOTT Eustace Rawson
ELLIOTT Sarah Hannah
ELLIS Edwin of Edwin and Ruth (Beardsley)
ELLIS Elizabeth of Moses and Mary (Parsons)
EMINSON Betsey Elizabeth of Henry and Charlotte (Trueman)
EVANS Unnamed daughter of Joseph and Sarah
EVANS William of Stephen and Hannah
EYRE Hannah
EYRE Samuel Johnson [illegitimate/ of Palin Johnson and Martha Eyre]
FARNSWORTH Unnamed daughter triplet/ of William and Caroline (Smith)
FARNSWORTH Unnamed son triplet/ of William and Caroline (Smith)
FARNSWORTH Unnamed son triplet/ of William and Caroline (Smith)
FIDLER Thomas of John and Sarah
FISH James illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Fish
FISH Julietta of Luke and Mary (Freeman)
FISHER Annice of Robert and Martha (Fisher)
FISHER Herbert of William and Sarah (Bennett)
FISHER Millicent of James and Mary (Whiteman)
FISHER William
FLETCHER Amelia of Samuel and Judith (Beardsley)
FLETCHER Robert of Robert and Mary Ann (Pounder)
FLINDERS Samuel of Thomas and Ann (Trueman)
FLINT Annie Elizabeth of John and Ann (Frost)
FLINT Mary Ann
FOSTER Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth (Paxton)
FOSTER Joseph illegitimate/ of Harriet Foster
FOWKES George of John and Anne
FRETWELL Benjamin of Benjamin and Ann (Langsdale)
FRETWELL Enos of William and Elizabeth (Roome)
FRETWELL Isaac of Isaac and Zillah Elizabeth (Smedley)
FRETWELL Martha of Samuel and Sarah (Pollard)
FROST Elizabeth of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hunt)
FULWOOD Elizabeth Ann of Henry McKeaver and Hannah (Fletcher)
GEORGE Martha illegitimate/ of Ellen George
GILBERT Unnamed daughter of Samuel and Charlotte (Grimley)
GILLOTT Sarah of Reuben and Jane
GODDARD James of Thomas and Ann (Tunnicliffe)
GOODACRE Eliza Ann of Samuel and Sarah Eliza (Parker)
GRAINGER Thomas of John and Elizabeth
GRAY William of William and Mary (Hibbert)
GREGORY Benjamin of William and Martha (Cartwright)
GRIMLEY Eliza illegitimate/ of Ellen Grimley
GROSE John of John and Elizabeth (Hinds)
GRUNDY Jane of Robert and Eliza (Buss)
GRUNDY Mary Elizabeth of Walter and Hannah
GURRY Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Mary Gurry
HALL John of Joseph and Sarah
HALLAM Caroline of Francis and Rebecca (Hartshorn)
HALLAM Hannah of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLAM James of John and Ellen (Bostock)
HALLAM John of Francis and Mary (Horridge)
HALLAM Martha of Thomas and Mary (Musson formerly Bestwick)
HALLAM Mary Ann of Enoch and Eve (Riley)
HALLAM Sarah Maria of Robert and Elizabeth (Durow)
HALLSWORTH Alfred illegitimate/ of Hannah Hallsworth
HAMPSON Fanny of Charles and Jane (Morley)
HARBOUR Mary Ann of Simeon and Elizabeth Mary (Wellman)
HARDY Emma illegitimate/ of Ann Hardy
HARDY Henry of Matthew and Eliza (Wallis)
HARDY Lucy of Solomon and Lydia
HARDY Rachel illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Hardy
HARDY Thomas of Thomas and Ann (Baker)
HARRISON Agnes Ann of Henry and Ann (Turton)
HARRISON James of Joseph and Elizabeth Ann (Leadbetter/Lebeter)
HARRISON Joseph of Albert and Elizabeth (Tarlton)
HAYES Unnamed daughter of Michael and Ellen (Hayes)
HAZLEWOOD Caroline [of Edwin and Catherine (Webster)]
HENSHAW Angelina of Samuel and Fanny (Fretwell formerly Barber)
HENSHAW Clara of James and Mary (Barber)
HENSHAW George Henry of Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
HENSHAW Jane of William and Sarah (Aldred)
HENSHAW John illegitimate/ of Mary Henshaw
HENSHAW Matilda of James and Sarah (Lowe)
HENSHAW Sarah illegitimate/ of Mary Henshaw
HENSHAW Thomas of John and Eliza (Tyler)
HENSHAW Unnamed daughter of John and Mary Ann (White)
HENSHAW William of John and Eliza (Straw)
HENSON Charlotte of John and Sarah (Morris)
HEPPENSTALL Henry of Robert and Hannah
HERON John William of Ebenezer Sloane and Elizabeth (Ayrton)
HICKEN Sarah Lavinia of Hiran and Sarah (Hazzard)
HICKING Arthur James [of Thomas and Ann]
HICKING Esther Ann
HILL William of William and Elizabeth
HINCHLIFFE Sarah Ann of John and Ann (Sale)
HOBLEY Ebenezer John
HOGG William [of Christopher and Martha]
HOLLAND Isaac of Henry and Mirah (Ball)
HOLMES Joseph of John and Sarah
HOLMES Mary Ann Eliza illegitimate/ of Mary Holmes
HORRIDGE William of John and Mary (Pollard)
HORSLEY John of Enoch and Mary (Hickling)
HORSLEY Zadock Samuel of Joseph and Diana (Bamford)
HOUSLEY Ann triplet/ of Christopher and Eliza (Lacey)
HOUSLEY Unnamed daughter triplet/ of Christopher and Eliza (Lacey)
HOUSLEY Unnamed daughter triplet/ of Christopher and Eliza (Lacey)
HUFTON Jemima of Matthew and Emma (Burrows)
HUFTON John George
HUNT John of John and Jane
INGER Jane of James and Mary
INGER John of John and Hannah
INGER Maria of Elijah and Mary
JOHNSON Aaron of James and Jane (Bramley)
JOHNSON Richard of William and Millicent (Sterland)
JOHNSON Samuel of George and Hannah (Kerry)
JOHNSON Thomas of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mee)
JOHNSON Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Mee)
JOHNSON William illegitimate/ of Charlotte Johnson
JONES Edwin Thomas of William and Jane (Daricott)
KEIGHTLEY Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Martha Keightley
KELLY Henry of Henry and Sarah Ann (Boam)
KELLY Sarah Ann of William and Mary (Shaw)
KEOUGH Mary of Patrick and Catherine (Deverney)
KERRY Arthur of Thomas and Phoebe
KERRY Hannah Rebecca of William and Elizabeth
KING Matilda of Joseph and Elizabeth/Betsy (Standley formerly Hanson)
KIRK Charlotte of Thomas and Ann (Rawson)
KNIGHT Mary Ann of George and Azubah Ann (Blatherwick)
KNIGHTON Alfred of George and Mary (Booth)
KNIGHTON Dau of John & Ann of John and Ann (Duro)
KNIGHTON Grace of Frederick and Maria (Duro)
KNIGHTON Samuel of Samuel and Emma (Noon)
KNOWLES Elizabeth Ann of William and Ann (Brown)
LACEY Arthur illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Lacey
LACEY Mary Ann of Robert and Ann (Cope)
LACEY William of Alfred and Mary (Astill)
LAMB Ann of John and Hannah (Wildgoose)
LANE Sam of Robert and Ann (Every)
LEBETER Fanny of Joseph and Matilda (Swain)
LEBETER Mary Eliza of Robert and Mary (Straw)
LEBETER Samuel of David and Mary (Straw)
LILLEY Amy of Charles and Miriam
LILLY Ruth of William and Mary
LIMB Isaiah
LIMB Reuben of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LIMB William of William and Amelia (Johnson)
LOWE Annie Mary of Henry and Ann (Wood)
LOWE Catharine of Samuel and Mary (Beardsley)
LOWE Elizabeth of Joseph and Emily (Pitt)
LOWE Fanny of Charles and Ann (Daykin)
LOWE George Edward of William and Mary
LOWE Solomon of Isaac and Charlotte (Longdon)
MARSHALL John Henry of Robert and Abigail
MARSON James of Thomas and Ann (Noon)
MARTIN Daniel Thomas of Samuel and Martha (Limb)
MARTIN John of John and Ellen
MARTIN Samuel of John and Mary
MASON Sarah Jane of Moses and Mary Ann (Wilcoxson)
MATHER Hannah of Thomas and Elizabeth (Straw)
MAYCOCK Jesse of Joseph and Ellen (Smith)
MAYOR Sarah of James and Sarah
McDERMOTT John of John and Mary (McGuire)
MEAKIN Ann of Thomas and Charlotte (Straw)
MEAKIN Ann of Thomas and Catherine
MEAKIN Frank of John and Elizabeth (Smedley)
MEAKIN Joseph Daniel illegitimate/ of Emma Meakin (and Frederick Knighton)
MEAKIN Martha of William and Martha (Granger)
MEAKIN Mary Ann of John and Hannah (Meer)
MEE Samuel
MEER George of George and Ann (Keightley)
MEER Sarah Ann of William and Mary (Harrison)
MELLOR Joseph of John and Caroline (Meakin)
MILLER Samuel Frost of John and Maria (Burrows)
MOORE Jane of Thomas and Harriet (Boam)
MORLEY Elizabeth of John and Eleanor (Horridge)
MOSS Mary Ann of John and Emma (Noon)
MOSS Sophia of Samuel and Sophia (Hardy)
MUSSON Elizabeth of John and Ann
MUSSON Jane of Edward and Phoebe (Henshaw)
NEAL Elizabeth
NESTOR Hannah of Feargus and Mary (Casey formerly Hogan)
NEVELL William
NEWTON Edward of William and Phoebe
NEWTON William
NOON John Henry of William and Mary (Syson)
NOON William of John and Fanny
O'CONNER Unnamed son of William and Mary Ann (Paxton)
ODAR Mary of Michael and Mary (Killigan formerly Hurley)
OLDERSHAW Isaac of William and Hannah (Martin)
OSBORN Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Susan Osborn
OSBORNE Arthur of Joseph and Harriet
PAGETT Ann of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Simpson)
PALMER Hannah of Thomas and Sarah
PARKER George of John and Jane (Cross)
PARKES Agnes Jane of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
PARKES Fanny of Francis and Martha (Francis)
PARKINS Robert of Charles and Charlotte (Johnson)
PASS Emma of Joseph and Sarah (Meakin)
PEARSON Elizabeth
PEARSON Emma of Henry and Pamela (Wright)
PERKINS Unnamed son of John and Susan (Knighton)
PICKERING Fanny of Francis and Mary Ann (Howard)
PITT William Robert of William Robert and Sarah (Rigley)
PLATTS Mira of James and Hannah (Flinders)
POLLARD Alice illegitimate/ of Charlotte Pollard
POLLARD Edna Ann of Thomas and Martha (Sisson)
POLLARD Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Sarah Pollard
POOLE John of John Joseph and Catherine (Smith)
POTTER Alfred of Thomas and Elizabeth (Woodward)
POTTER Catharine
POTTER Elizabeth of Thomas and Eliza (Crooks)
POTTER Florence East of Samuel and Ann (Streets)
POTTER Louise of Thomas and Jane (Rigley)
POTTER Tom of Thomas and Ellen (Hopkinson)
PRINCE Sarah Ann
QUIN Ann of James and Mary (Manyon formerly Grady)
QUIN James of Michael and Catherine (Dillan)
RANDALL Thomas Harrison [of Henry and Abigail]
RATCLIFF George of George and Priscilla (Street)
RATCLIFF Thomas [of William and Elizabeth]
REEVE Elijah of William and Charlotte (Bostock)
REEVE Sarah Ann of Thomas and Sarah (Ellis)
REYNOLDS Ezekiel of John and Ann (Sisson)
RICHARDS John of William and Martha (Baker)
RICHARDS John Samuel of John and Thomasin (Birch)
RICHARDS Samuel of Samuel and Martha (Mellor)
RILEY Eliza of Samuel and Ann (Simpson)
RILEY Eliza of William and Ann (Eaton)
RILEY George
RILEY Harriet of George and Mary (Straw)
RILEY Helen Frances of William and Maria (Straw)
SAVAGE Frederick
SAXTON Jane of William and Hannah
SAXTON Susan of Abraham and Emma
SCATTERGOOD Son of George & Elizabeth of George and Elizabeth (Turton)
SEVERN Thomas of James and Betsey (Smith)
SHAW Hannah of Isaac and Eliza (Knighton)
SHAW Henry
SHAW Henry William of Lewis William and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
SHAW Jane Maria of Samuel and Jane (Smith)
SHAW Juliana of Frederick and Marinah Matilda (Hawley)
SHAW Mary Ann Ratcliff [of William and Mary]
SHAW William of William and Hannah (Kay)
SHAW William of Levi Allen and Sarah (Marshall)
SHAW William Sanders of Henry and Elizabeth (Sanders)
SHELTON Edward of William and Sarah (Gadd)
SHELTON Thomas of Joseph Church and Mary Ann (Riley)
SHREWSBURY Margaret twin/ of John and Catherine
SHREWSBURY Mary twin/ of John and Catherine
SHRIVES Sarah of George and Eliza
SILCOCK Samuel of Matthew and Ann (Pritchitt)
SIMPSON Eliza of William and Phoebe (Barks formerly Brown)
SIMPSON Emily Jane of David Osborne and Ann (Bunting)
SIMPSON Samuel illegitimate/ of Mary Simpson
SIMPSON Samuel of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SINGLETON Elizabeth of Robert and Sarah
SINGLETON Joseph of John and Hannah
SISON Eliza aka Eliza Syson/ of Abraham and Hannah (Farnsworth)
SISSON Elizabeth Ann of Ephraim and Mary (Clower)
SISSON Jemima of Robert and Elizabeth (George)
SKEAVINGTON Catharine of Henry and Sarah (Woodward)
SKEAVINGTON Mary Knighton of Robert and Sarah Ann (Blount)
SLATER David William of George and Catherine (Day)
SLATTERY Bridget of Edward and Julia (Tobin)
SLEIGH Millicent
SMALLEY William of Samuel and Elizabeth
SMALLWOOD Lydia of Joseph and Ann
SMEDLEY Elizabeth of William and Harriet (Scattergood)
SMEDLEY Sarah illegitimate/ of Hannah Smedley
SMEDLEY William of John and Hannah (Hardy)
SMITH Alfred of William and Maria (Read)
SMITH Elizabeth of William and Hannah (Smith)
SMITH Esther of Samuel and Eliza (Syson)
SMITH George
SMITH Joseph of Samuel and Mary (Winfield)
SMITH Maria of Isaiah and Rachel (Hutchinson)
SMITH Sarah Jane of Moses and Sarah (Smith)
SMITH Thomas of William and Millicent (Baker)
SMITH William of William and Hannah (Fletcher)
SMITH William of John and Sarah (Cook)
SMITH William of James and Ann (Trueman)
SNEAP John of Thomas and Mary Ann (Frost)
SOUTH Charles
SPENCER Ann of Samuel and Ann
SPENCER David illegitimate/ of Harriet Spencer (formerly Cooper)
STAFFORD Adeliza of Thomas and Hannah (Simpson)
STANLEY Priscilla of Peter and Julia (Sisson)
STARBUCK John of Abraham and Mary (Cox)
STERLING William of Samuel and Elizabeth (Straw)
STEVENSON John of James and Ann (Riley)
STEVENSON Joseph of Joseph and Mary Ann (Scattergood)
STEVENSON Thomas of John and Jane
STOCKS George Brady of John and Emma (Raynor)
STOCKS Rebecca [of William and Kezia (Stocks)]
STRAW Ellen of Joseph and Caroline (Straw)
STRAW Ellen of Thomas and Jane (Sills)
STRAW Esther of Robert and Elizabeth (Woodward)
STRAW Hannah of Norman and Catherine (Goddard)
STRAW Martha of Vincent and Eliza (Crossley)
STRAW Pamela of Charles and Eliza (Moon)
STRAW Thomas of William and Mary (Trueman)
STRAW William of William and Eliza Wilson (Ellis)
STREET Phoebe of Samuel and Maria (White)
SUDBURY Edward Burgin of Charles and Marinah (Burgin-Richardson)
SUDBURY Lizzie Jane of William and Mary (Gamble)
SUTTON William of David and Mary Ann
SWAIN Charles Lavender of Thomas and Sarah (Hardy formerly Skevington)
SWAN Juliana
SYKES John Sike of Henry and Sarah Ann (Bird)
TATHAM Hannah of John and Elizabeth (Caulton)
TATHAM Joseph of Herbert and Martha (Bamford)
TATHAM Samuel of Gervase and Charlotte (Toplis)
TAYLOR Eliza of William and Eliza (Parkin)
TAYLOR Mary Ann of John and Phoebe (Fletcher)
THOMPSON Julia of Charles and Sarah (Fish)
THORLEY Jeremiah of Henry and Tamar (Fulwood)
THORNHILL Harriet of Thomas and Mary (Wilkinson)
THORP William of James and Rebecca (Parkin)
THORPE Sarah Ann
TILSON Benaiah illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Tilson
TILSON James of James and Sarah (Smith)
TOMLINSON Martha of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOPLIS Mary Ann of Robert and Martha (Chandler)
TOVEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Ann Tovey
TRUEMAN Amos of Elijah and Ann (Goddard alias Brown)
TRUEMAN Henry illegitimate/ of Hannah Trueman
TRUEMAN Sarah Ann of Elijah and Susannah (Hunt)
TRUEMAN William illegitimate/ of Ann Trueman
TRUSSELL Joseph of John and Jane (Chambers)
WAINWRIGHT Betsey of Robert and Ann (Ross)
WALKER Ellen of Robert and Eliza (Attenborough)
WALL Sarah Ann of Enoch and Hannah
WALLIS Sarah of William and Mary (Hardy)
WALTERS William [of George and Jane]
WALTON Tom Sigsworth of Thomas and Mary (Earle)
WARD Sarah of John and Ann (Chetwin)
WATSON Elizabeth
WATSON Henrietta of William and Eliza (Booth)
WEBB William of William and Elizabeth (Crooks)
WEBSTER Eli Holt [of Thomas and Eliza]
WEBSTER Isaac of Edmund and Charlotte (Aram)
WEBSTER Isaiah of James and Ellen (Allcock)
WEBSTER Marinah of William and Mary (Tatham)
WEBSTER Samuel of Barnabas and Rebecca (Stanley)
WEST Charlotte
WEST Clara of Henry Hale and Elizabeth (Whitwell)
WEST Harriet Isabella
WESTON Unnamed daughter of Joseph and Georgiana/Georgina (Davis)
WHEATLEY Alfred of Samuel and Mary Ann (Sudbury)
WHEATLEY Harriet of William and Mary (Fretwell)
WHEATLEY Mary of William and Louisa (Cook)
WHEATLEY Unnamed son of Charles and Ann (Hurst)
WHITCHURCH Eliza Hallam of John and Eliza (Hallam)
WHITE Fanny of William and Fanny (Farnsworth)
WHITE Fanny of Joseph and Mary
WHITE Hannah of Robert and Sarah (Turton)
WHITE Harriet of Thomas and Mary (Morley)
WHITE William of William and Abigail (Smith)
WHITEHEAD Arthur of Samuel and Sarah (Bullivant)
WHITEHEAD Frederick of Henry and Maria (Newman)
WHITEHOUSE Florence Edith Harriet of Edwin Smith and Harriet (Fletcher)
WHITEMAN Eliza of George and Martha
WIGLEY Patrick Ward illegitimate/ of Annis Wigley
WILKINS Sarah Ann of Thomas and Mary Ann (Hardy)
WILSON George Henry of Francis and Ann
WINFIELD Emma of John and Ann (Stevenson)
WOODHOUSE Alice of William and Julia (Calladine)
WOODS Stephen of Dennis and Margaret (McDonald)
WRAGG Martha Ellen of Edwin and Ann (Jessop)
WRAGG Sarah of George and Mary (Musson)
WRIGHT Charles Henry of John and Elizabeth
WRIGHT Eliza Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth (Scattergood)
WRIGHT Henry of John and Elizabeth (Clay)
WRIGHT John of David and Eliza (Phillips)
WRIGHT Josiah of William and Ann
WRIGHT Rebecca of Edward and Mary Ann (Clay)
WRIGHT Thomas of John and Caroline
WRIGHT William