1864 Births


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Surname Other names Notes
ABELL James Richard of James and Bessey Adelaide (Abell)
ADAMS Jane of Walter and Ann (Halley)
ADKIN Joseph of William and Sarah Ann (Allen)
ALDRED Aaron of James and Eliza (Thompson)
ALDRED Annie of Joseph and Mary Ann (Reynolds)
ALDRED Elizabeth Ann of Edward and Martha (Rice)
ALLEN John Henry of Joseph and Harriet
ALLSOPP Elizabeth Ann of Walter and Ann (Hunt)
ANGELL Arthur John of John and Susan
ANTHONY Frederick of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Bailey)
ARMSTRONG Eliza Harriet of William and Harriet (Clemerson)
ASKEW Joseph William
ATTENBOROUGH Mary Jane of William and Mary (Beard)
ATTENBOROUGH William of Isaac and Sarah (Beardsley)
BAILEY Sarah of Henry and Elizabeth (Ross)
BAKER Catharine of Charles and Ann (Clay)
BAKER Isaac of Thomas and Charlotte (Simpson)
BAKER John of John and Fanny (Sisson)
BAKER Ruth of Thomas and Mary (Wright)
BALL Benjamin of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Tatham)
BALL Nathan of Nathan Clarke and Eliza (Gillott)
BAMFORD John illegitimate/ of Charlotte Bamford
BAMFORD Joseph [of John and Emma (Bircumshaw)]
BARBER Thomas [of John and Rachel (Carrington)]
BARKER Charles Evans of Alexander Mellor and Martha (Evans)
BARKER Florence of Emanuel and Hannah Rawdin (Brown)
BARKER John illegitimate/ of Ann Barker
BARKER John Thomas of John and Alice (Austin)
BARKER Mary Jane Harriet Elizabeth
BARKS Esther
BARNES Sarah of Joseph and Caroline (Johnson)
BARTON Jane Ann illegitimate/ of Mary Barton
BARTON William of Enoch and Melissa Ann (Knighton)
BATES Frazer illegitimate/ of Frances Bates
BEARDSLEY Arthur of Charles and Ann (Pickburn)
BEARDSLEY Charles of Frederick and Selina (Beard)
BEARDSLEY Frank of Solomon and Matilda Potter (Sudbury)
BEARDSLEY George of Francis and Emma (Barber)
BEARDSLEY Jane of Thomas and Harriet (Coleman)
BEARDSLEY John Albert of Amos and Sarah (Birch)
BEARDSLEY John Richard of Isaac and Elizabeth (West)
BEARDSLEY Philip of Mark and Catherine (Phillips)
BEARDSLEY Solomon of James and Ruth (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY William of William and Charlotte (Davis)
BEECROFT George of Samuel and Elizabeth
BEER Sarah Ann of Henry and Dorothy (Aldred/Aldridge)
BENNETT Ann of John and Jane (Packwood)
BENNETT Mary of Ralph and Martha (Cook)
BENNIESTON Mary Ann [of Joseph and Elizabeth]
BERESFORD John Edward [of Edward/Edwin and Eliza]
BERKIN Thomas of John and Eliza
BESTWICK Agnes of Jeremiah and Sarah Ann (Tilson)
BESTWICK Catharine of William and Elizabeth
BESTWICK Unnamed daughter of John and Phoebe (Earnshaw)
BIRCUMSHAW Lucy Sargent of Robert and Harriet (Sanders)
BIRKS Allen of Aaron and Charlotte (Bostock)
BLACKBURN Mary Ann Louisa of George Thomas and Louisa (Cope)
BLAKE William Richard of John and Hannah (Choulerton)
BLOUNT Elizabeth of Robert and Jane (Shardlow)
BLOUNT Samuel of Henry and Mary Ann (Henshaw)
BOAM Emily of William and Jane (Harvey)
BOAM Frederick Henry of Amos and Emily (Pares)
BONSER Eliza of Uriah and Mary (White)
BOOTH Alfred George of William and Harriet (Allen)
BOOTH Joseph illegitimate/ of Alice Booth
BOSTOCK Emma of John and Ann (Sisson)
BOSTOCK James Davis of James and Charlotte (Davis)
BOSTOCK John of Thomas and Eliza (Calladine)
BOSTOCK John of John and Ann (Smedley)
BOSTOCK Joseph illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Bostock
BOSTOCK Luke of John and Catherine (Calladine)
BOSTOCK Moses of William and Hannah (Rolleston)
BOSTOCK Samuel of William and Sarah Ann (Winfield)
BOSTOCK Sarah of Thomas and Ann (Smith)
BOSTOCK Unnamed daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Lebeter)
BOWER Hannah Mary of William and Ann (Bircumshaw)
BOYER Millicent aka Millicent Byer/ of John and Elizabeth (Brentnall)
BREEDON Albert [of Peter and Ann (Longdon)]
BRENTNALL Edward of Paul and Catherine (Davis)
BRENTNALL Thomas Alan of Herbert Thomas and Alice (Allen)
BRENTNALL William of William and Mary (Chapman)
BREWIN Harriet of Francis and Sarah (Smith)
BROCKLEHURST Caroline of John and Caroline (Fletcher)
BROOKS Unnamed son of George and Agnes
BROWN Albert Naylor of William and Mary Ann (Naylor)
BROWN Alice twin/ of Achilles and Maria (Smith)
BROWN Amos of William and Mary
BROWN Anthony
BROWN Isaac of Josiah and Charlotte (Davis)
BROWN John Arthur of Alfred and Sarah Ann (Wood)
BROWN Luke of Luke and Avice (Watkinson)
BROWN Martha twin/ of Achilles and Maria (Smith)
BROWN Sarah Ann of Thomas and Mary (Horsley)
BROWNLOW Eliza of Thomas and Sarah (Streets)
BRUTON Unnamed daughter of William and Mary (Stanesby)
BRYAN Ruth of Joseph and Emma (Cockayne)
BRYAN Walter Edward of Walter and Mary Ann
BUCKNALL Fanny of Thomas and Eliza (Richards)
BULLOCK Richard of Richard and Jane (Weston)
BUNTING Alice Matilda of Richard and Sarah Ann (Booth)
BURTON William Roby of George and Hannah Eliza (Haslam)
BUTT James of James and Ann (Bamford alias Mitchell)
BUXTON Elizabeth of Samuel and Emily (Sudbury)
BUXTON George of Joseph and Mary Jane
CALADINE Henry Arthur of William and Elizabeth
CALLADINE Maria of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CALLADINE Maria of Isaac and Jane (Shaw)
CARNILL David Arthur
CARRIER Alfred of Enoch and Beatrice (Allen)
CARRINGTON Unnamed daughter of Edwin and Harriet
CHADWICK Ann Elizabeth of John and Harriet (Field)
CHAMBERS Priscilla of Thomas Mordecai Sherwin and Charlotte (Smith)
CHAPMAN George of Job and Mary (Kirk)
CHARLESWORTH John Thomas of John and Eliza (Harrison)
CHOLERTON George of Benjamin and Harriet (Foster)
CLAY Emily illegitimate/ of Sarah Clay (and Henry Cordon)
CLAY Lucy Ann of Joseph Clay alias Bramley and Jane (Knighton)
CLAY William Henry of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lineham/Lynam)
CLIFFORD Sarah Ann of Henry and Maria (Woodward)
CLOWER Selina illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Clower
COBLEY Hannah of Job and Millicent (Froggatt)
COOK Fanny of John and Ann (Booth)
COOK George illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Cook
COOK Robert of Robert and Alice (Ward formerly Noon nee Booth)
COOPER Annie illegitimate/ of Mary Cooper
COPE Joseph Alan of Joseph and Ann (Meaking)
COPESTICK Mary Ann of William and Elizabeth (Wheeldon)
CORDON Annie illegitimate/ of Alice Cordon and William Smith of Alfreton
CORDON Elizabeth of Alexander and Maria (Tatham)
CORDON Henry of Timothy and Harriet (Hardy)
CORDON Unnamed son of Timothy and Ann (Hardy)
CORDON William of Henry and Hannah (Bostock)
COXON Elizabeth of John and Elizabeth (Rice)
CRESSWELL Harry Ebenezer aka Harry Ebenezer Cripwell/ of Henry and Alice (Smith)
CRICH Sarah of Adam and Maria (Webster)
CRICH William of John and Mary (Davis)
CROSSLEY Martha of Joseph and Ann (Bearder)
DALE Poyntz William of Jonathan and Henrietta (Owsley)
DAVIS Amelia of John and Mary Ann (Crich)
DAVIS Annie Maria [of William and Mary (Granger)]
DAVIS Clara of Enoch and Millicent (Fretwell)
DAVIS Eliza of James and Ann (Robinson)
DAVIS Hannah of Solomon and Dorothy (Johnson)
DAYKIN Emma of William and Martha (Whitehead)
DAYKIN Sarah Maria of Reuben and Frances (Daykin)
DENNIS Charles Henry of Thomas and Ann (Potter)
DIXON Unnamed son of William and Ann
DRIVER Francis illegitimate/ of Phyllis Driver
DURO Maria illegitimate/ of Susan Duro
DUTTON Frank Smith illegitimate/ of Ann Dutton
EARNSHAW Alfred of Benjamin and Catherine (Varley)
EARNSHAW Joseph of Robert and Mary Ann (Pearce)
EATON Annie Mary of Ephraim and Harriet (Cowlishaw)
EATON Frederick of George and Caroline (Bell)
ELEY Joshua of Joseph and Mary Ann (Harrison)
ELEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Phoebe Eley
ELLIOTT James [illegitimate/ of Sarah Elliott)]
FARNSWORTH Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Martha Farnsworth
FEARN Charles of James and Hannah (Clower)
FEARN Elizabeth of William and Hannah (Hunt)
FEARN John Elisha of Elisha and Mary (Hallsworth)
FEARN Sarah of George and Elizabeth (Bamford)
FISH John of William and Hannah (Thorley)
FISHER Eliza of Thomas and Mary (Bamford)
FISHER Ellen of John and Mary (Henshaw)
FISHER George Henry of James and Mary (Whiteman)
FISHER Mark of John and Emma/Emily (Newton)
FISHER Martha of Thomas and Mary (Allcock)
FISHER William illegitimate/ of Hannah Fisher
FLETCHER Alice of Edward and Rachel (Valentine)
FLETCHER Ann [of Thomas and Hannah (Brown)]
FLETCHER Edwin of Samuel and Judith (Beardsley)
FLETCHER Johanna Cayley illegitimate/ of Abigail Fletcher (and Joseph Caley/Cayley)
FLETCHER Joseph Edward of John and Mary (Earnshaw)
FLETCHER Mark of German and Fanny (Carlile)
FLINT Arthur of William and Martha (Bullock)
FORSTER Frederick Hibbard of Henry and Louisa (Hibbard)
FOWKES Unnamed son of William and Elizabeth (Limb)
FOX Joseph of Isaac and Phoebe (Choulerton)
FRETWELL Avis of Benjamin and Ann (Langsdale)
FRETWELL Hannah of William and Elizabeth (Roome)
FRETWELL John [of Isaac and Zillah Elizabeth (Smedley)]
FRETWELL Maria of James and Mary (Lacey formerly Astill)
FRETWELL Samuel of Robert and Hannah (Richards)
FROST Catharine
FULWOOD Martha Ellen of Henry McKeaver and Hannah (Fletcher)
GAMBLE Alice of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
GAMBLE Alice of Thomas and Charlotte (Webster)
GARRATT Caroline of Robert and Amelia Lucy (Greenwood)
GARTON Thomas James of Thomas James and Jane (Wilson)
GILLOTT Albert of Samuel and Sarah (Wright)
GILLOTT Charles Henry
GILLOTT George Henry of Elijah and Charlotte
GODDARD Harry of Thomas and Ann (Tunnicliffe)
GODERIDGE Sarah Ann of Thomas and Mary (Phipps formerly Attewell)
GOODACRE Frank of Samuel and Sarah Eliza (Parker)
GOTHARD Eliza Annie of Benjamin and Emily Ann (Pollard)
GOULDER Garibaldi [of Barnett and Sarah]
GOULDER George Frederick
GRAINGER Henry of George and Georgiana (Brown)
GRAINGER John William [of John and Elizabeth (Thorp)]
GREGORY Eliza Mary of William and Martha (Cartwright)
GREGORY Moses of George and Ann (Bamford)
GROVES George Samuel of Alfred and Mary (Storer)
GRUNDY Elizabeth of William and Sarah (Straw)
HALL Julia [of Frederick and Eliza/Elizabeth]
HALLAM Hannah Mary [of Robert and Elizabeth (Durow)]
HALLAM Mary of George and Ann (Clarke)
HALLAM William of Enoch and Eve (Riley)
HALLSWORTH John Illegitimate/ of Martha Hallsworth (formerly Carrier)
HALLSWORTH Samuel Stapleton of Joseph and Ann (Stapleton)
HAMES Matilda of Joseph and Hannah (Caler)
HAMMOND Samuel of John and Eliza (Barker)
HANSON Sarah of John and Ann (Pickering)
HARDY Abel of Godfrey and Phoebe (Street)
HARDY Abel of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
HARDY Alfred of Alfred and Mary Ann (Street)
HARDY Ezekiel [of George and Harriet]
HARDY Phoebe of John and Phoebe
HARRIMAN William Henry of John and Sarah (Wright)
HARRISON Elijah of John and Louiosa (Fretwell)
HARRISON Thomas of Thomas and Sarah (Wheatley)
HARVEY Emily of John and Mary (Tomlinson)
HAWKINS Samuel of William and Ann (Gregory)
HAWLEY Florence of Edwin Flint and Elizabeth Ann (Stanley)
HAWLEY Hannah of James and Emily (Parr)
HAWLEY Lois Annie of Joseph and Mary Ann (Wheeldon)
HAWLEY William of William and Elizabeth (Greasby)
HAYNES William Joseph of Joseph and Ann (Starky)
HAYWOOD George Alfred of George and Elizabeth (Newton)
HENSHAW Arthur of John and Mary Anne (White)
HENSHAW Ruth of John and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
HENSHAW Sarah Ann of Ambrose and Ellen (Beardsley)
HENSHAW Sophia of James and Sarah (Lowe)
HENSHAW Titus of James and Mary (Barber)
HENSHAW William of William and Martha (Flint)
HENSON Ann of William and Mary Ann (Lebeter)
HENSON Mary Ann illegitimate/ of Charlotte Henson
HENSON Thomas of John and Sarah (Morris)
HEWITT Maria of James and Mary (Winfield)
HICKLING William of Reuben and Jane (Inger)
HILLIER John of William and Harriett
HITHERSAY Eleanor of William Henry and Ann (Stevens)
HITHERSAY Richard Benjamin of James and Mary (Whitehead)
HOCKLEY Thomas of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Bradley)
HODGETT Mary of Joseph and Hannah (Reeve)
HOLLAND Thomas Hickling of Luke and Elizabeth (Hickling)
HOLMES Joseph Nicholas illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Holmes
HOLMES Sarah Ann
HOLT Harry illegitimate/ of Fanny Holt
HOOLEY Eliza of Samuel and Sarah (Price)
HOPKIN William of Henry and Elizabeth (Hibbert)
HORSBURGH Cecil Waldegrave of James and Amelia (Edwards)
HORSLEY Alice of Samuel and Martha Ann
HORSLEY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Martha Horsley
HORSLEY William Henry of William and Sarah (Fletcher)
HOWITT Samuel of Thomas and Matilda (Gillott)
HOWITT Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Mary
HUNT George of John and Mary (Henshaw)
HUNT Samuel Fox [of Nathaniel and Dorothy (Dunn)]
HUTCHINSON John illegitimate/ of John Hutchinson
HUTCHINSON John Thomas of John and Mary (Osborne)
JACKSON Richard James of James and Hannah (Sills)
JERVIS Ruth aka Ruth Jarvis/ of Edward and Matilda (Hopewell)
JOHNSON Jonathan of Joseph and Mary Ann (Moore)
JOHNSON Samuel twin/ of William and Eliza (Turton)
JOHNSON Thomas twin/ of William and Eliza (Turton)
JONES Lucy Harriet of William and Sarah Burston (Ashley)
JOWITT Albert of James and Elizabeth (Jackson)
KEIGHTLEY William Thomas Taylor illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Keightley
KIRK John Walter of Thomas and Ann (Rawson)
KIRKHAM William Duncan of William and Ann (Colman)
KNIGHTON Jane [of George and Mary (Booth)]
KNIGHTON John of Frederick and Emma (Meakin)
KNIGHTON Sarah Jane of Isaac and Sarah (Robinson)
LACEY Cornelius of William and Emma (Cope)
LACEY Mary of John and Catherine (Baker)
LACEY Mary of Amos and Mary (Bostock)
LAMB Allen William of Joseph and Ann (Wheatley)
LANE Henry of Robert and Ann (Every)
LEBETER Albert of Moses and Jane (Crowson)
LEBETER Catharine of John and Lydia (Dodd)
LEBETER Eliza of Joseph and Matilda (Swain)
LEBETER John of Richard and Eliza (Hart)
LEE Peter of Joseph and Dorothy (Tatham)
LEE Sarah Ann of William and Hannah (Webster)
LEIVERS George Agabus of Christopher and Mary
LEVERS Frederick William of John and Ann (Horridge)
LEVERS Richard of Herbert and Ellen (Walker)
LILLY Thomas of Thomas and Hannah
LIMB James of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LISSETT Tom Nichols of Wright and Mary (Blench formerly Chapman)
LOMAX Hannah of Jeremiah and Ruth (Clay)
LONGDON Unnamed daughter of John and Ann (Earle formerly Hazledine)
LOUNDS Unnamed son of Henry and Elizabeth
LOWE Diana of Charles and Ann (Daykin)
LOWE Elizabeth of Joseph and Mary (Cash)
LOWE Sarah Jane of Henry and Anne (Wood)
MANN Elizabeth of James and Hannah (Lacey)
MANNERS Jane of William and Ellen (Palfreyman)
MARSH John William [of William and Jane (Gretton)]
MARSHALL Bertha Clayton of Wolstan Flint and Augusta (Clayton)
MART George
MARTIN Clara Ellen of Daniel and Amy (Fulwood)
MARTIN Joseph [of Thomas and Eliza (Hardy)]
MASON Harry of Moses and Mary Ann (Wilcoxson)
MATHER Arthur of Thomas and Elizabeth (Straw)
McDONOUGH Eliza of Patrick and Mary (Linnane)
MEAKIN James William
MEAKIN William of Thomas and Charlotte (Straw)
MEE Alfred
MEE Hannah of Edwin and Eliza (Smedley)
MEER Harry of William and Mary (Harrison)
MEER Mary Ann of John and Ellen (Harrison)
MELLORS Sarah Jane of Thomas and Mary (Severn)
MERRY Mary Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth Hannah (Sudbury)
MILWARD Henry [of Robert and Matilda (Gillott)]
MITCHELL Abraham Campbell of Frederick and Cassandra (Lee)
MOON John Thomas of John and Anne (Hardy)
MOORE Eliza Ann of John and Sarah (Bestwick)
MOORE Harriet of Thomas and Harriet (Boam)
MOORE William Slater
MORLEY John William of Thomas and Ann (Morley formerly Henshaw)
MORLEY Louisa of Moses and Catherine (Frost)
MOSS Lucy of John and Mary (Scattergood)
MUSSON Mary Eyre
NAYLOR Albert Edward of George and Harriet (Howitt)
NAYLOR Eliza [of Joseph and Elizabeth (Woodward)]
NEAL John of John and Ann (Farnsworth)
NEEDHAM Hannah of James and Elizabeth
NEWBOLD Thomas of William and Ann (Thorley)
NEWTON Elizabeth of Hezekiah and Hannah (Barton)
NEWTON Isaac of John and Sarah (Burdon)
NEWTON Mary of William and Amy (Ratcliff)
NEWTON Mary Ann of John and Martha (Adams)
NORMAN John of William and Maria (Smith)
NORMAN Marian of George Blake and Sarah (Potter)
NORRIS George Davis
NORTON Robert Charles of Charles William Boult and Sarah Anne (Lamplough)
OAKES Mary Ann of George and Mary (Bradbury)
OSBORNE Henry of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Pollard)
OSBORNE Martha Edith of Christopher and Edith (Cowley)
OXLEY Elizabeth
PALFREYMAN Angelina of William and Mary (Knighton)
PEARSON Emily of John and Catherine (Newton)
PERKINS Louisa of John and Susannah (Knighton)
PHEASANT Mary Ann of William and Mary Ann (Hood)
PHIPPS Alfred of John and Harriet (Wayne/Wain)
PHIPPS Betsey of William and Sarah (Herring)
PINEGAR Martha Ann
PINEGAR William of Thomas and Ellen
PLATTS Frances Ann [of George and Fanny]
POLLARD Henry Brown of Henry and Lucy (Brown)
POLLARD Thomas of Patrick and Sarah (Harrison)
POTTER Eliza of Thomas and Eliza (Crooks)
POTTER Elizabeth Constance of John and Ann (Potter)
POTTER Gertrude of Thomas and Ellen (Hopkinson)
POUNDER Annie of William and Ann (Blount)
POUNDER Samuel of Charles and Sarah (Hart)
PRINCE George Simpson of William and Sarah Ann Kenyon (Mather)
PRINCE John of Isaac and Mary Ann (Beniston)
PRITCHETT Elizabeth of James and Mary (Large)
PUGH Joseph Chambers of Madoc and Christiana
PURDY Elizabeth of William and Martha (Fulwood)
PYNEGAR Arthur William
QUINTON Hannah Elizabeth of Samuel and Martha (Radford)
RAWSON Mary Ann of Henry and Eliza (Milner)
RAYNOR Elizabeth of John and Saerah (Ralph)
REDGATE Sarah Ann of Thomas and Mary Ann
RICE Isaiah of Joseph and Catherine (Lee)
RICE John of Joseph and Mary (Henshaw)
RICE Sarah of Samuel and Mary (Shaw)
RICHARDS Catharine of Richard and Mary (Stapleton)
RICHARDS George of Samuel and Martha (Mellor)
RICHARDS James of Samuel and Mary (Knighton)
RICHARDS Samuel of Samuel and Harriet (Chapman)
RICHARDS Sarah Elizabeth of John and Thomasin (Birch)
RIGLEY Alfred Henry of George and Sarah Ann (Stokes)
RIGLEY Harriet of William and Maria (Daykin)
RILEY Alfred of John and Elizabeth (Hunter)
RILEY Ann Martha of William and Mary (Warren)
RILEY Joseph Birch of Joseph and Myra (Smith)
RILEY Martha Maria of Joseph and Emma (Reeve)
RILEY Mary of Richard and Mira (Myett)
ROBINSON Mary Jane illegitimate/ of Eliza Robinson
ROBINSON Sarah of Joseph and Emma (Shaw)
ROE William of William and Mary Ann (Noon)
ROLLINSON William of Moses and Sarah (Straw)
ROSCOE Martha Elizabeth of Thomas Seddon and Mary Anne
ROSE Lucy of Stephen and Mary (Aldred)
ROWLAND Constance of Joseph Turner and Betsy (Ward)
ROWLAND Joseph Henry of George Henry and Annie (Wilmot)
SAVAGE Mary Ellen of William and Mary (Henson)
SAXTON Ellen Hannah of Abraham and Emma (Saxton)
SAXTON John [of John and Eliza]
SAXTON John [of Henry and Hannah]
SAXTON Mary Ann of Joseph and Charlotte (Smith)
SCATTERGOOD Ann [of Silas and Eliza (Trueman)]
SCATTERGOOD Unnamed son of Thomas and Tamar (Dodd)
SELLERS Emily of William and Mary Jane (Rhodes)
SEVERN Betsey of George and Eliza (Pounder)
SEVERN Elizabeth of Charles Sills and Elizabeth (Savage)
SEVERN George of Jonathan and Ann (Purse)
SEVERN Samuel of Joseph and Elizabeth (Walters)
SHAKSPEARE Joseph of William and Ann (Attenborough)
SHARLEY Frederick of Charles and Ruth
SHAW Alexander Fletcher of Frederick and Marina Matilda (Hawley)
SHAW Allen
SHAW Clara of Walter and Martha
SHAW Eli of George and Sarah (Holmes)
SHAW John Thomas of Henry and Elizabeth (Matthews)
SHAW Joseph William of Samuel and Jane (Smith)
SHAW Reuben
SHELTON Henry of William and Saerah (Gadd)
SHOOTER Arthur of John and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
SHOOTER Esau twin/ of Charles and Sarah (Lacey)
SHOOTER Jacob twin/ of Charles and Sarah (Lacey)
SIMPSON John Bunting of David Osborne and Ann (Bunting)
SIMS Waldemar of William and Mary (Smith)
SINGLETON Mary of Job and Susannah (Bamford)
SISSON Frances of Thomas Samuel and Elizabeth (England)
SISSON Mary illegitimate/ of Sarah Sisson
SISSON Ruth of Samuel and Zillah (Turton)
SMITH Alexandra Elizabeth Skeavington of Levi and Elizabeth (Skeavington)
SMITH Eliza of Thomas and Sarah (Hogg)
SMITH Elizabeth of James and Betsey (Lacey)
SMITH Emma of Samuel and Catherine (Fulwood)
SMITH George of Abraham and Elizabeth (Thorpe)
SMITH Henry Donovan of William and Ann (Wood)
SMITH John of Christopher Lowe and Mary Ann (Whitehead)
SMITH Mary of Samuel and Fanny (Smith)
SMITH Mary Ann [of Joseph and Eliza (Farnsworth)]
SMITH Samuel of Henry and Hannah (Hibbert)
SMITH Sarah Jane of Joseph and Mary Ann (Fretwell)
SMITH William George illegitimate/ of Mary Smith
SOWRAY Margaret Ellen of John and Catherine (Campbell)
SPOUGE Hannah Mary of John and Mary (Derry)
SPOWAGE Elizabeth
SPRINGTHORPE George of Robert and Mary
STANIFORTH Charles Henry of Edward and Elizabeth (Chapman)
STANLEY Mary of William and Elizabeth (Bestwick)
STARBUCK William illegitimate/ of Ann Starbuck
STATHAM Samuel Barker of Samuel and Mary Ann (Musson)
STENSON Ellen of Joseph and Jane (Lowndes)
STENSON Joseph of Robert and Ann (Annable)
STEVENSON Allen [of Joseph and Ann (Beardsley)]
STEVENSON Clara of William and Eliza (Ball)
STEVENSON Kate of Thomas and Mary Ann (Fretwell)
STEVENSON Sarah Ann of James and Ann (Green)
STEVENSON Thomas of James and Ann (Riley)
STEVENSON William of William and Catherine (Davis)
STOCKS Annie Agnes [of Joseph and Sarah (Barton)]
STOCKS William of James and Fanny (Hawley)
STRAW Arthur of Thomas and Jane (Sills)
STRAW Charles of Charles and Charlotte (Stevenson)
STRAW Henry of Vincent and Eliza (Crossley)
STRAW James of Thomas and Hannah (Burrows)
STRAW John of Norman and Catherine (Goddard)
STRAW Martha of Samuel and Ellen (Grimley)
STRAW Martha of Joseph and Caroline (Straw)
STRAW Miriam Minnie of Charles and Jane (Rowley)
STRAW Thomas Wheatley of William and Eliza (Ellis)
STRAW Unnamed son of Henry and Martha (Priestley)
STRAW William of Samuel and Phoebe (Carrington)
SUDBURY Agnes of Charles and Marina (Burgin-Richardson)
SUGG Ellen Florence of Hubert Henri and Ellen (Mudford formerly Howe)
SUTTON Unnamed daughter of David and Mary Ann
SWANN Sarah Hannah of Richard and Jane (Hunt)
SWANN Unnamed daughter of Frederick and Ann
SYSON Abraham of Abraham and Hannah (Farnsworth)
TATHAM Mary of Albert and Sarah (Straw)
TATHAM Samuel of David and Hannah (Burrows)
TAYLOR Millicent Margaret of John and Ruth (Baker)
TAYLOR Sarah [of John and Ann]
THORLEY Sarah Ann of James and Ellen (Drury)
THORNHILL Ann of Richard and Hannah (Parker)
THORNHILL Unnamed son of William and Sarah (Rice)
THORNLEY Harriet of Richard and Hannah (Clifford)
THORP Mary Ann of William and Sarah
TILLSON Clara of Arthur and Mary
TOPLISS Arthur George of George and Sarah (Potts)
TOPLISS Joseph Henry of Abel and Catherine (Higgitt)
TRUEMAN John William of William and Priscilla (Richards)
TUNNICLIFF Ruth of James and Emma (Hibbert)
TURGOOSE Edmund of Birkitt and Elizabeth
TURNER John Thomas of William and Selina (Hunt)
TURTON Ellen of James and Hannah (Fletcher)
VARLEY William of Isaiah and Mary (Pollard)
VASEY Elizabeth of Richard and Anne
WAGSTAFF Enoch of William and Hannah (Syson)
WALKER Ann of Robert and Eliza (Attenborough)
WALKER William
WALLIS William of William and Mary (Hardy)
WARREN Emily of William and Hannah (Syson)
WARREN Robert of Robert and Hannah (Harrison)
WATERS Elizabeth Ann of Richard Saunders and Elizabeth (formerly Ward)
WATSON Elizabeth [of Thomas and Elizabeth (Walker)]
WATSON John of John and Hannah (Carlin)
WEBB Frances of William and Elizabeth (Crooks)
WEBSTER Alfred Walter of William and Ann (Stones)
WEBSTER Diana of Benjamin and Diana (Bamford)
WEBSTER Juliana of William and Mary (Tatham)
WEBSTER Unnamed daughter of Henry and Mary
WEST Annie [of John and Elizabeth (Howitt)]
WEST Charlotte of John and Eliza (Fulwood)
WEST Phoebe Ann of William and Phoebe (Deverill)
WHEATCHURCH John Thomas aka John Thomas Whitchurch/ of William Alfred and Elizabeth (Lacey)
WHEATLEY Francis of George and Jane (Fletcher)
WHEATLEY Hannah of William and Emma (Stevenson)
WHEATLEY Juliana of William and Louisa (Cook)
WHEATLEY Lydia Mary of Henry and Lydia (Tarlton)
WHEATLEY Mary Jane of John Wilson and Elizabeth (Sisson)
WHEATLEY Thomas of Charles and Ann (Hurst)
WHEELDON Albert Cooper of Samuel and Harriet (Cook)
WHITACRE Elizabeth of George and Ann (Meakin)
WHITE Francis of William and Francis Ann (Farnsworth)
WHITE Henry of Thomas and Ann (Simpson)
WHITE William
WHITE William Henry of Joseph and Elizabeth (Watson)
WHITEHOUSE Ada Maria of John and Harriett
WHITEMAN Phoebe of George and Martha (Fletcher)
WILCOX Frederick Hyde
WILKINSON Abner of Joseph and Mary (Jennison)
WILKINSON Arthur of John Bradgate and Ann Bennett (Smith)
WILKINSON George of Joseph and Mary (Cotton)
WILLIAMSON Mary of John and Lucy (Parkin)
WINFIELD Abraham [of James and Mary (Sheldon)]
WINFIELD Jane of Thomas and Ann (White)
WINFIELD John William of John and Hannah (Straw)
WINFIELD Thomas of John and Martha (Sheldon)
WOOD George of Charles and Martha Ann (Sharley)
WOOD James of James and Ann (Matthews)
WOOD John Henry of Samuel and Mary (Hill)
WOODROFFE Eliza Ann of John and Ann (Fox)
WOOLLEY Frances Ellen of Matthew and Emily (Trueman)
WRIGHT Ann illegitimate/ of Mary Wright
WRIGHT Ann of John and Elizabeth (Clay)
WRIGHT Elizabeth of David and Eliza (Phillips)
WRIGHT Jemima of Thomas and Ann (Bostock)
WRIGHT John of John and Selina (Skevington)
WRIGHT John of John and Harriet (White)
WRIGHT Lucy aka Lucy Clay Wright/ of Joseph Clay and Julia Emma (Brown formerly Hawley)
WRIGHT Sarah Ann of Samuel and Elizabeth (Cutts)
WRIGHT Selina of John and Sarah Ann (Stevenson)
WRIGHT Thomas of William and Alice (Pollard)

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