1846 Births

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Surname Other names Notes
ALDRED Alice of Peter and Sarah (Draper)
ALDRED Sarah of Isaac and Eleanor (Shaw)
ALLEN John of John and Sarah
ALLEN Mary Ann of John Rowland and Sarah (Paulson)
ALLEN Samuel
ALLEN Samuel
ARCHER Harriet of George and Ann
ARUM Eli of James and Ann (Kirk)
ASHLEY Elizabeth of Joseph and Fanny
ATTENBOROUGH Hannah of William and Ann (Wheatley)
AUSTIN Eliza Ann illegitimate/ of Sarah Austin
AUSTIN Robert Edward of William and Hannah
BAILEY Frances
BAILEY Lavinia
BAKER Arthur of Thomas and Phoebe (Wright)
BAKER Elizabeth of Thomas and Mary
BAKER Reuben of William and Sarah (West)
BAKER William Bennett Smith illegitimate/ of William Bennett Smith and Elizabeth Baker
BALL Philip of Francis and Eliza (Meakin)
BALL Sally Emily of Alexander and Sarah (Levers)
BALL Sarah of Samuel and Charlotte
BALL Thomas of William and Susannah (Bennett)
BAMFORD Frederick of Zadock and Frances
BAMFORD Harriet of Matthew and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
BAMFORD William of Anthony and Elizabeth
BARKS Albert
BATES Frances of John and Mary (Mellor)
BEARDSLEY Enoch of Elijah and Ann (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Harriet of Francis and Mary (Goddard)
BEARDSLEY James of Enoch and Hannah (Straw)
BEARDSLEY John of Henbry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEARDSLEY John of Alexander and Sarah (Housley)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed daughter of William and Martha (Wright)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed son of Amos and Harriet (Harrison)
BELL Myra of William and Phoebe (Riley)
BELTON Sarah Ann of William and Ann (Boulsby)
BENNETT Maria of Uriah and Ann (Trueman)
BENNETT Mary of William and Elizabeth (Smith)
BERESFORD Henry of Henry and Maria
BERESFORD Ruth Hannah illegitimate/ of Hannah Beresford
BESTWICK Samuel of Francis and Elizabeth
BIRCH Samuel of John and Sarah (Wagstaff)
BIRCUMSHAW James of William and Ann
BIRCUMSHAW Samuel of James and Hannah
BIRCUMSHAW Samuel Inger [of Joseph and Hannah (Inger)]
BIRCUMSHAW Thomas of Joseph and Roseta
BIRKS Unnamed son of Joseph and Hannah (Oxley)
BIRLEY George of George and Maria (Hill)
BLAKE Hannah of Thomas and Fanny (Stevenson)
BLOUNT John of Joseph and Jane
BLOUNT Louisa Mary Newton of George and Mary (Newton)
BOAM Charlotte illegitimate/ of Mary Boam
BOAM Emmeline of Henry and Mary Anne (Daykin)
BOAM Fanny of Thomas and Alice (Booth)
BOAM Louisa of Cornelius and Ann (Toplis)
BOOTH Emily of William and Sarah
BOOTH Fanny of James and Mary
BOOTH Mary Elizabeth of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth (Crich)
BOSTOCK George twin/ of John and Hannah (Straw)
BOSTOCK Ruth of Aaron and Elizabeth (Shaw)
BOSTOCK Samuel twin/ of John and Hannah (Straw)
BOSTOCK Sarah of William and Sarah (Henshaw)
BOSTOCK Unnamed son of William and Sarah
BOSTOCK William of Thomas and Eliza (Calladine)
BRADLEY George of John and Hannah (Frost)
BRAMLEY John of Richard and Ann (Wragg)
BRAMLEY Mary of James and Sarah (Baker)
BRENTNALL Unnamed daughter of George and Mary (Clay)
BROOKS Charles Edward of Thomas and Martha (Gillott)
BROUGH Ann of George and Sarah
BROWN Eliza of George and Amy (Buss)
BROWN Henry [of Charles and Louisa]
BROWN Thomas
BROWN Thomas
BUXTON Henry of Joseph and Mary
BUXTON John of John and Elizabeth (Hooley)
CALLADINE Amos of Lewis and Susannah (Beardsley)
CALLADINE Edwin Thomas of John and Maria
CARRIER Hannah of John and Mary (Starbrook)
CARRIER Maria of Henry and Rebecca (Hart)
CHADWICK Matilda Ann of James and Ann (Brentnall)
CHAMBERS Fanny of Edward and Elizabeth
CHANDLER William illegitimate/ of Martha Chandler
CHAPMAN John of John and Elizabeth (Trueman)
CHARLTON Mary of Joseph and Mary
CLOWER Frederic
CLOWER Unnamed son twin/ illegitimate/ of Jane Clower (formerly Matthews)
CLOWER Unnamed son twin/ illegitimate/ of Jane Clower (formerly Matthews)
CLOWER William of William and Harriett (Webster)
COBLEY Alice of Job and Martha (Straw)
COOK Eliza of John and Ann (Oldham)
COOK Elizabeth of John and Ruth (Musson)
COPE Walter of Elijah and Elizabeth
CRESSWELL Smith of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith)
CRESSWELL Unnamed son of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRITCH William Tomson of John and Mary (Barratt)
DAVIES George of Joseph and Elizabeth (Bradley)
DAVIES Herbert illegitimate/ of Ann Davies
DAVIES James of John and Lydia (Webster)
DAVIES John of George and Mary (Lacey)
DAVIES Martha of William and Elizabeth (Hatter)
DAVIS Rebecca of Thomas and Susanna (Soanes)
DAYKIN Priscilla of James and Eliza (Meakin)
DAYKIN Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Ann Daykin
DAYKIN William of Stephen and Eliza (Harrison)
DEAN Ezekiel of James and Eliza (Dilkes)
DONALDSON Elizabeth of Matthew and Eliza (Eminson)
DOOR Thomas of Samuel and Ann (Crooks)
EATON Catharine of Edmund and Ann (Winfield)
EATON Thomas Arthur
ELEY Alfred of William and Mary
ELEY Elizabeth
ELEY Hannah [of John and Ann]
ELLIOTT William of Benjamin and Mary
ELLIS Mahalah of Job and Hannah (Chambers)
ELLIS Unnamed daughter of Elisha and Ann (Beardsley)
EMINSON John Henry of John and Mary (Fenton)
ESOM George [of William and Sarah]
EYRE Sarah Ann of John and Phoebe
FARNSWORTH Eliza of William and Maria (Widdowson)
FEARN John Weston illegitimate/ of John Weston and Sarah Fearn (formerly Henshaw)
FISHER Hannah of Mark and Hannah (Hardy)
FISHER Henry of William and Harriet (Johnson)
FISHER John of John and Hannah (Eaton)
FISHER Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Selina (Knighton)
FLETCHER Alexander of Joseph and Ann (Hawley)
FLETCHER Edward of Edward and Elizabeth (Holland)
FLETCHER John illegitimate/ of Mary Fletcher
FLETCHER John of John and Silvestra (Daykin)
FLETCHER Unnamed son of George and Jane
FLINDERS Granville of Thomas and Ann (Trueman)
FLINT George of William and Sarah
FLINT Henry of George and Anne (Ford)
FOWLER Elizabeth Ann of John and Mary
FREEMAN Mary illegitimate/ of Sarah Freeman
FRETWELL Elijah of James and Sarah (Barber)
FRETWELL Kezia of William and Elizabeth (Roome)
FRETWELL Louis illegitimate/ of Harriett Fretwell
FRETWELL Martha of John and Ann (late Shaw formerly Baker)
FRITCHLEY Frances illegitimate/ of Hannah Fritchley
FROGGITT Joseph of Joseph and Ann (Brentnall)
FROGGITT Mary of Thomas and Eliza (Wright)
FROST Henry of John and Mary (Carrier)
FROST Louisa of James and Charlotte (Newton)
FULWOOD Charlotte of Cornelius and Charlotte (Harrison)
GAMBLE Unnamed son of Thomas and Charlotte (Webster)
GENT Elizabeth Ann
GENT Hannah
GILLOTT Alfred of Thomas and Mary
GILLOTT Harriet of Charles and Mary
GILLOTT Henry of Isaac and Emma
GILLOTT Joseph of William and Alice
GODBER Unnamed daughter of Asa and Emma (Kirk)
GODDARD Hannah illegitimate/ of Samuel Goddard and Ann Smith
GODDARD John of Benjamin and Ann (Hanson)
GODDARD Levina of James and Elizabeth (Ball)
GRAFTON Sarah of John and Lucy (Wheatley)
GRAINGER Benjamin Williams
GREGORY Enos of Enos and Eliza (Winfield)
GREGORY Thomas of Thomas and Sarah (Rigley)
GROSE Jemima of William Simpson and Sarah (Fletcher)
GRUNDY George of John and Amy
GUILFORD Peter of Peter and Martha (Flinders)
HALLAM Herbert of Thomas and Mary (late Musson formerly Bestwick)
HALLAM James of James and Ann (Pickering)
HALLAM Job of Francis and Rebecca (Hartshorn)
HALLAM Sarah Ann of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLAM William Robert of William and Sarah (Whitt)
HALLSWORTH Sarah of Edward and Martha (Carrier)
HALSWORTH Joseph of Stephen and Ruth (Musson)
HAMES Charles
HANSON George of William and Amy (late Frost formerly White)
HARDY Elizabeth of Benjamin and Jane (Wheatley)
HARDY Elizabeth of George and Eliza (Bircumshaw)
HARDY Joseph
HARDY Sarah of William and Harriet (Dilks)
HARRIMAN Catharine of Edward and Ruth (Fisher)
HARRISON John of George and Elizabeth (Harrison)
HASELDINE Elizabeth of Thomas and Eliza (Hockley)
HATTON Priscilla
HAWLEY Lydia of John and Lydia
HENSHAW Betsey of William and Mary (late Wilkie formerly Matthews)
HENSHAW Elizabeth of Elijah and Alice (Smith)
HENSHAW Harriet of Samuel and Fanny (late Fretwell formerly Barker)
HENSHAW Joseph of Abraham and Mary (Brown)
HENSHAW Mahalah of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morley)
HENSHAW William of John and Charlotte (Musson)
HENSON William of John and Sarah (Morris)
HERRING Unnamed daughter of George and Elizabeth (Fletcher)
HICKING Walter of James and Emma (Holmes)
HIGGITT John illegitimate/ of Catherine Higgett
HINDS Elizabeth of George and Ann (Henson)
HIVES Mary Ann of Thomas and Judith (Beardsley)
HOLLAND Hillery of Richard and Mary (Spencer)
HOWKINS Unnamed son of John and Ann (Bartlam)
HUDSON Harriet of Robert and Rebecca (Walker)
HUTCHINSON Aaron of Samuel and Eliza (Scattergood)
INGAR Elizabeth
JACKSON Andrew of William and Hannah
JOHNSON John of Thomas and Mary (Crossley)
JOHNSON Robert Henry of Emanuel and Hannah (Bardill)
KEIGHTLEY Thomas of Samuel and Naomi (Straw)
KELLY Louisa of Henry and Sarah Ann (Boam)
KILLICK Mary Agnes of John and Caroline Anna (Homer)
KING William Henry
KNIGHTON Edward [illegitimate/ of Esther Knighton]
KNIGHTON Enoch of Frederick and Maria (Duro)
KNIGHTON Samuel of Samuel and Ann (Mellor)
KNIGHTON Selina of William and Mary (Beardsley)
KNIGHTON Unnamed daughter of George and Mary (Booth)
KNOWLES John of Edward and Mary Ann (Howkins)
LACEY John of Robert and Ann (Cope)
LACEY Thomas of Samuel and Ann (Simpson)
LEAVERS Elizabeth
LEAVERS James of Simeon and Eliza (Fretwell)
LEAVERS Joseph of Henry and Sarah (Wheatley)
LEBETER Ann of Robert and Mary (Straw)
LEBETER Isaac of Paul and Ann (Beardsley)
LEE William of James and Selina
LIMB Edward of William and Hannah (Smith)
LIMB Mary Ann
LIMB William [of William and Sarah]
LOMAX Walter of Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
LUDLAM John of Henry and Jenny Attenborough (Burgin-Richardson)
MARTIN John of Alexander and Sarah
McKENNA William of James and Ann (Lowe)
MEAKIN Henry of Henry and Fanny (West)
MEAKIN Mary of Joseph and Ann
MEAKIN Mary Ann of James and Phoebe (Brown)
MEE Phoebe of John Parkinson and Mary (Birch)
MILLINGTON Sarah of William and Harriet (Shaw)
MILNER Harriet illegitimate/of Mary Milner (and Thomas Lomax)
MILWARD James of Samuel and Martha
MITCHELL Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Mary Mitchell
MOON John of John and Martha (Inger)
MOORE Charles of John and Leah
MOORE Frances
MORLAND Thomas of William and Sarah (Shaw formerly Wade)
MORLEY Ann of Solomon and Mary (Eaton)
MOSS John Lowe of John and Emma (Noon)
NADIN Charlotte illegitimate/ of Ann Nadin
NEAL Henry
NEWTON Agnes of John and Elizabeth
NEWTON Charles of Charles and Ellen (Sills)
NEWTON Samuel of James and Jane (Thorley)
NOON Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Ann Noon
NOON Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Emma Noon
NOON Thomas of Richard and Alice (Booth)
NORMAN Eleanor Gertrude of George Balke and Sarah (Potter)
OAKLEY William of Abraham and Elizabeth (Lee)
OSBORNE George of Joseph and Harriet
OSBORNE Henry of Joseph and Ann
PARES Benjamin of Frederick and Tamar (Shaw)
PASS William of Joseph and Mary (Houghton)
PEAT Edward Thomas Louis of Edward Thomas Lee and Mary (Robinson)
POLLARD Frederic of James and Eliza (Bostock)
POLLARD Martha illegitimate/ of Ann Pollard
POLLARD Thomas of Thomas and Martha (Sisson)
POTTER Anne Catharine
POUNDER John of John and Mary (Richards)
PRINCE Joseph illegitimate/ of Rebecca Prince (formerly Ball)
RATCLIFFE James of James and Elizabeth
REED Charles
REYNOLDS Mary Ann of John Birkin and Ann (Sisson)
RICE Samuel twin/ of Henry and Ann (Newton)
RICE Sarah of Richard and Hannah (Meer)
RICE Thomas twin/ of Henry and Ann (Newton)
RICHARDSON Elizabeth of Isaac Burgin and Sarah (Marshall)
RIGLEY George of George and Ann (Pollard)
RIGLEY George Henry of William and Hannah (Barber)
RIGLEY Jane of Jesse and Mary (Beardsley)
RIGLEY Mary of Benjamin and Mary (Tomlinson)
RILEY Betsy of Samuel and Sarah (Cockayne)
RILEY Elizabeth of George and Charlotte (Cockayne)
ROBINSON John illegitimate/ of Mary Robinson
ROSE Thomas Robinson of William and Mary Ann (Walker)
SCATTERGOOD Ann Elizabeth of Thomas and Jane (Stenson)
SCATTERGOOD William of William and Elizabeth (Lowe)
SHAW Benjamin of William and Ann (late Bostock formerly Riley)
SHAW Catharine
SHAW Elizabeth [illegitimate/ of Phoebe Shaw]
SHAW George ofThomas and Mary Ann
SHAW Henry of Henry and Esther (Kirk)
SHAW Myra of Elijah and Elizabeth (Eaton)
SHAW William of William and Sarah
SHELDON Thomas Robert of Robert and Martha (Beresford)
SHELTON Elizabeth of Thomas and Rachel (Horsley)
SHORTHOSE Joseph of Robert and Mary (Belfield)
SIDDONS Sarah Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth (Birch)
SIMPSON Maria of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SIMPSON Sarah of Samuel and Ann (Wathey)
SINGLETON Thomas of Robert and Sarah
SISSON Angelina of Thomas and Elizabeth (Scattergood)
SISSON Martha of John and Martha (Tilson)
SISSON Robert Trueman of Robert and Fanny (Trueman)
SISSON Sarah Ann
SLACK Thomas of Reuben and Harriet (Lacey)
SMALLEY Ann Eliza of Thomas and Hannah (Thompson)
SMALLWOOD Charles John of Joseph and Hannah
SMALLWOOD Elizabeth Ann
SMEDLEY Bethia of John and Bethia (Bradley)
SMITH Alice Ann of William and Phoebe (Henson)
SMITH Ann of Joseph and Sarah (Wheatley)
SMITH Ann of John and Mary
SMITH Catharine of Joseph and Harriet (Clay)
SMITH Charlotte of Charles and Mary Ann (Hart)
SMITH Elizabeth
SMITH George of Thomas and Mary Ann (Bainbridge)
SMITH Hannah illegitimate/ of Abigail Smith
SMITH Hannah illegitimate/ of Samuel Goddard and Ann Smith
SMITH Isaac of Thomas and Hannah (Trueman)
SMITH Jarvis
SMITH Job of Joseph and Mary Ann (Fretwell)
SMITH Owen of James and Ann (Trueman)
SMITH Richard of William and Elizabeth (Lowe)
SMITH Samuel of Alexander and Mary (Hallam)
SMITH Samuel of Thomas and Ann (Booth)
SMITH Sarah of William and Maria (Reed)
SMITH Thomas of Henry and Elizabeth (Richardson)
SMITH William Bennett illegitimate/ of William Bennett Smith and Elizabeth Baker
SOARS Thomas of Thomas and Mary (Rowbottom)
SPOWAGE Aaron of Aaron and Eliza (Hooley)
STAFFORD Eliza of James and Caroline
STANLEY James of Peter and Julia (Sisson)
STARBROOK Isaac of John and Hannah (Hofton)
STEVENS Sarah illegitimate/ of Mary Stevens
STOCKS Elizabeth of William and Kezia (Stocks)
STORER Mary of Samuel and Mary (Smith)
STORER Ruth of John and Elizabeth
STRAW Elizabeth
STRAW Ellen of James and Mary (Bancroft)
STRAW Hannah of Charles and Fanny (Trueman)
STRAW Jane of Phillip and Mary (White)
STRAW Mary Ann of William and Mary (Trueman)
STRAW Unnamed son illegitimate/of Elizabeth Straw
STRAW William of William and Fanny (Curtis)
STREET Isaac of William and Ann (Knighton)
STREET Thomas of Samuel and Maria (White)
SUDBURY John Thomas of William and Lydia (Brown)
SWAIN Edwin of John and Elizabeth (Marsh)
SYSON Sarah of John and Elleanor (Phillips)
TANTUM Ann of Charles and Ann (Bates formerly Harrison)
TATHAM Mary of Edmund and Elizabeth Wheatley (Burgin-Richardson)
TATHAM Susannah of Zachariah and Sarah (Smith formerly Hunt)
THORLEY Eliza of Joseph and Elizabeth (Frost)
THORNHILL Elizabeth of Samuel and Caroline (Davies/Davis)
THORNHILL Joseph Gilbert of Thomas and Mary (Wilkinson)
THORNHILL Louisa of John and Eliza (Rigley)
TOMASIN Sarah of James and Mary (Levers)
TOMLINSON Mary of Thomas and Ann (Sills)
TOWSON Mary Elizabeth of John and Hannah
TRUEMAN Emily of Joseph and Betty (Straw)
TRUEMAN Jane of James and Esther (Lowe)
TRUEMAN John of Samuel and Rachel (Morley)
TRUEMAN William of John and Mary (Noon)
TRUEMAN William of Henry and Ann (Bostock)
TRUEMAN William of Elijah and Susannah (Hunt)
TURTON Herbert illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Turton
WAKEFIELD Thomas of John and Margaret (Geer)
WALKER Selina of Samuel and Mary (Hays)
WALKER William of Joseph and Ann (Tatham)
WALKER William of John and Hannah
WALTERS George Hudson of John and Elizabeth (Hudson)
WATSON Matthew
WEBB Eliza of Robert and Mary Ann (Soar)
WEBSTER Arthur of Thomas and Eliza
WEBSTER Sarah Ann of William and Mary (Tatham)
WEBSTER William of Joseph and Eliza (Leavers)
WEST Elizabeth of John and Ann (Beardsley)
WEST John of William and Catherine
WESTON John illegitimate/ of John Weston and Sarah Fearn (formerly Henshaw)
WHEATLEY Charles of Thomas and Hannah (Syson)
WHEATLEY Eli of William and Tacey (Chambers)
WHEATLEY Martha of Mark and Mary Ann (Bamford)
WHEATLEY Martha of Robert and Mary (Tarlton)
WHEATLEY Sarah Ann of Ichabod and Sarah (Potter)
WHITE Amos of Samuel and Hannah (Bamford)
WHITE Ann of Alexander and Sarah (Langsdale)
WHITE John [illegitimate/ of Emma White]
WHITE William of James and Phoebe (Musson)
WHITEHEAD Hannah of Richard and Emma (Glazebrook)
WHITEHEAD Joseph twin/ of Samuel and Lois (Ellis)
WHITEHEAD Mary twin/ of Samuel and Lois (Ellis)
WIGLEY Ellen of Robert and Ann (Ball)
WILCOX Susanna
WILKIINSON Unnamed daughter of Joseph and Sabina (Beardsley)
WILLIAMSON Elizabeth of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOOD Sarah Ann
WRIGHT Arthur of George and Sarah
WRIGHT Mary [illegitimate/ of Priscilla Wright]
WRIGHT Unnamed son of William and Alice (Pollard)
WRIGHT William