1866 Births


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Surname Other names Notes
ABBOTT Elvina of William and Catherine (Musson)
ADKIN Unnamed son of William and Sarah Ann (Allen)
ALDRED Henry of James and Eliza (Thompson)
ALDRED Isaac of Isaac and Hannah (Barker)
ALDRED Mary Ellen of Samuel and Ann (Whitehead)
ALLEN Alice of Joseph and Harriet (Hardy)
ALLSOPP Walter of William and Mary
ARAM Ann of George and Betsey (Carrier)
ARAM Samuel illegitimate/ of Emma Aram
ARCHER Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Ann Aram
ASHLEY Joseph illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Ashley
ASTON Susanna
ATTENBOROUGH William [of William and Mary (Beard)]
BAILEY Charles of Henry and Elizabeth (Ross)
BAKER Charlotte of Joseph and Hannah (Roe)
BAKER Eliza Mary of William and Hannah (Fox)
BAKER Elizabeth of William and Sarah (West alias Harrison)
BAKER Frances of Thomas and Charlotte (Bradley formerly Simpson)
BAKER Ruth [of Charles and Elizabeth (Purdy)]
BALL Frank of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Tatham)
BALL John Thomas of William and Mary (Swan)
BALL Unnamed daughter of John and Eliza (Sisson)
BAMFORD George illegitimate/ of Charlotte Bamford
BANKS Samuel
BARBER Esther Ann
BARKER Annie of Emanuel and Hannah Rawdin (Brown)
BARKS Ann of Joseph and Sarah
BARKS George
BARKS Thomas
BARNES Emma of William and Mary
BARNES Thomas of Samuel and Marina (Cockayne)
BARSBY Rebecca of Joseph and Sarah (Start)
BARTON Ruth of Joseph and Louisa (Cook)
BATES Frances of Thomas and Elizabeth (Levers)
BEACROFT Henry of Joseph and Louisa (Bamford)
BEARDSLEY Albert of William and Jane (Trueman)
BEARDSLEY Ann of Isaac and Elizabeth (West)
BEARDSLEY Catharine of Enoch and Elizabeth (Severn)
BEARDSLEY Eliza Ann of William and Hannah Amelia (Webster)
BEARDSLEY Elizabeth of James and Ruth (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Ezekiel of Frederick and Charlotte (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Florence Mary of Albert and Mary Ann (Duro)
BEARDSLEY Hannah Maria of William and Mary (Smith)
BEARDSLEY John Fletcher of John and Ann (Flint)
BEARDSLEY Samuel of Elijah and Sarah (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Thomas of Thomas and Harriet (Coleman)
BEARDSLEY Walter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cartwright)
BEARDSLEY Walter of Christopher and Eliza (Knighton)
BEARDSLEY William of James and Harriett (Bell)
BEERS Elizabeth of Joseph and Hannah
BESTWICK George of William and Elizabeth (Saxton)
BESTWICK John [of Jeremiah and Mary (Allen)]
BESTWICK Martha Ellen of Jeremiah and Sarah Ann (Tilson)
BESTWICK Thomas Henry of Henry and Sarah (Weightman/Whiteman)
BETTISON Mary Bertha of William and Elizabeth
BIRKIN Elizabeth Hannah
BIRKS Hannah of William and Mary (Straw)
BLAKE Unnamed son of John and Hannah (Choulerton)
BLAKE Walter of Willam and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
BLATHERWICK Louisa of Henry and Sarah Hannah (Horner)
BLOUNT Robert of Robert and Jane (Shardlow)
BOAM Elizabeth Ann of Amos and Emily (Pares)
BONSALL Sarah Ann of Joseph and Sarah Ann (Straw)
BOOTH John of Joseph and Mary (Noon)
BOOTH Thomas of Joseph and Mary (Byer)
BOSKETT Elizabeth Ann of Joseph and Eliza
BOSTOCK Annie of John and Christiana (Hart)
BOSTOCK Catharine of Thomas and Elizabeth (Martin)
BOSTOCK Charles James of William and Annie (Snodin)
BOSTOCK Eliza of John and Ann (Smedley)
BOSTOCK Frank of William and Mary (Rudd)
BOSTOCK Mary Ann of James and Charlotte (Davis)
BOSTOCK Matthew of William and Hannah (Rollinson)
BOSTOCK Millicent of Thomas and Ann (Smith)
BOSTOCK Thomas of Henry and Elizabeth (Lebeter)
BOSTOCK Unnamed son of William and Eliza (Tatham)
BOSTOCK William of William and Sarah Ann (Winfield)
BOWER Georgiana illegitimate/ of Sarah Bower
BOWES Dau of Robert & Annie twin/ of Robert and Annie (Fletcher)
BOWES Joseph Edward twin/ of Robert and Annie (Fletcher)
BRADLEY Henry of William and Pamela (Tomlinson)
BRAKES Annie Mary of William Hery and Sarah (Potter)
BRENTNALL Angelina of William and Mary (Chapman)
BRENTNALL Annie of Paul and Catherine (Davis)
BRENTNALL Sarah Jane of John and Hannah (Brentnall)
BREWIN George of Francis and Sarah (Smith)
BRIGGS Jane Ward illegitimate/ of Emma Briggs
BRIGGS Martha of William and Mary (Barlow)
BROWN Jane Elizabeth of Rawdin and Ellen (Ellis)
BROWN Martha
BROWN Sarah Ann
BROWN Sarah Jane
BROWN Thomas
BROWN Unnamed daughter of Achilles and Maria (Smith)
BROWN Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Mary
BROWNLOW Mary Ellen of Joseph and Ruth Hannah (Clarke)
BUCKLAND Mary Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Hannah Sophia Buckland
BULLOCK George of Richard and Jane (Weston)
BULLOCK Martha of Joseph and Dorothy (Redgate)
BUNTING William George of George and Mary Ann Gaskill (Doxey)
BUTLER Elizabeth Ann of Timothy and Hannah (Crich)
BUTLER Harriet of Thomas and Caroline (Sisson)
BUXTON Elizabeth of John and Rebecca (Foulkes/Fowkes)
BUXTON Walter of William and Mary Ann
CALLADINE Ann of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CALLADINE Isaac of Isaac and Jane (Shaw)
CARRIER Ann of Henry and Ruth (Fulwood)
CARRIER Henry Percy of Joseph and Jane (Attenborough)
CARRINGTON George William of Edward and Harriet (Archer)
CARTER Unnamed son of Joseph and Mary
CASWELL Hannah of Robert and Hannah
CHADWICK John William of John and Harriet (Fields)
CHAMBERS Elizabeth of Enoch and Mary Ann (Williamson)
CHAMBERS George Henry of Job and Eliza (Shelton)
CHAMBERS Peter of Peter and Esther (Baker)
CHAMBERS William illegitimate/ of Sabina Mary Chambers (and Amos Severn)
CHAPMAN Sampson of Job and Mary
CHAPMAN Sarah of George and Angelina (Rice)
CHOLERTON Martha of Benjamin and Harriet (Foster)
CLAY Allen of Joseph Clay alias Bramley and Jane (Knighton)
CLAY Amelia aka Amelia Clay Wright/ of John and Julia (Brown formerly Hawley)
CLEMENTSON Emma of James and Ellen (Edwards)
CLIFFORD Elizabeth Ann twin/ of George and Eliza (Taylor)
CLIFFORD Harriet Turner twin/ of George and Eliza (Taylor)
CLIFFORD John William
CLIFFORD Mary Elizabeth of John and Sarah (Grundy)
COBLEY Job of Job and Millicent (Froggatt)
CONROY Sarah Emma of Frederick and Eliza
COOK Louisa of John and Ann (Booth)
COOPER Charles Thorpe of William and Sarah (Thorpe)
COOPER Joseph of William and Eliza (Derbyshire)
COPE Willoughby Frances of Willoughby and Emma
COPESTAKE Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth (Wheeldon)
CORDON Timothy of Timothy and Harriet (Hardy)
CORDON Unnamed son of Alexander and Maria (Tatham)
COXON Charles of John and Elizabeth (Rice)
CRAGG William of William and Emma (Adcock)
CRANE Albert [of Josiah and Martha (Smith)]
CRICH John of Adam and Maria (Webster)
CRICH Sally of John and Mary (Davis)
CROSS Joseph
CROSSLEY William of Joseph and Ann (Beader)
CUTTS Fanny Richardson
DABELLE George of William and Phoebe
DALE Edward of John and Mary (Frogett)
DANIELLS Ellen Sarah of George and Elizabeth (Dewick)
DATE William Horton of William and Mary (Horton)
DAVIS Agnes of Solomon and Dorothy (Johnson)
DAVIS Dinah of Enoch and Millicent (Fretwell)
DAVIS Esther Ann
DAVIS Rosanna of John and Mary Ann (Crich)
DAVIS Sarah of William and Lucy (Hallam)
DAYKIN Catharine of Reuben and Frances (Daykin)
DAYKIN Catharine of William and Martha (Whitehead)
DAYKIN Charles
DAYKIN William Thomas
DERBYSHIRE Job Nightingale of Job Nightingale Simpson and Mary (White)
DOOLEY Andrew Clowes of Edmund and Ann
DURO Martha of William and Mary (Cobley)
DUTTON John of Thomas and Christiana Wilkinson (Horney)
EARNSHAW Catharine
EARNSHAW Sarah Jane of John and Harriet (Hodgkinson)
EATON Henry of George and Caroline (Bell)
EATON Marina of Ephraim and Harriet (Cowlishaw)
EATON Thomas of Jacob and Sarah Ann (Farnsworth)
EATON William of Elijah and Ann (Burrows)
EBBERN Annie of John and Hannah Morris (Carrington)
ELEY Annie Elizabeth of James and Lydia (Abbott)
ELEY Elizabeth Hannah of Joseph and Ann (Harrison)
ELEY Esther of John and Ann
ELEY George
ELLIS Herbert of Ezekiel and Lydia (Davis)
ELLIS Samuel
EYRE Mary of James and Martha (Thorpe)
EYRE Sarah Ann of William and Phoebe (Limb)
FARNSWORTH Mary of Isaac and Martha (White)
FARNSWORTH William illegitimate/ of Eliza Farnsworth
FEARN Alice of James and Hannah (Clower)
FEARN Arthur William
FEARN Thomas of George and Elizabeth (Bamford)
FISH Eliza of William and Hannah (Thorley)
FISH William of William and Sarah (Freeman)
FISHER Charlotte
FISHER George of Thomas and Mary (Allcock)
FISHER Mary of John and Emma (Newton)
FISHER Mary Ann of James and Mary (Whiteman)
FISHER Walter of John and Mary (Henshaw)
FLETCHER Edwin of John and Mary (Earnshaw)
FLETCHER Ethal of Samuel and Ann
FLETCHER Frances of John and Susannah
FLETCHER Harriet of John and Selina (Taylor)
FLETCHER Hierom of George and Sarah Ann (Hallam)
FLETCHER Willie of Samuel and Judith (Beardsley)
FLINT Harriet Ann [of Robert and Sarah (Smith)]
FLINT Unnamed son of Samuel and Phoebe
FORSTER John Henry of Henry and Louisa (Hibbert/Hibbard)
FOSTER Sarah Jane of Walter William and Margaret (Foulds alias Taylor)
FRETWELL Abraham of James and Mary (Lacey formerly Astill)
FRETWELL Alfred of William and Elizabeth (Roome)
FRETWELL Elizabeth [of Robert and Hannah (Richards)]
FRETWELL Ellen of Solomon and Ann (Oxley)
FRETWELL Martha of Isaac and Elizabeth (Limb)
FROGGATT Eliza of John Froggatt alias Wright and Catherine (Davis)
FROGGATT John of Joseph and Janet (Bramley)
FROGGATT Lucy of John and Elizabeth (Lomax)
FROGGATT William of William and Harriet (Oxley)
FULWOOD Phoebe Ann
GAMBLE James of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
GEE John
GILLOTT George Alfred of Elijah and Charlotte
GLAZEBROOKE Mary of John and Ann
GODDARD William of Thomas and Ann (Tunnicliffe)
GOODACRE William [of Samuel and Sarah Eliza (Parker)]
GOODWIN Eliza Ann [of Thomas and Elizabeth (Street)]
GREEN Mary Jane
GREGORY William of George and Ann (Bamford)
GRUNDY Amy of William and Sarah (Straw)
GRUNDY Lucy of Thomas and Harriet (Frost)
HALLAM Elizabeth Jane of Herbert and Maria (Carrington)
HALLAM Joseph Henry of Joseph and Eliza (Adams)
HALLSWORTH Alfred of Joseph and Ann (Stapleton)
HAMES Elijah [of William and Fanny (Bates)]
HARDY Ann of Thomas and Ann (Baker)
HARDY Arthur of William and Catherine (Cartledge)
HARDY Mary illegitimate/ of Ann Hardy
HARDY Mary of Thomas and Elizabeth
HARDY Mary Ann of Abel and Emma (Baker)
HARDY Mary Ellen of Henry and Charlotte (Fretwell)
HARDY Reuben
HARDY Robert illegitimate/ of Fanny Hardy
HARDY Sarah Elizabeth
HARDY William
HARRIMAN John of John and Sarah (Wright)
HARRISON Joseph of Henry and Sarah (Harrison)
HART Mary Hannah
HARVEY John of John and Mary (Tomlinson)
HASELDINE Ellinor of William and Sarah (Pearson)
HASELDINE Sarah Alice of Charles and Alice (Jackson)
HATTERWELL Ann Selina illegitimate/ of Charlotte Hatterwell (formerly Hardy)
HAWKINS Isaac of William and Ann (Gregory)
HAYES Samuel
HAYWOOD Sarah Ann of George and Elizabeth (Newton)
HEATON Unnamed son of William and Agnes
HENSHAW Frederick of Robert and Ruth (Bostock)
HENSHAW George of John and Sarah (Lacey)
HENSHAW Hannah Mary
HENSHAW Herbert of Herbert and Eliza (Sisson)
HENSHAW Lambert of Moses Bullivant and Elizabeth (Morley)
HENSHAW Richard of Ambrose and Ellen (Beardsley)
HENSHAW Sarah of William and Martha (Flint)
HENSHAW William of James and Sarah (Lowe)
HENSHAW William Henry of John and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
HENSHAW William Henry
HENSON Mary of Herbert and Mary (Stapleton)
HENSON Unnamed son of William and Mary Ann (Lebeter)
HENSON Walter of William and Mary (Newton)
HEWITT John of John and Rebecca (Bramley)
HEWITT John William of James and Mary (Winfield)
HICKLING John of Nathan and Harriet (Dodsley)
HIGGATE Jane Elizabeth
HILL Henry of John and Mary (Gillott)
HITHERSAY Ann of James and Mary (Whitehead)
HOBLEY Annie Sarah
HOCKLEY Henry of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Bradley)
HOGG Arthur [of Timothy and Mary]
HOGG Elizabeth of Richard and Sarah
HOGG Sarah [of James and Amy]
HOLMES James John
HOLMES Ruth Hannah of Woolstan and Sarah (Slack)
HOLT Elizabeth Ann illegitimate/ of Frances Holt
HOON William of William and Elizabeth
HOPKIN Elizabeth of Henry and Elizabeth (Hibbert)
HOROBIN Mary of David and Elizabeth (Herbert)
HOULT Elizabeth of John and Hannah (Northen)
HOUSLEY Alfred of Alfred and Sarah (Buxton formerly Parkin)
HOWITT Arthur of Herbert and Ann (Blount)
HOWITT William of Thomas and Matilda (Gillott)
HUDSON Mary Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Harriet Hudson
HUNT Ann of Charles and Eliza Bridget (Aldred)
HUNT Mary of John and Mary (Henshaw)
HUTCHINSON James of John and Mary (Osborne)
IRONMONGER William of Henry and Elizabeth (York)
JACKSON Clement of James and Hannah (Sills)
JERVIS Charles of Edward and Matilda (Hopewell)
JOHNSON Henry illegitimate/ of Ann Johnson
JOHNSON Unnamed daughter of Paling and Martha (Eyre)
KERRY William Henry of Thomas and Phoebe
KIRK George of James and Jane (Dable)
KIRK Hannah of Daniel and Mary (Richardson)
KIRK William of Thomas and Ann (Rawson)
KIRKHAM Mary [of Samuel and Ann (Colman)]
KNIGHT John [illegitimate/ of Mary Knight]
KNIGHTON Annie Maria illegitimate/ of Lucy Knighton
KNIGHTON Fanny Wilson of George and Mary (Booth)
KNIGHTON George William of Solomon and Sarah (Clower)
KNIGHTON Hannah of Frederick and Emma (Meakin)
KNIGHTON Isaac of Isaac and Sarah (Robinson)
KNIGHTON John of John and Hannah (Hemstock/Henstock)
KNIGHTON John William of Frederick and Sarah (Evans)
LACEY Albert of William and Ruth (Straw)
LACEY Annie of John and Catherine (Baker)
LACEY Unnamed son of Amos and Mary (Bostock)
LEBETER Arthur Allen of John and Lydia (Dodd)
LEBETER Elizabeth of Thomas and Mary (Rathbone)
LEBETER Mary Ann of William and Eliza (Wardle)
LEBETER Moses of Moses and Jane (Crowson)
LEE Elizabeth Ann of Reuben and Charlotte (Nadin)
LEIVERS John [of Christopher and Mary]
LEVERS Annie illegitimate/ of Ellen Levers (formerly Walker)
LEVERS Annie of Henry and Georgiana (Clarke)
LIMB Unnamed daughter of John and Mary Ann (Pritchett)
LOMAX Catharine of Jeremiah and Ruth (Clay)
LOWE Unnamed daughter of Henry and Anne (Wood)
MANCHESTER Eliza [of Edward and Anna Sophia (Adcock)]
MARSDEN Elizabeth of John and Ellen (Peet formerly Gilthorpe)
MARSHALL Tom of Woolstan and Augusta (Clayton)
MARSON Matilda of Thomas and Ann (Noon)
MARTIN Albert of Joseph and Elizabeth (Barlow)
MARTIN Elizabeth
MARTIN Emily [of Charles and Harriet]
MARTIN Unnamed son of John and Mary
MARTIN William
MASON George Arthur of Moses and Mary Ann (Wilcoxson)
MATTHEWS Ruth of Thomas and Sarah (Knighton)
MAYFIELD Mary Jane of Samuel and Jane (Bagguley)
MEAKIN James of John and Elizabeth (Richards)
MEE Annie of James and Catherine (Gillott)
MEE Edwin of Edwin and Eliza (Smedley)
MEE James
MEER Elizabeth Hannah of William and Mary (Harrison)
MEER James of John and Ellen (Harrison)
MERRY Edith of William and Elizabeth Hannah (Sudbury)
MILWARD Emma of Robert and Matilda (Gillott)
MITCHELL George of Charles and Catherine (Hardstaff)
MITCHELL Henry Percy of John and Eliza (Henshaw)
MOORE John Alfred of John Spray and Mary (West)
MOORE Julia illegitimate/ of Ann Moore (and Thomas Sisson)
MOORE Thomas of William and Mary Ann (Capes)
MORLEY Abraham of Thomas and Ann (Morley formerly Henshaw)
MORLEY Mary Ann of Thomas and Sarah (Fisher)
MOSS Ellen of John and Mary (Scattergood)
MOULT William Henry of William and Catherine (Lowe)
MOUSLEY Unnamed son of Joseph and Phoebe (Johnson)
MURDIN Sarah of John and Mary
NASH Elizabeth [of Thomas Daykin and Mary (Lebeter)]
NAYLOR George Henry of George and Harriet (Howitt)
NEALE Frederick William of Frederick and Betsy (Cresswell)
NEWTON Elizabeth of Nathaniel and Phoebe (Hallsworth)
NEWTON John of William and Amy (Ratcliff)
NUTT William George Cornelius of Cornelius and Ellen Elizabeth (George)
OAKES George of George and Mary (Bradbury)
OLDERSHAW Charles of William and Hannah (Martin)
ORME Mary Ellen of John and Martha (Hatton)
OSBORNE Ann [of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Pollard)]
OSBORNE Eliza [of Roger and Jesele (Buxton)]
OSBORNE Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Betsey Osborne
OXLEY John of Richard and Lavinia (Bailey)
PACKWOOD Louisa of Thomas and Mary (Gurney)
PALFREYMAN Enoch of William and Mary (Knighton)
PALING Annie Mary of William and Sarah Ann (Radford)
PALMER Daniel of John and Harriet
PARKER Edward Albert of George Carey and Ellen Selina (Peet)
PARKER Elizabeth Annie
PARKIN Eliza of Isaac and Priscilla (Bell)
PARKINS Benjamin of John and Elizabeth (Allcock)
PERKINS John of John and Susannah (Knighton)
PETERS Frank of Charles and Ann (Hemmington)
PHEASANT Maria of William and Mary Ann (Hood)
PHILLIPS Mary Ann Rosa of Francis and Eliza (Rose)
PHIPPS Catharine of John and Harriett (Wayne)
POLLARD Emma of Joseph and Elizabeth (Smith)
POLLARD Joshua of Patrick and Sarah (Harrison)
POLLARD Martha of Thomas and Martha (Sisson)
POLLARD Unnamed son of Joseph and Mary Elizabeth
POTTER Hugh Charles of Thomas and Ellen (Hopkinson)
POTTER Sarah Ann of Thomas and Eliza (Crooks)
POTTER Walter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Woodward)
POTTS Eliza of Joseph and Eliza (Hallam)
POUNDER Alice of William and Ann (Blount)
POUNDER Allen of Charles and Sarah (Hart)
POUNDER Joseph of John and Harriet (Mee)
POUNDER Mary of Wllliam and Emma (Davis)
POXON John Edward of John and Mary
PRINCE James [of Isaac and Mary Ann (Beniston)]
PURCELL Margaret Jane of William George and Jane Ruth (Scattergood)
PURDY Eli [of William and Martha (Fulwood)]
PURDY Hannah of William and Eliza
PYNEGAR John of William and Elizabeth
PYNEGAR Samuel of Samuel and Ann (Bramley)
QUIN Catharine
RAWSON Albert of Henry and Eliza
RAYNES Albert Edward of Johnand Ann (Scattergood)
RAYNOR Annie Georgiana [of William and Sarah (Wilkinson)]
RAYNOR George of Joseph and Catherine (Vickers)
REES Sarah Ann
REEVE Elizabeth of William and Charlotte (Bostock)
REYNOLDS Eliza of John and Ann (Sisson)
RICE Samuel of Samuel and Mary (Shaw)
RICHARDS Albert Cockayne illegitimate/ of Mary Richards)
RICHARDS Elizabeth of Samuel and Harriet (Chapman)
RIGLEY George Thomas aka Tom George Rigley/ of George and Ann (Pollard)
RIGLEY John Thomas illegitimate/ of Mary Rigley (and Thomas Moore)
RIGLEY Maria [of William and Maria (Daykin)]
RILEY Annie Clementina of Thomas James and Hannah (Chadwick)
RILEY Charlotte illegitimate/ of Charlotte Riley (formerly Hart)
RILEY Ephraim
RILEY George of William and Mary (Warren)
RILEY Sarah Ann of Samuel and Sarah (Hunt)
ROBINSON Robert Arthur of Robert and Mary Ann (Shinn)
ROSCOE Ada Augusta
ROSE Aaron of Stephen and Mary (Aldred)
ROSE William George Hickton of Thomas Robinson and Susanna (Chadwick)
SADLER Ellen of Thomas and Emma
SALES Nelly Ethel illegitimate/ of Ann Sales (formerly Riley)
SAVAGE Sarah of William and Mary (Henson)
SAVILLE Eliza Grebby [illegitimate/ of Henry Grebby and Ann (Saville formerly Attenborough)]
SAXTON Robert of Abraham and Emma
SAXTON Samuel of Joseph and Charlotte (Smith)
SAXTON Sarah Ann of Henry and Hannah
SCATTERGOOD George Thomas of William Stenson and Lucy (Winfield)
SCATTERGOOD Joseph illegitimate/ of Ann Scattergood (formerly Bostock)
SELLERS James of William and Mary Jane (Rhodes)
SEVERN Charles
SEVERN Joseph of George and Eliza (Pounder)
SEVERN Unnamed son of James and Fanny
SEVERN William of John and Jane (Bloor)
SHARLEY John Henry of Charles and Ruth
SHAW Annie Maria of John and Mira (Fisher)
SHAW Florence Ellen of Samuel and Mary Ann (Boam)
SHAW Hannah
SHAW Isaac of Samuel and Jane (Smith)
SHOOTER Joseph of John and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
SHREWSBURY Arthur Pearce
SIMMS Annie Maria
SIMMS Mary of William and Mary (Smith)
SIMPSON Albert Edward twin/ of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SIMPSON Herbert of Henry and Ann (Raynor)
SIMPSON John Thomas of Thomas and Ann Sarah (Sheldon)
SIMPSON Sarah twin/ of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SINGLETON Emily of Job and Susannah (Bamford)
SINGLETON Mary Ann Pinder of John and Mary (Pinder)
SINGLETON Mary Eliza of Jonas and Emily (Swann)
SISSON Ellen of Thomas and Louisa (Aldred)
SISSON Hannah Maria of Ephraim and Ann (Smith)
SISSON Marina of William and Jane (Webster)
SISSON Martha of Samuel and Eliza (Cook)
SISSON Walter of William and Elizabeth (Smith)
SKERRITT Walter Edward
SLATER John Thomas illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Slater (formerly Cook)
SMALL George William of Lambert West and Elizabeth (Winson)
SMALL Harriet of Georga and Emma Caroline (Sharp)
SMALLWOOD Sarah Jane of John and Martha (Littlewood)
SMEDLEY Emma of William and Harriet (Scattergood)
SMEDLEY John of John and Mary (Henshaw)
SMEDLEY Joseph [of William and Mary Ann (Lacey)]
SMITH Albert of William and Rebecca (Furniss)
SMITH Andrew of Joseph and Kezia (Flinders)
SMITH George of Henry and Mary Ann (Paling)
SMITH Harriet [of Reuben and Jane (Dodsley)]
SMITH Jane of Samuel and Catherine (Fulwood)
SMITH John illegitimate/ of Hannah Maria Smith
SMITH John Henry [of William and Frances (Osborne)]
SMITH John Samuel of William Bennett and Hannah Eliza (Fox)
SMITH Joseph Cragg of Joseph and Tamar Jane Cocks (Cragg)
SMITH Mary Ann of John and Elizabeth (Hardy)
SMITH Mary Ann Cook
SMITH Millicent Ann of William and Millicent (Baker)
SMITH Samuel of Samuel and Fanny (Smith)
SMITH Sarah Ann of Thomas and Ann (Scattergood)
SMITH Unnamed daughter twin/ of Abraham and Elizabeth (Thorpe)
SMITH Unnamed daughter twin/ of Abraham and Elizabeth (Thorpe)
SMITH Unnamed son of John and Elizabeth
SMITH Walter
SMITH William
SMITH William Frederick of William and Ann (Wood)
SNEAP Jacob of Thomas and Mary Ann (Frost)
SOAR Thomas Henry of John and Sarah (Bennett)
SOWRAY Florence Kate of John and Catherine (Campbell)
SPENCER Charles of Amos and Ann Hives (Chadwick)
SPERRY Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth
SPRINGTHORPE William of Robert and Mary
STAINSBY Maria of Samuel and Fanny (Gillott)
STANLEY Isaac of William and Elizabeth (Bestwick)
STENSON Joseph of Joseph and Jane (Lowndes)
STENSON Mary of Robert and Ann (Annable)
STEVENS Elizabeth Ann
STEVENSON George of William and Eliza (Ball)
STIRLAND Hannah of Herbert Stirland alias Fisher and Mary Ann (Bailey)
STIRLAND Joseph of John and Martha Longdon (Bamford)
STIRLAND Sarah of Daniel and Millicent (Baker)
STIRLAND William Henry of Henry and Lavinia (Hicking)
STORER Ruth of Samuel and Emma (Allen)
STRAW Arthur of Joseph and Caroline (Straw)
STRAW Betsy of Samuel and Ellen (Grimley)
STRAW Charlotte of William and Ann (Davis)
STRAW Emma of Jacob Kirkby and Millicent Harriet (Cresswell)
STRAW Jane of Samuel and Phoebe (Carrington)
SYMONS Lewis Prust
SYSON Hannah Maria of Jacob and Martha (Youngman)
TATHAM Elijah of Elijah and Ann (Clark)
TATHAM Elizabeth of Herbert and Martha (Bamford)
TATHAM Henry of Albert and Sarah (Straw)
TAYLOR Herbert
TAYLOR William
THOMPSON Esther of Charles and Sarah (Fish)
THORLEY Joseph of James and Ellen (Drury)
THORNHILL Betsy of Richard and Hannah (Clifford)
THORNHILL Elizabeth Ellen of Thomas and Lucy (Clay)
THORNHILL Richard of Richard and Hannah (Parker)
THORNHILL Son of Hannah twin/ of Hannah Thornhill
THORNHILL Thomas Henry of James and Priscilla (Holmes)
THORNHILL Unnamed daughter twin/ of Hannah Thornhill
TILLSON Mary twin/ of Arthur and Mary
TILLSON Sarah twin/ of Arthur and Mary
TILSON Isaac of Thomas and Sarah (White formerly Turton)
TOMLINSON Isaac Henry of Henry and Mary Hannah (Robinson)
TOPLIS Sarah Jane of Robert and Martha (Chandler)
TRUEMAN Adeline of Isaac and Emma (Bostock)
TRUEMAN Mary of John and Harriet (Simpson)
TUNNICLIFF Mary Jane of James and Amy (Beardsley)
TUNNICLIFF Samuel of Samuel and Rebecca (Clifford)
TURGOOSE Robert of Birkitt and Elizabeth
TURNER Joseph of William and Selina (Hunt)
TURNER Thomas Killingley of William Wright and Eliza (Killingley)
WALKER Abraham of Joseph and Ann
WALKER Hannah Rebecca [of John and Catherine (Bestwick)]
WALKER Herbert of John and Mary Ann (Eggleshaw)
WALKER Samuel of Samuel and Harriet (Winfield)
WARDLE Enoch of William and Prudence (Booth)
WARDLE Juliana of Joseph and Mary (Bamford)
WARREN Jessie of Robert and Hannah (Harrison)
WARREN Thomas William of William and Hannah (Syson)
WATERS William Allen of Richard Saunders and Harriet (Ward)
WATSON Annie Augusta
WATSON Harriet
WATSON Mary Elizabeth of George and Hannah (Davis)
WEBSTER Benjamin of Benjamin and Diana (Bamford)
WEBSTER Emily of William and Catherine Elizabeth (Froggatt)
WEBSTER John of William and Elizabeth (Baker)
WEBSTER Martha of William and Anne (Stones)
WEBSTER Penelope
WEBSTER Sarah Jane of Elias and Sarahj (Henshaw)
WEBSTER Unnamed daughter twin?/ of James and Ellen (Borebank)
WEBSTER Unnamed daughter twin?/ of James and Ellen (Borebank)
WEBSTER Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Harriet Webster
WEST Alfred
WEST Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Louisa West
WEST Mary of Thomas and Mary (Grose/Gorse)
WESTON William illegitimate/ of Mary Weston (formerly Brown)
WHALVIN William of James and Elizabeth
WHEATLEY Sarah Jane of William and Emma (Stevenson)
WHEATLEY William of William and Louisa (Cook)
WHEELDON Jane Paradise of Amos and Sarah (Sanders)
WHITE Mary Ann of Thomas and Ann (Simpson)
WHITE Sarah of Amos and Myra (Frost)
WHITEHEAD John Thomas of Israel and Mary (Limb)
WHITEHEAD Mary of James and Alice (Cordon)
WHITEHEAD Unnamed daughter of Isaiah and Charlotte (Hodson)
WHITEMAN George Henry of George and Martha
WHITEMAN William Henry
WILKINSON Sarah of John Bradgate and Ann Bennett (Smith)
WILSON Hannah Harriet Hunt of John and Mary
WILSON James Beetham of Bartholomew and Rebecca Ann (Beetham)
WINFIELD Charlotte Elizabeth of John and Alice (Brentnall)
WINFIELD George William of Joseph and Ann (Collington)
WINFIELD Philip of John and Hannah (Straw)
WOODROFFE William of John and Ann (Fox)
WOOLLEY Thomas of Thomas and Hannah (Daykin)
WOOLLISCROFT Charles of Charles Charles and Amelia (Bamford)
WRIGHT Amelia aka Amelia Clay Wright/ of John and Julia (Brown formerly Hawley)
WRIGHT Charles of John and Elizabeth (Clay)
WRIGHT Elizabeth of John and Selina (Skevington)
WRIGHT Elizabeth of John and Sarah Ann (Stevenson)
WRIGHT Henry of William and Alice (Pollard)
WRIGHT Sarah of James and Eliza (Boam)
WRIGHT William illegitimate/ of Martha Wright
WYKES Percy Harold of Robert and Mary (Hall)
YOUNG Celia of Alexander and Rebecca (Webb)