1847 Births

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Surname Other names Notes
ADLINGTON George of Thomas and Britannia (Sharley)
ALDRED Victoria of Aaron and Maria (Potter)
ALLEN Ann of Isaiah and Martha (Cullis)
ALLEN Harriet of Peter and Lydia (Wood)
ALLEN Luke of John and Sarah
ALTON Agnes of Robert and Sarah
ARGILE John of John and Sarah
ARGILE Thomas of William and Catherine (Wallis)
BAILEY Clark illegitimate/ of Jane Bailey
BAILEY John Allen of Gilbert and Mary Ann (Allen)
BAKER Aaron of James and Mary (Shaw)
BAKER Alice of William and Alice (Stevenson)
BAKER Mary of Charles and Ann
BAKER Thomas of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
BAKER William of William and Ann (Heape)
BAMFORD Mary Ann of George and Harriet (Fretwell)
BAMFORD Samuel of John Longdon and Hannah (Richards)
BARKER John twin/ of James Alexander and Matilda (Ball)
BARKER Mary of Thomas and Martha (Slater)
BARKER Unnamed son twin/ of James Alexander and Matilda (Ball)
BARNES Elizabeth of Stephen and Kezia (Longdon)
BARTON Harriet
BARTON James of Jacob and Sarah (Stirling)
BEARDOW Thomas of John and Mary (Alsop)
BEARDSLEY Arthur Arnold of Amos and Harriett (Harrison)
BEARDSLEY Emily of Amos and Ann (Hofton)
BEARDSLEY Henry illegitimate/ of Judith Beardsley
BEARDSLEY Homer of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Stevenson)
BEECH James of John and Eliza
BENNETT Joseph of Joseph and Sarah (Riley)
BENNETT Moses of William and Maria (Smith)
BENNIESTON Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Ann Bennieston
BERESFORD Martha of Edward and Hannah
BESTWICK Fanny of Thomas and Sarah
BESTWICK Francis of Francis and Elizabeth
BESTWICK Joseph of Thomas and Elizabeth Clay (Wright)
BIRCUMSHAW Frances of Joseph and Sarah (Smedley)
BIRCUMSHAW John of Henry Kelly and Amy/Anne (Derbyshire)
BIRKS Reuben of George and Ann (Shaw)
BLAKE Unnamed daughter of Richard and Sarah (Meakin)
BLOOR Henry of David and Priscilla (Taylor)
BONSALL John illegitimate/ of Harriet Bonsall
BONSER Mary of Thomas and Millicent (Plumb)
BOOTH Alice Ann of George and Emma (Winfield)
BOOTH Joseph of Samuel and Ann
BOREBANKS Ann of Isaac and Ann (Atkin)
BOSTOCK Catharine of Benjamin and Grace (Hutchinson)
BOSTOCK David of Jonathon and Edith (Keeling)
BOSTOCK Elizabeth of John and Ann (Smedley)
BOSTOCK Mary Ann of Henry and Eliza (Woodward)
BOSTOCK Stephen of Stephen and Mary (Johnson)
BOSTOCK Thomas of Jonathon and Ruth (Morris)
BOWER Sarah Georgiana of John and Georgiana (Hopewell)
BOWMAN Thomas Nayler of Richard and Mary Ann (Naylor)
BOYER Lydia aka Lydia Byer or Beer/ of John and Elizabeth (Brentnall)
BRADLEY Martha of William and Ruth (Shaw)
BRENTNALL Hannah of Edward and Charlotte (Copestake)
BRENTNALL Harriet of John and Catherine (Higgitt)
BRENTNALL John illegitimate/ of Millicent Brentnall
BRIGGS Charles of Joseph and Mary
BROWN Alfred of Samuel and Catherine
BROWN Elizabeth of Job and Eliza
BROWN Sarah Ann
BROWN Thomas Samuel of John Rawdin and Ann (Bostock)
BROWN Unnamed son of John and Ellen
BROWN Unnamed son of John and Ellen
BUCKNELL Samuel Richard of Thomas and Eliza (Richards)
BURROWS Aaron of Isaac and Mary (Siddons)
BUTLER Elizabeth of William and Mary (Shaw)
BUTLER Emily of Joseph and Elizabeth
BUXTON Elizabeth of William and Elizabeth (Tatham)
BUXTON Joseph of Robert and Martha
CALLADINE Edwin Weston
CALLADINE John of John and Hannah (Bostock)
CARRINGTON Mahala of John and Hannah (Morris)
CHADWICK Emma of Charles and Mary (Hives)
CHAMBERS William of James and Sarah (Lebeter)
CHISSELL Emily of William and Mary
CLIFFORD Phoebe of Joseph and Mary (Hardy)
COCKAYNE Isaac of William and Mary (Henshaw)
COLISHAW Sarah Ann of James and Mary (Lacey formerly Hall)
COOK Elizabeth of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smith)
COPE William of Elijah and Elizabeth (Prince)
COPESTICK William of William and Julia (Baynton)
CORKWELL Reuben of Edward and Esther
CRESSWELL Betsey of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRESSWELL Joseph of Paul and Mary (Holmes)
CRITCH Cornelius of Noah and Elizabeth (Thompson)
CROOKS Sarah of Francis Thompson and Mary (Flint)
CROSS Timothy of Edward and Mary (Barnes)
CULLIS George Rowland of John and Mary Ann (Rowland)
DAKIN Joseph of Joseph and Mary
DAKIN Zacharia illegitimate/ of Sarah Dakin
DAVIES Emily of Thomas and Hannah (Hatter)
DAVIES George of George and Mary (Barber)
DAVIES James of John and Maria (Fretwell)
DAWS Unnamed son of William and Hannah
DAYKIN John of Godfrey and Mary (Beighton)
DAYKIN Saint Leo Briggs of John and Elizabeth (Turner)
DODSLEY Mary Ann of Joseph and Mary Ann
DODSLY Jane of Samuel and Sarah (Beniston)
DOVE Henry of Thomas and Sarah
ELEY Elizabeth Ann of John and Mary
ELEY Mary of Thomas and Ann
ELEY Richard Jackson
ELEY William
ELLIOTT Sarah of James and Hannah
ELLIOTT Sarah [of Jonathan and Mary]
FARNSWORTH George of William and Elizabeth (formerly Sills)
FISH Ann twin/ of George and Elizabeth (Whitehead)
FISH Ellen twin/ of George and Elizabeth (Whitehead)
FISHER Hannah of Thomas and Mary (Bamford)
FISHER Martha of Thomas and Mary (Calladine)
FLETCHER George illegitimate/ of Harriet Fletcher
FLETCHER Hannah of Joseph and Ann (Hawley)
FLETCHER Richard of Edward and Phoebe (Allen)
FLETCHER Selina of George and Ann (Mitchell formerly Buckley)
FLETCHER Thomas of George and Jane (Severn)
FLINDERS Edward of John and Ann (Davy)
FLINDERS Hannah of Benjamin and Mary (Taylor)
FOSTER George of Joseph and Fanny (Gaunt formerly Lacey)
FOULDS Unnamed son illegitimate/ of George Foulds and Sarah Taylor (formerly Wright)
FOWLER Mary Ann of John and Mary
FRANKS Ann of William and Sarah (Stevenson)
FRECKELTON William Turner of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Turner)
FRETWELL Samuel [of John and Emma Sills (Brentnall)]
FRETWELL Thomas of James and Sarah (Barber)
FROGG Mary of Eli and Maria (Hallam)
GAUNT Grace of James and Sarah (Raynes)
GILLOTT Eliza Matilda
GRAFTON James of John and Lucy
GRAINGER George of Thomas and Mary (Berresford)
GRAINGER Thomas of Gervase and Elizabeth (Booth)
GREEN Harriet of John and Ann (Bostock)
HALL Sarah of William and Mary (Smith)
HALLAM William of John and Catherine (Daykin)
HAMES Elizabeth of Joseph and Elizabeth (Morrill)
HAMSON Ann of Charles and Jane (Morley)
HARDY Benjamin of Benjamin and Jane (Wheatley)
HARDY Joseph
HARDY Robert
HARRISON John of Joseph and Phoebe (Burgin)
HASLAM Charles
HAWLEY Elizabeth of Henry and Mary Ann Taylor (Gilbert)
HAYES Unnamed son of George and Charlotte (Morris)
HAYWOOD Elizabeth of Samuel and Martha
HENSHAW Frederick of Samuel and Matilda (Barton)
HENSHAW Joseph of Stephen and Mary Ann (Aldred)
HENSHAW Louisa of Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
HICKING Hannah Eliza
HILL Henry of William and Elizabeth
HINDS William of George and Ann (Henson)
HITHERSAY Joseph of James and Ann (Bancroft)
HOLMES Harriet of John and Mary
HOOLEY Mark Wheatley of Esau and Ann (Wheatley)
HORRIDGE Jonathan of John and Mary (Pollard)
HORSLEY James of Moses and Lydia
HOWITT Richard of Richard and Mary
HUFTON Ellen of Thomas and Ann (Stirland)
HUNT Harriet of John and Eliza
HUNT Henry of Henry and Elizabeth (Buxton)
INGAR Joseph
JOHNSON Unnamed son of James and Jane (Bramley/Brambleby)
KELLY Timothy of William and Mary (Shaw)
KNIGHTON James of John and Ann (Duro)
LACEY Caleb illegitimate/ of Sarah Lacey
LEBETER Robert of James and Ellen (Straw)
LEE Unnamed daughter of John and Sarah (Bostock)
LESTER Sally of Richard and Sarah
LIMB Eliza of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LIMB Elizabeth
LIMB Martha
LIMB Mary of Joseph and Mary (Fisher)
LITHERLAND William of John and Elizabeth
LITTLEWOOD Mary of George and Leah (Morley)
LONGSTAFF Isabella Lucy of Edgar Henry and Cornelia Hamilton (Buchanan)
MARSHALL John of Samuel and Ann
MARTIN Joseph of John and Mary
MARTIN Levi of Samuel and Martha
MARTIN Lydia [of John and Ellen]
MAYOR Susan Jane of James and Sarah
MOORE Eliza of Samuel and Ann (White)
MOORE Sarah of Jeremiah and Hannah (Knighton)
MORLEY William of Noah and Sarah (Bamford)
MORRALL Louisa of James and Jane (Disney)
MORRELL Elizabeth
MUSSON John of Edward and Phoebe (Henshaw)
NADIN George
OGDEN Elizabeth of Joseph and Sarah
ORME Amelia illegitimate/ of Eliza Orme
ORRIDGE Mary aka Mary Horridge/ of John and Mary Ann (Hardy)
OSBORNE Maria [of John and Maria (Horsley)]
OXLEY Mary of Joseph and Eliza
PALING William Frederick
PEARSON Unnamed son of William and Ann (Slack formerly Straw)
PHILLIPS Elizabeth of John and Mary (Hutchinson)
POTTER Elizabeth of George and Sarah (Shelton)
POUNDALL William of John and Hannah (Clay Flint)
PRIME Hannah [illegitimate/ of Sophia Prime]
PRINCE Joseph Whysall illegitimate/ of Rebecca Prince (formerly Ball)
PURDY Joseph of George and Fanny
PURDY Sarah Ann of Charles and Frances
RADFORD Henry of William and Mary (Hofton)
RADFORD Henry of James and Ann (Robins)
RAWSON James of Joseph and Martha (Mart)
RICHARDS William of William and Martha (Baker)
RICHARDSON Thomas of Isaac Burgin and Sarah (Mitchell)
RIGLEY John of William and Maria (Smith)
RILEY Albert of John and Catherine (Syson)
RILEY Herbert of Joseph and Mira (Smith)
RILEY John of Samuel and Ann (Simpson)
RILEY John of George and Ann (Syson)
RILEY Maria Eliza of William and Maria (Straw)
RILEY Sarah Ann of Noah and Elizabeth (Shelton)
RILEY William of Samuel and Sarah (Cockayne)
ROBINSON Elizabeth Ann
ROBINSON Elizabeth Jane
ROSSELL William of William and Elizabeth (Brooks)
ROWLAND Unnamed son of Isaac and Sarah (Wright)
ROWLEY Joseph of William and Ann Goodare (Fletcher)
SEVERN Unnamed son of George and Rebecca (Hart)
SHARLEY Betsy of German and Sarah
SHARP Ann of Michael and Elizabeth (Chapman)
SHAW Mary [illegitimate/ of Ann Shaw]
SHAW William of Ralph and Jane (Skevington)
SHELTON Ruth Hannah
SIDDONS John of Thomas and Elizabeth
SILLS Mary Jane of John and Mary Ann (Clarke)
SILVESTER Fanny Elizabeth of John and Mirah (Ball)
SISON John of Abraham and Ann (Hopkins)
SISON Mary Elizabeth [of William Bower and Betsy (Eminson)]
SISSON Jemima of Samuel and Martha (Shelton)
SKEAVINGTON Morina of William and Ruth (Blount)
SLATER William of George and Elizabeth (Cook)
SMALL Mary Helen of George and Fanny (Lane)
SMEDLEY Herbert aka Herbert Lacey/ of John Smedley and Maria (Buss)
SMEDLEY Thomas of John and Maria (Shaw)
SMITH George
SMITH Hannah Maria of William and Augustine (Calladine)
SMITH Mary of Joseph and Maria (Cook)
SMITH Mary Ann of Joseph and Sarah (Adcock)
SMITH Sarah Ann illegitimate/ of Sarah Smith
SMITH Thomas of Samuel and Harriet (Copestake)
SOWTER George Henry
SPEED Eliza of Amos and Fanny (Goddard)
SPENCER William [of Francis and Mary Ann]
SPRAY William of Levi and Phoebe
STABLES Mary of Joseph and Hannah (Bramley)
STAINRIGHT Elizabeth Ann
STARBROOK Thomas of Jacob and Sarah (Leadbetter formerly Bamford)
STARBUCK Mary of Abraham and Mary (Cox)
STENSON Robert illegitimate/ of Ann Stenson
STEVENS Unnamed daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Newberry)
STEVENSON Jemima [illegitimate/ of Ann Stevenson]
STEVENSON John of William and Jane (Morley)
STEVENSON John of William and Harriet (Cockayne)
STIRLING Thomas of William and Sarah (Rhodes)
STORER George of Samuel and Mary (Smith)
STRAW Alfred of George and Elizabeth (Eyley/Eley)
STRAW John illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Straw
STRAW John of Samuel and Phoebe (Carrington)
STRAW Joseph twin/ of William and Amy (Fisher)
STRAW Rosanna illegitimate/ of Selina Straw
STRAW Sarah Ann of Samuel and Ann (Bostock)
STRAW Thomas of Thomas and Jane (Sills)
STRAW Verity of William and Hannah (Shaw)
STRAW William of Wheatley and Sarah (Hutchinson)
STRAW William twin/ of William and Amy (Fisher)
STREET Mary of John and Julia (Booth)
SUDBURY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Selina Sudbury
SWAN Fletcher of Joseph and Sarah (Fletcher)
TATHAM Eliza of Jervis and Charlotte (Toplis)
TAYLOR Unnamed son illegitimate/ of George Foulds and Sarah Taylor (formerly Wright)
TAYLOR William
THOMPSON Jane of William and Sarah (Harrison)
THORP Fanny of Edward and Rebecca
THORPE Maria of Vincent and Phoebe (Watkinson)
TILSON Herbert of John and Ann (Clower)
TILSON James of James and Sarah (Smith)
TILSON Moses of Joseph and Ann (Longdon)
TOMLINSON Mary of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOMLINSON Robert of George and Elizabeth (Bembridge)
TOPLIS Susannah of John and Martha (Swain)
TOPLISS Herbert illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Toplis
TRIECE Henry of William and Ann (Holland)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth Seals of Elijah and Hannah (Chambers)
TRUEMAN Sabina illegitimate/ of Caroline Trueman
TRUMAN John of Isaac and Emma (Bostock)
TRUMAN Joseph of John and Mary (Noon)
TURTON Frederic of John and Hannah (Cordon)
VICKERS Mary Ann illegitimate/ of Emma Vickers
WAIN Catharine of Thomas and Mira (Rice formerly Beardsley)
WALKER Sarah [illegitimate/ of Esther Walker]
WALTERS James of James and Fanny (Wright)
WALTERS Thomas aka Thomas Waters/ of John and Elizabeth (Hudson)
WATHEY Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Clifford)
WATSON Charles
WEST Louisa of Thomas and Mary (Grose/Gorse)
WHEATLEY Emma of Thomas and Maria (Bircumshaw)
WHEATLEY Mary Ann illegitimate/ of Mary Wheatley
WHEATLEY Samuel [of Isaac and Mary (Cordon)]
WHITE Sarah Ann of William and Ann (Turton)
WHITEHEAD Ann of Thomas and Mary (Matthews)
WHITEMAN Sarah Ann [of Thomas and Ann]
WILKINSON James of James and Hannah (Richardson)
WILKINSON John Henry of Joseph and Sabina (Beardsley)
WILKINSON Mary of John and Mary (Whiteman)
WILKINSON Mary Ann of William and Ann
WILKINSON William of Isaac and Elizabeth (Straw)
WILLIAMSON Eliza of William and Sarah (Barson)
WILSON Francis of Henry and Sarah
WINFIELD Levi of John and Maria (Smedley)
WOOD Francis
WOODHOUSE Mary Ann of William and Julia (Calladine)
WRAGG Unnamed son of William and Hannah (Boam)
WRIGHT Mary of William and Alice (Pollard)
WRIGHT Thomas of William and Avice (Beardsley)