1854 Births

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Surname Other names Notes
ABBOTT Angelina
ABBOTT Charles Matthew of Henry and Martha
ALDRED Arthur of Aaron and Catherine (Forman)
ALLEN Joseph of Isaac and Catherine
ANDERSON Isaac of John and Ann
ARGILE Charles of William and Catherine (Wallis)
ASKEW George Frederick of George and Sarah (Meakin)
ASKEW William
ATTENBOROUGH George of John and Rebecca (Wheatley)
ATTENBOROUGH Jane of Isaac and Sarah (Beardsley)
AUSTIN Hannah of William and Hannah
BAKER John Willard of William and Susannah (Cragg)
BAKER Joseph of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
BALL Eliza of Adolphus and Priscilla (Boam)
BALL Eliza Ann of Frederick and Eliza (Kirk)
BALL Elizabeth of Samuel and Ann (Carrington formerly Bryan)
BALL Sarah Ann of George and Ellen (Straw)
BALL William [of John and Eliza (Orme)]
BAMFORD Emma of Thomas and Ruth (Straw)
BARBER Ann of Joseph and Mary (Burton)
BARKER George of Samuel Sargent and Hannah (Crooks)
BARKER James of John and Mary (Hartwell)
BARKER Thomas illegitimate/ of Mary Barker
BARKS Unnamed daughter of John and Martha (Henshaw)
BARNES Alfred of Stephen and Kezia (Longdale)
BARNES Elias of Elias and Hannah (Mason)
BARTLAM George Huskinson of Thomas and Ann (Huskinson)
BATES Emily of John and Mary (Mellor)
BATES Frederick Hugh of William and Louisa (Ward)
BEARDSLEY David of Richard and Hannah (Moult)
BEARDSLEY Edward of Edmund/Edward and Mary (Scattergood)
BEARDSLEY Isaac of Isaac and Julia (Davis)
BEARDSLEY Thomas of Henry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed son of Benjamin and Mary Ann (Shaw)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed son of James and Ruth (Sisson)
BEER Unnamed son of Henry and Dorothy (Aldred)
BELTON John Arthur of William and Ann (Boulsby)
BENNETT Ellen of Joseph and Sarah (Riley)
BENNETT Samuel of Uriah and Ann (Trueman)
BESTWICK George Scott [of Francis and Elizabeth]
BETTS Frederick of Alfred and Jane
BLOUNT Hiram Walker of George and Harriet (Walker)
BLOUNT Joseph of Joseph and Jane
BOAM Daniel of Joseph and Mary (Fletcher)
BOAM Hannah
BOOTH Louisa of James and Mary
BOOTH William of Robert William and Elizabeth (Curtis)
BOSTOCK Abraham of John and Ann (Sisson)
BOSTOCK James of Thomas and Eliza (Calladine)
BOSTOCK John of John and Catherine (Calladine)
BOSTOCK Samuel illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Bostock (and Samuel Tomlinson)
BOSTOCK Solomon of William and Hannah (Rolleston)
BOSTOCK Thomas of John and Christiana (Hart)
BOSTOCK William of John and Ann (Skevington)
BOWLEY Matilda of John and Ana (Tilson)
BRADLEY Eliza of William and Harriet (Beard)
BRADLEY John of Henry and Fanny (Fearn)
BRENTNALL Joseph of George and Mary (Clay)
BRENTNALL Mary of John and Catherine (Higgitt)
BRIGGS Sarah of James and Mary (Starbuck)
BROOKS Sophia Louisa
BROWN Ann of William and Mary Ann
BROWN Elizabeth of Amos and Sarah
BROWN Elizabeth
BROWN James of Christopher and Mary Ann
BROWN Joseph of Elias and Sarah (Daykin)
BROWN Thomas Henry
BROWN William of Edwin and Esther (Horridge)
BROWN William
BUCKNALL Samuel of Thomas and Eliza (Richards)
BURROWS Eliza Ann of Isaac and Mary (Siddons)
BUXTON Ada Elizabeth of Henry and Harriet (Ryder)
BUXTON Sarah of John and Elizabeth (Hooley)
BUXTON Sarah of Robert and Martha
CALADINE John Thomas
CALLADINE Mary of Thomas and Mary (Rigley)
CALLADINE Thomas of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Wardley)
CARMADY Unnamed daughter of Thomas and Ann (O'Neile)
CARNELL Mary of Thomas and Ann (Fletcher)
CARRIER Thomas of Henry and Rebecca (Hart)
CHAMBERS Harriet [of Isaac and Harriet (Webster)]
CHAMBERS Thomas of Thomas Mordecai Sherwin and Charlotte (Smith)
CHAPMAN Agnes of John and Elizabeth (Trueman)
CHAPMAN Job of Job and Mary (Kirk)
CLARKE Eliza Ann of Joseph and Mary
CLAY Joseph
CLIFFORD Betsey of John and Elizabeth (Fretwell)
CLIFFORD Frederick
COLUMBINE Elizabeth Adeline of John and Elizabeth (Wells)
COOK Samuel of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smith)
COOKE Celetia of Robert Drake and Seletia Martha (Bowman)
COPE George Arthur of Joseph and Ann (Meakins)
COPE John of William and Sarah
COPESTICK Charlotte of William and Rebecca (Horridge)
CORDON Jacob of Jacob and Elizabeth (Moult)
COULBY Ann Maria of Dixon and Emma (Cragg)
COWLEY Elizabeth of Jesse J and Sophia
COX George of William and Ruth
CRESSWELL Sarah Ann of Paul and Mary (Holmes)
CRICH Henry of Adam and Maria (Webster)
CRITCH Elizabeth of Noah and Elizabeth (Thompson)
CROOKS Adela of John and Lydia (Potter)
DAKIN Calvert of Joseph and Sarah
DANE Enoch of James and Eliza (Dilkes)
DAVIES Jane aka Jane Davis/ of James and Ann (Robinson)
DAVIS George Henry
DAVIS Harriet of William and Elizabeth (Hatter)
DAY Jane
DIXON Francis
DODD Allen illegitimate/ of Hannah Dodd
DOWNS Harriet Ann
EARNSHAW Keyworth of Keyworth and Maria (Chandler)
EDWARDS Eliza Jane
ELEY Charles of John and Ann
ELEY Mary Ann of Joseph and Mary
FARNSWORTH Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Eliza Farnsworth
FIDLER Charles of John and Sarah
FISHER James William of James and Mary (Whiteman)
FISHER Joseph of William and Penelope (Knighton)
FISHER William
FLETCHER David of Benjamin and Elizabeth
FLETCHER Frank of Richard and Hannah
FLINDERS Elizabeth of Thomas and Ann (Trueman)
FLINDERS John of Enoch and Ann (Clifford)
FLINT Harriet of William and Martha (Bullock)
FLINT William of William and Sarah
FOSTER Martha [illegitimate/ of Harriet Foster]
FOSTER Mary of William and Elizabeth (Paxton)
FOWLER Unnamed son of Arthur and Mary (Baker)
FRETWELL Enoch of Abraham and Hannah (Davis)
FRETWELL Enos of James and Sarah (Barber)
FRETWELL Enos [of Benjamin and Ann (Langsdale)]
FRETWELL Henry of William and Ann (Smedley)
FRETWELL Samuel of Samuel and Sarah (Pollard)
FRETWELL William of Robert and Hannah (Richards)
FRETWELL William Burgin of Job and Hannah (Burgin)
FROGGITT Unnamed daughter of John and Elizabeth (Lomax)
FROST George of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hunt)
FULLWOOD Unnamed son of Moses and Mary (Killer)
FULWOOD Eliza illegitimate/ of Tamar Fulwood
GALLEMORE Ann of James and Elizabeth (Briggs)
GAMBLE Thomas of Thomas and Charlotte (Webster)
GEE Elizabeth of George and Ann (Packwood)
GENT Sarah Ann
GILBERT Unnamed daughter of William and Frances (Banner)
GILLOTT Catharine
GILLOTT Joseph of Edwin and Mary
GODBER Unnamed son of Asa and Emma (Kirk)
GODDARD Thomas of Thomas and Ann (Tunnecliffe)
GODDARD Vincent of Benjamin and Ann (Hanson)
GORMAN Ann of Thomas and Mary (Kelly)
GOULDER Mary of John and Emma (Cordon)
GOULDER Sarah of Samuel and Mary (Moult)
GRADY James of Michael and Mary (Glynn)
GREAVES Eliza illegitimate/ of Mary Greaves
GREEN Elizabeth
GREEN Frederick of John and Ann (Bostock)
GREGORY Eliza of Enos and Eliza (Winfield)
GREGORY Sabina of John and Ann (Parkin)
GREGORY Selina of William and Martha (Cartwright)
GRIFFIN Unnamed daughter of Michael and Honora (Horran)
GROSE Thomas of John and Elizabeth (Hind)
GRUNDY John of Robert and Eliza (Buss)
GRUNDY Louisa of John and Amy
GUILFORD Martha of Peter and Martha (Flinders)
HALL Isabella of Joseph and Sarah
HALLAM Ann of James and Ann (Pickering)
HALLAM Frances of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLAM John of John and Ellen (Bostock)
HAMES Edward
HARBOUR William George of Simeon and Elizabeth Mary (Wellman)
HARDY George of Matthew and Eliza (Wallace/Wallis)
HARDY George
HARDY John of John and Eliza (Beardsley)
HARDY Mary Alice of John and Phoebe
HARDY Mary Ann [of George and Harriet]
HARDY Thomas of Thomas and Elizabeth
HARDY William of Henry and Elizabeth (Barber)
HARDY William of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
HARRIMAN Robert of Charles and Elizabeth
HARRISON Hannah of Henry and Ann (Turton)
HARRISON William [of William and Elizabeth]
HASELDINE John Wilkinson [of Thomas and Eliza]
HATTER Edward of John and Ann (Daykin)
HATTON Elizabeth Ann illegitimate/ of Martha Hatton (and John Orme)
HAWKINS William of William and Ann (Gregory)
HAWLEY Elizabeth Ellen
HAYES Lazarus of George and Charlotte (Morris)
HAZLEDINE Catharine of Thomas and Eliza (Hockley)
HEATH Lucy Orton
HEAZLEWOOD Arthur of Edwin and Catherine (Webster)
HENSHAW Elizabeth of John and Mary Ann (White)
HENSHAW Enoch of John and Charlotte (Musson)
HENSHAW Enoch of John and Rebecca (Basford)
HENSHAW Hannah of Robert and Ann (Smith)
HENSHAW Louisa of James and Maria (Morley)
HENSHAW Martha of Samuel and Fanny (Fretwell formerly Barber)
HENSHAW Richard of Elijah and Alice (Smith)
HENSHAW Sarah Ann of John and Sarah (Lacey)
HENSHAW Susan illegitimate/ of Mary Henshaw
HENSHAW Thomas of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morley)
HENSHAW Walter of James and Mary (Barber)
HEWITT Hannah of Charles and Miriam (Tomlinson)
HIBBERT John illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Hibbert
HICKING James of James and Emma
HICKING Mary Ann of John and Elizabeth (Brierley)
HOFTON John of William and Catherine (Clay)
HOLES Hannah
HOLLAND Emma of Richard and Myra (Spencer)
HOLMES Mary Ann of John and Mary
HOLMES Robert George of George and Sally (Trueman)
HORSLEY Joseph of Enoch and Mary
HOUSLEY Emma illegitimate/ of Phoebe Housley
HOWARD Mary of Michael and Margaret (McMann)
HUFTON Hannah of Thomas and Ann (Stirland)
HUFTON Sarah Ann
HUNT Eliza Ann of William and Anne
HUNT Mary of Henry and Elizabeth (Buxton)
HUNT Samuel of John and Catherine (Parkin)
HUTCHINSON Arthur Thomas of Samuel and Eliza (Scattergood)
HUTCHINSON Catharine of Thomas and Sarah (Bailey)
IRONMONGER William of Thomas and Mary (Hargraves/Hargreaves)
JOHNSON Herbert illegitimate/ of Eliza Johnson
JOHNSON James of George and Mary (Davies)
JOHNSON Sarah Jane of James and Jane (Bramley)
KELLY William of William and Mary (Shaw)
KING Reuben of Joseph and Elizabeth (Standley formerly Hanson)
KNIGHTON John Alfred of William and Mary (Beardsley)
LACEY Elizabeth of Robert and Ann (Cope)
LACEY Emily of Alfred and Mary (Astill)
LACEY Sarah Ann of Amos and Mary (Bostock)
LACEY Unnamed son of Enoch and Ann (Stanley)
LAKIN Sarah Ann of John and Mary (Witham)
LEAVERS Unnamed daughter of William and Caroline
LEBETER John of James and Sarah (Limb)
LIMB Elizabeth
LIMB Millicent of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LOMAX Elizabeth of Joseph and Elizabeth (Twelves)
LOWE Christopher of Joseph and Emily (Pitt)
LOWE Eliza of Richard and Elizabeth (Wheatley)
LOWE George of George and Mary (Chambers)
LOWE John of Samuel and Mary (Beardsley)
LOWE Mary of Isaac and Charlotte (Longdon)
LOWE Sarah Hannah Smith of Frederick and Sarah (Warren)
MARSHALL John Henry Allcock of Henry and Jane (Allcock)
MARSON Robert Noon of Thomas and Ann (Noon)
MARTIN Sarah Ann of Henry and Jemima
MATHER Martha Ann of Thomas and Elizabeth (Straw)
MATTHEWS Elizabeth of Thomas and Sarah (Knighton)
MEAKIN Alice illegitimate/ of Eliza Meakin
MEAKIN Harriet
MEAKIN Joseph of John and Elizabeth (Gillott)
MEE John of James and Sarah
MEES Hannah Jane
MELLOR John of William and Ann (Boden)
MOON Thomas of John and Martha (Inger)
MOORE Charles of Stephen and Maria (Dane/Dean formerly Dodd)
MORLEY Thomas of John and Eleanor (Horridge)
MORRIS John of John and Esther Ann (Sawyer formerly Eyley/Eley)
MOSS Emma of John and Emma (Noon)
MOUSLEY Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Mary Mousley
MURTON Jane of Walter and Hannah (Bull)
MUSSON Martha Ann
MUSSON Mary Ann [of John and Ann]
NEAL William of John and Ann (Farnsworth)
NEAL William Wilson of Joseph and Phoebe (Wilson)
NELSON Richard Augustus of John and Mary (Allen)
NESTOR Mary of Fergus and Mary (Casey formerly Hogan)
NEWTON Elizabeth
NEWTON Isabella
NOON Jane illegitimate/ of Lucy Noon
NOON Joseph of Joseph and Elizabeth (Clay)
NOON Sally
NORMAN Reginald of George Blake and Sarah (Potter)
OSBORNE Edward of Christopher and Lydia
OSBORNE Harriet [of William and Martha]
PALMER George of Thomas and Sarah
PARES Mary Phillis of Frederick and Tamar (Shaw)
PASS Sarah of Joseph and Sarah (Meakin)
PEARSON Ruth of Thomas and Elizabeth (Taylor formerly Start)
PERKIN Hannah Louisa
PICKARD Samuel of Henry and Ann (Geary)
POLLARD John of Patrick and Sarah (Harrison)
POTTER Ellen Hopkinson of Thomas and Ellen (Hopkinson)
POTTER Harry of Samuel and Ann (Streets)
POTTER John of William and Eliza (Woodhouse)
POTTER Martha of Thomas Potter alias Hofton and Elizabeth (Woodward)
PURDY Richard of Francis and Jane
QUIN Mary of James and Mary (Mannion formerly Grady)
QUIN Thomas of Thomas and Margaret (Marony)
RADFORD Unnamed son of William and Ellen
RATCLIFF Fanny of George and Priscilla (Street)
RAYNES Eliza Ann of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wild)
RAYNOR George of John and Sarah
REEVE Charlotte of William and Charlotte (Bostock)
REVILL John [of James and Esther]
REYNOLDS Ephraim of John Birkin and Ann (Sisson)
RICE Martha of James and Hannah (Baker)
RICHARDS Emily of Samuel and Hannah (Staples)
RICHARDS Mary Eleanor [of John and Thomasin (Birch)]
RIGLEY Unnamed son of William and Hannah
RILEY Alice of William and Ann (Eaton)
RILEY John of Samuel and Sarah (Cockayne)
RILEY John of George and Mary (Straw)
RILEY Matilda of George and Charlotte (Cockayne)
ROPER Thomas of William and Elizabeth
ROWE Unnamed daughter of William and Charlotte (Trueman)
ROWLAND Elizabeth Jephson
SAXTON Lucy of Abraham and Emma
SCATTERGOOD Mary Ann of John and Ann (Bostock)
SEVERN Myra of James and Mary (Sanderson)
SEVERNS Mary of John and Ann (Purcell)
SHARLEY Agnes of German and Sarah (Johnson)
SHAW Eliza Hannah
SHAW Elizabeth of John and Mary (Jackson)
SHAW George of Isaac and Ann (Shawcroft)
SHAW Joshua of William and Hannah
SHAW Sarah Ann of Henry and Elizabeth (Sanders)
SHAW Sarah Ann of Isaac and Eliza (Knighton)
SHAW Unnamed son of Edmund and Eliza (Trueman)
SHOOTER Thomas Lee of Charles Lee and Sarah (Lacey)
SILLS Edna of John and Mary Ann (Clarke)
SIMPSON William of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SIMPSON Willliam of William and Phoebe (Barks formerly Brown)
SINGLETON Mary Ann of Robert and Sarah
SINGLETON Sarah Alice of William and Sarah
SISSON Arthur William of John and Hannah (Hewitt)
SISSON Phoebe of John and Ada (Hallsworth)
SISSON William Attenborough illegitimate/ of Mary Sisson
SKEAVINGTON Henry of Henry and Sarah (Woodward)
SLACK Charles of William and Mary
SLATER Martha of George and Elizabeth (Cook)
SMALLEY William Harry of Thomas and Hannah (Thompson)
SMEDLEY Emily aka Emily Lacey Smedley/ of John Lacey and Maria (Buss)
SMEDLEY Joseph of John and Hannah (Hardy)
SMEDLEY Rebecca of John and Bethia (Bradley)
SMITH Agnes of Robert and Hannah (Hicking)
SMITH Henry of Henry and Hannah (Hibbert)
SMITH Mary Ann of John and Sarah (Cook)
SMITH Obed of Joseph and Maria (Cook)
SMITH Selina of Charles and Mary Ann (Hart)
SPENCER Hannah of Benjamin and Harriet (Cooper)
SPOWAGE Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Eliza Spowage (formerly Hooley)
STAFFORD Martha of James and Caroline
STAINSBY Ann of Edward and Sarah (Limb)
STANLEY John illegitimate/ of Rebecca Stanley
STAPLES Robert of Joseph and Hannah (Bramley)
STARBUCK Isaac of Abraham and Mary (Cox)
STARBUCK Jane of William and Harriet (Booth)
STENSON Elizabeth of Robert and Ann (Annable)
STEVENSON John of Joseph and Mary Ann (Scattergood)
STEVENSON Sarah Ann of John and Jane
STOCKS Mary Ann of John and Emma (Raynor)
STRAW Alice of James and Mary (Stirland)
STRAW Fanny of Charles and Charlotte (Stevenson)
STRAW Fanny of William and Fanny (Curtis)
STRAW James of William and Mary (Trueman)
STRAW Kate of Thomas and Ann (Aldred formerly Jackson)
STRAW Samuel of William and Eliza Wislon (Ellis)
STRAW Samuel of William and Elizabeth (Mellor)
STRAW Thomas of Michael and Dorothy (Rigley)
STRAW Wheatley of Thomas and Jane (Sills)
STRAW William of Robert and Elizabeth (Woodward)
SUDBURY Arthur William of William and Mary (Gamble)
SUTTON Jane of David and Mary Ann
SWAIN George Henry of Thomas and Sarah (Hardy formerly Skevington)
SWAN Arthur of Frederick and Ann
SYSON Ann Maria of Isaac and Maria (Keeling)
SYSON Edwin twin/ of Robert and Sarah (Lee formerly Brown)
SYSON Harriet twin/ of Robert and Sarah (Lee formerly Brown)
SYSON Ruth of Enoch Hardy and Catherine (Henshaw)
TANSEY Bridget of John and Brdiget (Kilgannon formerly Green)
TATHAM Edmund of Edmund and Elizabeth Wheatley (Burgin-Richardson)
TATHAM George Hannibal of John and Elizabeth (Caulton)
TATHAM Sarah of Elijah and Ann (Clark)
TAYLOR Annice of Thomas and Ann (Pilkinton)
TAYLOR Charles of Thomas and Hannah (Johnson)
TAYLOR Mary of William and Eliza (Parkin)
TAYLOR Samuel of John and Priscilla (Fletcher)
TAYLOR Sarah Ann of George and Eliza
THOMPSON Washington Kossuth of Henry and Priscilla (Burrows)
THORNHILL Unnamed son of Samuel and Caroline (Davies)
THORPE Sarah Jane of Thomas and Phoebe (Henshaw formerly Winfield)
TILSON William Thomas of Joseph and Ann (Longdon)
TOMLINSON Mary Elizabeth [of Josiah and Ann]
TOMLINSON Unnamed son twin/ of William and Mary
TOMLINSON Unnamed son twin/ of William and Mary
TOMLINSON William of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOPLIS Emma of Israel and Selina (Brown)
TRIECE Isaac of William and Ann (Holland)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth of George and Mary (Morley)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth of Henry and Ann (Bostock)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth of Elijah and Susannah (Hunt)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth [of Abraham and Laura (Smith)]
TRUEMAN Enoch of Samuel and Rachel (Morley)
TRUEMAN Evelina of Elijah and Hannah (Lockington formerly Chambers)
TRUEMAN Harriet of John and Ann (Cope)
TRUEMAN Kezia of William and Mary (Trueman)
TRUEMAN Wliiam Henry illegitimate/ of Hannah Trueman
TRUMAN Elizabeth Jane of Elijah and Ann (Goddard)
TRUMAN Sarah Jane of John and Mary (Noon)
TRUSSELL Grace of John and Jane Grace (Chambers)
TULLY John of Frederick and Winifred (Slattereigh/Slattery)
TURNER William Robert of William Wright and Eliza (Killingley)
TURTON Alexander illegitimate/ of Sarah Turton
TURTON Leonard of Samuel and Ann (Fox)
WALKER Charles Henry
WALKER Frank of William and Ann (Fenton)
WALKER George of William and Mary
WALKER John Attenborough of Robert and Eliza (Attenborough)
WALLIS Ann of William and Mary (Hardy)
WARDLE John Thomas of James and Martha (Deboard)
WARREN Sarah Ann
WATERSON Eliza Lloyd of William Judd and Sarah (Lloyd)
WATSON Jane of William and Eliza (Booth)
WATSON Phoebe [of Joseph and Sarah]
WEBSTER Elizabeth of William and Mary (Tatham)
WEBSTER Gervase of Edmund and Charlotte (Aram)
WEBSTER Penelope
WEBSTER Samuel of William and Ann (Stones)
WEBSTER William Henry of Henry and Mary
WEST Francis of Henry Hale and Elizabeth (Whitwell)
WEST Sarah Ann of William and Catherine
WHEATLEY Elizabeth of Ichabod and Sarah (Potter)
WHEATLEY Joseph of Robert and Mary (Tarlton)
WHEELDON Elizabeth of William and Mary (Birkin)
WHITE Angelina of Thomas and Mary (Morley)
WHITE Elizabeth of William and Abigail (Smith)
WHITE Hannah
WHITE John Thomas of Samuel and Hannah (Bamford)
WHITE William of William and Frances Ann (Farnsworth)
WHITEHEAD Thomas of Thomas and Mary (Matthews)
WHITEMAN Mary Elizabeth of George and Martha
WIGLEY Charles illegitimate/ of Annis Wigley
WILD Fanny
WILKINSON George of James and Hannah (Richardson)
WILKINSON Robert of Isaac and Elizabeth (Straw)
WILSON Unnamed son of Abel and Emily/Emma (Allen)
WINFIELD Richard of Richard and Maria (Henshaw)
WINFIELD Robert of William and Martha (Davis)
WINTERBURN Charles twin/ of William and Elizabeth (McKitrick)
WINTERBURN Elizabeth twin/ of William and Elizabeth (McKitrick)
WOOD Charles of James and Ann
WOOD Hannah
WOODHOUSE Ann illegitimate/ of Hannah Woodhouse
WOODWARD Edna Ann illegitimate/ of Maria Woodward
WRIGHT Elijah of Lot and Mary (Smith)
WRIGHT Elizabeth of George and Sarah Ann (Bell)
WRIGHT Henry William
WRIGHT John of Edward and Mary Ann (Clay)
WRIGHT Mary Ann of John and Selina (Skevington)
WRIGHT Sarah of John and Caroline (Shelton)