1863 Births


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Surname Other names Notes
ADKIN Eliza [of William and Mary]
ADLINGTON Margaret of William Sampson and Margaret Alice (Hirst)
ALDREAD Sophia of Samuel and Ann (Whitehead)
ALDRED John Thomas of Thomas and Hannah (Limb)
ALLEN Joseph
ALLSOPP Arthur Charles of Walter and Ann (Hunt)
ANNABLE Mary Ison of Samuel and Elizabeth
ANTLIFFE Eliza of William and Harriet
ARCHER Charles Henry illegitimate/ of Emma Archer
ARUM George of George and Betsey Daykin (Carrier)
ASHMORE Grace Elizabeth of Frederick and Sarah (Hallam)
ATTENBOROUGH William of William and Harriet (Skeavington)
BAILEY Mary Ann of Charles and Priscilla (Smith)
BAKER Alice of James and Elizabeth (Turton)
BAKER Arthur illegitimate/ of Esther Baker
BAKER Elizabeth of William and Hannah (Fox)
BAKER Hannah of William and Sarah (West alias Harrison)
BAKER James Henry of Samuel and Mary (Beer)
BAKER Phoebe of Joseph and Hannah (Webster)
BALL Mary Elizabeth of William and Mary (Swan)
BALL Thomas West of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Tatham)
BALL William of Adolphus and Priscilla (Boam)
BAMFORD Ann Elizabeth
BARBER Hannah of Thomas and Jane (White)
BARBER Isaac of Edward and Eliza (Cordon)
BARBER Thomas Castle
BARKER Harriet illegitimate/ of Ann Barker
BARKER Louisa [of George and Caroline (Beardsley)]
BARKER Sarah of Emanuel and Hannah Rawdin (Brown)
BARKER Sarah Jane of Job and Charlotte (Webster)
BARKS Harriet
BARKS Henry of Horation Nelson and Fanny (Booth)
BARKS John of Joseph and Eliza (Richards)
BARKS Joseph
BARROWCLIFF Mary of Joseph and Martha (Hallam)
BARTON William of Joseph and Louisa (Cooke)
BATES Alice Maria of John and Ann (Shaw)
BEARDSLEY Albert Samuel of James and Martha (Brookhouse)
BEARDSLEY Alfred of Alfred and Elizabeth (Grant)
BEARDSLEY Catharine of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cartwright)
BEARDSLEY Eliza of Henry and Charlotte (Calladine)
BEARDSLEY Emma of Isaac and Julia (Davis)
BEARDSLEY Harriet of Elijah and Sarah (Straw)
BEARDSLEY Henry of Solomon and Matilda Potter (Sudbury)
BEARDSLEY Juliana of Enoch and Elizabeth (Severn)
BEARDSLEY Luke James of Enoch and Eliza (Lebeter)
BEARDSLEY Maria of Mark and Catherine (Phillips)
BEARDSLEY Martha of James and Harriet (Bell)
BEARDSLEY Moses of William and Hannah Amelia (Webster)
BEARDSLEY Samuel of James and Ruth (Sisson)
BEARDSLEY Solomon of Solomon and Hannah (Bostock)
BEARDSLEY Unnamed son of John and Ann (Bostock)
BEECH Alice of John and Eliza
BEECROFT Ferdinand of Joseph and Louisa (Bamford)
BEER Sarah of Richard and Hannah (Wolley)
BEER Susan of William and Susannah (Severn)
BEIGHTON Samson of William and Elizabeth (Wheeldon formerly Bramley)
BENISTON Ann of John and Elizabeth (King formerly Standley nee Hanson)
BENISTON James of William and Eliza (Chambers)
BERESFORD Elizabeth Ann of William and Hannah
BERREY Lydia of Phillip and Elizabeth (Meakin)
BESTWICK Ann [of John and Phoebe (Earnshaw)]
BESTWICK Charles of Thomas and Elizabeth (Clay alias Clay Wright)
BIRCUMSHAW William of Joseph and Sarah A (Smedley)
BIRLEY Maria of Thomas and Jane Ann (Fulwood)
BLAKE Arthur of George and Sarah (Manners)
BLOOR Mary of David and Priscilla (Taylor)
BLOUNT Annie Elizabeth of Thomas and Eliza (Blakemore)
BLOUNT Samuel illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Blount
BLOUNT Unnamed son of Robert and Jane (Shardlow)
BONSER Sam of Thomas and Millicent (Plumb)
BOOTH Alfred of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth (Crich)
BOOTH James Cotterill of John Hudson and Dorothy Ann (Cotterill)
BOSTOCK Alexander of John and Christiana (Hart)
BOSTOCK Arthur of John and Ann (Sisson)
BOSTOCK James Arthur of James and Sarah (Adams)
BOSTOCK Mary Elizabeth of William and Annie (Snowdon)
BOSTOCK Richard [of William and Mary (Rudd)]
BOSTOCK Sarah Ann of Henry and Elizabeth (Lebeter)
BOSTOCK Thomas twin/ of John and Selina (Rigley)
BOSTOCK William twin/ of John and Selina (Rigley)
BOWER Agnes Ann of Gervase and Dinah Catherine (Harwood)
BOWN William
BRADLEY Mary Elizabeth of William and Harriet
BRAKES Unnamed son of William Henry and Sarah (Potter)
BRENTNALL Unnamed son of Alfred Wolstan and Hannah
BRENTNALL Unnamed son twin/ of Herbert Thomas and Alice (Allen)
BRENTNALL Unnamed son twin/ of Herbert Thomas and Alice (Allen)
BRIERLEY Annie of James and Emma
BRIGGS Ada of James and Mary (Starbuck)
BRIGGS James of William and Mary (Barlow)
BROOKS Alice of William and Elizabeth (Bostock)
BROUGH Ruth of Herbert and Maria
BROUGHTON Kate of William and Elizabeth
BROWN Albert of Edwin and Esther (Horridge)
BROWN Ann of Amos and Sarah (Pinegar)
BROWN Christopher of Christopher and Mary Anne (Gaskin)
BROWN Esther Ann
BROWN George Edward
BROWN Job of Job and Eliza
BROWN John of John and Eliza (Stirland)
BROWN Maria of Achilles and Maria (Smith)
BROWN Mary Ann
BROWN Sarah Lizzie of Walter and Eliza Hannah
BROWN Unnamed son of John and Sarah Ann
BROWN William Henry
BULLOCK Mary Elizabeth of Joseph and Dorothy (Redgate)
BUNTING Sarah Ann of Joseph and Mary
BURROWS Mary Ann of Pharoah and Ann (Meakin)
BURROWS Sarah Ann of Robert and Mary (Richards)
BUTLER George of Thomas and Caroline (Sisson)
BUTLER Joseph of Timothy and Hannah (Crich)
BUXTON Harriet
CALLADINE Lewis of Lewis and Susan (Beardsley)
CALLADINE Mary Jane of William and Rebecca (Eaton)
CALLADINE Thomas of George and Elizabeth (Turton)
CARR Matilda of Joseph Rigget and Mary (Henshaw)
CARRIER Amelia of Henry and Ruth (Fulwood)
CARRINGTON John of Edward and Phoebe (Cresswell)
CHAPMAN Adeline illegitimate/ of Ann Chapman
CHAPMAN James of John and Elizabeth (Smith)
CLAY Henry
CLAY John [of John and Ann (Heath)]
CLIFFORD John of Levi and Eliza (Whitehead)
CLIFFORD Mary Ann of Robert and Martha (Severn)
COCKAYNE Martha of Joseph and Harriet (Throop)
COCKAYNE Mary of William and Mary (Henshaw)
COCKERAM William Holden of William Holden and Hannah (Higgitt)
COLE Elizabeth Ann
COLLYER Lucy of Henry and Jane
COLUMBINE Jabez of John and Elizabeth (Wells)
COOK Elizabeth
COOPER Arthur of William and Eliza (Derbyshire)
COOPER Sarah Elizabeth of William and Eliza
COPE Fanny Elizabeth of Joseph and Ann (Meaking)
COPE John Samuel of John and Hannah (Hart)
COPESTAKE Walter of William aand Elizabeth (Wheeldon)
CORDON Frederick Charles of Gilbert and Sarah (Sison)
CORDON Mary Ann of Timothy and Harriet (Hardy)
CORRIGAN Margaret aka Margaret Kerrigan/ of Michael and Catherine/Kate (Riley)
COTTON Selina of Richard and Harriet (Beck)
COULISHAW Joseph illegitimate/ of Sarah Coulishaw
CRISP Mary of Arnold and Elizabeth (Hancock)
CROWDER Ruth Hannah of Richard and Ruth (Farnsworth)
DALE Carrie Louisa
DALE George of John and Mary (Froggatt)
DANE Frederick aka Frederick Dean/ of James and Eliza (Dilkes)
DAVIS George Alexander of Alexander and Sarah (Robinson)
DAWS Eliza Amy of Samuel and Louisa (Lacey)
DAWS Marina [of William and Hannah]
DAYKIN Unnamed daughter of John and Jane (Riley)
DEAN Charlotte Sarah of George and Alice (Warren)
DERBYSHIRE Mary Ann of Patrick and Elizabeth (Beck)
DERBYSHIRE William Joseph White of Job Nightingale Simpson and Mary (White)
DOAR Arthur
DOAR William of Samuel and Matilda (Potter)
DOUD Elizabeth
DRAKE Thomas
DRAPER Thomas Henry of William and Emma (Beresford)
DURO Joseph of William and Mary (Cobley)
EARNSHAW John Edmund of John and Harriet (Hodgkinson)
EARNSHAW Sarah Jane of Keyworth and Maria (Chandler)
EATON Abraham of William and Eliza (Thompson)
EATON Ann of William and Eleanor (Fretwell)
EATON Ann of Elijah and Ann (Burrows)
EATON Elizabeth of Henry and Harriet (Wainwright)
EATON Zechariah
EBBERN Marina of John and Hannah Morris (Carrington)
ELEY Agnes
ELEY John William of Joseph and Ann (Harrison)
ELEY Joseph
ELLIS Ezekiel [of Edwin and Ruth (Beardsley)]
ENGLAND Walter Joseph of Joseph and Maria Brassington (Mayer)
EVANS Edwin twin/ of Stephen and Hannah (Vernon)
EVANS Henry twin/ of Stephen and Hannah (Vernon)
EVANS Richard of George and Ellen (Ball)
FISHER Unnamed son of George and Harriet (Orme)
FLETCHER Annie Matilda of Samuel and Ann
FLETCHER Frederick of George and Sarah Ann (Hallam)
FLETCHER Jane Agnes of John and Mary (Earnshaw)
FLETCHER William Cresswell of John and Bessy (Fletcher)
FLINDERS Ann Elizabeth of Herbert and Eliza Farnsworth (Parkin)
FOSTER Lacey of Charles and Ann (Foster)
FREEMAN Eliza illegitimate/ of Ann Freeman
FRETWELL Amos of Abraham and Hannah (Davis)
FRETWELL Jane of Job and Harriet (Mayor)
FRETWELL John of Isaac and Eliza (Limb)
FRETWELL Mary Ann of Samuel and Sarah (Pollard)
FRETWELL Mary Ann of Henry and Mary Ann (Shaw)
FRETWELL Unnamed son of Enos and Alice (Gamble)
FRITCHLEY William Dodson of William and Sarah Jane (Bennett)
FROGGATT Jonathan twin/ of John and Elizabeth (Lomax)
FROGGATT Unnamed son twin/ of John and Elizabeth (Lomax)
FROGGOTT Unnamed son of John and Catherine (Davis)
FROST Eliza of William and Rachel (Bircumshaw)
FULWOOD Ezekiel of Moses and Mary (Killer)
FULWOOD Mary Ann Stafford of Francis and Sarah Jane
FYE Margaret of Patrick and Hannah (Morey)
GAMBLE Annie illegitimate/ of Ruth Gamble
GARTON Alfred of Joseph and Maria (Hood)
GEE Ann Amelia illegitimate/ of Ann Gee
GILBERT Frederick of Samuel and Charlotte (Grimley)
GILL Unnamed daughter of John and Charlotte
GILLOTT Charlotte Ann of Reuben and Jane
GOULDER Ann of Samuel and Mary (Moult)
GOULDER Roscoe Caughey of Barnett and Sarah (White formerly Ives)
GRANGER Elizabeth of Thomas and Elizabeth (Henshaw)
GREEN Harriet
GREGORY Ann Victoria of Henry George and Sarah Parkin (Hanks)
GREGORY Frederick Isaac [of John and Anne (Parkin)]
GROVES Agnes Mary of Henry and Catherine
GRUNDY George Edward
HALL Elizabeth of John and Fanny (Booth)
HALL Joseph
HALLAM Bernard Thomas of Thomas and Sarah Clark (Bretnor)
HALLAM Lydia of John and Hannah (Moore)
HALLAM Mary Jane of John and Ellen (Bostock)
HALLSWORTH Hannah of John and Dorothy (Crich)
HAMES Unnamed daughter of Charles and Sarah (Mason)
HAMES William [of John and Elizabeth (Tuckwood)]
HAMSON Unnamed son of Charles and Jane (Morley)
HARDY Abel of Alfred and Mary (Martin)
HARDY Emma of William and Cartherine (Cartledge)
HARDY Sally of Henry and Elizabeth (Barber)
HARDY Samuel of Thomas and Ann (Baker)
HARDY Solomon illegitimate/ of Eliza Hardy (formerly Beardsley)
HARDY Thomas illegitimate/ of Ann Hardy
HARDY Unnamed son illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Hardy
HARRIMAN William illegitimate/ of Sarah Ann Harriman
HARRISON Elizabeth Alice of Thomas Rose and Mary (Baker)
HARRISON Samuel of Joseph and Eliza (Bostock)
HASELDINE Mary Jane of Charles and Alice (Jackson)
HAYWOOD Arthur Allen of William and Mary
HENSHAW Alfred of John and Eliza (Straw)
HENSHAW Edward of Thomas and Hannah (Milner)
HENSHAW Eliza of John and Rebecca (Beresford/Basford)
HENSHAW Frederick of Herbert and Eliza (Sisson)
HENSHAW Laura Emma
HENSON Elizabeth of Herbert and Mary (Stapleton)
HERBERT Louisa illegitimate/ of Eliza Herbert (formerly Slack)
HERROD Samuel Joseph of Joseph and Betsey (Hind)
HILL Edward of John and Mary (Gillott)
HOBLEY John Henry Milward
HODGES Samuel of George and Sarah (Plumb)
HODGETT William of William and Mary (Woodroffe)
HOGG Emma of James and Amy
HOGG Johanna Theresa of Thomas and Johanna
HOGG Matilda
HOGG Unnamed daughter of William and Charlotte
HOGG Unnamed son twin/ of Richard and Sarah Rebecca
HOGG Unnamed son twin/ of Richard and Sarah Rebecca
HOLMES Enoch of William and Martha (Beniston)
HOPKIN Martha of William and Sarah Ann (Wallace)
HORSFIELD Thomas Charles of William and Mary
HORSLEY Eliza of William and Mary (Hickling)
HOUSLEY William of Alfred and Sarah
HUDSON Arthur Joseph of John George and Catherine Mary (Keane)
HUFTON Mary Ann Ellen illegitimate/ of Mary Hufton
HUFTON Unnamed son of Joseph and Mary
HUNT Elizabeth of Charles and Eliza Bridget (Aldred)
HUNT Stephen of William and Ann
INGER Henry Arthur
INNOCENT Frederick of John and Jane (Wood)
JOHNSON Abra Ann of Paling and Martha (Eyre)
JOHNSON Charlotte of William and Millicent (Stirling)
JOHNSON John of George and Mary (Davis)
JOHNSON Susan of David and Mary (Riley)
JONES Annie Rosa of William and Sarah Burstone (Ashley)
JOWITT Nathaniel twin/ of James and Elizabeth (Jackson)
JOWITT Walter twin/ of James and Elizabeth (Jackson)
KEELING Louisa of Stephen and Mary Ann (Aldred)
KEIGHTLEY Alice Hannah of Amos and Sarah (Beighton)
KERRY Ellen Annie of William and Elizabeth
KERRY Emma of Thomas and Phoebe
KEW Samuel Lygo of John and Annie
KING Mary Jane of Thomas and Amy
KIRK Mary of James and Mary Ann (Slack)
KIRK Thomas of Thomas and Ann
KNIGHTON Annie Elizabeth of Frederick and Sarah (Evans)
KNIGHTON Thomas of John and Phoebe (White)
KNOWLES William illegitimate/ of Eliza Knowles
LACEY George of Ishmael and Harriet (Cooper)
LACEY Sarah Ann of William and Ruth (Straw)
LAUGHTON Waldermar aka Waldermar Lawton/ of Thomas and Hannah (Smedley)
LEBETER Mary Elizabeth of William and Eliza (Wardle)
LESTER Martha Ann
LESTER Samuel Boden of James and Sarah Ann (Boden)
LEVERS Samuel of William and Caroline (Wightman/Whiteman)
LIMB Catharine of George and Eliza (Webster)
LIMB Elizabeth of Reuben and Phoebe (Johnson)
LIMB Joseph [of Joseph and Mary (Fisher)]
LOMAX Herbert of Thomas and Mary (Milner)
LONGDON Evelina Raynes of Ruth Longdon (formerly Trueman)
LOWE Arthur Robert of Joseph and Emily (Pitt)
LOWE Mary Elizabeth of Henry and Mary Ann (Keightley)
LOWNDES Mary Ann of Henry and Elizabeth (Straw)
MANNERS Amelia of William and Ellen (Palfreyman)
MARSHALL William of Robert and Ann (Bentley)
MARSON Mary Ellen of Thomas and Ann (Noon)
MARTIN Alice of John and Mary
MARTIN Enoch of Isaac and Sarah (Evans)
MARTIN Enoch of John and Ellen
MARTIN John of Henry and Jemima (Harvey)
MARTIN Robert [of Alexander and Sarah]
MARTIN Seth Levers of John and Mary
MASON Annie Mary of Moses and Mary Ann (Wilcockson)
MATHER Mary Hannah of Thomas and Elizabeth (Straw)
MATTHEWS Ann of Thomas and Sarah (Knighton)
MATTHEWS Sarah Ann of Frederick and Elizabeth (West)
MAYOR George twin/ of James and Sarah (Davies)
MAYOR Unnamed son twin/ of James and Sarah (Davies)
McDONOUGH Thomas of Patrick and Mary (Linane)
MEAKIN Ann of William and Martha (Granger)
MEAKIN Enoch of John and Elizabeth (Gillott)
MEAKIN Jane Elizabeth
MEAKIN Thomas Henry of Thomas and Catherine
MEAKIN Unnamed daughter of William and Sarah
MEE Sarah Kezia of William and Ruth (Syson)
MEER Joseph of John and Ellen (Harrison)
MELLOR Eliza of William and Ann (Boden)
MILLS Henry of Thomas and Eunice (Robinson)
MOON Eliza Mary of Herbert and Elizabeth Ann (Shaw)
MOORE Elizabeth of James and Sarah Ann (Clifford)
MORLEY Arthur illegitimate/ of Jane Morley
MORLEY John Henry of John and Eleanor (Horridge)
MORTON Elizabeth twin/ of John and Charlotte (Clarke)
MORTON George twin/ of John and Charlotte (Clarke)
MOSS Henry
MOSS Louisa of John and Mary (Scattergood)
MOULT Mary of William and Catherine (Lowe)
NASH Eliza of Thomas Daykin and Mary (Lebeter)
NASH Sarah Ann of Joseph and Mary Ann (Syson)
NEAL Joseph of Joseph and Phoebe (Wilson)
NEWTON Alice of John and Martha
NEWTON Joseph of Nathaniel and Phoebe (Hallsworth)
NEWTON Theodore of Isaac and Julia (Straw)
NOON Frederick twin/ of Joseph and Elizabeth (Clay)
NOON George twin/ of Joseph and Elizabeth (Clay)
NOON Hannah of Richrad and Mary (Davis/Davies)
NOON Mary Louisa
OCKLEY Catharine aka Catharine Hockley/ of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Bradley)
OLDERSHAW Annie Sophia of George and Mary (Oldershaw)
OLDERSHAW Hannah Elizabeth of William and Hannah (Martin)
ORME George Henry of George and Sarah (Wheatley)
OSBORNE Benjamin of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
OSBORNE Charles of George and Ann
OSCROFT Frederick of Henry and Hannah (Cooper)
PALING Ellen of Samuel and Ann (Beardsley)
PALING Frederick Harvey of Frederick and Catherine (Spencer)
PALMER Elizabeth [of Thomas and Sarah (Martin)]
PARKIN George John Brentnall of Thomas and Elizabeth (Brentnall)
PARKIN John Cook of Thomas and Mary (Horsley)
PARKIN Priscilla of Isaac and Priscilla (Bell)
PARKINS Erasmus [illegitimate/ of Sarah Parkins]
PEARSON John Henry of Samuel and Elizabeth
PETERS Sarah Elizabeth of Charles and Ann
PHILLIPS Amos Hugh illegitimate/ of Mary Ann Phillips
PICKERING Henry of Francis and Mary Ann (Howard)
PLATTS James of James and Hannah (Flinders)
POLLARD Sarah of Thomas and Martha (Sisson)
POTTER Ann of Thomas and Jane (Rigley)
POTTER Ruth Harriet of Thomas and Elizabeth (Woodward)
POUNDER Dinah of William and Ann (Blount)
PURDAY Esther of George and Mary (Simpson)
PURDY Alfred [of William and Eliza (Pinegar)]
PURDY William of William and Esther (Lester)
QUIN James of Thomas and Margaret (Maroney)
QUIN John of Michael and Catherine (Dillan)
RATCLIFF Agabus Sam of George and Mary Ann (Grundy)
RATCLIFF John William of William and Elizabeth (Buckley)
RAYNOR Harriet of Samuel and Hannah (Shaw)
RICE Frederick Chadwick of James Chadwick and Sarah Ann (Lee)
RICHARDS Joseph twin/ of Samuel and Martha (Mellor)
RICHARDS Meynell twin/ of Samuel and Martha (Mellor)
RICHARDSON Marina Burgin of Robert and Julia (Brown)
RIGLEY Eliza illegitimate/ of Mary Rigley
RIGLEY Elizabeth of Isaiah and Mary (Housley)
RIGLEY George William of George and Priscilla (Clower)
RIGLEY Jane of Joseph and Emily (Wilkinson)
RIGLEY William Smith of William and Jane Ann Elizabeth (Webster)
RILEY George of George and Mary (Straw)
RILEY John William aka William Riley/ of Ephraim and Mary Ann (Smith)
RILEY William of German and Lucy (Cresswell)
ROBINSON Esther Ann [of Joseph and Emma (Shaw)]
ROBINSON George Henry Watson of Joseph and Sarah Ann (Shaw)
ROBINSON Henry Raymond of Henry Raymond and Elizabeth (Walker)
ROLLINSON Caroline Annie of William and Clara (Wood)
ROSCOE Mary Agnes of Thomas Seddon and Mary Ann (Dawe)
SANSOM Ann of George and Ann (Harrison)
SAVILLE Robert of John and Ann (Attenborough)
SCATTERGOOD George twin/ illegitimate/ of Clara Scattergood
SCATTERGOOD Jeremiah twin/ illegitimate/ of Clara Scattergood
SCATTERGOOD John of John and Ann (Bostock)
SCATTERGOOD Matilda Jane of Joseph and Elizabeth (Chadwick)
SCATTERGOOD Selina of Samuel and Gertrude (Simpson)
SEVERN Betsy of James and Betsy (Smith)
SEVERN Charles of Charles Sills and Elizabeth (Savage)
SEVERN Hannah of William and Lucy (Barber)
SEVERN Joseph of James and Mary (Sanders/Sanderson)
SEVERN Mary of John and Jane (Bloor)
SHAW Ada Matilda
SHAW Charlotte of Walter and Mary (Kemp)
SHAW Elizabeth [of Henry and Georgina]
SHAW Elizabeth Ellen of Amos and Eliza (Trueman)
SHAW Hannah of Absalom and Ann (Winfield)
SHAW Joseph Henry
SHAW Lewis William of John and Mira (Fisher)
SHAW Mary of Henry and Martha (Fretwell)
SHAW Thomas of Reuben and Sarah Ann (Calladine)
SHEEHAN Michael Edward
SHELTON Catharine twin/of John and Maria
SHELTON Elizabeth twin/of John and Maria
SHELTON Sarah of Joseph Church and Mary Ann (Riley)
SHELTON Sarah Ellen of William and Sarah (Watson)
SHERWIN Unnamed son of William and Sarah (Henshaw formerly Aldred)
SHREWSBURY John of John and Catherine
SHRIVES Edwin of William and Eliza (Wathey)
SILLS Ann of Thomas and Martha (Tomlinson)
SIMMS Frederick of Charles and Eliza Maria (Trickey)
SIMPSON Charles [of Thomas and Ann Sarah (Sheldon)]
SIMPSON Harry of Thomas and Mary (Potter)
SINGLETON Harriet of Jonathan and Sarah (Kirk)
SINGLETON William of Jonas and Emily (Swann)
SISSON Alice Maud of John and Edith/Ada (Hallsworth)
SISSON Louisa of Ephraim and Ann (Smith)
SISSON Reuben of Henry and Elizabeth (Trueman)
SISSON Sarah of William and Jane (Webster)
SISSON Tamar of Moses and Alice (Stevenson)
SISSON Uriah of Samuel and Eliza (Cook)
SISSON William of Eli and Eliza (Trueman)
SKEAVINGTON Alphoeus of James Drummond and Mary Ann (Straw)
SKERRITT Fanny of Abraham and Frances
SMEDLEY Esther of William and Harriet (Scattergood)
SMEDLEY George of John and Hannah (Hardy)
SMEDLEY Henry of John and Mary (Shaw formerly Henshaw)
SMITH Angelina
SMITH Arthur
SMITH Gilderoy
SMITH John illegitimate/ of Sarah Smith
SMITH John Henry
SMITH Marina of William and Betsey (Lee)
SMITH Samuel of John and Hannah (Robinson)
SMITH Samuel of Thomas Hillyer and Mary (Timms)
SMITH Sarah Ann of Joseph and Ann (Critch)
SMITH William Alfred of William Bennett and Hannah Eliza (Fox)
SNEAP Mary of Thomas and Mary Ann (Frost)
SOAR Mary of Henry and Jemima (Rowland)
SPENCER Agnes Emma of Amos and Ann Hives (Chadwick)
SPENCER Mary of Mark and Rosanna (Webster formerly Gregory)
SPERRY John of William and Elizabeth
SPOUGE Eliza of John and Mary (Derry)
STAFFORD Frances Annie of Francis and Sarah (Carthy)
STANESBY Letitia Eleanor of Thomas and Martha Susanna (Jennings)
STANESBY Robert of Samuel and Fanny
STANILAND Mary Ann [illegitimate/ of Lucy Staniland]
STAPLETON Richard England of John and Emma (England)
STATHAM Thomas of Samuel and Mary Ann (Musson)
STENSON Henry of Joseph and Jane (Lowndes)
STENSON William of William and Eliza (Cutts/Coutts)
STERLAND Sampson of John and Martha Longdon (Bamford)
STEVENS Sarah Ann of John and Ann (Harvey)
STEVENSON Alfred of Joseph and Ann (Beardsley)
STEVENSON Emma of Joseph and Mary Ann (Scattergood)
STEVENSON Unnamed daughter of James and Ann (Riley)
STIRLAND Isaac of Joseph and Ann (Starbuck)
STORER Eliza of Samuel and Emma (Allen)
STORER Reuben of John and Caroline (Slack)
STORER Thomas of Joseph and Sarah (Henshaw)
STRAW Ann of John and Mary (Riley)
STRAW Arthur [illegitimate/ of Mary Straw (and William Birks)]
STRAW Elizabeth of Robert and Elizabeth (Woodward)
STRAW Elizabeth Ann aka Annie Straw/of Jacob Kirkby and Millicent Harriet (Cresswell)
STRAW John of William and Mary (Trueman)
STRAW Joseph of Vincent and Eliza (Crossley)
STRAW Martha of Samuel and Ann (Bostock)
STRAW Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Hannah Straw
STRAW Unnamed son of Henry and Martha (Priestley)
STRAW William of William and Ann (Davis)
STRAW William Philip of Joseph and Caroline (Straw)
STREET Matthew of James and Catherine (Daykin)
SUDBURY Carry of William and Mary (Gamble)
SULLIVAN Johanna of John and Ann/Honora/Hannah (Gerraty)
SUTTON Thomas of David and Mary Ann
SWINGLER Emma of William and Elizabeth
SYSON Mary Jane of Jacob and Catherine (Naylor)
SYSON William Bell
TARLTON Joseph of Miles and Sarah Ann (Smedley)
TARLTON Lydia Benstead of Joseph and Lydia Benstead (Hill)
TARLTON William Taylor of William and Sarah (Hillin)
TATHAM Agnes of Herbert and Martha (Bamford)
TATHAM William of Albert and Sarah (Straw)
TAYLOR Elizabeth Ann of Joseph and Grace Elizabeth (West)
TAYLOR William Henry of Henry and Eliza (Pinegar)
THOMPSON George of Charles and Sarah (Fish)
THORLEY Mary of Henry and Tamar (Fulwood)
THORNHILL Emma of William and Sarah (Rice)
THORNHILL Godfrey of Thomas and Lucy (Clay)
THORP Mary Ann of William and Sarah (Woolley)
THORPE Augustus Henry of James and Jane (Wilson)
THORPE Catharine Eliza of William and Elizabeth
TOMLINSON James of John and Martha (Aldred)
TOMLINSON James of Henry and Mary Hannah (Robinson)
TOMLINSON Rosamond Winifred of John and Rosetta (Gilbert)
TOMLINSON William Henry of John and Henrietta (Tomlinson)
TOPLIS Clara of George and Sarah (Potts)
TORDOFF Thomas Bunting of Jeremiah and Jane (Bunting)
TRUEMAN Elizabeth of John and Harriet (Simpson)
TRUEMAN Florence Ann of William and Sophia (Buxton)
TRUEMAN Henry of Henry and Ann (Bostock)
TRUEMAN Maria of John and Ann (Cope)
TRUMAN Kate Elizabeth of Elijah and Elizabeth (Butler)
TUNNICLIFF Sarah Ann of Samuel and Rebecca (Clifford)
TURNER Lilia of William Wright and Eliza (Killingley)
TURTON John Thomas
WAGSTAFF Elizabeth
WALKER Ann of Ambrose and Ann (Gent)
WALKER Samuel of Phillip Burton and Elizabeth (Wayne)
WARDLE John of William and Prudence (Booth)
WARLEY Martha of William and Eliza
WARREN Rebecca of Joseph and Sarah
WATERS Herbert Forman of Enoch and Fanny (Forman)
WATSON Ellen Elizabeth of William and Eliza (Booth)
WATSON John of George and Hannah (Davis)
WATSON Phoebe Ann of Joseph and Hannah
WATSON Sarah Eliza of Joseph and Sarah (Fulwood)
WATSON William
WEBSTER Elizabeth illegitimate/ of Grace Webster
WEBSTER Samuel of Barnabas and Rebecca (Stanley)
WEST Emma Phoebe of John and Matilda (Severn)
WEST Hannah of John and Ann (Beardsley)
WEST John Graham of Thomas and Mary (Grose/Gorse)
WESTON Eliza of James and Hannah (Fritchley)
WHEATLEY Arthur Chawner of Joseph and Frances Elizabeth (Chawner)
WHEATLEY John of John and Caroline (Bostock)
WHEATLEY Tom of John and Elizabeth (Sisson)
WHEATLEY Unnamed son of Charles and Ann (Hurst)
WHEELDON George Edgar of Henry and Catherine (Chadwick)
WHEELDON James Sanders of Amos and Sarah (Sanders)
WHITE Elizabeth [of Samuel and Hannah (Bamford)]
WHITE Fanny of Alexander and Ann (Langsdale)
WHITE Susan of William and Abigail (Smith)
WHITE Thomas of Thomas and Mary (Morley)
WHITE William of John and Mary Ann (Lacey alias Smedley)
WHITEHEAD Lucy Ann of James and Jane (Hesketh)
WHITEHEAD Mary Ann of Richard and Eliza (Hofton)
WHITEHEAD Unnamed son of Samuel Charles and Mary Ann (Brackenbury)
WHITEMAN Unnamed daughter illegitimate/ of Elizabeth Whiteman
WINFIELD Abraham of George and Eliza (Knighton)
WINFIELD John Henry of John and Alice (Brentnall)
WINFIELD Mary Elizabeth of Thomas and Selina (Robinson)
WINFIELD Silas of James and Mary (Sheldon)
WINFIELD William of William and Ann (Brown)
WOOD Elizabeth of Samuel and Mary (Hill)
WOOD Thomas of Charles and Hannah (Horridge)
WOODHOUSE Elizabeth [illegitimate/ of Caroline Woodhouse]
WOOLLISCROFT Annie Amelia of Charles and Amelia (Bamford)
WRAGG Selina
WRIGHT Alice of James and Eliza (Boam)
WRIGHT Betsey of Edward and Mary Ann (Clay)
WRIGHT Luke Arthur of Luke and Elvina (Aldred)
WRIGHT Ruth Hannah of Lot and Mary (Smith)
WRIGHT Sarah illegitimate/ of Ann Wright
WRIGHT Sarah of Joseph and Elizabeth (Scattergood)
WRIGHT William of John and Sarah Ann (Stevenson)
WRIGHT William