Latest updates 2023

December 29th … Queen Victoria reaches a milestone, and dies four days later

December 28th … the work of the School Board up to 1901 is now complete

December 28th … the work of the Town Council 1898-1901 is now complete

December 27th … the Victorian Era ends

December 26th  … a new century dawns, and where will Tommy Quinn ‘celebrate’ the occasion ??

December 24th … Happy Birthday, Arthur Copley of the Baptist chapel

December 24th … Happy Birthday, Leonard Vidal of the New Theatre

December 23rd … 1900: Tommy Attenborough, animal expert, in court

December 22nd … the Sutton Bros. trading in Bath Street 1876-1901

December 15th … 1900 and Dr. Palmer is still practicing in Ilkeston

December 9th … a military funeral for a Lancashire lad of Irish parents

December 7th … destitution in South Street, 1885 and 1900

Deceember 5th … typhoid in town 1900

December 4th … a new memorial window is added to St Mary’s Church, 1900

November 30th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

November 28th … Felix Sisson adds to his crime sheet, 1899

November 23rd … Cromwell House in Lord Haddon Road: a new manse in 1899

November 23rd … Cromwell House in Lord Haddon Road: a new manse in 1899

November 18th … the Lifeboat Saturday Movement arrives in town, June 17th 1899

November 17th … the grave of William and Mary Briggs in Park Cemetery

November 14th … a lovers’ quarrel in Burr Lane: Meakin vs Torr

November 13th … disease outbreaks at the end of the century

November 11th … Oscar Joseph Hooley of 274 Nottingham Road

November 9th … the Lifeboat Saturday Movement come to Ilkeston

November 5th … 1899: Isaiah Fishers‘s loose mouth lands him with a very large fine

November 3rd … The Robin Movement, 1899

November 1st … the tangled relationship of Silas Spencer and William Trussell junior

October 31st … 1899 and the work of the School Board continues

October 30th … brief initial details on the Frost children of schoolmaster William

October 27th … the Local Board’s Town Hall

October 23rd … the work of the Town Council continues, 1898 — trams, electricity, election friction

October 20th … Albany Street and a barbed wire menace: 1897

October 18th … a little more on the Derbyshire family of Stanton Road

October 15th … another Ilkeston water fountain ? Not quite !!

October 13th … poverty in Brussels Terrace 1898

October 11th … Emma Sophia Daykin (nee Straw) of Stanton Road

September 30th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

September 27th … Inglewood and Netherlea .. what, where, when ?

September 24th … a bit more information on the Hallam estate in Queen Street

September 16th … Ernest Terah Hooley’s political dalliance with Ilkeston at an end ?

September 14th … a new railway committee and tradesmen’s association, both in May 1898

September 13thAnother brick in the wall … the continuing story of the Goddard family … thanks to Sean Goddard

September 1st … William Holmes suffers a ‘forceput’ with expensive consequences 

August 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

August 29th … Edwin Sutton, auctioneer, outfitter, councillor … and drunkard ??

August 27th … a level-crossing disaster 1898

August 26th … the work of the Town Council continues

August 14th … another of Ilkeston’s ‘Parish Constables

July 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

July 26th … a new page started on the Town Council affairs 1898-1901

July 25th … February 1898 and property of the late Joseph Carrier put up for sale

July 22nd … ‘Costa’ comes to Ilkeston, thanks to the Duchess of Rutland: 1898

July 16th … Ilkeston Board School education at the end of the 20th century

July 15th … 1898: Gladstone Schools formally opened

July 14th … 1897: a railway passenger travels first class on a third class ticket — and makes a profit !!

July 8th … 1897 and the end of George William Atkin’s criminal career ??

July 3rd … the Pritchett family in Albion Place

June 30th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

June 24th … new material in the ‘Education‘ section, parts of which have now been rewritten

June 7th … ET visits home at Skeggy

June 3rd … the Church Army Brass Band: a photo and commentary, thanks to John Wood

May 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

May 22nd … the ‘musical career’ of Tommy Quinn continues

May 9th … the Theatre Royal gets a facelift, August 1897

May 8th … Ernest Terah Hooley’s courtship of Ilkeston continues

May 6th … the tragedy of Arthur Henry Moon

April 26th … Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee is celebrated in the town

April 24th … a Mellors Mix-up

April 22nd … Doctor Robert Frederick Palmer — or is he ??

April 14th … the Steenomatographe visits the Theatre Royal 1897

April 12th … retirement beckons for Henry Hoggard Beaumont

April 11th … more on the town’s Water supply issue 

April 7th … the Shaw legacy at Robey’s Yard

April 1st … more work on the Tomlinson family

March 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

March 31st … a new page showing the changing face of South Street (east side) 1798-1881

March 30th … a new page showing the changing face of South Street (west side) 1798-1881

March 21st … Shaw’s Clay-hole rears its ugly head !!

March 19th … who was Isaiah Aldred’s father ?

March 18th … a short account of George Brentnall, brother of Elijah

March 17th … in his short Ilkeston career, Frederick Neebe entertained many in the town; but who was he ?

March 16th … a false birth registration … how easy it is

March 15th … Joseph Hollis, Ilkeston’s own inventive genius

March 14th … from Ilkeston’s Pimlico to Seoul, Korea via Jonesborough, Tennessee

March 10th … the Skevington family in Mount Row

March 7th … infectious disease in Belvoir Street ?

March 3rd … the work of the Town Council continues

February 28th … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

February 27th … more ‘catastrophe’ in Wheatley Row, 1896

February 26th … William Robert Clarkson alias Lowe … like ‘father’ like son ?

February 25th … Dr. Tobin is unseated … or is he ?

February 24th … the School Board is “refreshed” … June 1896

February 23rd … number 58 for Tommy Quinn: but 58 what ?

February 22nd … the suicide of Sam Cresswell– revisited

February 20th … Silas Spencer in court again … and the same result !!

February 19th … and the Vicar keeps digging his hole

February 12th … Vicar Edward Muirhead Evans in conflict once more; May 1896

February 10th … controversial changes at Holy Trinity Church

February 8th … the Temperance Eating House

February 5th … the problem of Sunday trading in Cotmanhay Road

February 4th … 1896 and civil war within the School Board continues

February 3rd … a few details on the estate of Richard and Elizabeth Evans, of the Pottery

January 31st … an updated Supplementary index for all recent additions

January 29th … thanks to Mike Hallam for more information on the Hallam shop and bakery at the corner of Station Road/King Street

January 25th … the Moresby disaster 1895 .. and three Ilkeston lads

January 21st … the last change of an old Ilkeston bell-ringer

January 19th … John Wombell leaves an unpaid bill; what a surprise !!

January 17th … the School Board just can’t avoid controversy — trivial and otherwise

January 16th … the sad death of Luke Shaw in Club Row

January 15th … an update on the Tilson family of Chapel Street

January 14th … the Bath Crack’d (not an undiscovered mystery by Agatha Christie)

January 13th … Ilkeston’s Nonconformist Council 1895

January 12th … a new road is opened: August 1895

January 11th … a new page drawing together anecdotes on the town’s drinking spots

January 9th … Maria Beardsley, daughter of John and Kitty of Bath Street … what happened to her legacy ?

January 8th … the Brocklehursts of Club Row

January 7th … Silas Spencer feels the wrath of the School Board

January 6th … the General Election of 1895: the Ilkeston campaign

January 3rd … assault at Holy Trinity

January 2nd … new works for Ilkeston’s gas supply

January 1st … Trouble at Robey’s Yard