Latest updates 2022

December 31stupdated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

December 31st … a missing map at the Three Horse Shoes

December 30th … the short life of the Theatre Royal in Rutland Street

December 30th … a new page on Town Council affairs 1894-1897

December 29th … an update on the Bartlam family of East Street

December 28th … fire at 103 Bath Street 1895

December 23rd … a little on Edwin Ball, a lesser-known member of the Ball family

December 22nd … George Henry Hill at the Market Inn

December 21st … another tragedy in the sad life of Frances Ellen Aldred

December 20th  … the estate of Isaac Attenborough (1826-1894)

December 15th … more on the noisy Irish at White Lion Square and South Street

December 14th … a third death in the life of shoemaker Alfred Pollard

December 13th … developing events in the Old Harrow Inn Corner issue

December 12th … more activity by the Ilkeston Conservative Miners’ Union

December 10th … additions to the William Hawkins page, using the excellent research by Celia Renshaw

December 9th … and another suicide on Cotmanhay Road

December 4th … suicide on the Midland Railway 1894

December 3rd … hard times continue for Paul ‘Paulie’ Bostock junior

November 30th … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

November 30th … Spring 1894 and a disconcerting time for William Tatham J.P. 

November 28th … 1893/4 and a new Temperance Hall – but where ?

November 27th … a little more on the exotic Clarkson family

November 26th … the sad death of newsagent Jeremiah Bestwick

November 24th … the Vicar of St. Mary’s at the head of the Vigilance Committee, 1894

November 21st … the work of the Town Council 1892-3

November 20th  … a new theatre for Ilkeston, 1893

November 19th … more on George Haslam and his family

November 14th … more on the history of the Poplar Inn

November 12th … more information on Thomas Ebbern and his family … courtesy of Pam Bates

November 11th … more on the Cooke family history, thanks to Diana Osman

November 9th … residents of Mount Row

October 31st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

October 29th … the Station Road Wesleyan Chapel

October 28th … Solomon Beardsley spots a bargain, 1893

October 27th … July 6th, 1893 and a Royal Wedding  to celebrate, but not by everyone !!

October 26th … the Nottingham Machinists’ Co — where and making what ?

October 26th … Holmdale, where was it and who lived there in 1891 ?

October 25th … potential danger at the Vicarage, 1893

October 20th … added images of Chain Row and the Toll Bar area, from Jim Beardsley’s collection

October 18th … detail on the Bath Street shop premises of Charles Potts in late Victorian Ilkeston, courtesy of Jim Beardsley

October 17th … Ilkeston’s public houses at the start of the Victorian Age (additions)

October 15th … Ilkeston’s public houses at the start of the Victorian Age

October 14th … the Old Harrow Inn corner issue … more detail.

October 13th … the Town Council and the town’s pubs

October 11th … an Ilkeston Suffragette, relative of Diana Osman

October 1st … more detail on Incorporation Day at Ilkeston, 1887

September 30th … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

September 30th  … more detail on the Ilkeston Pioneer of 1853

September 27th …  a very narrow escape at Ilkeston Junction for Herbert Everard Sudbury and his mum

September 26th … Tom Walter Fletcher, villain or victim ? A Victorian melodrama in five parts.

September 25th … what happened to the Weaver Row war veteran, Joshua Harrison ?

September 18th … Disaster at Truman’s factory in Middleton Street 1893

September 15th … Temperance Ilkeston in the 1890s

September 9th … more on Ilkeston’s fire brigade

September 8th … a new page, of the Market Place in 1866, what to see, whom to meet

September 6th … Jim Beardsley adds to the history of Jackson Avenue

September 1st … Andrew Knighton has added ‘another brick in the wall’ of Jackson Avenue

August 31st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

August 25th … a Victorian butcher’s shop

August 19th … yet more detail on Ilkeston Manor House and its Cocker and Taylor occupants

August 17th … want to know more about street lighting in Ilkeston in the 1850s ? New detail here

August 13th … thanks to Karen Masters for her research into the family of One-armed Thomas Bostock

August 9th … Don’t you find local adverts of the 1850s comforting … and so polite ?? !!

August 7th … additional detail (1855) on the Baths at Ilkeston

August 6th … corrections and additions to Ilkeston’s water supply

July 31st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

July 23rd … more detail on Mark Beardsley … but which one ??

July 2nd … an update of the Manor House and its inhabitants — Cockers, Taylors and Shaws

June 30th … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

June 27th … the resting place of William Tunnicliffe, Parish clerk

June 8th … thanks to Peter Cave for giving us more about the life of Edgar Chadwick in the USA

June 5th … a new page on Frank Ebbern the emigrant

June 2nd … new images of the Anchor Inn on Market Street

May 31st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

May 31st … the first edition of Hallcroft Boys’ School Magazine 1925, thanks to Blidworth and District Historical and Heritage  Society

May 30th … the short army career (1915-1919) of George Ebbern of Millfield Road

May 26th … extra detail on the Potter family of Queen Street, thanks to the excellent work of Anita Jackson

May 25th … a new page on the continuing work of the Town Council 1891-1892

May 20th … 1892: Turmoil in Robey’s Yard

May 16th … yet more burial troubles for the Rev. Edward Muirhead Evans

May 12th … trouble at the old Toll Bar

May 11th … more on the life and career of architect George Haslam

May 4th … the sad death of Harry Spencer

April 30th … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

April 30th … 1892: son of Professor Jackson arrives in Ilkeston to continue the exploits of his late father, and with much the same success

April 29th … More on the 1892 Genral Election in Ilkeston

April 26th … the death of Priscilla Martin, one-time housekeeper of hosier Henry Carrier

April 23rd … more on Captain Gregory of the Wine Vaults

April 22nd … an error corrected, thanks to Alison Reid

April 19th … 1892 and more Irish activity around White Lion Square

April 1st … the continuing saga of bankrupt baker Amos Beardsley, February 1892

March 31st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

March 30th … not Felix Sisson again !!!

March 17th … the Howe family of Springfield Terrace, with a few Savages and Sheldons, Henshaws and Hensons … and a Beardsley !!

March 4th … the unfortunate Potter family of the Potteries 1891

March 2nd … the first in a series of the gravestones and tombs of Old Ilkestonians

February 28th … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

February 24th … another look at Park Road and at the Goddard family living there

February 23rd … more laudanum deaths, this time in Rutland Street

February 22nd … fostering and adoption in late Victorian Cotmanhay

February 21st … domestic abuse, theft, attempted suicide and wilful murder (?) at 109 Station Road !!

February 21st … don’t always trust a census !!!

February 17th … William Manners Manners, town councillor, landlord of the Commercial Inn, and miserable misanthrope ?

February 15th … Felix Sisson, a lad who knew the Ilson way to express his love.

February 13th … a little more on the Rev. Edward Muirhead Evans, Vicar at St. Mary’s Church

February 11th … Angie has asked about Thomas Calladine (c1819-1878). I have posted her question, here or here or here. Can anyone help ?

February 10th … you may have noticed that I’ve added the Old Ilson Quiz to the end of the Grand Tour.

February 9th … an update of the Solomon Beardsley page

February 5th … I have moved the collection of school photos into the Grand Tour section, to make them more accessible

February 5th … additional material on the Tatham family of Nottingham Road

February 4th … Early Issues (1887-1890) for the new Town Council

February 3rd … a new section on Ilkeston’s Town Council 1887-1890 (to be cont’d)

February 1st … the first month of the 1858 Ilson Blog is now complete

February 1st … updated Supplementary Index to show all the recent additions

January 31st … additional detail on all the tradesmen/women on the east side of Bath Street, from Chapel Street up to the Market Place, 1871-1901.

January 27th … Sam Cresswell’s suicide and Carrier’s mysterious warehouse fire 1896

January 25th … the residents of South Street, from Queen Street to West Street

January 23rd … additional detail on the landlords of the Nag’s Head beerhouse in South Street … and the Knightons, Turtons and Duros

January 20th … the Colliers’ Cemetery in Cotmanhay — with Webster and Duro family connections

January 17th … two Ilkeston lads fight in the Indian Rebellion of 1857/58

January 14th … prompted by Jim Beardsley, I have added what I consider to be a complete list of Ilkeston’s Wheatley Straws up to 1901 … prove me wrong ?

January 13th … Christmas accidents 1890

January 10thOld Ilson Blog 1858 starts. Find out all that happened in the town in 1858

January 8th … a curious incident in the life of Ilkeston Baptist minister Charles Frederick Aked

January 6th … the Great Singer Sewing Machine Massacre

January 1st … 1890 and a new way to pay old debts; the Pollard brothers

January 1st … Old Ilson Blog for 1857 now complete