Latest updates 2021

Feb 16th … a profile of George Henshaw … my thanks to Rick Henshaw

Feb 10th … an update of Adcock’s Yard in Bath Street

Feb 8th … the residents of Chain Row

Feb 6th … the strange death of Alfred Carrier

Feb 3rd … a revision of the Burr Lane Brentnalls

Jan 30th … Victorian Ilkeston’s lesser known Park and Recreation area and Park Avenue

Jan 28th … a new page on the old premises on the east side of Lower Market Place

Jan 26th … who were George Bunting’s neighbours in the Lower Market Place ?

Jan 24th … a Beardsley puzzle in the Spring Cottage Inn 

Jan 22nd … part of a Henshaw family tree sent in by Rick Henshaw

Jan 21st … Wombell vs the Ranters .. a new page of scandel !!!

Jan 16th … a map to show Slade Chapel in Chapel Street

Jan 15th .. there is a post about the Knighton/Beacroft families from Jan Wasley

Jan 13th … a new map to show Ilkeston Town Station in 1866

Jan 12th … More detail on the history of the Poplar Inn

Jan 8th … find out all that happened in 1857 … Old Ilson Blog

Jan 7th … Ilkeston’s new sewage farm 1884

Jan 6th … the Local Board Map 1866

Jan 6th … a new page on the Bath Street/East Street corner